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in 2012 with funding from 

Federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 

The Chieftain '98 

Volume 41 

King Philip Regional 
High School 

201 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 

Tel. 508-384-1000 

FAX 508-384-3875 

We hold our responsibilities to be the development of the intellectual, physical, and social 
capabilities of the students as a base upon which they can continue to grow as mature, 
contributing members of a free and democratic society and to instill in them a sense of 
integrity, direction, and purpose. 


What is the most 

important ingredient in 

a friendship? 

Brad Kazarian- 

If you can't trust a person, 
they can't truly be your friend. 

Kara Antonellis- 

Honesty and Trust 

A friend is someone who 

you can talk to about anything. 

You have to trust them. 

Doug Mead- 

You shouldn't have to worry 
about whether or not your friend 
is honoring your trust. 

Mary Dethavong- 


Without honesty, 

friends can not communicate 

the way that they should. 



Dan Pennini, Anush Patel, 

Peter Pollard, Tim Oldread, Eric Green, 

Dave Miles, and Max Mucciarone, 

are track buddies. They have the 

nickname aDapted X, standing for 

one letter in each of their names. 

Eddie Lyons, Brett Martucci and 
Dave Bluhm, have been friends for 
years. When they get together they 
know how to have fun! 

Megan MacMurray and 
Jill Krasnauskas live near each 
other and have been playing 
together since they were tykes! 
They are always there for 
one another and never let 
the other down. 


Bryan Keene and Crystal Andrews 

know the meaning of friendship. 
Always willing to do anything for 
one another, they lend a hand 
whenever one is needed. 

Maggie Henderson and 
Tara Martin have been best buddies 
since junior high. They have 
learned to understand and support 
one another, and to have a blast! 

Jessie Greene and Amy Moore have 
been friends since they began pre- 
school. They both live on the same 
street in Wrentham, and from the 
start, they have been best friends! 

Joe Gibeault, Mike Spencer, 
Phil Nerboso, Chad Guay, and 
Nate Saveriano are best pals. Not 
only do they spend a lot of time 
together, but they're all in DECA. 


Nichole Tsebetzis and 

Jenine Khouri met in 8th grade and 

they have been best friends ever 

since. They are very similar, one of 

the many reasons they are so close! 


Jeremy O'Hara and John Verdeaux 

have been laughing, smiling, and 
chasing the same girls since pre- 
school, when John was only five feet 
tall! These guys are so similar in 
their thoughts that it is no surprise 
that they are best buds! 


Mr. and Mrs. Carneiro have been 
married for 6 years. They met at 
King Philip and he proposed to her 
in a limo over the Charles River. 
How romantic! 

Linda Labo and 
Matt Kavannah began 
going out on 
January 25, 1997. The 
reason that they get 
along so well is 
because they 
understand each 
other. Their most 
romantic date was 
last year in Scituate. 
They walked on the beach and 
watched the sun set from the jetty. 


Phil Breitenbach and 

Melanie Kellogg started going out 

May 9, 1997. When asked why they 

are so close Melanie said, "... I just 

love him!" 

Tracey Lefebvre and John Darling 

' have been best friends since 
sophomore year. They can always 
make each other smile. They enjoy 
being together and sometimes go 
star gazing. 


Cathleen Collins and Dan Pennini 

first went out in the 8th grade. On 
April 2, 1997, they got back together 
again. Their most romantic date 
was when they had a picnic at 
Borderland Park! 


Julie MacPherson and Matt Shwarm 

began seeing each other in October of 
1997. Julie calls him her white knight 
in shining armor because he is always 
there for her. 

Jen Carey and John Verdeaux have 
always supported one another 
through bad times and good. They 
have learned to share interests and 
actively engage in each other's lives. 


Ken Rooney and Shannon Brock 

began going out in March of their 
junior year. When asked what 
Shannon means to him, Ken replied, 
Everything! Shannon first knew she 
really liked Ken after he took her to 
Boston for her I6th birthday. 

Amy Curwood and 
Brian Delgrosso started out as 
friends, but the continous flirting 
soon turned into something more in 
September of 1997. They like to go 
out on group dates and always have 
fun together! 

What quality must 

a boyfriend or girlfriend 


Danielle Munroe- 


You have to trust a 

boyfriend in order 

to love him. 

Matt Barron- 


There must be 


in a relationship 

so that both people grow. 

Danielle Poletto- 

Sense of Humor 

How much fun can you have 

if you can't laugh together? 

Alex Yeremenko- 

Cha meter 
A girlfriend has to be friendly, 
kind, and easygoing. If you're 

going to spend a lot of time 
together, you have to get along. 

Dressed up for a DECA conference 
Phil Nerboso, Chad Guay, 
Joe Gibeault, Nate Saveriano, and 
Mike Spencer are looking really 
good . 


The older guys become, the more 

they want facial hair. 

Ryan Chartrand and John Brown 

are two seniors that have succeeded 
in looking good with their goatees. 


Phil Breitenbach, Dave Miles, 
Max Mucciarone, John Verdeaux, 
Jeremy O'Hara, Greg Croteau, 
Dan Peninni, and Eric Greene 
model at the Prom. 


Aren't these two guys the cutest? 
Gym teacher Mr. Carneiro may try 
to act tough, but his son, Cody, can 
make him show his sensitive side. 


Wayne Dunne looks a little upset 

that he was awakened from his little 



Garret Rose and Pat Mistier stop 

their playful fighting for 

a quick picture of their mean faces 


John Verdeaux slams one home, 

with a little bit of tongue action. 

Dave Miles is experiencing a 
common difficulty for many high 
school students. trouble. 
Luckily Dave is incredibly talented 
and can fix it himself. 


Posing, with their best smiles 

Jay Roach and Ken Rooney can 

always attract attention. 

These two class clowns are 
demonstrating their tender 
affections for one another. 
Eric Greene and Anush Patel are 
always making us smile. 

An inside look at some of King 
Philip ' s finest guys . Who are 
the boys who make up King 
Philip's Senior Class? Here 
are four seniors K.P. can be 
proud to have as graduates . 

He is the center snare drummer of our 
nationally acclaimed band. Calvin Swaim is a 
truly dedicated musician. He excels in math, 
science, and controversial debates. He can be 
described as a difficult person to be proved 
wrong. His strong beliefs make him respectable 
and admired. Cal is also in the National Honor 
Society, where he volunteers his services. He is 
one of the many good guys at K.P. 

Chris Allen is a great representative of our 
school. He is an active member of King Philip's 
National Honor Society. He can be seen either 
collecting the school's recycling or cleaning up 
their adopted highway. Although somewhat 
quiet, Chris can definitely be defined as a 
helpful and reliable person. His help in many 
Leo Club community service activities is a 
perfect example of his giving character. 

Dan Pennini will forever be labeled for his 
freshman year weight class of 103. This wrestler- 
turned trackie is so athletic that he excelled in 
both sports. Dan, like many other guys in our 
school, has a great sense of humor. Of course, he 
can also be stubborn, opinionated, and ex- 
tremely vocal. These traits make him The Man. 
The most important aspect about Dan is that he 
respects the opinions of others. 

Pictured here is Keith La Valley, AKA Moose. 
Moose? Being a hockey player, you would need 
a name like Moose. Rumor is he was given this 
name by his father when he was playing in the 
hockey minors. As a child, Keith was the biggest 
kid out on the ice and used his size to his 
advantage by taking on smaller kids. Now Keith 
is not so violent, but he is still aggressive, and 
his muscles can always back him up. 


Sharon Hostetler, Liz Larson, 
Samantha Kress, Bethany Coleman 
and Heather Kress all come 
together to have a memory frozen 
in time. 

Cathleen Collins, Jen Carey, and 
Linda Labo show their stuff as they 
strike a pose. They obviously love 
being in the eye of the camera as 
you can see. 


Jenni Allen, Diana LaPointe and 

Jennie Boylan stop during a ride to 

show off their pearly whites. They 

are having a ball at Riverside, but 

they still have time to smile for a 



Jill Krasnauskas, Amy Moore, 

Jessica Greene, and 

Joanne Thibault stop dancing to 

show off their style. They are 

obviously having fun at this rave 

dance held at our high school. 


Crystal Andrews and 

Jessica Halpin demonstrate their 

crazy personalities as they pose for 

a picture. However, no one around 

really seems to notice. 

Julie MacPherson and 
Amy Curwood look like they just 
stepped out of a fairy tale in this 
picture. They are making a stop 
here at Nicky's, a restaurant in 
Wrentham, to show off their 
beautiful costumes. Soon they will 
be galavanting off to another party 
to celebrate Halloween. 


Katie Quick, Jen Perry, 

Keri St. Amand, Alison Johnston, 

Adriana Ouimet, Heather Wilson 

and Laura Coffey get together over 

pizza to hang out. They interrupt 

their meal to get a quick snapshot. 

Jenine Khouri, 
Heather Stewart, and 
Lisa Tibbetts are all 

dressed up and ready 
to have fun. The night 
is young and there is 
much to do for these 
girls. They look as if 
they are ready to 
dance the night away, 
which they will 
probably do. 

Now let's take a look at these people 

and get to know a little more 

about a few of our peers. 

Keely Monahan's cheerful and friendly 
attitude makes her a great person. She is 
always ready to listen to someone else's 
problems and is good at making people 
feel better. She takes part in Peer 
Leadership. Her personality makes her a 
very good peer leader. 

Sarah Conley's outgoing personality can 
lighten up any tense situation. She always 
wants to have fun, and this attitude makes 
her easy to get along with. One of her 
favorite things to do is to spend money, so 
she can usually be found shopping at the 

Stephanie Dowling's talkative and upbeat 
personality makes her a fun person to be 
around. She is always in the mood to joke 
around and have fun. She is also good at 
making people feel better when they are 
feeling down. 

Laura Coffey is always ready to laugh and 
have fun. Her outgoing character and 
unique personality make her a person you 
would want to meet. 


Tara and Wendy Rukstalis may 

look very much alike, but their 
personalities differ immensely. 
They do, however, share some of 
the same interests. Music is one. 

Being only a year apart Stephanie 
and Scott Dowling have a great 
relationship together. They can 
often be seen working at the Big 
Apple or attending church together. 


- < 




Jf "A'ifwfci 




Danielle Poletto is known for her 
original style. Following her lead, 
Matt Poletto created his own 
unique style. These two siblings 
add color to our school. 

Being the oldest of five children, 
Mike Maloney has had a lot of 
practice at being the older brother. 
Mike is confident that next year 
Scott will be able to take over the 
commanding role. 

These Darling boys, Mark, John, 
and Chris, are tough athletes. 
Playing football together is a family 
activity. John Darling has been a 
good role model for his three 
younger brothers (Luke is only 
eight). Next year Chris and Mark 
will only have each other at K.P. 

Jess Atkinson in a bright tie dye? A 
benefit of being a sister is sharing 
clothes. But Katie in all black? 


Kristen and Lauren Hurley are both 
great athletes and love soccer. They 
can also be very sweet and funny. 
Lauren will be going off to college 
next fall, leaving only a little Hurley 
(Kristen) at K.P. 


Joe and Brian Gibeault even have 
the same facial expressions. Did 
Brian learn this suave look from his 
older brother Joe? Where is the 
middle child, Bob? 




The Miles family originally came 
from Utah, and moved to 
Wrentham around eight years ago. 
Dave and Ryan are the oldest of six 
children. Dave and Ryan are two of 
the nicest guys at K.P. and their 
parents should be proud of them. 

Becki Tower is pictured here, 
giving her older sister, Vicki, a hug 
after the last Field Hockey home 
night game. It's a K.P. hockey 
tradition to have a party for the 
seniors at the end of this game. This 
year Becki is not only saying 
goodbye to a senior but also a sister. 

All in the 

What about seniors at K.P 

with siblings in college? 

How does it affect the 

brother/sister relationship? 

Here are some comments 

from K.P. students. 

Jill Krasnauskas' brother, Eric, has 
attended Rensselaer for two years now. 
Jill stated, We get along much better now 
that he is at school. 

Jenni Boylan's brother Chris attends 
WPI. According to Jenni he absolutely 
loves it. He comes home sometimes to do 
his laundry, but usually I'm in school and I 
don't get to see him. Jenni went on to say 
that she supposes she misses him a 
little bit. 

Ryan Clutterbuck recently visited 
South Carolina to see his brother, Jay, 
become inducted into the Marines. 
Ryan thought it was strange to hear his 
brother say Ma'm and Sir. 

Attending UMass Amherst is 
Chad Guay's big sister Bonnie. 
Chad and Bonnie have always had 
a good relationship. 

Dave and Paul Elliot 

share in their 
excitement during a 
soccer game. These 
twins' personalities 
differ very much from 
each other, although 
their apearances may 
be very similar. 

Chris and Kerri-Lyn 
Thomas seem to have 
a relationship they 
appreciate. Chris 
comments, You always 
have someone to talk to. 
Kerri-Lyn says that 
even when he pushes 
her around she knows 
she will always have a 


Christine and Stephanie Flynn 

are one set of twins who are 
able to live in the same house 
and still love each other. They 
have even been known to have 
the same dream, or wake up 
crying with the same nightmare. 
This is a special connection that 
twins are sometimes fortunate 
enough to have. 

Whitney and Stephanie Griffin say 
that they are practically best friends. 
Whitney says, Being a twin has its 
advantages and disadvantages, and It's 
kind of cool to be in the same grade. 
Her sister Stephanie comments, I 
love being a twin because you are 
different from everyone else, and We 
get along great. We're best friends. 


Kristen and Lauren Hall are 

shown at the right. Kristen 
feels that most of the time they 
get along, except every once in 
a while when they have a big 
fight, not unusual for siblings. 
When these two do get into an 
argument, however, it is not a 
pretty sight. 

Heather and 
Samantha Kress show 
off their gymnastic 
skills as they pose for a 
picture. These two 
may look alike, but 
when it comes to their 
personalities, they are 
far from identical. 

Jackie and Lauren 
Murphy feel that 
being a twin is a good 
thing. They get along 
well and are also 
friends. When Jackie 
was asked the question 
of whether she liked 
being a twin she said, 
Yes, I enjoy being a twin. 
Sometimes it is fun. 

Tom and Sally 
Converse have a very 
good brother /sister 
relationship. They 
both have similar 
interests; Tommy, as 
Sally calls him, plays 
hockey and Sally 
plays field hockey. 
Having similar 
interests could make a 
relationship stronger, 
which is probably the 
case with these twins. 


Now let's take a look at two twin relationships. 

When Amy O'Connor was asked 
what her relationship with her 
sister Katie was like, she answered, 
Katie and I have personalities that 
clash so much, we can never seem to 
get along. 

Katie O'Connor embellished on 
Amy's statement by saying, Perhaps 
we cannot get along since we are stuck 
together so much. This can get 
annoying after a while. 

Samantha Kress feels that she and 
Heather may have times when they 
bicker and fight over little things, 
but when it comes down to it, they 
will always be there for each other. 

Heather has similar feelings for her 
sister Samantha. She also feels that 
they may fight like any other 
siblings, but in times of need, they 
will always have each other. They 
would stick up for each other no 
matter what. 


Table of Contents 


Head of the Class 16 

Candid Camera 3 8 

Academy Awards 40 

Goof Troop 48 

Land of the Lost 49 

Star Trek: 

The Next Generation 54 

^°^o\ ve, 



tf e 




Sarah Grace Afarian 


LIKES: Ken Griffey Jr., #24, #3, Seattle 
Macrop.winning, my friends. Seinfeld. The Simpsons, 
caramel apple lollipops, soccer. Gilby. physics. DIS- 
LIKES: Walpole. losing, Franklin. English, football 
players. FAV. MEM: soccer '96. '97. winning the 
Hock, soccer camp '97, Secret Santa parties, trip to 
Seattle. NERC '97, prom. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4. 
Winter Track 1-4, Spring Track 1-4, NHS, Peer Lead- 
ership, CYO, Leo Club. FOUND: on the soccer field, 
with all my friends. AWARDS: soccer captain, track 
captain. Girl's State. Student of the Month. AMBI- 
TION: to be successful in anything I try as well as make 
a difference in the world. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad. 
Aaron-I love you guys. Good luck class of '98. I'll 
miss you! 

Christopher Allen 


LIKES: math, computers. Metallica, loud music. DIS- 
LIKES: English. FAV. MEM: my junior year, gradu- 
ation. ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society. Aca- 
demic Decathalon, Leo Club. FOUND: studying too 
much. AWARDS: 1997 Boy's State delegate. 

Jenni Allen 


LIKES: my Corolla, purple convertibles. #6. GH 
Days. Applebee's, hugs, trampolines, sunny days. 
Officer O'Connell, Snoop. DISLIKES: Jan. 16, lies, 
fake people, bugs, sickness, tears, goodbyes, getting 
caught. FAV. MEM: summer '96. Cape with BM. 
LM, KO, JK. Boston with BG. DL, TL, prom week- 
end'97, Ponkapog Golf Course, Cape with NW. KR. 
JD. LM, BG, SB, TL, NPD with CG. LM, AO. 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, Gymnastics, track. Stu- 
dent Council. NHS. FOUND: my trampoline, watch- 
ing GH. Phat Jams with LM. AO, Michael's Deli. 
Bob's Ghetto, eating with LM. AWARDS: Varsity 
letter and jacket. Sun Chronicle All Star-Gymnastics 
and Spring Track, Hockomock All Star-Gymnastics 
and MVP 1 ,2. AMBITION: To live life to the fullest 
and be happy in whatever I choose. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom. Dad. and Jaime for everything! I Love You! 

Tresa Lynn Andrade 


LIKES: unicorn Safari. Stipe fairies, animal cracke Vf 
eyebrows, banjoes. Star Wars, Tori. Ani. Phoenix Self 
Coughing. Lestat. daydreaming etc. DISLIKES: cclf 
ceit. tornadoes, violence, prejudice. FAV MEM. I' 
little bit of this and that. ACTIVITIES: daydreamiN 

of FOUND: with head in the clouds trying to fulfp 

dreams. AMBITION: to live like Salvador Dal 
OTHER: I go from day to day. I know where the car I 
parked. He isn't you. 

Crystal Marie Andrews 


Kara Antonellis 


Jessica Garnet Atkinson 

Jess, Nolo, Gemini, Dot 

Allicyn Catherine Baker 

Alt, Al, Cat 

LIKES: daisies, being in love. Nick at Nite. pigs, 
butterflies, rainbows, grass, long hugs, purple, plays. 
Cat Stevens, Harold and Maude. EB. BK. TA. DIS- 
LIKES: feet, violence, bigots, forgetting things, sore 
throats. FAV, MEM: musicals with Bryan, teaching 
art. summer of '97 with Bryan and Erin. P-Town road 
trip with Erin, spraypainting my car. FOUND: cem- 
eteries. Prospect Park. Thayer Street. Erin's house, my 
rainbow lighted room. AMBITION: to find out what I 
do best and teach it to others. OTHER: Just like this 
daisy, each person is different, never existed before, 
and never to exist again. An individual. -Harold and 
Maude. I love you Erin, Bryan and my family. 

LIKES: weekends, coffee, chocolate, shopping, my 
friends, the beach, flowers, a good book, figure skat- 
ing, summer days. DISLIKES: cleaning, days that 
seem too short, cold & rainy days. ACTIVITIES: 
cheerleading 2-3. cross country 1-2, tennis 1-2, Figure 
Skating Club 3-4. National Honor Society 3-4. Peer 
Leadership 2-3 AWARDS: Hugh O'Brian Leadership 
Award. Varsity Letter & jacket. AMBITION: to ac- 
complish all my goals in life, and to be happy and 
successful. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad. You are 
the best parents in the world! Thanks Joe for all your 
love and support. Good luck Nancy in your last two 
years at K.P. 

LIKES: summer, swimming, guard, winter, skiing, 
vacations, music, dragons, unicorns, books, marching 
band, reading, outdoors, being with my friends, art, 
kids, animals. DISLIKES: school, homework, bright 
obnoxious things, injustice. FAV. MEM: New Jersey 
'95. '97: Montreal '98. Dayton '98, French class. Art 
class. ACTIVITIES : Marching Band 2.4 Winter Guard 
2.4 technical theater 3,4 Sachem 2-4; FOUND: re- 
hearsing backstage. AMBITION: to become queen of 
the world 

LIKES: driving, English class, good movies, peaches 
guitar players, rainy days, cooking, aristocrats. DIS 
LIKES: feet, ah-so, dogs, brussel sprouts. close-mindec 
people, bad music, being ignored. FAV. MEM: colleg' 
days. New Jersey, the monastery, right at Ken's. AC 
TIVITIES: band, drama. Sachem, Guard. FOUND 
anywhere, but home. AMBITION: to be the Amazoi 
empress of an island nation. 





I v 

""" j _ Y<:. 


+-■ ' ^Hk 




Matthew Barron 

David Bluhm 

Malty, Crash 


Anna Boulet 

Banana, Anner 

Jennifer L. Boylan 

Jennie B., J.B. 

CES: weekends, cash, girls, fast cars, the beach, 
s off, Taco Bell. DISLIKES: Geo Metros, hlue 
tts, work, flat tires, homework. FAV. MEM: sum- 

. r of '96 and '97 with Erik Bullock. Jackie Badstuyer. 

i n Guild. Kristi Bangertcr. Heidi Burningham, Matt 
twarm. FOUND: sleeping, at John Guild's, at Kristi 
jgerter's. AMBITION: to be a 5 star general 

LIKES: Volkswagons. Phish. soccer, skiing. Sugarbush, 
Mad River Glen, the basement, the beach, hats, having 
money, bootlegs, mini-golf, ping-pong, hanging out. 
DISLIKES: doubles, Spanish, homework, not having 
money, losing. FAV. MEM: all the ski trips, soccer 
'97. ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, tennis 3,4, Ski Club 1- 
4. FOUND: in the basement, in Gloucester. AMBI- 
TION: to be successful and happy. OTHER: Jonathan 
and Alex good luck. Mom and Dad. thanks for 
everthing. I love you. 

LIKES: smiles, happy people, long talks, true friends, 
orange, summer. Winnie the Pooh, hugs, the beach, 
vacations, shopping, hotties, music, the group, sunsets, 
roses, concerts, forks, Ponderosa. DISLIKES: mean 
people, fakes, immaturity, liars, feet, goodbyes, broken 
promises, fights w/friends, rumors, hang-ups, getting 
lost, crying, bugs, rules. FAV. MEM: 2/2/96. 10/2/95, 
REM w/BG '95, Neil Young w/DR, HH, HR, AR. SP 
'96, Hootie w/TB '96, Alanis w/ML, LM. DL '96, Steve 
Miller w/BG, TB "96, summer '95-'96, semi '96 &'97, 
prom '96. 3/14/97, 4/26/97. ACTIVITIES: Fall 
Cheerleading 2-4. Winter Cheerleading 1 , 3, 4. FOUND: 
out with the girls, having fun. AWARDS: letter and 
jacket, unsung hero '96. spirit champions '96. Capt. 
Winter Cheerleading. AMBITION: To succeed and be 
successful in everything, also to live a long and happy 
life. OTHERThanks to my parents for being the best 
role models ever, and also to all my friends for helping 
me get through the years. I'll miss you all. 

LIKES: #2,7,13. shoes, soccer. Softball. Chinese food, 
socks, orange, yellow, snowboarding. art. outside, 
thunder. DISLIKES:lies anddishonesty, knee injuries, 
fake people, math, sitting still. FAV. MEM: Summer 
"97, ski trips, hanging out with friends. ACTIVITES: 
Soccer 1-4, Softball 1-4, W. Trackl,3 B-ball(2) NHS. 
Ski Club, skiing, snowboarding. FOUND: buying shoes 
at the mall, driving around hanging out w/KH.athome 
in NH. AWARDS: Soccer capt. Softball capt. Art All 
State, Girls' All State. Hock All Star, Sun Chronicle 
All Star. MVPSoftball. AMBITION: to be successful 
and happy in whatever I do. OTHER: Thank you Mom 
and Chris for being for being so supportive and always 
being there for me. 

Philip Breitenbach 


Tara Breland 


Shannon Brock 

Shan, Shannie. SB. BS 

John Brown 


LIKES: sunshine. lovies from KR. happiness, friends, 
my family. Diet Pepsi. Skittles, flowers, butterflies, 
chicken fingers, the color blue, the beach, the Gap. 
hugs, smiles, 17, winning. DISLIKES: rain, spiders, 
rumors, mean people, homework, hitting TP's, having 
chicken parm sandwiches shoved in your face, losing. 
FAV. MEM: the Cape with KR, TL, NW, BG. JA, JD, 
LM. No Doubt, Rolling Stones, Prom '97. 3/27/97, 5/ 
9/97. all times spent with KR. Riverside with KR, JR, 
KP. LM. DP. TL. JD. NW. football games withTL. Big 
No. No. FOUND: at the mall with TL, with KR. at 
Applebee's, at KR's house. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 
1 -4. Volleyball 1 -2. AWARDS: NHS. OTHER: Thank 
you Mom, Dad. Stephanie, John, and Joshua for all 
your love and support. Thank you. You have always 
been there for me and I know you always will. You're 
my everything. Thanks to everyone in my life. I 
wouldn't be who I am today without you. I love you 

LIKES: P. B. cookies, no hair, corduroys, the 90's, The 
Bin. Bob Cat runs, occasional bin gatherings, ketchup, 
facial expressions from CB. concerts. CC, SD. DIS- 
LIKES: sugar cookies, poser bins, mornings. WD. 
whips, chooches. high fivin', red necks on the high 
way, silver whips, Hanson. FAV. MEM: 4th of July '97 
on the island. FOUND: mounting a tool shed in Pru- 
dence. AWARDS: winning the official jcllj fish punt- 
ing contest. AMBITION: attend J.W. to be a chei 
OTHER: These four years of high school arc dedicated 
in loving memory of my father, the late David John 

Jeff Bryant 


John Burow 


Kimberly Callahan 


Michael Cameron 

Bubba. #56 

LIKES: April Costello. motocross, speeding, moun- 
tain biking, chases, threats, brawls. DISLIKES: full- 
figured women, wimps, complainers, demerits, crash- 
ing, losing, bad accents, G-funks, tough guys. FAV. 
MEM: getting caught in the underground tunnel sys- 
tem, taking away the senior privilege of the court yard 
when I was a junior. Everything Brian Coulter says. 
ACTIVITIES: motocross. training. FOUND: trespass- 
ing, with Sprague. with April, riding, at races, at the 
beach. AMBITION: To stay healthy and be successful 
at everything I do. OTHER: To live while I live and die 
and be done with it. Don't be afraid- just do it. If I'm 
not rich, at least live like I am. 

LIKES: shooting. DISLIKES: dishonesty, pushy teach- 
ers. FAV. MEM: Mr. Lazzara's class. AMBITION: to 
become an environmental researcher. OTHER: to fin- 
ish college. 

LIKES: Playing Sharon, Mr. Finase, Play Station, 
HR's, sacks, sports, winning. 2 bagga. 4002. money, 
parties, #56, #19. Table For Two. Lippa' s. Jeeps. 4x4, 
The Rock. The Rockies, Hungry Jack. DISLIKES: 
Franklin, KP. Mansfield, Foxboro, Tracey L., K's, 
losing, homework, mornings at football camp, school, 
failing, errors. FAV. MEM: Montreal '97, 35-0, The 
Rock. Steve Miller, Sox 6/1 3/96. 4/25/97. AFC Cham- 
pionship. ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4. Baseball 1-4. 
Basketball 1, Track 2. FOUND: In the weight room 
with Finase, with dirty dozen, shrimpins. working on 
the love wagon, in Roachee's basement. AWARDS: 
Capt. Football and Baseball, defensive MVP, varsity 
letter and jacket. AMBITION: to be successful and 
have a nice family. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad, Jer- 
emy, Brian, and all my friends-I love you guys. 

Michelle Cardin 


LIKES: SF.cheerleading. baseball, football, figure skat- 
ing, science. #29. smiles, food, summer, flowers, cats, 
pink, HH's poems, kissing, love, money, hearts, morals. 
WS, CB, SD, JW. DISLIKES: math, the winter, jealous 
people, having no money, static. #3. rain during a foot- 
ball game. FAV.MEM: 3/22/96, 3/29/96, summer '96, 
'97,FallCheerleading '95, '96, '97, Winter Cheerleading 
'96, Spring Track '95, a day of soccer, Danielle's pony- 
tail, 2nd at cheerleading comp '95, 1 st in Spirit Jamboree 
'96, HH totalling her mom's car. Heather's poems, 
getting stepped on at a basketball game '96. prom '97. 
ACTIVITIES: figure skating. JV Cheerleading '95, 
Varsity Football. Hockey. Basketball Cheerleading '96. 
Varsity Football, Basketball Cheerleading '97. FOUND: 
w/SF, in my car. eating, reading, cheering, buying clothes. 
AWARDS: letter and jacket. Unsung Hero '96, Spirit 
Award '96. AMBITION: go to college to be a nurse, to 
have a lot of children, staying happy, healthy, wealthy 
and wise. Spend the rest of my life with SF. my high 
school sweetheart! OTHER: Thanx Mom, Dad, for ev- 
erything, and thank-you Shaun for the best years of my 
life and for the many wonderful years yet to come! 

Jennifer J. Carey 

Jen -Jen 

LIKES: all my friends, my family, oranges. Sprite, Big 
Red gum. chocolate. Field Hockey, Softball, books 
and reading, taking pictures, #23, love, purple roses 
and tulips, history, rain. CC, LL. SC, Charlie's Angels, 
my scrapbook, language, writing, clouds, snow days. 
DISLIKES: stupid boys, mean people, chlorine. 
FAV.MEM: 6/12/96. Cathleen's singing, skiing at 
Kleins Innbrook, JV Softball, driving Linda to school. 
Secret Santa, YOW '96, '97. ACTIVITIES: Softball, 
Field Hockey, Leo Club, PACT, Yearbook. FOUND: 
watching John's basketball games. YMCA, with 
Cathleen Collins. AWARDS: varsity jacket and pins. 
Field Hockey Unsung Hero '97. AMBITION: gradu- 
ate college, write a book, be happy, successful, and 
loved. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love 
and support. 

Ryan Chartrand 

Felippe ' 

LIKES: guitar music, concerts, bowling, pool, Pru- 
dence Island, Michelle, Friends. DISLIKES: snow, 
Phish, Hi-Fivin's, sandals, homework. FAV.MEM: 
all concerts, times with friends, Ozzfest '97. ACTIVI- 
TIES: bowling league. FOUND: Eagle Brook. North 
Bowl, pool hall, Conor's house. Prudence Island, with 
Michelle, Providence clubs. AMBITION:to have a 
successful band, to be a pro bowler, to successfully 
raise a family. OTHER: Thanks to all my friends- 
Michelle Hagen, Dan McGuire, Zak Davis. Tresa 
Andrade. Nate Moore, Connor McLaughlin, Mike 
Chooch. Dave Fogg. Kelly Andrioni. Timmy Allen, 
Jeff C. Jen P, Mikeness. You all Rule! 

Michael Chute 

Mike, MAC. Chooch. Fan Whiffle 

LIKES: #10. doubles, coaches, soccer, fast food, ball 
pits, tattoos, wrestling, track, grass stains, swearing, 
friends, winning, mohawks. doing cool things, 135, 
choochmobile, speeding, fat whiffles, concerts, seven 
dust. George Carlin. DISLIKES: losing, locking keys 
in car. injuries, cutting weight, speeding tickets, shav- 
ing, dorks, fouls, blue cards, yellow cards. DQS, break- 
ing down, wasting food, spending money on insurance, 
fixing my car. suspensions. FAV.MEM: Newport, 
Rollins Band. Chemistry '96-'97, Old Orchard Beach 
'94, 3/7/97, Prudence Island. IL '95. FL '96. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Soccer 1 -4, Basketball 1 , Winter Track 2. Wres- 
tling 3-4, Capt. 4. Spring Track 1 -4. FOUND: w/ Dave, 
practice, driving around aimlessly looking for golf 
balls, somewhere to stop and sit and eat. AWARDS: 
varsity letter, jacket, and pins. Eagle Scout, Capt. 
Wrestling. AMBITION: grow the fat whiffle to 3 ft.. 
live a long prosperous life, on the edge, having fun. 
OTHER:Thanks Mom, Dad. Rich-you guys were a 
great support. Rich, best of luck in high school. Mom. 
Dad-I'm almost totally independent. I love you guys. 
Everyone else have fun. 

Sarah Clapp 


Ryan Clutterbuck 


Laura Coffey 

Laurs. Coffey-beans. Laurie 

Bethany Coleman 

Beth. Bethie 

IKES: the beach, friends, vacations, snowboarding. 
lave. DISLIKES: hypocrites, immature people, red 

ft arrows, getting lost. FAV.MEM: trip to Loon. II 
3-19. ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1-4. FOUND: with 

atrina. hanging with my friends, with Dave. 
abysitling my nephews. AWARDS: honor roll. Most 
nproved Tennis Player, varsity letter. AMBITION: 
> live my life well and happy, and have all the people 

love all around me. FAVORITE SAYING: What 
• ere you like.' OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for 
eing there for me. Thanks to my sisters Gretchen and 

rislm for always listening to my problems. Thanks to 
II my friends. Thanks to Dave for being so great. I love 
ou guys! 

LIKES: football, dirty dozen, John Finase. parties, the 
rock, midgets. DISLIKES: dirty girls, losing, most of 
the class of '97. FAV.MEM: parties at the rock. Steve 
Miller, Montreal, DMB. the great fire, Sharon Football 
Game 35-0. 4 1 -0. ACTIVITIES: Football 3-4, Winter 
Track 3-4, Spring Track 3-4. FOUND: with the dirty 
dozen, LB, NR, SP, at the Rock. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad. Jay and Todd. 

LIKES: guitars, cows, long hair, Australia, taking 
walks, getting lost, hustling people at the pool, dogs, 
trench vanilla coffees. Wheel of Fortune, frogs. DIS- 
LIKES: snobs, mono, rules, accidents, white skunks, 
fights, making decisions. FAV. MEM: concerts with 
HW and SD, any time hanging out with HW and AO. 
ACTIVITIES: Winter Track. FOUND: with Heather 
Wilson at Wal-Mart and baking cookies, formerly 
found with Heather Wilson and Adriana Ouimet at 
Pizza Hut, North Attleboro, in Providence piddling 
around, hanging out of Heather's car window. AMBI- 
TION: to work in Environmental Science or play my 
guitar in a band. Whatever I end up doing, I want to be 
happy. FAV. SAYING: Go. go! Mama still loves you. 
OTHER: Thanks to my loving parents who put up w ith 
me over the years. Thanks Lisa for helping me with my 
room. I love you and will always be there for you. You 
guys are all great! Heather, I'll call you. 

LIKES: sunshine, roses. Mexico, teddy bears, my 
friends, balloons, Oscar, drawing, reading, coffee. 
DISLIKES: cold weather. FAV.MEM: summer '97. 
Heather and Samantha Kress and The Bench, when I 
kissed a snake. Sam and Max on the Zipper. Fourth of 
July. ACTIVITIES: Peer Leadership. SADD, Drama. 
Diversity. FOUND: at the beach. AMBITION: to walk 
without tripping. To be happy and to have fun always. 
OTHER: Thank you Mom. Dad. and Jay for always 
putting up with me and being there. Thanks to all of my 
friends for opening up theworld for me. Thanks Sam. 
Heather and Mom and Dad. You've given me many 

Cathleen M. Collins 

Leena. Rabbit 

Sarah Conley 



Tracey Cook 


April Costello 


.IKES: Field Hockey, hurdles. #14. mittens, singing 
iut loud. PACT, Cinderella, the ocean, silver, team- 
nates. 80's music. Dimetapp. Flower, old friends, 
tinning in the rain, hugs for no reason. DISLIKES: the 
lark, fights, roller coasters, bad knees, scary movies, 
tereotypes. physics, decisions, being cold, ambulance 
ides, being alone. FAV.MEM: CLI '97, YOW '96. JV 
ioftball '96. / will survive, semi '96. night swimming. 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4, Winter Track 1-4. 
ioftball 1 -2. Spring Track 3-4, NHS, Peer Leadership, 
.eo Club, PACT 2-4. FOUND: hurdling, at Friendly's 
vith Jen-Jen. off in space. AWARDS: varsity letter 
,nd jacket. Girls' State '97, Vice President of National 
-Ionor Society, Leo Club Treasurer. AMBITION: to be 
lappy, stay healthy, make a difference where I can. and 
emember to have fun. OTHER: To all my friends, 
hanks for all the great times and good luck! I love you 

LIKES: Track, work, shopping, talking on the phone, 
music, school. Tony Hayes. Pooh, friends, purple, 
shoes, Shakespeare, boys, money, swings, stars, prey- 
ing. DISLIKES: arguing, stupid people, spiders, room 
205. FAV.MEM: CLI 97. night swimming, Charlie's 
Angels, Gospel Road, Hercules, vow, Tony Hayes, 
Mr. Clean, times with Cathleen Collins. Linda Labo, 
Jen Carey. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading 1-2. Softball 
1-2. Track 3-4. FOUND: working, shopping, on the 
phone, sleeping. AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. 
AMBITION: go to college, med school, and become a 
doctor. To marry, have kids, and live happily ever 
after. OTHER: Thanks to all my friends and family for 
putting up with me. I love ya. Good luck Meg-pie. 

LIKES: vacations. Tara's garage, dance, cars/trucks, 
sunsets, cruises, trust. DISLIKES: pointless demerits, 
snobs, gossiping, conflicts, waking up early, being 
late, liars. FAV.MEM: Germany '95. lake house, paper 
fight, wildwood, NJ '97. every party I participated in. 
ACTIVITIES: dancing, working, going out. FOUND: 
with Gus, driving somewhere, dance, work, Tara's. 
AWARDS: all from dancing. AMBITION: to be suc- 
cessful and happy. OTHER: Tara-I wish you success 
and happiness in whatever you do. Thanks for every- 
thing. You're the best. I love you. Gus- 1 wish you all 
the happiness in the world. Thank you for always being 
so patient with me. I love you. Mom and Dad-I don't 
know where I'd be without you. You did a great job 
with us. I love you both with all my heart. Katie and 
Jen-I couldn't ask for sisters better than you two. I love 
you both. 

LIKES: my puppy Peanut, sunflowers, cartoons. Fri- 
day nights, shopping, going to the movies, late nights, 
shamrocks, nice people, the Irish. New Hampshire, the 
beach, lightning storms, teddy bears, rainy days. High 
Street, bodyrings. DISLIKES: big shoes, black lip- 
stick, orders, attitudes, spiders, lies, waking up earl\. 
snobs, backstabbers. FOUND: w/K-the rink, the DC. 
the mansion, the swings, w/JB-Datnond Hill. Tower 
Hill. Bargain Tuesday. u/JP-Sunoco. w7JC-therese\ on. 
Park Terrace, the igloo. FAV.MEM: the streetlight that 
looked like a moon, the igloo, hockey games, the 
weekend at my brothers, partying, playing, skinny- 
dipping on the Fourth of July. Park Terrace. Diamond 
Hill. JL. partying in Vermont. High Street. N. A., 
camp, winter vacation '96, deep sea fishing, STP '96. 
Rolling Stones '97, Body Vogue, T.V.Tim's. Attleboro 
quarries. AMBITION: To be happy and have a lot of 
money Thanks for everything Mom and Dad I love 

Gregory Croteau 


Amy Curwwod 


John Darling 


Zak Davis 


LIKES: Soccer, The Simpsons. Pink Floyd, good times 
with friends, basketball games, yelling. DISLIKES: 
football players, the Unabomber. knee injuries. FAV. 
MEM: DSL Soccer. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1, 2. 4. 
Indoor Track 1.2,4, Spring Track 1,2.4. FOUND: at 
home sleeping. AWARDS: Popular Capt. JV Soccer. 

LIKES: friends, family, the beach, walks, being happy. 
DISLIKES: Mushi Chicken, friends' cars, being lonely. 
FAV.MEM: Daytona Beach '96. ACTIVITIES: Foot- 
ball in the park, swimming. FOUND: with friends 
either playing tennis, pool, eating, or walking on 1A. 
AWARDS: swimming. Beta honors. AMBITION: to 
go to college, live in New Zealand and travel around 
the world. OTHER: I thank all my friends for being 
there when I needed them and my family for making 
my life exciting and extremely fun despite all the 

LIKES: family, Tracey, friends, having fun. parties, 
food, sports, winning. DISLIKES: losing. FAV. MEM: 
2/24/96, 12/31/96, Steve Miller '96, '97, 35-0. 41-0. 
the Rock, 6/13/96, Sox game, Dave Matthews '96, '97, 
AFC Championship. 14 and 6. ACTIVITIES: Football 
1-4. Basketball 1-4. Baseball 1-4 . AWARDS: Football 
and Basketball Capt. AMBITION: to have a successful 
life. OTHER: Thanks to my family. Tracey. Bethany, 
and friends. 

LIKES: Punk, Ska, Cartoons, midgets. Mr. T. Chick- 
ens, old school rap. spiderman, X-Men, the A-Tea. etc. 
DISLIKES: Arrogance, sailing, high fivin's, cults, 
plans, crazy town, sand in your bathing suit, gum in 
your hair, CONFORMITY, pep rallies. ACTIVITIES: 
guitar, walkin' on the sun. FOUND: At shows. AMBI- 
TION: Live one day at a time and not get caught up in 
the pressures of daily life. 

Christopher DeHart 

Ginger, Zim-Zum 

Brian Delgrosso 


Robert Desper 


Mary Dethavong 



LIKES: Surge. Marilyn Manson. SD, the Lamborghini 
Diablo, the SR-71. the Mach 5. the misery Machine. 
DISLIKES: all high fivin's, sports, the cake batch, 
Roka. FAV.MEM: High Fivin' drops the soap, frog 
baseball, cake batch cried, the batch is scared of me 
Roka went to P-town. FOUND: Azure blue, Marilyn 
Manson's antichrist lounge. All American Cake-a- 
Thon. AWARD: All American Cake-a-Thon Cham- 
pion. AMBITION: be a fighter jock. OTHER: Whoa, 
Stephanie Dowling rules. Can Jim say. Surge? High 
Fivin's and EPS? Hey, turn on that light. I can't see a 
thing! Whoa! SURGE RULES! Scrappy and High 
Fivin's for ever. Cake jobs for all! El Sid, Whoa! 
Monkey Massacre. Go. Speed Racer, go! # signatures, 
3 targets. 

LIKES: Soccer. Track, hanging out with friends, days 
off from school. DISLIKES: practices, English, 
showoffs. FAV. MEM: Winning the Hock for track 
and Soccer '96, second period gym class. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Soccer. Track. FOUND: in the halls. AMBI- 
TION: become a doctor of Chiropractic. 

LIKES: Better Than Ezra, tennis, blue, green. Steve 
McManaman(Liverpool), Swedish fish. Coffee 
Coolattas, sandals, plants, flowers, chapstick, bottled 
water, free stuff, echinacea, white, Jane Austin novels 
(Pride and Prejudice), Boston. Harvard Square, 
Herrell's ice cream, happy endings. DISLIKES: hav- 
ing no money, finding ajob. stress, hypocrites, intoler- 
ance, broken promises, broken cameras, sad endings, 
sleep deprivation, tan lines, ignorance. FAV.MEM: 
City Year 10/26/96, Better Than Ezra 1 1/23/96, Secret 
Santa '96, Dean at Mi Casa, summer '97 at Tufts, 
reserve guy, taking pictures of strangers, stargazing, 
nicknames, tennis talks, talking to strangers. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Tennis 3,4. Leo Club 3,4, SADD 3,4, NHS 4. 
AWARDS: King Philip Key, All American Scholar, 
United States National Mathematics Award. AMBI- 
TION: To be happy and successful in life. 

Jenn Dickson 


Staci Dooley 


Stephanie Lee Dowling 


Wayne Dunne 


KES: trips with Ali and Quinn, Justin, rides in the 
irning with the Nicole's, vanilla. Tori, lunches with 
yan. Quinn, Ali, Crystal. DISLIKES: getting lost, 
ing wrong, pessimism. FAV. MEM: pep rally '97, 
mmer '97 with Justin, everything with Ali, Quinn. 
d Jess. ACTIVITIES: Color Guard 2. 4, Winter 
tard 2,3. Basketball I, Yearbook I. Sachem 2,3,4, 
■ama 2.3, work 2,3,4. FOUND: with Ali and Quinn 
d Justin, in my car, at work. AWARDS: all band 
ated awards. AMBITION: to be a princess forever, 
d marry a prince. OTHER: to all my homey's-I love 
u more than words can say. Good luck in all that you 
. To my family- thanks for your love and support. 
iu are my guardian angels. 

LIKES: music, concerts, cats, television, South Park. 
DISLIKES: when people spell my name wrong. 
FAV. MEM: Chili Peppers '95 w/LC. concerts w/LC 
and HW. ACTIVITIES: Softball. FOUND: working, 
watching TV, at concerts, playing the Kevin Bacon 
game. AMBITION: to travel around the world. 

LIKES: my friends, college days, vacations, summer 
time, shopping, food, making money, me and Jenn's 
tape. DISLIKES: rude people, hypocrites, lies, fight- 
ing, back-stabbers. making decisions. FAV. MEM: sum- 
mer '97. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1, floatmaking 1-4. 
FOUND: at D&D's on a Saturday morning with Jenn. 
AMBITION: to be happy. Happiness is what matters- 
not money. OTHER: Good luck to the Class of '98. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for sticking by me through all 
these years-I love you. Scott-please stay out of trouble ! 
I hope you have more great years. 

LIKES: homeroom, Miss Proulx's class, going out for 
lunch, slabs, Hummer's, pre and post game activities, 
corkscrews, shockers, chargers, teabags, spliffs, 
domers. DISLIKES: demerits, suspensions, detentions, 
homework. FAV.MEM: 4/22/97, Goonies, DC trip(the 
last one). KP vs. TC. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Tennis. 
FOUND: withaJ-bar, at a party, at the Brook with Ron 
Dude Guy, roaming the hallways, on the field. 
AWARDS: Honor roll-4th term freshman year. 
AMBITION:to go to a Manchester United Game. 
OTHER: Good Luck to: DB, BG. KC. ES, MC, MM, 
BD, KR. NW, RC, JD, MM2, TL, The Moose, DB, BT, 
ZD, GC, EG, DB, PM, BG2, CM, CF, AS, NG, RR, MJ, 
LS, JR, MC2, MP, CO. Also thanks to everyone for the 
best four years of my life. 

Nicole Farwell 


Laura Feczko 


David Fogg 

80 's boy, Forrest Gump 

Amber Follett 



LIKES: the beach, grilled cheese. The Great Gatsby, 
YOW, Eric, laughing, stuffed animals, singing, 
Twizzlers, big sweaters, Halloween. Matt's house, my 
friends, naps, butterflies, s'mores, Sunday mornings, 
bubble baths, homeroom, Austin Powers, sunshine. 
DISLIKES: Cold feet, clowns, bugs, math, vegetables. 
FAV.MEM: YOW '96, Mt. Monadnock, G-Wood '96. 
ACTIVITIES: Drama 1-4, SADD 2-4, Peer Leader- 
ship 2-4, PACT 3,4, NHS 3,4. FOUND: at Matt's, at 
Friendly's. AMBITION: to be loved, to be happy, and 
to have a house at the beach. OTHER: Congratulations 
everyone. We finally made it! 

LIKES: wild chickens, billiards, Ms. Proulx's 
homeroom, the 80's midget, my bass. The Flying V, 
Guns N' Roses. The Misfit's, Danzig, Friday night 
bowling, Michelle Hagen, the sin-bin. DISLIKES: 
high-fivin's, egos, snow (11/14/97), accidents, cars 
that don't run, English, Cape Cod. FAV. MEM: Misfit's 
'97, Megadeath '97, Hawaii, Ozzy '96. Ozzfest '97. 
Friday night bowling, the sin-bin. ACTIVITIES: Cross- 
country 1, 2, Indoor Track 1, 2. Spring Track 1. 
Wrestling 3. 4. FOUND: TJ Maxx parking lot, pool 
hall, home, bowling alley, the Choochmobile, 
McDonald's. AWARDS: varsity letter. AMBITION: 
to be the best pizza cook in the world. 

LIKES: concerts, friends, driving, parties, black and 
green, #9, #47, money. DISLIKES: snobs, preps. Sea- 
food, high fivins. socks sandals, fads. FAV MEM: 
going to Florida, Sweet Peace, Tristan, Winnah, sur- 
viving Junior High. ACTIVITIES: Santa Fund. Sa- 
chem, Journalism Club. AMBITION: to obtain a 
Master's degree, to be successful in my choice of 
study. OTHER: Big thanks to: Maggy Hoagland, Kathy 
Healey, Mrs. Cady, Natalie Flarity, Laurie Siddel, 
Mary Beth Costa, Rosalee Semple, Nancy Mulcahy, 
Mrs. Boynton, Elizabeth Lawier, Mr. Cadiz, Ms. Coutu, 
Mrs. N. Tower, Mrs. D. Tower. Mrs. Carneiro. Mr. 
Kummer. Mrs. B.. Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Sullivan. Mr. 
Ahern. Mr. Breen. Mrs. Houde. *A special thanks to 
my Mom and Dad for putting up with me all these 21 

Robert Fregeau 


Carolyne Gately 


LIKES: Mack trucks without the Mack, emergency 
sirens, Brutus, Beth's house, homeroom, yellow roses, 
the beach, sunflowers, smiles, getting my way. Disney 
movies, parties, NPD crew, Saran Wrap, my orange 
sweatshirt. DISLIKES: rumors, hair, bass, getting 
caught, curfews, turning blue, snobs, ice cubes, 
LM(EWOK), BR, TK, the girls, lies, characters. 
FAV.MEM: 2/2/96, 1/12/96, Easter '97, Mr. Freeman's 
'96, Shakespeare with Heather '96, Mission Impos- 
sible, NPD, CO'B's house with BG and PM, Matt's 
with BG, April Fools '97, the beach with CO'B's, 
Hercules with CO'B, Trinity Theater, 5/7/97. AC- 
TIVITIES: Softball 2-4, Cheerleading 1-4, Capt. 4, 
National Honor Society 3,4. FOUND: having fun, in 
the chic mobile with JA. LM, and BG, as a turtlewith 
a mailbox, at NPD. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad. I 
love you guys. Good luck Eddy! 

Joe Gibeault 

Tough Guy 

LIKES: Fab 5, nay, music, acting, skating, the beach, 
driving my car, #6 supersized w/bacon and a COKE, 
Mountain Dew, summer, shows, showing them their 
faults. Sublime, watching the sun rise. DISLIKES: the 
cheerleaders, this class, utter morons, sheltered people, 
awful humor, the guys at the airport that give out 
books, money, not having money. FAV.MEM: 4/16/ 
96 at Norma' s. 4/ 1 8/96 the cliff, Warped Tour 96, Deca 
trips, every Cliff Night, all Gilligan's Island. Fatboy's 
wisdom teeth. NOFX, all the times with the Fab 5 and 
Kilohocla. ACTIVITIES: Kilob 5 3-4. Wrestling 1, 
Drama 1-4, DECA 3,4. FOUND: My room, up all 
night, with the Fab 5, Driving. AWARDS: Varsity 
Letter, minimum competence, Nationals in DECA. 
AMBITION: To succeed in acting and live long and 
live fine. OTHER: Beware of the bor! !Tengosumadre 
en el bano! 

Matthew M. Gibson 

Matt, Gibby, Gib 

LIKES: friends. Track, skiing, hanging out, Eddie 
Bauer. DISLIKES: sprint workouts, history. 
FAV.MEM:indoor hurdles with Coach Kramer, 
Cathleen, Max, Skiing with Max, Phil and Jeremy. 
ACTIVITIES: Cross-Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor 
Track, Peer Leadership, Boys' State. AWARDS: Var- 
sity jacket, letter, pins. OTHER: Thanks to my parents 
and Chris, for dealing with everything. 

Matthew Gilbert 


Elizabeth Goodblood 

Beth, Beff, Princess, GB 

Nicole Gravelle 


Eric Jason Greene 


LIKES: piano, juggling, Chopin, walking on hand, 
windsurfing, sailing, skits, monkey torture. Star Wars, 
BOBW parts 1 and 2. DISLIKES: grandmother vibes, 
loud people, disco, set!, white hats and big necks, 
carnival people, slitchery. Bach. FAV.MEM: Giants 
Stadium '95 & '96, Florida '95, WGI, the islands, all 
the windsurfing and water skiing. ACTIVITIES : March- 
ing Band, Percussion Ensemble, Track, Woodwind 
Quintet. AWARDS: varsity letter (Track), music 
awards. AMBITION: to always be calling my own 
shots, to one day make the cut for the mop team. 


LIKES: the mall, sun, stars, bunnies, daisies, money, 
hugs, smiles, the beach, Mountain Dew, summer, Sour 
Patch Kids, Pooh, friends, trampolines, EBIHU, 
homeroom, Ms. Proulx, orange, LMIHU. DISLIKES: 
snobs. Chemistry, mean boys, getting up, English, 
(LM) EWOK. BR, TK. FAV.MEM: 2/2/96, 1/12/96, 
summer '96, REM, Steve Miller, Dance Party, Camp 
'95, The Rock, 6/24/96, 7/l/96,Boston with JA, Matt's 
with CG, CO'B's with CG, Cape with SB, TL, KR, 
LM, JA, JD, NW, Eb's party with TS. No Doubt with 
TL. ACTIVITIES: Fall Cheerleading 2-4. Capt. 3, 
Winter Cheerleading 2, 4. FOUND:at the mall with 
Tracey, out with friends, as a tadpole with a mailbox. 
AWARDS: letter, jacket, pins. AMBITION: to be rich. 
OTHER: Thanks to my Dad and all my friends. Good 
Luck to the Class of '98. 

LIKES: Reed, ice coffee (Hazelnut), sleeping, get 
togethers, Chevys, friends, art, shoes, the beach, laugh- 
ing, friendly people. DISLIKES: working, demerit 
system, winter, mornings. KR, Fords, dilly-dallying 
fighting, curfews. FAV.MEM: 1/6/97, Buffet '96, 
Flipped car in parking lot. FOUND: w/Reed and the 
gang, working Dunkin D's. AWARDS: Smiley stick- 
ers on tests. AMBITION: graduate, move out of 
Wrentham, go to college, become successful. OTHER: 
Good luck CN, JW, CP, DH, BH, TS, KC, KG, KV, 
JH, and everyone else. Thanks Mom and Dad for 
everything. I love you. 

LIKES: Soccer, piano. The Pad. scoring (goals), win- 
ning, friends, Art, Spanish Italian, Mr. Schmidt and his 
Anatomy class, chupacabras, Jon Pond's carrots. DIS- 
LIKES: Too much homework, losing, the cold, smok- 
ing. FAV.MEM: Winning the Boys' Soccer Champi- 
onship '95, U.S.A. Cup in Minnesota '96, Hock League 
Championship '96-'97. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, piano, 
Track. FOUND: My house, Peter's house, soccer fields. 
AWARDS: Soccer-' 87 Champs, '92 Div. Champs,'94 
Sect. Champs, '95 Boys' Champs, '97 Hock Champs, 
Many Indoor Championships, Captain. Track-'97 In- 
door League and Dual Meet Champs, '97 States 4x4 
and Medley, Best Newcomer, Varsity jacket, Captain. 
Band-'95 Champs and many second place awards. 
AMBITION: To be a professional soccer player. 
OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad for everything! 

Jessica Greene 


Chad Guay 

All American 

Kimberly Hadfleld 


Brian Hagen 


KES: Field Hockey, English, A+P colorings, fam- 
. Willy, sunsets, days off, every other Thursday. 
SLIKES: history. Spanish. 2 miles, circuits. 
<V.MEM: Pumpkin smashing of F.H. '96. defeating 
ixbury at States, rides to school. Softball '95-'%. 
TTIVITIES: F.H. 1-4. Baseball 1,2. Softball l.Peer 
adership. FOUND: working in the cafeteria at 
■uthwood. AWARDS: Captain of Varsity of F.H.. 
irsity letter and jacket. AMBITION: to be happy! 
THER: Thanks Mom, Dad. Zack, and the rest of the 

LIKES: Fab 5, friends, sleep, blue, pennies, dinner- 
ware collection. The Simpsons, snowboarding, my 
room, family, photos, DL's explanations, traveling. 
Baseball, outdoor showers, nature, hackeysack. holi- 
days, beach. DISLIKES: stress, angry people, rules, 
not being able to see. sickness, annoying people, crowds, 
making donuts. aggravation, miscommunication, wak- 
ing up early. FA V.MEM : Warped Tour '96-97, NOFX 
'96. The Cape. Summer '96,'97, Plymouth '96. cliff, 
island nights, showering inside, California '97, States 
'97. Arizona '97. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, DECA 
3.4. Leo Club, Drama 2. FOUND: doing yardwork. 
Dunks. AWARDS: Dist. Comp. 2nd. State Comp. 2nd 
(DECA), Who's Who Among American High School 
Students. AMBITION: To get out of Wrentham, un- 
derstand life, live in CA. make a vending machine that 
takes pennies. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad. Kenny. 
and Bonnie. Thanks to the people that were there when 
I needed a hand. You all mean the world to me. 

LIKES: Softball, Basketball, drive by's with Jenni, 
Bob, homeroom, sunflowers, mint chip. DISLIKES: 
attitudes, Mondays, liars, June 26, 1996, goodbyes 
FAV.MEM: Montreal, Prom '96, snowed in at the 
Allen's, LB'shouse.Nate'shouse. ACTIVITIES: Soft- 
ball 1-4, Basketball 1-4. FOUND: out with the girls, 
with Bob doing drive by's with Jenni. AMBITION: To 
have fun and lead a successful life. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Dad. I love you! Good luck Diana & Ryan! 
Have a good time. Thanks Heather and Rob. 

Michelle Hagen 



KES: friends. dancing, chorus, pool, bowling. drama, 
'imming, sewing, fashion design, reading, music, 
e. being free, concerts. DISLIKES: Intolerance, driv- 
g. FAV.MEM: Ozzy Concert, Prudence Island, Stop 
d Shop parking lot, chorus, France, The Promise, 3 
illar car. Stabbing Westward, chick on the escalator, 
e Bin, Bowling, Smashing Pumpkins, Tori Amos. 
CTIV1TIES: Drama 1.2. SADD 1-4. Figure Skating 
ub 4. FOUND: Eagle Brook, school, out with friends. 
srking. AWARDS: Life itself is an award. AMBI- 
ON: To drive a MACK truck. 

Jessica Halpin 


LIKES: aliens, black, tolerance. Mulder, music, argu- 
ments, my friends, swings. English, coffee. Chuck. 
DISLIKES: ignorance, bigots, smoking, drinking, 
drugs, math, snobs, testosterone, Spanish, football 
players, meat, the GAP. FAV.MEM: English classes, 
when Chuck passed out. ACTIVITIES: SADD 1-4, 
Peer Leadership 2-4. NHS 3. 4. FOUND: babysitting. 
AWARDS: honor roll 1 -4. Vice President of SADD 3. 
President of SADD 4. Peer Leadership Council 4 
AMBITION: to become a lawyer and the first female 
president of the U.S. 

Heather Hayes 



LIKES: hugs, frogs, friends, pump + jump, parties. 
Boston. DISLIKES: car accidents, totaled cars, braces, 
whip cream, work. SAT's. FAV.MEM: Newport, Sum- 
mer of '96. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading. Track. 
FOUND: with the girls, w/Jeff. AWARDS: Varsity 
Capt. Cheerleading. AMBITION: to have as much fun 
as I can! 

Brett J. Heffernan 



LIKES: Baseball, Golf.working on Z-Z8 DISLIKES: 
Winter. AWARDS: Baseball. Soccer letters. FAV. 
MEM: Montreal '97. 6/26/95. 2/15/95. FOUND: 
around OTHERGood luck! 


Margaret Henderson 

Maggie. Mags 

Jennifer Holske 

Jenny G 

Sharon Anne Hostetler 



Lauren A. Hurley 

Hurl, Hurldog 

LIKES: A.F., sunshine, drives, my friends, beach, 
weekends, meeting people, having fun. Party of Five, 
KP Football, Dunkin Donuts, shopping, dancing to 
jams, my room, chocolate donuts. DISLIKES: 
goodbyes, annoying people, traffic lights, cheesewater. 
FAV.MEM: 1/15/95, 5/13/95, Smokin Grooves '96, 
Sat. Nights at Michelle's, Pop's Camp, Keene with 
Tara, allot' my times with Al. Steve Miller '96. Singled 
Out '97, girls' night, Turks senior night. New Year's 
'96. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4. Softball 1-4. 
Student Council 1-4. FOUND: with Al. with Tara, at 
colleges. AWARDS: letter and jacket. AMBITION. 
To lead a successful life while having fun and being 
happy! OTHER: Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, 
E.B., and Ben! Thanks Martins! Thanks Fosters! Good 
Luck Class of 1998! 

LIKES: orange, Broadway. Blue Man with green eyes, 
Ohio potatoes, aliens, Megadeath, unsalted Saltines, 
WG, tinfoil. DISLIKES: pitchforks, convention, pre- 
tension, riding your bike mid-day past the three piece 
suits. FAV.MEM: CT '97. Giant Stadium. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Band 1-4. Winter guard 4, S ADD 1.2. 4, Sachem 
4, NHS 3. 4. FOUND: on the mothership. AMBITION: 
No dax hut today. 

LIKES: sunsets, the beach, roses, lightning, shoppping. 
Becky's setups, football, DECA, California weather, 
talks w/Chuck, dancing, tattoos. Becky's advice, gradu- 
ation!, blue, Sandyneck, sneakers, Vicki's house, JO's 
jokes, honesty. DISLIKES: No money, nagging, rude 
people, homework, being late, curfews, cold weather, 
staying home, getting up early, lying. FAV.MEM: 
Bosstones w/SP, BD, JC, CT, VT. Becky's setup 10/ 
3, 10/10/96. Room 1 17. blinking lights. If I'm crazy, 
then what does that make you?--Insane. U2, summer 
'97 w/MW & BD. Santana and Rusted Root. FOUND: 
Dunkin' Donuts. the mall, going somewhere or no- 
where, with Becky and company, sleeping. AWARDS: 
DECA: #1 in district. State '96, competed at Nation- 
als. AMBITION: go to Nationals in Denver, go to 
Tahiti. OTHER: thanx Mom. Dad. Tony, and Alicia- 
you guys are great. Mike and Tracee- I'll see you at the 
wedding! Becky. Mike. Kim. Liz. Vicki. and anyone 
I forgot- you guys rock. I'll see ya on the flip side. 

LIKES: Hock Championships. Soccer, peeps. B.C. 
Eagles. #5. friends, Ireland, green and gold (Go KP!), 
Gilby. Ladybugs, winning, chewy Spree. DISLIKES: 
Franklin. Wellesley. sprint/hill workouts, losing, double 
sessions, good-byes. FAV.MEM: Semi '96, losing my 
wallet, Soccer 9 seconds '96, '97, Janell's soccer 
speech, girls' sleepover. Crosby's house. Soccer Camp 
'97. ACTIVITIES: Soccer/Winter Track/Spring Track 
1-4, Peer Leadership. NHS. FOUND: soccer field, up 
in Maine in the Summer. AWARDS: Varsity Letter for 
Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Honorable Men- 
tion Indoor Track, Captain of Soccer. Outdoor Track, 
and Indoor Track, Best Soccer Defense. AMBITION: 
To be happy in whatever I do. OTHER: Thanks to 
Mom and Dad, C-ya Kristen (good luck at home alone 
with them). Get ready Andrea, I'm coming to college. 
Bye everybody. I luv you and will really miss you. 

Kyle Jackson 

Stone. Slick, King Philip. Killer. Jax 

Alison Anne Johnston 


Matthew J. Kavanah 

Matt. Kav. Positive K 

Brad Kazarian 


LIKES: Band-related activities, B.S.A., P.F.. Dean 
College. FW, hanging with friends, music, working for 
Dean and Mr. Calzaretta. DISLIKES: smokers, 
druggies, egotists, people who belittle the band, snobs. 
FAV.MEM: Meeting Muhammed Ali at O'Hare Air- 
port in Chicago during the WGI Percussion Finals 
(placed 2nd in the world). ACTIVITIES: Marching 
Band 1-4, Spring Track 1.4, Winter Track 4. Peer 
Leadership 2, Concert Band 1 -4. Percussion Ensemble 
2-4, Basketball 1-4 (with Mr. Calzaretta). FOUND: In 
band room, carpentry shop, home, with Coach 
Calzaretta. AWARDS: letter, jacket, and pins, medals 
in Band. Basketball, scouts. AMBITION: go to Dean 
and beyond in communications or music. Come back 
and work with the Band. OTHER: Thank you to my 
family and friends, Mrs. D. Tower & C, for making 
high school a memorable experience. 

LIKES: smiles, hugs, kisses, laughing, weekends, play- 
grounds, concerts, music, shoes, Rudy, Ariel, coffee, 
friends. DISLIKES: boring people, boring things, snobs, 
work, things that aren't funny. FAV.MEM: Summer 
'94-'97. parking lot, laughing with Keri. time with my 
friends. ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1-4, Concert 
Band 3-4, Winter Guard 1 . FOUND: At work, with my 
friends. AMBITION: To get alot out of life and have 
fun no matter what I end up doing. OTHER: Thanks for 
everything Mom. Dad, Sarah, and Heather, my friends. 
I love you guys. 

LIKES: history, soccer games, hall time, camping, 
friends, green, purple, guitar, kind and sincere people. 
DISLIKES: stuck up people, arguments. FAV.MEM: 
PACT stuff, winning first place in my category at Reg. 
History Day and YOW/UNO. January 25, 1997 and 9/ 
2/97.ACTIVITIES: SADD 1-4, Sachem, Metacomet 
Sports Editor Staff, NHS. FOUND: SADD room, hik- 
ing and camping, writing poetry, in halls with Linda. 
AWARDS: Regional History Day 1995 First place, 
Regional History Day 1997 Second place. National 
Honor Society Member. Eagle Scout Award. Student 
of the Month in March '97 Junior. AMBITION: 
Graduate from college, teach US history, and get 
married and raise a family. 

LIKES: sports, vacations, weight lifting, parties, Chi- 
nese food, rap, and The Ladies. DISLIKES : rude people, 
having 1 and 10 football seasons, (past) Franklin, 
Foxboro. sometimes North Attleboro. All Star Video 
(sometimes), having no money, responsibility, having 
to grow up. FAV.MEM: Football camp '95. the week- 
ends with the Voltron crew, Football practice, going to 
B.B.C, Freshman year football, all fourteen of us. 
outside linebacker sophomore year. 

Bryan D. Keane 

Keanedog, Keanage, Keane 

Dan Kelley 

Wooly Mammoth 

Melanie Kellogg 


Jenine Khouri 

#2 Neene 

IKES: to drive, to be with friends. Crystal. Erin. Swed- 
h Fish, music, little things, movies, winning, the #22. 
jmmers. Colorado, green, coffee, iced cappucino w/o 
e. sleeping in. friends there through thick and thin, 
msicals, DISLIKES: Mondays, ignorant people, big- 
ts, not getting my own way. rumors, curfews. 
AV.MEM: Miss Szc/epanick's Geometry class "95- 
)6, Trinity field inp--Mtnelo Twins. Winning Hock 
eague Championship--Winter Track '96-'97, Provi- 
ence with Crystal. Providence with Jess. Elementary 
:hool field w/Jen, Linda, and Jess. UNH w/Sam and 
eather. Prom '97. Colorado '96. NYC '97. ACTIVI- 
IES: X-country 1-3. Winter Track 1-3. Spring Track 1- 

Peer Leadership 2-4. Sadd 3, NHS 3-4. FOUND: 
IcDonald's. Crystal's house. Jess's house, the mall, 
orders. AWARDS: Varsity letter, jacket, and pins, 
;er Council of Peer Leadership 3-4, AMBITION: Live 
y life the way I want to and be happy. Stay close to all 
y friends. OTHER: Don't try to fit yourself into a 
Herein society, let sot iety accept your difference - 

D.K, Mom--Thank You, Buddy and Diane-Thanks 

LIKES: cars, trucks. 4x4's. Bike's (hogl. DISLIKES: 
Harley's. yuppies, covered wagons, ugly trucks, 
Provincetown. FAV.MEM: Jay Roache's love wagon, 
going to P.B. Game. ACTIVITIES: Riding. Shrimping. 
Sailing. FOUND: On my hog passing cars, herding the 
Goats, in the hen house, AWARDS: Physical Fitness 
Award in 6th grade. AMBITION: To have wall to wall 

LIKES: Purple. Phil. Matt's basement, twizzlers. black 
lights. Austin Powers, vanilla air fresheners, 90210, 
Saved by the Bell, sunflowers, ice coffee, the Goonies. 
DISLIKES: math, thumper. FAV. MEM: G.Wood '96, 
the pad, summer '97, proms and semi's. ACTIVITIES: 
D.D., Peer Leadership, Drama. Journalism, SADD. 
FOUND: Matt's basement, Friendly's. AMBITION: 
to achieve success and happiness. OTHER : Good Luck. 

IKES: McDonalds, talking to friends on the phone, 
Gl Friday's, gymnastics, soccer, track, music, work- 
g in Framingham. DISLIKES: Taco Bell, home- 
ork. studying. FAV, MEM: Vermont '96, Philly '97, 
lorida '97. Vermont '97. S. Track '96. '97. '98 with 
innea's mom. ACTIVITIES: W. Track 2. S.Track 1- 
gymnastics 2-4; NHS 3-4. FOUND: at home, at 
uiggs. at work in Framingham. on the track or in the 
eight room. AWARDS: varsity letter&jacket. cap- 
in of the gymnastic team. AMBITION: be happy and 
nile. OTHER: Thank you Mom , Dad & Andrea for 
>ur help & support, thank you to all my friends. I love 
>u all! Good luck in the future KIT. Good luck to 

LIKES: shopping, beaches, sunset, music, concerts. 
Spice Girls, traveling. DISLIKES: fake people, use- 
less teachers, lies, immature guys. FAV.MEM: bowl- 
ing "97, Missy's '96, summer of '96, summer of '94 
with R.C. ACTIVITIES: Deca. FOUND: at the mall, 
w/Spice Girls, Norton, beach. Applebee's with the 
girls. AWARD: 1st place at DECA District Confer- 
ence. 4th place at State Conference DECA Amibition: 
to marry a respectable guy and be successful. OTHER: 
I want to thank L.T., NT., H.S., T.S., M.W., and my 
parents for helping me through a hard time junior year. 
I love you guys!! 


Helen Koukiotis 


Jill Lynne Krasnauskas 



LIKES: Elmo, flowers, people, sun, smiles, weekend-., 
summer, birthdays, music, arms, turtles, true friends. 
DISLIKES: station wagons, fake people, onions, ru- 
mors, boredom, fights, routine, feet. FAV. MEM: 
Cape with KO. BM. LM, JA, rave dance with KO. 
working with DL, Martha's Vineyard with MM. ob- 
serving with DL. ACTIVITIES: Class Treasurer 1-4. 
Track 1. Gymnastics [-2, NHS 3-4. FOUND: out with 
the girls, at Applebee's with DL«/>.«';tmk. AWARDS: 
varsity letter and jacket. Excellence in Office Technol- 
ogy. AMBITION: do something great. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom. Good luck Wen. Best of luck Class of '98 


Heather Christine Kress 


Samantha Renee Kress 


Linda Labo 

Lin, Bobo 

George C. Labonte 

Joe Orge 


LIKES: boyfriend, vacations, happiness, freedom, hor- 
ror movies, laugh attacks, great friends, the mall, 
cheerleading. candles, stuffed animals, sharks, Pez. 
thunder , lightning. DISLIKES: 4/2/95, ending friend- 
ships, homework, double crossers, liars, boredom, 
being in debt, Shaw's Supermarkets. FAV.MEM: 
France '97. DMB 6/12/97, Dad's last Christmas, get- 
ting Molly and Bingo, my cat Inky, Sunday lunches 
with Mom. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading 1 -4, Peer Lead- 
ership 2-4, Drama 1-2, float 1-2, History Day 3, ALA 
auctions. FOUND: work, elementary school play- 
ground, my bike, the woods, Boston w/ my friends, 
enjoying life as best as possible. AWARDS: Cheering 
Spirit Award, Nat'l Hist. Day, varsity letter, jacket and 
pins. AMBITION: to find happiness with the one I 
love, be successful in my future plans. OTHER: Thanks 
to my mother, Jim. Sam and my father. Without them, 
I would not be who I am today. Thanks to my precious 
friends. I love you Mom. I love you Dad. 

LIKES: France, the color yellow, Tony from Spain, 
Drama, Peer Leadership, Cheerleading, laugh attacks, buddies. Disco, Necco Wafers, Fall, Bos- 
ton, coffee, subway surfing. DISLIKES: hypocrites, 
foolishness, all my fears, 4/2/95, immaturity. 
FAV.MEM: French Trip 4/17/97 - 4/26/97. Boston 
with Bethany Coleman, the foot club, the bench, get- 
ting lost. ACTIVITIES: Varsity Cheerleading 2-4. 
Peer Leadership 2-4. Drama 1-2, Float 1-4, History 
Day States 3. FOUND: at the mall with Allicyn, at 
work, at the hospital, at the elementary school play- 
ground, off the beaten path with Beth Coleman. 
AWARDS: Cheering Spirit Award. NATIONAL Dance 
Champion 7 years in a row. National History Day, 
varsity jacket & pins. AMBITION: To live, love, and 
never stop dreaming. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Jim, 
Heather, and, if you can hear me. Dad. I love you all. 
FAV. SAYING: Go for it. Does anybody have a nail 

LIKES: Matt, friends, gossip, corridor rats. DISLIKES: 
football players, friends' older brothers, snobs. 
FAV.MEM: sleepovers, girls' nights out, YOW, going 
20-0 during Sophomore Softball. Valentine's Day. 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, Peer Leadership. C.Y.O. 
FOUND: anywhere you want to see me. AMBITION: 
to take life for what it's worth, to actually say I did 
something for this world. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Denise. Sweet sucesses, Karen. Good luck. Aaron. 

LIKES: Soccer. Baseball, parties, horizons. DISLIKES: 
Playing JU. getting cut, bad grades, Dave O. 
FAV.MEM: History class with Lindsey W., getting 
stuck during blizzards with L. W.& H.R. ACTIVITIES 
Soccer 1-4. Baseball 1-4. FOUND: J.M. House, 
McDonald's, with Dave Galvin. 

Katie Ann LaFrance 

Katie Lah 

Diana LaPointe 


Elizabeth Larson 

Liz, Gobi fen Espanol) 

John Larue 

Katsumi, DJ Kocksupron 

LIKES: Jay, #21, #24-Jr„ Notre Dame, The X-Files, 
dance, E.R., blue, Elmo, nice guys, smiles, hugs n 
kisses. DISLIKES: chunky peanut butter, feet, rumors, 
lies, loudmouths, mistakes. FAV. MEM: Garth '97, 
semi's, proms, summer '97, company. Heather's house 
2/7/97, 4/8/97. ACTIVITIES: Dance 1 -4. Winter Track 
I, 2. Spring Track 1, 2, NHS 3. 4. FOUND: w/Jay, at 
the studio, in my car. AWARDS: Dance Company 
Captain, competition placements. NHS Secretary. 
AMB ITON : To become a doctor and lead a happy life. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad, and all my friends. I 
love you! I love you Jay. Thanks for everything. Good 
luck Class of '98. 

LIKES: summer, rain, true friends, parties, pink, mon- 
keys, Maine, Jetta's. DISLIKES: goodbyes, crying, 
brown cars, mean people, nothing to do. being cold, 
stupid people. FAV.MEM: Freshman year sleepovers, 
Semi-Formal '95. Summer '96. Rave Dance, Lupo's, 
Boston '97. ACTIVITIES: Secretary 1 -4, Cheerleading 
1.3.4. NHS 3,4. Peer Mediation 3, 4. FOUND: at 
Applebee's with Jill, on the phone. AWARDS: Letter 
and jacket. AMBITION: To be successful, happy and 
make lots of money. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Nicole, 
and family for everything. I love you! Good luck Class 
of '98! 

LIKES: the beach, driving my buggy, playing pool, the 
mall, shopping, art w/ Joanne, gym, Spanish Beauty 
and the Beast, daisies, LL Cool J, Mace, cows. Pooh, 
having Daow live w/us! DISLIKES: SAT's, mean 
people, taking out the dogs, arguments. FAV.MEM: 
Six Flags w/ VT, CS, art trip to B.M.S. with LS. JT, 
Boston, summer '97, DMB concert. No Doubt, Weezer, 
and BUSH concerts! getting my own BUGGY! Singled 
Out at KP, parties at Dave's and movies, sleepovers, 
Christmas party. New Year's '96 w/the girls, camping 
at Yogi's! ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1-4, CC 1,2. FH 3, 
Track 2,3, swimming, Chorus-4, Yearbook 1, 4. 
FOUND: home, mall, w/friends, SH, VT, SC, KM, TS, 
DI. DS, at KP! AWARDS: jacket, letter, pins. Honor 
Roll. AMBITION: To succeed in life especially in 
college and out in the Real World . To keep smi ling and 
to be happy! Always remember what is most important 
in life, friends and family, because they will always be 
there for you. Always remember who you are and what 
you stand for! OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad & Becky 
for all your support. I Love You Guys! Becky. I wish 
you lots of luck in your 4 yrs. at K.P. High. 

LIKES: Linux, 68K, TI, Atari Teenage Riot, under- 
world. Crown Victorias. DISLIKES: ignorant, arro- 
gant, people, grades. FAV. MEM: Orbital Live '97, 
meeting the Crystal Method '97, Beyond H. O. P. E. 
'97. ACTIVITIES: listening to music, playing with 
Linux, hanging out, using the 92. FOUND: in Triumph's 
Crown Vic, probably on 495, at Jon's house, with the 
Transient Crew. AWARDS: Most Unique. AMBI- 
TION: to become a successful DJ and a network 
administrator. OTHER: HP calcs don't stand a chance! 

Keith LaValley 


Jenn Leach 


Tracey Nicole Lefebvre 

Trace, Flava Rica 

Megan Lloyd 

Meg, Megs 

IKES: Everybody, The Dirly Dozen, P.B. Games, 
ed Sox Games, parties, hockey, sports, my truck. 
leepovers at Tony's. M.Dew. pre and post game 
■Mivities. DISLIKES: Class of '97. Dirty girls. Track 
ids. Class Competition. FAV.MEM: P.B. (sawevery- 
ling I.Tony's parties. Trip to Hooters, 180's w/Tony, 
>irty Dozen at Jay 'splaying cards, going to see Grandpa 
ameron. ACTIVITIES: Hockey, Baseball. Football. 

| jler at class competition in '97. Golfing and working, 
;eing the Moose. FOUND: At the hockey rink, w/ 
ony and Mitcham. golfing, at Jay's house, parties, w/ 
ie women. P.B., games, w/ The Dirty Dozen, at the 

i as station. AWARDS: Honorable mention in Sun 
'hronicle for Hockey in '96 &'97. Most Valuable 
layer of Spring League Hockey, Captain of J.V. 
aseball '96, Captain of Hockey Team in '97 &'98. 
MBITION: To hit the lottery so I never have to work, 
ve plenty to my family, then just have fun w/ my 
iends. Or to just be happy in life. 

LIKES: Making up with B.H.. going out with J.M. 
DISLIKES: fights w/ B.H. FAV.MEM: 2/15/95. 6/26/ 
95. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading. 

LIKES: John, green, bunnies, trampolines, water, 
chicken fingers, summer, POOH, stuffed animals, sun- 
sets, flowers, hearts, smiles, hugs, having money, #18. 
DISLIKES: mean guys, feet, rocks, mean tow truck 
men. Honey Dew and Dunkin Donuts, liars, fake people, 
rumors, soda. FAV.MEM: trip to Boston with JA. BG, 
DL, Cape '97 with JD, SB, KR, LM, BG, NW, JA, 
Prom '97, Baseball Barbeques, 2/24/96, Boys II Men, 
12/31/96, Dance Parry, dances. ACTIVITIES: Field 
Hockey 1-4. Winter Cheerleading 1-4. Spring Track 2- 
4. FOUND: At the mall, with John, Applebee's. on the 
trampoline, practice, w/ friends. AWARDS: MVP, 
jacket and letter, Capt. Winter Cheerleading '97. AM- 
BITION: To be happy at whatever I do. OTHER: Mom, 
Dad, Eric, and John. I love you guys. Thanks to all my 
friends who stuck by me through thick and thin. 

LIKES: friends, roses, smiles, cats, hugs, conversa- 
tions with Mike, the weekend, Applebee's takeout, 
dances, naps. 902 1 0. DISLIKES: liars, drunk drivers, 
homework, smoke, cleaning, rules, stress. FAV. MEM: 
Pre-prom gathering. Prom '97, Maine. New York w/ 
Jenni. Beach at Ft. Myers, the Cape. ACTIVITIES: 
Field Hockey 1-2, Winter track 1. Spring track 1-2. 
Cheerleading 4. FOUND: talking on the telephone 
with BJ. watching soaps, w/ Shannon and Tracey. 
AMBITION: To be famous, successful, rich, happy, 
and with lots of love. OTHER: I wish to thank every- 
one who helped, guided, and advised me along the 
way. I wouldn't be who I am without you guys. Mom. 
Dad. Katie-I love you. 

fl B-—^, 1^~~ 

1 ~r : - *** 

^^^^V * 

* .^^rifib 

*■ .^^H 

Tony Lorusso 


Jonathan Luke 


Eddie Lyons 


Megan MacMurray 

Captain Hook. Macdude 

IKES: Shockers, Dirty Dozen. Mountain Dew, P.B. 
lames. Red Sox games, hats in school, cars, love 
agon, pumping gas. college days, parties. DISLIKES: 
•irty Girls, hat rules, speeding tickets, cops. 
AV.MEM: parties at the Rock. P.B Ganes we saw 
verything. Trips to Taunton. ACTIVITIES: Skiing, 
lam Dunk Contest, pool, driving around going no- 
'here, causing trouble. FOUND: with Mark, golfing 
'ith Mark and Brett, at the Rock, in my basement, 
lunkin Donuts. school parking lot. AWARDS: Cap- 
lin of Golf Team. AMBITION: To grow old having 
ved and done everything I dream of doing! 

LIKES: friends, driving, music. DISLIKES: stupid 
and arrogant people, working on Friday while every- 
one goes out. FAV.MEM: Spanish II sophomore year. 
Grind (Spring '96), losing concert ticket. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Hockomock Model Senate, Band, Tennis. 
FOUND: Scooter's and Eagle Brook. AMBITION: to 
be the best at whatever I do. 

LIKES: summer, mountain biking, Metallica, the 
Squire, rap, money, art, in-line 5's, Metallica, Shootyz, 
TREE, Play Station. DISLIKES: masonry, racism, 
winter, people who owe me money, running, Oasis. 
FAV.MEM: Naked crit, Shootyz shows. Rage '95. 
FOUND: the trails, the Squire, lost in Providence. 
AWARDS: none yet. AMBITION: to get an award. 

LIKES: Poker. Olive Garden. British accents. DIS- 
LIKES: rust, listening to people eat. working Sunday s. 
finding something to do. exclusives that aren't exclu- 
sive, trying to use the bathrooms, tanktops in Novem- 
ber. FAV.MEM: Summer '95, Mr. Webb' s class fresh- 
man year. Steve Miller '97. 3/1/97. Pizza Hut. AC- 
TIVITIES: Drama 1-4. FOUND: asleep, with Whip 
AMBITION: To go far. far away. 


Julie MacPherson 

North Smithfield RI 

James Mahoney 


Michael Maloney 

Pugnax, Malagnul 


Tara Martin 


LIKES: sour gummy worms. Field Hockey, Softball, 
art, smiles, football games, WOW. DISLIKES:grumpy 
people who complain a lot and do not know how to 
have fun. FAV. MEM: April, May, June, hanging with 
Amy Shannon, Heather, Anna and Hotties. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Field Hockey, Softball, Sachem, Peer Media- 
tion. Peer Leadership. SADD, Drama, Art Club. 
FOUND: On the side of the road somewhere else but 
home. AWARDS: Captain of Field Hockey, Most 
Class Spirit. AMBITION: To become a successful, 
respected and well known person in some field of art. 
probably graphic design, and in 20 years from now 
have people say I once knew her. OTHER: Things 
always seem to come out better than expected, includ- 
ing this school. 

LIKES: victory, raisins, all you can eat buffets, busy 
schedules, challenges. Red Red Wine, competition, 
feeling of accomplishment. Oreos. flirting, the title 
Most Field Trips Ever, overcoming the odds. Cheez- 
its, pushing oneself, high school. DISLIKES: home- 
work, part-timejobs. FAV. MEM: lock-in. Borderland 
Park race, beach house party. New York '96. ACTIVI- 
TIES: X-Country 2-4, Basketball 1, Indoor Track 2-3, 
Outdoor Track 1-4, Karate, Student Council (RAC), 
Peer Leadership, Leo Club. PACT, Peer Mediation, 
Yearbook, Wrestling. FOUND: hanging with buds. 
AWARDS: commended mention, A on Ms. Bremer's 
test, letter and jacket. Most Improved X-Country '96, 
Honorable Mention '96, Co-captain '97 (X-C). AMBI- 
TION: to succeed and excel in many different fields 
and enjoy every minute life has to offer. OTHER: 
Thanks to my family for all the support and encourage- 
ment you have always provided me. 

LIKES: memories. Italians, Baltimore, Guido, Colin, 
Starbucks, Dunks, 1/4/3, Calumet, dolphins, #8, New- 
port, shooting stars, closed car conversations, white 
boxes, pictures, ruggedness. aquarium. Inner Harbor, 
airfields, change, comfortable silence. Backdraft, 
Mazda 323. NFCG. DISLIKES: goodbyes. Chinese 
Food. deer, accidents, winter, partly cloudy days, curly 
hair, milk, not knowing, indecision, ends, loneliness. 
FAV. MEM: Maine w/KH. MH. ML, JD, Norfolk route 
w/DB. CS, airfields, Baltimore'97, Keene w/MH. . 
NFCG w/DB, CS. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-2, 
Spring Track 1. Student Council 1-4, NHS 3-4, Year- 
book 4. FOUND: On drives w/Mags or Beth. AMBI- 
TION: To see life for all that it's worth, while being 
happy, healthy, and loved. OTHER: Josh, good luck 
the next two years. Good luck w/ the rents! Mom. Dad 
I could not have gotten through this year with out 
either of you. Everything I am today is a reflection of 
Dad and you. You are the best. I LOVE YOU! 

Brett Martucci 



Dan McGuire 


Elizabeth McLacklan 


Conor McLaughlin 


LIKES: skiing, mountain biking, Trey and the boys, 
winter, snow, mountains. VT, orange, having fun mu- 
sic, shows, #9. friends, thinking, laughing, sleeping, 
tickets, bikes. The Bush, MRG. Shootyz, 4WD, slayr. 
DISLIKES: hot weather, high school, homework, rac- 
ism, discrimination, egotistical jocks, catching an edge, 
lift lines, flats, Monday's. FAV. MEM:: all the shows, 
Mtn. Bike camp, life in Vemont, all the days of skiingand 
riding. Dunks, thecrit. ACTIVITIES: sleeping, skiing, 
riding. Soccer 1 -4. FOUND: on my bike, on my skis, in 
my bed, in Vermont, in Gamehendge. with Becky, at a 
show, with Ed. at Dunk's, cruisin' in the Squire. 
AWARDS: too many to list. AMBITION: to have fun 
and to spend my life doing the things that I love to do. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad. Drew. Becky. I love you 
all 1 

LIKES: punk music, bowing, pool. Roka's auto grave- 
yard. Hank's black cherry soda. Kraft mac. & cheese. 
King of the Hill. Dodge Charger. Conor's dog, bass 
guitar, Nintendo, plum preserves. DISLIKES: Hifivins, 
boats, sailing, EPS, cattle prods, dirtbikes, jail, cap 
guns, slayer, hippies. PHISH. cheesy techno music, the 
boss. Stop & Shop dairy, spicer, the beast, 5.0 Betties, 
sandals, aliens. FAV. MEM: going to the NAPD for 
possesion of a cap gun. verbal fights with Hifivins. 
Conor falling down the stairs, Roka-when he picked up 
a school bus, John Pepin getting EPS from chooch and 
Dave. Apocolypse. ACTIVITIES: The National Oreo 
Cookie Team 1-4. playing bass guitar, bowling. FOUND: 
bowling alley, pool hall. work, any place where there's 
a good show to go to. loading dock, the bin, the Marquis, 
concert wagon, batcave. AWARDS: 7th grade Astros 
1st place Plainville Little League. AMBITION: to get 
out of here by graduating and then driving to Cal. in the 
bin where I will start a minorly successful punk band 
and then go on tour with the Reverend Horton Heat. 
OTHER: Thanks to Mom. Dad, Amy, Tom. and all my 

LIKES: yellow, summer, horses, macaroni andcheese, 
whales, cute guys, smiles, laughing, fungi, slayers, the 
Omni, shoes, food, #23. the beach. DISLIKES: igno- 
rant people, raisins, school, cats, crying, endings, sharks, 
snow. FAV. MEM: Freshman year, car rides w/ TM 
and KH. summers with KO, Steve Miller. Dave 
Mattthews, Roger Williams with JR, Cape with JA. 
KO, LM, JK, long talks with TM and Kimby, the VW 
with TM, oldies with JB. fighting with TO and BM, 
Junior year with NN. going to lunch with CN, Kiss 
concert with CN.MK.MM. ACTIVITIES: Cross Coun- 
try, Track. FOUND: with my friends, with Nick. 
AWARDS: Hockomock, Sun Chronicle and 
Woonsocket Call All Stars, varsity letter and pins. 
AMBITION: to train whales at Sea World and never 
grow old. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad. and Lissa for 
everything. Thanks Judy and Jimmy, my second par- 
ents. To the Class of '98. best of luck. 

LIKES: Green Day, overcast days. Brooklyn Steamer, 
punk music, bowling, pool, coterie, guitars, Kraft mac. 
& cheese, ugly neckties, night crew, spitting and catch- 
ing it in my mouth, concerts. DISLIKES: WBT, sun, 
night managers, falling into the compactor, hifivens, 
homework, Phish, EPS. sports, the beast, liars. FAV. 
MEM: all concerts past, present, and future. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Sachem 2-4, Drama 1. 2. 4, Drama at U. Mass 
Dartmouth, singing. FOUND: at Stop & Shop, the 
batcave, bowling, pool, my house, band practice. 
AWARDS : 6th grade PAL Orioles 1 st place, I st place 
at Deca Districts. AMBITION: to become manager of 
frozen foods at Stop & Shop, to gain a small fortune 
doing so. OTHER: being alive is choosing not to give 
up, pinhead gun powder, Thanks to Mom, Dad, Caitlin, 
Roka, Dan. Nate, Ryan. Zak. Erick, Jess, JB. Chooch, 
Koley, Andrew V., Dave, you all rule!. Like Whoa.', 
Due to the fact, rather. Yeah I got a one eyed car. It is 
the 90' s. That never happened. 

Doug Mead 


Jennifer Meau 


R. David Miles 

Black Dog, Utah 

Lauren Miller 


LIKES: Soccer. #19, winning, field trips, snow days, 
Catholic girls. DISLIKES: Track, homework, bad teach- 
ers, working on Friday. FAV. MEM: winning champi- 
onship Soccer and Track '96, '97, summer '96, '97, 
Soccer Camp '95, '97, being captain, the pad, Hallow- 
een '96, '97, times with Linda. Mormon mission New 
Year's Eve '96-'97, Soccer '97, beating KO in basket- 
ball twice, capture the flag. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1 -4. 
Baseball 1. Basketball 1, Track 2-4. FOUND: soccer 
fields, the hood, Linda's house, rolling wit a DAPTED 
X. AWARDS: New Comer of the Year (Track 1995), 
Captain of Soccer and Track, Hock All Star '97. 
AMBITION: To be successful and have happiness 
with no worries. 

LIKES: smiley faces, yellow. Snoop, #5, GH, memo- 
ries, crunchy apples, surprises, choc, chip cookies, 
puffy clouds, day dreams, colleges, old jeans, hugs, b- 
ball in the rain. DISLIKES: getting caught, responsi- 
bility, new shoes. RJ's driving, toes, car accidents, 
BL's dog. BF dropping it out the window. KP's laugh. 
FAV. MEM: Freshman year sleepovers, long walks w/ 
DP, NPD, car rides w/ J A, Phat Jams, Cape w/ JA. KO, 
JK, BM, many times at RJ's, ski trips, prom weekend 
'97, HR's Cape house, scary night w/AO, 311, fight at 
No Doubt, Anatomy w/RJ and AD. ACTIVITIES: 
Cheerleading 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Track I, Student 
Council 1-4, NHS 3-4. FOUND: eating, laughing w/ 
JA, on the phone w/DL, jammin' in the car w/CG. 
AMBITION: live life to the fullest and be happy every 
step of the way. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad, Christo- 
pher for everything you have done and will do for me. 
JA, thanks for keeping me in line. DL, thanks for being 
a true friend. DP keep smiling. I love you all. 

Katrina Elisa Mintz 

Kal. Trina 

IKES: 143-4444, penguins, Quan, tulips, the beach, 

e truth, snowboarding. Ryan, rainbows. DISLIKES: 

;ing. pies. DD. no bladder control, lies, bad driving. 

ming lost, left-red arrows, wingin' it. FAV. MEM: 

ailing down Loon Mm., hitting the snow maker w/ 

!ue barrel. Dave Matthew's Band Concert '97, Sum- 

er of '96 & '97, Riverside w/ Ryan. ACTIVITIES: 

rama 1 -2, Softball 1 -2. Winter Track 2, Yearbook 3- 

FOUND: Hanging out w/ Sarah or cruising w/Ryan, 

, warding w/Ryan. AWARD: Editor In Chief of the '98 

1 ing Philip Chieftain. AMBITION: To be happy in 

fe and to have fun. FAV. SAYING: Ya right! What 

' ver! Vicki do you have any more popcorn ? OTHER: 

D my friends: Have fun in college and make the right 

1 loices. I'll miss you guys! Thanx Sarah for being a 

, 'eat friend. Ryan-Thanks for all the good times. I 

row there's more to come! I love you! Mom-I know 

has not been easy, but thanxs for always being there. 

love you! 

Patrick Mistier 

Boots, Pat 

LIKES: friends, my bike, skiing. Canada, money. Babes, 
Jimmy Buffet. DISLIKES: crashes. Star Market, N.P., 
people who think they are better than everyone else. 
FAV. MEM: summer '95 with H.H., M.M. winter '95. 
96, 97, skiing with J.M., J. P., M.B.. B.B., summer '97 
with H.H., J.G..B.C. ACTIVITIES: Track '95 Winter, 
Spring, Track '96 Spring, gym leader junior, senior 
year. FOUND: working on bike. Star Market, out with 
friends, out with chicks. AMBITION: to put forward 
1 10% of my effort in everything I do. OTHER:thanks 
Mom. Dad. John. Heather. You have helped me through 
4 years of high school. Also thanks to all my friends. 

Mark Mitcham 


LIKES: Dukes of Hazzard, #01, the Rock, #24, Trans- 
Ams. parties, rednecks. Table for Two, J-Bars, trucks, 
slabs & brake stands. Easy Rider, gangstas, love 
wagon, road sodas. DISLIKES: dirty girls, losing, 
almost everyone not in the Dirty Dozen. FAV. MEM: 
DMB. Wu-Tang and Rage. Steve Miller '97. fire at the 
Rock. OB's house. 1 1/19. knowing John Finase, golf- 
ing with Tony Lorusso and Keith LaValley. parties 
with the boys, Steve Miller. Gene the janitor. 35-0. T- 
Bone. ACTIVITIES: Football 1 -4. Baseball 4. FOUND: 
watching The Dukes of Hazzard, with the dirty dozen, 
shrimping, weightroom with John Finase. AWARDS: 
jacket and letter. AMBITION: drive the General Lee.To 
live the happy life. 

Keely Monahan 

Keel, KK 


LIKES: the beach, my Geo. dimples, my friends, my 
job, M & M's, James Dean, clothes, angels, smiles, 
clouds. Irish accents, chocolate milk, Chincoteague 
Island, playing with my nieces. DISLIKES: raisins, 
toes, rainy days, cold weather. FAV. MEM: 8/8/96, 
Rolling Stones '97. ACTIVITIES: Varsity Softball, 
class officer 2. FOUND: scooping at Cook's Hall. 
AWARDS: Varsity Letter for Softball. AMBITION: 
To have a long and happy life, always smiling. OTHER: 
Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me back to 
Wrentham. I LOVE YOU! XOXO 


Amy Moore 

Mainy, Squirrel, Moore 

Nathan Moore 


Max Mucciarone 

Batman, Green Squirrel 

Paul Mullaney 


LIKES: friends, warm weather, summer vacation, the 
trunk, art, the ocean, dance, family. Chincoteague Is- 
land. Colorado, Michael Flatley. Madeleine, skiing, ice 
skating, four square w/Mike, old movies. Kevin Wylie. 
Art Hist. Class. Cary Grant. Breakfast atTiffany' s, wa- 
ter. A Wedding Story. DISLIKES: science, double ses- 
sions. Ray's Drycleaners. homework. Mondays, snobs, 
ignorant people, prejudice, people who love them- 
selves, cigarettes, keyboarding. cleaning my room. 
FAV.MEM: Field Hockey Camp. Chincoteague Island, 
Revolution game, Jessie's, Keely's haunted houses, the 
neighborhood w/Brian. Max. Dave, Dan, Riverdance. 
Lord of the Dance. Euro. Hist, w/ Mrs. Viles-Bachman, 
Jessie's love stories from ME. Art History trip, UNH 
trip. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey I -2. Tennis 1. dance, 
volunteer program at Wrentham Developmental Cen- 
ter. Art Enrichment program at elementary schools. 
Peer Leadership Council. FOUND: driving the trunk. 
dancing, the neighborhood. 

LIKES: Bowling, music, sticks. BASS. Godzilla, crazy 
town. Steph. DISLIKES: Hi-fivers, Hippies. Mountain 
Dew. SURGE. Phish. Bosh, Boats, Beasts, ROKA. 
FAV.MEM: Conor falling down the stairs, yeah cool 
Jim. Steph. ACTIVITIES: playing the bass, bowling. 
FOUND: crazy town AMBITION: To become a fire- 
man. OTHER: Thanks to everyone I know! Whoa 

LIKES: Soccer, High Jump, suns, Batman, money, 
winning, #7, 6'. DISLIKES: losing, feet, speeding 
tickets, workouts, double sessions, bees. FAV.MEM: 
Indoor Track Championship, soccer gatherings in the 
summer, skiing with the buds, trips to Peter's Cape 
house & Mormon Missions. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1- 
4. Indoor Track 1-4, Captain. FOUND: soccer fields, 
highjump pit, Pete's car & the hood. AWARDS: Var- 
sity jacket, and pins. AMBITION: to be as cool as RM 
and CL. OTHER: Thanks to all of my family and 
friends for making my four years wonderful. 

LIKES: Dukes of Hazzard, Rednecks, racing ,#28, 
Heidi, Trans-ams. Mrs. Nub's class, Taco Bell. The 
love wagon, Messy's, Football, Hockey. DISLIKES: 
dirty girls, curfew, taking the bus, Mike Massey. work- 
ing, not having money, wallet chains. FAV. MEM: 10/ 
26/96, Class Competion '97, summer of '96 w/EC. 
EW, JF, DF, JB, BC, CC, NH '96, Mr. Schmidt calling 
us sweat hogs, Geno the Janitor, and Herb (SKULL) 
Holske. ACTIVITIES: Football. FOUND: at the race 
track, at Canoe River, fishing at 5 A.M. AMBITION: 
to drive in a race car. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad. Jay. 
Heidi, and Lisa. Love ya. 

Danielle Munroe 



Brian Murphy 

Philip Nerboso 

Big Wave 

Pan Head 

Amy L. O'Connor 

Danny Girl 


LIKES: romantic evenings, poetry, art. loyal friends. 
DISLIKES: lies, gossip, depression. FAV. MEM: NJ 
trips with the Marching Band, the realization that I 
have wonderful friends and proud parents. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Marching Band. Winter Guard. Sachem, pas- 
sion, independent winter guard. FOUND: curled up in 
a corner staring off into a dream world. AWARDS: 
National Honor Society. AMBITION: to have one 
point in my life when I am totally content with myself 
and my position (even if only for a minute). OTHER: 
Peope are like roses. If you can get past the thorns there 
are worlds of beauty beyond. 

FAV.MEM: History Class '97. Squanto '97. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Spring Track, Boy Scouts. AMBITION: To 
become a Marine Engineer. 

LIKES: Women and their hair, books, fabulous teach- 
ers, Sublime, cool shirts, DECA Conferences, DECA 
girls. Tara's house, sports. DISLIKES: girls and their 
attitudes, movies, awful teachers, hearing aids, Gimpy 
Legs, porcelain ducks, ignorant people, the morning 
after. FAV.MEM: Nate's 8th grade party. Biz, Nikki. 
Fatboy's Cape house. Warp Tour 96. New Orleans. 
Peter Pan Act, D.C. 94. Amazon Journeys. Pat's Dad, 
Bryant College Parties, Semi '95, Norwood Party '97. 
ACTIVITIES: DECA, Leo Club. FOUND: The Cliff, 
Dunks. Truck stop. Strand. Lupo's, Amazon. 
AWARDS: Certificate of Achievement. AMBITION: 
as far away as possible. 

LIKES: rednecks, my Audi, warm cars, the trampo- 
line, southern accents. NPD. trips to Trinity. Coulter's 
stories, Vincent, Sunday afternoons, adrenaline rushes, 
gettin away w/things. DISLIKES: getting busted, re- 
grets, fights, goodbyes, sharing, waiting, liars, stub- 
born people, when Bob drops things out the window. 
Trips to Westfield w/Jenni. driving. FAV MEM: sum- 
mer '96 & '97. 5/9-5/1 1, scary night w/Lauren. Great 
Woods experiences w/Megsy & Josh, nights at Au- 
burn, long walks at Josh's w/ Lauren & Jenni, MMB at 
the Strand '97, 311 w/ Craig, and all those nights too 
good to remember. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4. 
Softball 1.2. SAC 1-4. Ski Club. Student Rep. to the 
School Committee, Corresponding Secretary. FOUND: 
Bob's ghetto, lost and 5 minutes late. Great Woods, 
trying to tell the difference between left and right, 
experiencing life to the fullest. AMBITION: To live 
hard and die young Southern style. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Dad. Danny Boy you tried to teach me a lot, 
I still won't listen. Thanks anyway. Love y'all. 

Catherine O'Connor 

Katie. KTO 


Erica M. O'Connor 


Jeremy O'Hara 

Jay, JO 


Kara O'Neil 

K, KuraO 


IKES: green, bright yellow, #9. Adidas. VW. run- 
ng. the roadrunner. DISLIKES: sprint workouts, 
weal Hill. Peter's driving, butthuggers. rain. 
W.MEM: X-C Greenfield '96. Commonwealth '97, 
ew York '%, X-C All States. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 
2, X-C 3.4. Indoor and Outdoor Track 1-4. Peer 
eadership 2-4. NHS 3.4. FOUND: walking up Sweat 
ill. toilet papering the League. AWARDS: 10 varsity 
tters. Rookie, Unsung. South Shore MVP-Track, 
ock and Sun Chronicle All Star. X-C and Track 
aptain. AMBITION: to have fun and run in the Irish 
arathon. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for every- 

LIKES: Happy Days, hugs, sunflowers. Art. DIS- 
LIKES: Snobby people, break-ups, goodbyes, tears. 
FAV.MEM: 1 1/4/94, Summer '95, 1 1/2/96, 3/21/97. 
Frosh year. ACTIVITIES : DECA 3 . FOUND: hanging 
with friends. AWARDS: hopefully a diploma. AMBI- 
TION: To live a long and healthy life, and always find 
love. OTHER: Thanks to my parents, Jess and all my 
friends for helping me through hard times! And to my 
special baby, I Love You! Good luck to the Class of 

LIKES: sports, girls, fun, puddles, perverted jokes. 
REM. faces, driving. DISLIKES: chicken, mean people. 
football players. FAV.MEM: Soccer Camp '95. '97. 
manhunt, driving, friends, proms. ACTIVITIES: Wres- 
tling 1, Soccer 1-4. Track 1-4, NHS, Boys' State. 
FOUND: at Matt's. on the road. AWARDS: letter & 
jacket, President of National Honor Society. Boys" 
State, National Hispanic Scholarship Award. AMBI- 
TION: to be successful and to not have to worry about 
anything. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad, Court, and 
Britt, you guys were great! 

LIKES: #15, Basketball, hurdles, Nike, winning, en- 
ergy, tear-away pants, muscles, motivational quotes. 
bagels, cheesecake, new uniforms, beating guys in sports. 
DISLIKES: injuries, rude people, bananas, losing, stress. 
slow drivers. FAV.MEM: stranded in Mattapoissett w/ 
BM.JK.LM.JA, Prom'95, beating North '95. Soccer 
Sleepover'96. tournament bound'97. Super Bowl XXXI 
New Orleans, rave dance w/JK. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 
1 -2, Basketball 1 -4. Capt. 4. Track 1 -4. Capt. 4. Student 
Council 1-4. Treasurer 4. NHS 3,4. FOUND: playing 
sports, motivating people. AWARDS: letter, jacket. 
Hock All-Star: (Basketball) 1-4, (Track) 2-4. Sun 
Chronicle AU-Star: (Basketball) 1-4. (Track) 1-4, Bas- 
ketball MVP 1-4, 1,000 point scorer. AMBITION: To 
reach my goals, be successful, and never lose my opti- 
mistic outlook on life. OTHER: Mom and Dad- you're 
the best. Thanks for being supportive in everything. 
Chadd and Shaun, you are the greatest brothers. I don't 
even mind the occaisional beating. Kurt, someday I'll 
beat you 1 on 1 . 

Timothy Oldread 



Adriana Ouimet 


Sarah Beth Pare 


Anush Patel 


IKES: #1 1 . weekends, vacation, money, concerts, the 

Jtdoors, Baseball. 3. sleeping, hats, NY Yankees, my 

aytona, milk, all the Rock}' movies (except 5), the 

>ol, food. Pad, ping pong. VT. DISLIKES: home- 

ork, mosquitos, practice, cuts, running. Mondays. 

tocolate. FAV.MEM: Semi '96, Duke 4/97. summer 

17. ACTIVITIES: X-country 2-4. Winter Track 1-2, 

aseball 1 . 2,4, Peer Leadership 2.3. NHS 3,4. FOUND: 

' illin' wit aDAPTED X and in MS's basement playing 

t ;ng pong. AWARDS: varsity letter. AMBITION: To 

, lcceed, enjoy life, and have fun. OTHER: Thanks 

iom, Dad, Dave, and Ro. You are all the best and I 

, 've you! Gracias BM. TM. AP. PP. PB. MS, EL, DB 

id good luck. FAVORITE SAYING: Life's too 

wrtland school's too long). Only those who know all 

'., le choices are free to choose. 

LIKES: summer, smell of rain, hotties, ice cream, 
sunsets, animals. Murph, blue, music, ice coffee. DIS- 
LIKES: snobs, bad drivers, curfews, fakes, the mall, 
guys who think they rule, but really don't. FAV.MEM: 
Bush concert '97, Country Festival '96. '97, Teen 
Conference '96, '97, Providence. 10/10/97. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Gymnastics 1-4. Track 1-4, horseback riding. 
FOUND: Ro-Jack's, with Stinky. Heather and Laura, 
aimlessly driving around. OTHER: Thanks Mom. Dad. 
Jim, Reese. Sue and my friends for everything. I love 
you all! 

LIKES: sunshine, friendship, white hats, Ben and 
Jerry's, Erica's advice, presents, surprises, laughing, 
swingsets, rainbows, peach roses, music. DISLIKES: 
thunder and lightning, attitudes, cliques, chemistry, 
ignorance, rules, smoke, drugs. FAV.MEM: 12/31/96. 
The Three Musketeers. Sophomore Banquet '97 (FHS ). 
ACTIVITIES: Golf 1-4. FOUND: at Star, with Leah, 
in Franklin, w/ BT, MK, LD, and KN. AMBITION: to 
find happiness in whatever I do. OTHER: Mom. Dad. 
and Laura, thank you for everything. I love you! 

LIKES: 80's, Jam'n, strut'n, Mac'n. West Side. Bud- 
dha, my boyz vans. DISLIKES: smarties without 
sense. FAV.MEM: Pad '97. US Tour '96. '97. En- 
gland '96. ACTIVITIES : Cross Country, Student Coun- 
cil. W.Track. S.Track. FOUND: pad. flying in the 
Skylark, rollin' wit a DAPTED X. AWARDS: Being 
Da' man. AMBITION: spreading the joy we are spoiled 
by. remember, in joy of others, lies our own. OTHER: 
Admit it. you'll miss me. ...just get crazy and wild! 


Daniel Pennini 

"P". Danny P. Iceman 

LIKES: #47. winning, friends, nice days, strut'n. mac'n 
andbump'n. DISLIKES: losing, rain, jerks, bad grades, 
working; FAV.MEM: winning the sectional champi- 
onship with both my brothers in my corner cheering for 
me. The Pad '97, Halloween '96, summer '96. AC- 
TIVITIES: Wrestling 1-2. Cross Country l-4.W.Track 
3-4. S.Track 3-4. FOUND: Max's house, rollin' with 
adapted X. running. AWARDS: Varsity letter and 

Jennifer Lyn Perry 

Jen. Silver chick. Perry, smiling Jen 

LIKES: art, tap dancing, MMB. BL. being with my 
friends, summer, beaches, Bermuda, cruises, smiling, 
dalmations, purple, concerts, parties, candles, musi- 
cals, blonde guys. Chex mix. pineapple pizza, snorkel- 
ing, hanging out anywhere. DISLIKES: school, being 
unhappy, rude people, end of summer, good-byes, 
working, pink, burgers. FAV.MEM: passing out at the 
BL show 5-9-96, Live '94. Oasis '96, MMB '97, 
Bermuda, summers, semi-formals. Prom '96. '97. 
Franklin Senior Banquet '96, Grind Nights, drive bys, 
wanted musical '97, all my chats w/friends. ACTIVI- 
TIES: dance 1-4, Peer Leadership 2. 3. SADD 3, Art 
Club 3-4, Sachem. FOUND: over friends' houses, 
shows, home. Bermuda, on a cruise, Luciano's. 
AWARDS : dance trophies, ribbons, my smiling awards. 
AMBITION: travel, meet lots of people, have a happy 
and wonderful life full of luck and success. OTHER: 
Thanks Mom. Dad. Domino and all my friends-] love 
you guys. Good luck in all you do. Class of '98. 

Nicholas Poirier 


Danielle E. Poletto 

Danny P. 


LIKES: piercings, skaters, cold weather, freedom, ears 
love, stars, walking, bowling, g-love. SKA. Bumble 
Bee Tuna, my dog - Bubba. sk., 2/tone. my fish 
Suburbans, ML, unbelievable moments. DISLIKES 
JP. complainers, subject avoiders, long awaited days 
BFL's, splinters. FAV. MEM: winter, snowboardin; 
with Mark, kickin' bruises. S.K., hanging with the g 
man.. 18+ shows. ACTIVITIES: Class President 1, 2 
Peer Leadership Council 3, SADD, Leo Club. RYLA 
work. FOUND: kicking back, chilling in front of thi 
T.V. watching Ricki Lake, trying to skate w/o falling 
surrounded by children, w/out a car. AWARDS 
Wrentham Developmental Center - volunteer, RYLA 
Peer Leadership, Leo Club, Presidental Awards, ac 
complishing so many years in school. AMBITION: t< 
own a bowling alley. OTHER: Ma-thanks for alway 
being there for me when I needed a cold ear. Dad-yoi 
have worked so hard for us all-Let's go bowling! Tina 
Matt. Joe. Mike, Bubba- Rock on! - 1 love you all. 

Peter Pollard 



LIKES: Suburbans, dry cleaning. Ralph Wiggam. Mrs. 
Raymond's stories, shoes, substitutes, radar detectors. 
DISLIKES: McDonald's, soda, slow drivers, old driv- 
ers, women drivers, Spanish, answering machines, 
speed limits, sharp curves with big trees. FAV.MEM: 
the day the new Suburban came. ACTIVITIES: Soc- 
cer, Basketball. Track, pingpong. donuts(wah-hoo). 
mack'n, strut'n. bump'n. FOUND: rollin' with adapted 
X. AWARDS: Varsity Letter Track 1-4. Hockomock 
League Champ 1000 Meter, Class C Champ 1 mile. 
Winter '96-97 MVP. Hockomock League All Star. 
Most Improved Athlete, Best Newcomer, Jamboree 
Championship. AMBITION: to not graduate 
Bndgewater State, not come back, and not coach King 
Philip Track. OTHER: My Cat's Breath smells like 

Kathryn Quick 


LIKES: music, horses, my sax. friends, thunderstorms, 
flowers, climbing trees, having fun, coffee, night clubs, 
parties, playing pool. DISLIKES: band rehearsals, sea 
food, obsessive people, feet, decisions, homework; 
FAV.MEM: the '95 Band Trip to Florida. Band Camp, 
New Jersey trip. UNH Jazz, all the bus rides with the 
Posse. ACTIVITIES: Jazz Band 3-4. Concert Band I- 
4. Marching Band 2-4; FOUND: the Band Room, the 
stable, off in space. AMBITION: to be a success, make 
a decision, sail the seven seas. 

Rustin Reitinger 



LIKES: rock climbing. Auto CAD. Football, Track. 
skiing. DISLIKES: narrow minded people, P.D.A. 
FAV.MEM: climbing 13 routes on Cathedral Ledge. 
ACTIVITIES: Football 3-4. Track 3-4. Ski Club 2-4, 
Jazz Band 1 -2, rock climbing. FOUND: Grind. Boston 
Rock gym. stressin'. AWARDS: varsity jacket and 
letter. AMBITION: To climb Mount McKinley. 
FAV. SAYING: That's quality. So good. 

Reed Reynolds 


i ' 

LIKES: Nicole, fast GM cars, live shows, winnin 
dank nuggets, mushrooms. Ms. Proulx's class, bein 
late, sleeping, 4-footers, Fear Factory, tattoos, Pos ESI 
traction, lawyers. DISLIKES: K.P. hallway patro E 
rules, police officers, shwag, Bishop Feehan. Soccei m 
Fords, social groups, arrogant people. FAV.MEM: 5t 
periods in the parking lot. brakestands. Quarries 
and '97, crusin' through baseball field, freshmen yeai it 
doing homework, Korn '97. Powerman '97, the Oz 
Fest '97, and Napalm Death '96. ACTIVITIES: Goin 
on long strange trips, flipping cars over. FOUND: In 
car with the windows rolled up, parked, in the office 
with Nicole. AMBITION: To live life to its fulle: 
without going to jail, to make money, go to Hollani 
meet many people, and to quit smoking. OTHEF 
Thanks to all the teachers who helped me along th 
way. And to the ones who didn't, nice try! 

Jason Roach 

Jay. Roachee 


Dave Roache 

Roachie. SFC 

Kenneth Rooney 

Roonz, Touchdown #\ 7 

Garrett Rose 

Rosie, While Stuff 

<ES: the Dirty Dozen, football. Coach Finase. DIS- 
<ES: losing, people who think they're better than 
•ryone else, not getting what I want. FAV.MEM: 
ve Matthews Concert. Red Sox game 6-18-96 w/ 
. NW. MC. JD. and RJ. the infamous 1 19 w/ Karl 
I Randy. AFC Championship Game. Rage/Wu Tang, 
rosmith with K.P.. N.H. with K.P.. Fishbone con- 
t. ACTIVITIES: Football 2-4. Wrestling 1 -2, Class 
■sident 3-4. FOUND: in the weightroom with Coach 
tase, out w/ the dirty do/en. shrimping, at the rock. 
v'ARDS: varsity letter and jacket. 2nd grade spell- 
bee. AMBITION: to leave the King Philip area. 
HER: Good Luck. KP Football. Underclassmen: 
out while you still can. Thanks Dad. Mom. and 

LIKES: Mustangs, smokeshows, wheelies. Colorado, 
skiing. Jeff Spicoli, domers.CC.T-bags, Limp Bizkit. 
Deftones. Adidas. DISLIKES: California and every- 
one who lives there, people in our school who care 
about no one but themselves, Bosstones. FAV.MEM: 
31 1— 9-13-96. Shootyz 3-97, Jay Roach flipping out 
on Mrs. Pfeffer '96. world's biggest slab '97, Limp 
Bizkit/Deftones 11-26-97, Deftones 11-28-97. AC- 
TIVITIES: Wrestling 1-2. Ski Club. FOUND: eating 
wood chips, with a dew, laying a slab. AWARDS: 
varsity letter and jacket. AMBITION: to leave this 
school forever and make the most of my life. Live in 
Colorado. OTHER: Thanks to the very few people I 
can call my friends. Go Shamrocks! 

LIKES: Coach Finase, #17, DMB. shamrocks, win- 
ning, money, the Dirty Dozen, touchdowns, the Rockies, 
Hungry Jack Breakfast, the love wagon, SB, #10. 
DISLIKES: Homework, the Monopoly man. losing, 
Franklin Panthers, car flipping, community service, 
WT. the back row, brownies. Class of '97, hitting TP, 
KP. FAV.MEM: 35-0, Red Sox Game, 6-13-96 with 
MC and NW, JR, JD, RS, being with SB. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Football 1-4, Track 2-3. Baseball 1,4, Basket- 
ball 1. 2. 4. FOUND: with the Dirty Dozen in the 
weightroom with Coach Finase, banging heads in the 
hallway, following SB. AWARDS: Varsity letter and 
jacket from Football, Track. Baseball and Basketball. 
AMBITION: To continue to succeed in whatever I do. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom. family, and SB for everything. 

LIKES: traveling, sports, food, music, movies. WAAF, 
San Francisco 49ers. # 14, Jerry Rice, orange soda. 
Saturday Night Live. Letterman. good commercials, 
skittles, Chupacabras. a good book. DISLIKES: rain, 
tests, waking up early, soap operas, mean people, the 
doctor's office, needles, waiting. FAV.MEM: London 
'94, summer '96, Washington '94. concerts of '95 and 
'96. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4, Basketball 1, Soccer 
1 -4, NHS, coaching. FOUND: batting cages, listening 
to radio, on the playing field, music store, in front of 
t.v., card store. AWARDS: Treasurer of NHS. letter, 
jacket. AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I 

Tara Rukstalis 


KES: music, the ocean, flowers, bunnnies. lady 
gs. DISLIKES: stress, homework. Mondays. FAV. 
EM: Disney World '95, Dayton'95, '96. ACTIVI- 
ES: Marching Band '93-'97, Winter Guard 1-4. 
mcert Band. Flute Ensemble. FOUND: at practice, 
t w/ friends. AWARDS: 5th place in WGI, 1 st place 
Giants Stadium '96, '96. AMBITON: To live a long 
d happy life and to travel around the world. 

Nathan Saveriano 



LIKES: friends. Fab 5, guidance counselors, DECA 
trips, bathroom smell. New York 2 1 , Donna McFadden, 
Joanne Seckey, Mr. G's jokes, my fake foot, lazy eyes, 
beatnicks. Philadelphia 76er's. gummy bears on fire, 
Tarentino films. DISLIKES: high school, most of my 
classes. Chad' s farts, useless teachers, KP sports, igno- 
rance, being adopted, hippies, jocks, stupid high school 
chics, redheads. FAV.MEM: Fab 5. Mr. Webb, spanky, 
the cliff heights, shows, sleepovers. 8th grade party. 
New Year's Eve. Paul's sling shot, being with Panhead, 
fatboy, tough guy, the All American kid. ACTIVI- 
TIES: DECA 3,4, Leo Club 3, Peer Mediation 4, 12oz 
curls 1-4. FOUND: At the mall, the GAP. Structure. 
Aeropostle. Eddie Bauer, the weightroom. the Lim- 
ited, any sport event, the cliff, truckstop. AWARDS: 
1st place in DECA District Competition '97. 5th in 
DECA State Competition '97. being myself while 
everyone else wasn't. AMBITION: To leave this town. 

Matthew Schwarm 


LIKES: Music, T.V., driving, school, movies, Taco 
Day, Mt. Dew. The Beatles, black lights, RSU. 
FAV.MEM: first speeding ticket, summer '97. FOUND: 
In driver's seat. Friendly's basement. AMBITION: To 
live it up. Ferrari Baby! OTHER: Uproot the system 
that keeps you under its boot. 

Kaitlin A. Seigenberg 

Kail, Seige 

LIKES: #19. blue, winning, Adidas, my spikes. 100 
meters. Basketball, chicken fajita roll ups. Sixteen 
Candles, scrapbooks. my friends, secrets. DISLIKES: 
sprint workouts, losing, doubles, enclosed spaces. AC, 
crying. FAV.MEM: Semi '96, Proms. Frosh year. 
Commonwealth Games '97. Nationals '97, beating 
Foxboro in Field Hockey. 4x100 champs-50.5. the 
Boyz. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4. Basketball I. 
Winter Track 2-4. Spring Track 1-4. Model Senate. 
Peer Leadership, NHS 3,4. FOUND: On the track, 
toilet papering the Hockomock League. AWARDS 
Varsity letter and jacket. Track Captain, Most Im- 
proved Winter Track 3, Hockomock, Sun Chronicle, 
Milford Daily News All-Stars. Bay State Games Final 
ist-Track. AMBITION: To become successful and live 
happily. OTHER: Thank you Mom. Dad, Alex, and 
Emily for everything. Good luck to all my friends I 
love you guys! 


Sean Simmer 



R.J. Slamin 


Michael Spencer 


Kerilyn St. Amand 

Ken. Slippery K. Blandie. Tootsie 

LIKES: Music. Sublime, laughing, fishbone. KM, GN, 
Tilly, drumming. DISLIKES: Hassles, being cold, 
splinters, rude people, early mornings, dried up cotton 
socks. FAV.MEM: NJ '95. '96. Phoenix '97, Horde 
Fest. Warp Tour. Feeya Stenga. license. ACTIVITIES: 
Marching Band 2-4. Percussion 2-4, Chorus 3-4. East 
Coast Jazz. FOUND: Musical education. Cousin Craig. 
AWARDS: #1 -US Scholastic Champs '95,'96-March- 
ing Band. #2 World Champs. '97-Perc. AMBITION: 
Succeed in the music field, (rock star). 

LIKES: 50's, 4-wheeling. action, my house, every 
Saturday night with the whole school, Z-24's and the 
girl that drives it. DISLIKES: TA's. trashing my house. 
Shaw zy and her Pasaty. FAV. MEM: Red Sox game vs. 
Rangers in '96 with KR. JR. NW. JD. ACTIVITIES: 
Working on my T.A. FOUND: Mike's Deli, my house 
on the weekends. AMBITION: To graduate and pros- 

LIKES: Sublime. Fab Five, drawing, my job. free 
stuff, the Cape. Providence. Basketball. JP. PG. Megan. 
Grete. Kate, panhead. truck stop, hash browns, plan A. 
plan B. Footloose. UMass. DISLIKES: People who 
smack when they eat. bad mayonnaise, fish, cold toilet 
seats. Fitzy's Pub, Cliff mornings, 80's glam rock. 
Teddy. Semi '97. FAV.MEM: The cliff. Nate's New 
Year's Eve parties. Fab Five at the Cape. DECA trips. 
The Island. F.I.L. moments, sobriety test at Dylan's. 
Bryant College, Semi '95. Beany Bus. Moonrage. 
Joe's 3-4-95. MASS light. Toronto. 4th of July. AC- 
TIVITIES: DECA. Leo Club. FOUND: The Cape 
Aug. 2-4 1996 with the Fab Five at a cottage by the 
beach. AWARDS: 1st place at Districts for DECA. 
2nd grade Book-It winner in Ms. Fluke's class. Paper- 
boy of the Month. 

LIKES: Al. Tuba. Willy. Quckie. Mr. Orange, Rich- 
ard, Brian. DISLIKES: computers, rehearsals, percus- 
sionists. FAV MEM: Florida '95. New Jersey '95-96. 
Stop & Shop parking lot. the 3-legged race, the prom- 
ise. ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1-4. Jazz Ensemble 
1-2. Drama 1-2. FOUND: in the tuba room. 

John Paul St. Francis 

Tricky. Cookie 

LIKES: people who are true to themselves. DISLIKES: 
people who try to be something there not becuse they 
think it makes them cool. FAV. MEM: meeting new 
friends FOUND: I can be found suffering through the 
awful pain of school . AMBITION: Find the right girl, 
then do everything else in between and die happy. 


Jessica St. Jean 

Jew. St. Dude. Jean-dude. SG4 
Plain ville 

LIKES: friends, parties, memories, smiles, music, guys, 
sleeping, laughing, dancing, doing all the crazy things 
that make life what it can be. mas quenada, v-cones. 
DISLIKES: stress, homework, liars, slow drivers, rude 
people, annoying people. FAV. MEM: summer '95, 
Josh's senior campout. MacMurray's deck. Jenine's 
birthday party. Web's 18th birthday & Christmas bash, 
Thursday nights on the 3rd floor, skating. Nichole's 
Sunoco adventure. ACTIVITIES: partying, working, 
sleeping, chillin', having fun 24-7-365. Varsity 
Cheerleading 2-3. FOUND: Missy W's house, work- 
ing, with friends, in my car. sleeping, having fun. 
AWARDS: varsity letter& jacket. AMBITION: to live 
life to the fullest, make lots of money, keep everyone 
laughing. OTHER: I wish everyone the best of luck and 
many happy years to come. To my family, thanks for 
letting me come home! I love you! To the girls, memo- 
ries 4 eva! 

Heather Stewart 

Spice Girl #1 

LIKES: v-cones. the beach, sunsets, monkeys. Spice 
Girls, good looking men. dancing. Dunkin Donuts. 
chocolate. MM. DISLIKES: spring, buying presents, 
bad hair days, snobs, JM, posters, people who talk like 
babies, liars, uncomfortable underwear. FAV.MEM: 
Missy's '96. New Year's '97 with Erica, Jess '97. 
bowling, bagel talks w/KO. Newport Ave with Spice 
Girls. Trinity Theater with CG.JD.JW.AO.SB. AC- 
TIVITIES: Spring Track 2-4. Drama Club 4. Yearbook 
4. FOUND: with the girls trying to figure out what to 
do. AWARDS: varsity letter. AMBITION: to meet the 
Spice Girls. OTHER: Erica, my frienship forever. J. L, 
J. N-Spice Girls Rule!!!! 

Lauren Stone 

Stoney. Ston-ah. Annie 

LIKES: Justin, friends, freedom, playing softball. 
streethockey. biking, rollerblading. dancing, flirting, 
guys, laughing, shopping, candy, music, summertime, 
love. DISLIKES: Paul, hot dogs and beans, cliques, 
fights. FAV.MEM: falling on my butt rollerblading. 
going to Florida. ACTIVITIES: Softball 1. Gymnas- 
tics 2-3. FOUND: having fun. rollerblading. laughing. 
AWARDS: letter. AMBITION: to be the best I can be 
with nothing to stand in my path. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Chuck for being there-I love you 1 To 
my best buds:I love you! Good luck Class of '98. 

Therese Christine Struzzieri 


Christina Leigh Sullivan 

Calvin Swaim 

Tina, Sully 


Erica Lynne Tangstrom 

Tangy Tanker 


KES: smiles, piglet, babies, love, true friends, yel- 
w roses, red hair, talks w/Mrs. McCuIlough, #52, 
irs, Romeo & Juliet, hugs from Aaron. LMIHU 
ISLIKES: mean people, snobs, Norton Lancers, los- 
g, getting in lights, college attitudes, phone bills, 
»>d byes. crying. break-up. Fav Mem: 4- 1 1 96. Prom 
7. Norton Prom '97. Cape House '97. Freshman yr.. 
15/96. Chatham '97, Boyz 2 men 7/23/95, Hallow- 
n '96, E'B's party w/BG. ACTIVITIES: Field hockey 
2. Basketball I.Softball 1.2. Winter Track 2. Winter 
neerleading 3.4. Fall Cheerleading 4. FOUND: with 
c girls, at cheerleading. on the phone, hanging out 

I ilh Aaron. AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. AM- 
ITION: to be able to make all my dreams come true. 

i 'd live a happy and healthy life. OTHER: Mom and 

I id- you're the best any daughter could ask for. Love 

i >u guys always. 

LIKES: tlowers. summer, my friends and family, the 
beach, shopping, reading, snow days. Anatomy, sleep- 
ing in. vacations, pigs. art. holidays. DISLIKES: hot 
dogs, ignorance, term papers, cats, hypocrites. FAV. 
MEM: Semi '96. Prom '97. New Year's '96. summer 
'97. U2 '97. Rolling Stones '97. Art History trip to 
Stockbridge. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-2, Winter Track 
2-3, Spring Track 1-4, SADD. National Honor Soci- 
ety. Peer Leadership. FOUND: with my friends. AM- 
BITION: to be happy and do the best I can. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: My name is Iningo Monloyas. You 
killed my father. Prepare to die. 

LIKES: snare drum, fishbone. John Overton, Danny 
Elfman, chupacabras. Star Wars, the big rock. DIS- 
LIKES: foolish people. FA VMEM: Florida '95. Warped 
Tour '96. Dayton '96. Pheonix '97, Fishbone '97. 
ACTIVITIES: Marching Band I -4, Jazz Band 1. Win- 
ter Percussion 2-4. Concert Band 1-4. NHS 3-4. 
AWARDS: 9th place in WGI World Finals in Dayton 
'96, 2nd place in WGI World Finals in Pheonix '97. 
AMBITION: to play snare drum in the Cadets of 
Bergen County, to join Stomp, to be successful in life. 

LIKES: the color purple, the summer, friends, vaca- 
tions, kittens. Party of Five, having money. DISLIKES: 
my curfew, good-byes, homework, stress. FAV. MEM: 
club tropics. No Doubt '97. sleepovers with Melissa 
and Kristen. FOUND: working, with KC. MC. EL, at 
JD's house. AMBITION: go to college and get a good 
job. be happy and live in California. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad. Lauren, and Robert! I love you guys! 
Thanks Kristen and Melissa for always being there. 
You are great friends. 

Rebecca Terrio 

Beeca. Beatriee 

IKES: red roses, horses, beaches, sunsets, warm 
limates, pizza, marching band. Winter Guard, vaca- 
on. DISLIKES, school, homework, finals, mid-years, 
low. FAV. MEM: Dayton '94-'96. Florida '95. Win- 
■r Guard '94-'98. ACTIVITIES: Marching Band, 
v'inter Guard, horseback riding. FOUND: practice, 
arn. work. KC's house. AMBITION: to be happy in 

Brian Tetreault 


LIKES: sports. DISLIKES: school, homework. FAV. 
MEM: winning State Championship in Soccer. AC- 
TIVITIES: Soccer. AWARDS: Honor Roll junior year, 
3rd term. 

Joanne Thibault 

Miss Joanne, Joey. Chippy 

LIKES: starry nights. Maine, shopping, art, happiness, 
friends, the beach, daisies, sunflowers, rain, iced tea. 
ASB. dolphins. DISLIKES: getting lost. Mideastern 
sand, braces. FAV. MEM: Maine. Prom '97. getting 
home from Bridgewater, limo to Boston '96. ACTIVI- 
TIES: football in the park. Field Hockey 1.2,4. skiing. 
FOUND: working at Southwood Hospital, smiling, 
laughing. AWARDS: varsity letter. AMBITION: go to 
college. live in the Cape, drive cross country, have fun. 
OTHER: Thank you to everyone who has been there 
for me throughout the years. 

Lisa Tibbetts 


LIKES: friends, straight teeth, shooting stars, girls' 
night. SG. smiles, pixie slicks. DISLIKES: feet, am 
tudes. bad moods, fighting, goodbyes, rude people. 
FAV. MEM: Christmas '96 at Missy Webber's, sum- 
mer '96. bowling '97. all memories with the girls. 
MW. and my family. AWARDS: RYLA '96. '97. 
AMBITION:To live a long, successful, happy and 
healthy life. OTHER: Thanks to my girls who have 
always been there for me. Thanks especially Mom. Dad. 
and Matthew. I love you! 


Amanda Topping 


Victoria Lee Tower 

Vicki, Vic, Slick 

Nichole Tsebetzis 

Nicky, Spice girl tt) 

Josh Turcotte 


LIKES: Ruggles. MMB, eyes, smiles, roses, blue stars, 
Billy Madison, hands, Animaniacs. Cape, skiing, real 
people, sleeping, flinging popcorn, friends. DISLIKES: 
mornings. Franklin cops, hypocrites, hypocrites, 
goodbyes, feet, snobs, PDA. FAV.MEM: Semi '96, 
U2, summer '97, Loon '96, New Year's '96, '97, snow 
day '97. Cape with KM, Dave Matthews, MMB(x3). 
DMB. Prom '97, UNH. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 
1 -4, Winter Track 2-4, Tennis 1-2, Spring Track 3-4. 
Ski Club 1 -4, Peer Leadership 2, Sachem 2. FOUND: 
with the girls. Nicky's, on the slopes. Cape, driving. 
AWARDS: letter & jacket. Art All-State Nominee, 
J.V.F.H. Unsung Hero '96, Most Artistic. AMBI- 
TION: to be successful, to be happy with what I do, and 
enjoy life. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad. and Beck for 
all you've done. I'll miss you. The girls-thank you. I'll 
never forget ya. FAV. SAYING: Sweet. I'd like to see 
that, ...jack. Oh really? Hey buddy. 

LIKES: weekends, beaches, money, hangin' with the 
girls, shopping, summer vacation. DISLIKES: snobs, 
annoying people, school, mornings, immature fights, 
curfews, lies. FAV. MEM: summer '94atTB'shouse. 
Nantucket '97, Florida '96, Cape '97, Trip to Mobil. 
Trip to Taunton, HS's 17th birthday. Thursday nights 
at JS's, Christmas party at Web's '96, ride through 
Sheldonville '95, '96, 6-20-97, 11-01-97. ACTIVI- 
TIES: DECA. FOUND: Applebee's. the mall, Dunkin'. 
AWARDS: 2nd in DECA Districts. AMBITION: To 
live life to the fullest and be successful in anything I do. 
OTHER: Thanks to my friends and my family for all 
the love and support you've given me. 1 LOVE YOU 

LIKES: parties. Coach Finase, the dice gamt 
Bosstones, Goochie' s Cafe. CL and RD. the Van. Dirt 
Dozen, fights. Uppers, j-bars. shockers, and GS and th 
Albany Firebirds. DISLIKES: Bad drivers, girls wit 
attitudes. Class of '97, diseases, and sandbaggen 
FAV.MEM: parties at the rock, the great fire at the roc 
'97. Disco day. Class Competition '97. ACTIVITIES 
Football 1-4, Basketball 1-2. Baseball 1. Spring Trac 
2. FOUND: with the Dirty Dozen in the weightroor 
and with Mr. Finase. AWARDS: Junior and Senic 
Captain of the Football Team, letter and jacket. AM 
BITION: To successfully go through college and hav 
a wonderful career. OTHER: I would just like to than 
all the teachers and friends who put up with me for 

Jennifer L. Varey 

Jenny, Judit 

John Verdeaux 


Heather Voght 


Josh Vrysen 


LIKES: horses, the beach, the track, mashed potatoes, 
Christmas, blue jeans, the Navy, smiles, summer vaca- 
tion. Friday's, music, movies, Marley. green, candles. 
DISLIKES: mean people, alarm clocks, having no 
money, hospitals. FAV.MEM.: trips to Florida, Ken- 
tucky. Boston with my family. ACTIVITIES: horse- 
back riding. FOUND: at the barn. AMBITION: to be 
happy at whatever I do and fulfill all my dreams. 
OTHER: Thanks to my family and friends for every- 
thing and good luck Karyn and Emily. 


LIKES: the city, sense of humor, lots of food, Playstation, 
college basketball, beautiful women, in the Zone 2. Old 
Country Buffet, blacklight paint. Chi-Chi's, taking col- 
lege days. Pat Ewing, NY Knicks. golf, KFC, nasty 
dunks, perverted jokes, a good stoge. History of the 
World. DISLIKES: hairy women, hypocrites, loud girls, 
Ms. Ryan's essays, recruiting calls, college applica- 
tions, winter, fat head, hockey, Norfolk, slow drivers, 
Rivs', ugly and cheaply made cars(Geo's). FA V.MEM.: 
Pad '97, Matt's house, basketball games. Riverside '97, 
'98, driving w/Phil. man hunt at Pete's, Friendly's, 
hanging w/Jeremy. Luke, driving experiences, getting 
lost in Boston, Mrs. Lavertu's class. Playstation, plan- 
etarium avec Jerome, Jen. ACTIVITIES: basketball, 
working on cars, playing Playstation, eating, doing 
funny, stupid things, cleaning my car. FOUND: playing 
basketball. w/Matt or Jeremy. KP gym, Rodman Health 
Club. Vendetti Motors, playing Playstation, alone w/ 
myself in my room. AMBITION: always be the stud 
that I am. own a restaurant, make lots of money, invest 
in the stock market, get a tattoo, move out of New 
England, get married, not get out of shape. 

LIKES: friends, stickers, hugs, the weekend, the city, 
gossip, beaches, shopping. DISLIKES: Ouiji board, 
fights, country music, secrets, cheaters. FAV.MEM.: 
2-1-97, sleepovers. foam party, parties. ACTIVITIES: 
National Honors Society, CYO, Drama, Leo Club. 
FOUND: out with friends, on stage, working out, 
working at the Brook, at home. AMBITION: To be 
happy, rich, and successful. OTHER: Thanks Mom & 
Dad. Good luck to all my friends. I luv u guys! 

LIKES: Tarantino films, good movies. Ska-Funk-Punk 
Rock a.k.a. Fishbone, Stray Bullets. The State, olympi 
mopping, monkey torture, englhard, making silly mov 
ies, Jesus and Pals, cocoa puffs, laughter, life. DIS 
LIKES: Hypocrites, heat, armpit hair, losing stuff, ba> 
teachers, the evil in all men, jo' mamma, conformitj 
girls. FAV.MEM. : that time in that class when we wer 
doing that thing and that kid did something reall 
funny. ACTIVITIES: midget wrestling 1-4, mop tear 
1-3. FOUND: Ha! Ha! Ha! You'll never find me!?; 
AWARDS: I don't win things. AMBITION: Walk th 
earth. Just be Josh. Make movies that will make yo 
think. OTHER: Why did the monkey fall out of th 
tree? 'Cause it was dead. Why did the dead baby fal 
out of the tree? 'Cause it was stapled to the monkey 

Jennifer L. Whipple 



KES: Mets. Wreniham Insurance, my 1.8. grey, 
mmer. A-l-A. Jimmy Buffet, loyalty. Marines. Law 
Order, Paul's Place. #32, hockey games, friends, 
ilka. DISLIKES: braces, winter, country music. Span- 
l, car accidents, meatloaf. Kathy Lee Gilford, self- 
isorbed people, backstabbers, chores. FAV. MEM: 4/ 
96, summer of '96, summer of '97, Jimmy Buffet 8/ 
1/96, Honda '97 w/Julie, 3/13/97. FOUND: w/the 
rls in the 1.8, w/Steph getting breakfast. AWARDS: 
est Hair. AMBITION: To be happy and successful, 
ove in with Grammaster G and party. OTHER: 
tanks to Mom. Dad. Kathy. Vicky. Alex, Grammaster 
. and Uncle Bill. I love you guys! I couldn't have 
>ne it w/out you! 

Heather Wilson 


LIKES: nightimes, summers, rain, coffee, sleeping, 
the moon, spring, real people, descendants, Munchies, 
Waterplace Park. DISLIKES: waking up, fakes, not 
being myself, coldness, spiders, people that scare me, 
whining. FAV, MEM: summer '96, descendants '96, 
'97, Hampton Beach, road trips, getting lost with 
Laura. FOUND: driving 20 minutes to get water, 
taking wrong detours, making memories with Laura. 
AMBITION: to find shoes that make my feet look 
small, get Laura and Adriana to make a decision. FAV. 
SAYING: You'reaculie. need a ride?. If I don't laugh. 
I'll cry. OTHER: Thank you Mommie, Joel. Nana. 
Cory. I love you! 

Neil Woodworth 


LIKES: parties, the dirty dozen, summer, 40's. deuce. 
Hungry Jack, vacations, love wagon, fun times with 
the dozen, the Rockies. DISLIKES: 98% of school, 
BF, KP, working, Franklin, practices. FAV. MEM: 
baseball game 6/13/96 with JR. JD, KR, MC, Dave 
Matthew's (junior year), Steve Miller Band. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Football 1-3, Baseball 4. Winter Track 3. 
FOUND: with the dirty dozen, weight room, at the 
rock. AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket. AMBI- 
TION: to reach all my goals. OTHER: Thanks to my 
family and others who influenced me. 

Alexander Yeremenko 


LIKES: I like people who are friendly and sociable 
DISLIKES: I don't like short breaks at school. 
FAV. MEM: When my friends and I got lost in Boston 
and that's why 1 missed my train back to Norfolk. But 
after a while we managed to take another one at the 
same station. ACTIVITIES: Kung-Fu. Ping Pong. 
FOUND: Boston. Fanueil Hall, having fun with my 
friends. AWARDS: Not yet. AMBITION: To enter a 
college in the United States. If not, I'll visit this 
country after a while. 

Other Members of the Class of 1998 

Randall Calzaretta 

Greg Flanagan 

Anthony Georgio 

Leila Kocen 

Christopher Sullivan 

Robert DiMartino 



. IKES: skateboarding, NOFX. the Fab 5, Op Ivy, 
links, scars, coffee, the Dunks' crew, Kate and Grete. 
ISLIKES: ignorance, the truck stop. The Grind. SKA 
lows, rude boys. Goth. NIN. sprained ankles. FA- 
ORITE MEMORY: Warp Tour '97, NOFX '96, 

i ARCON in DC. andToronto. ACTIVITIES: DECA, 
>rama. Wrestling. FOUND: at Dunks or skating with 
imes, AMBITION: To be a Wrentham cop and skate 
il I'm 30. OTHER: Thanks to my family, all of my 
iends. and my teachers. 

Saengdaow Isarakamphot 


LIKES: tennis, apples, oranges, clean dogs, letter writ- 
ing, dolls, cars, potato chips, flowers, drawing, my 
friends, blue color, watches, bracelets, peanuts, ice 
cream, cookies! my diary! DISLIKES: cheeses, but- 
ters, salad dressing, beef, away from home, noisy 
dances. FAV. MEM: I had a favorite dog. 1 had a good 
American grandma and grandpa. I have studied in the 
USA for a whole year. I had American friends. AC- 
TIVITIES: tennis, writing letters, reading, staying 
home with my family, listening to music, talking, 
drawing. FOUND:money, dreams, friends. AMBI- 
TION: business woman, designer. I would like to be a 
skinny girl. OTHER: All of my life, nothing is more 
important than my Mama and Papa. Thanks American 
teachers, and thanks Liz, Danielle, Tracey, Karin, and 
my other good friends. 

Roberto Torres, JR. 



LIKES: coming in late, roamin' the halls, skipping 4th 
period to go home and eat, English class. ADIDAS. 
DISLIKES: getting demerits, getting suspended, being 
called down to the office, lunch. FAV. MEM: Fresh- 
man year, out in the parking lot at lunch. No cops. 
FOUND: home, RC's, Dad's in Philadelphia, JP. 
AWARDS: honor roll. AMBITION: I think I want to 
be a lawyer to get people out of trouble and get paid. 
OTHER: I'm just glad to be getting out of here. 

Sarah Wood 

Sarah Lee 

LIKES: coffee, my cat Phoebe, hair dye. green things, 
the moon, night, vinyl, hurricanes, heat, psychos, gum 
pains, comfort, dreds. the moon. Duran Duran, that 
song by Tool. DISLIKES: egos, attitudes, liars, use- 
less people, frilly dresses, homophobia, racism, not 
eating for a week, "filter", driving with one contact, 
dirty old men, seeing peoples eyes get poked in. 
crying. 1993. whiners. FAV. MEM.: numerous col- 
lege days with Danny and Mike. Rock on Gwar. 
ACTIVITIES: drinking coffee, art club, driving. 
FOUND: that sandals don't work in the snow. 
AWARDS: ha. ha. ha. OTHER: Dred me baby. 


Time Out 
Heather Hayes and Jackie Cardin paint 
and chat while relaxing in Miss Parrott's art 
room. What a nice break in their busy days. 

Pay Attention 
Obviously uninterested in their class, 
Mark Mitcham and Mike Cameron stare 
into the hall to see what's happening. 
Caught in the act! 

38 Tough Guy 

Stud, or so he thinks, R.J. Slamin flashes one 
of his manly smiles as he kicks back and 
relaxes during the day. 

Adriana Ouimet and Tina Sullivan 

fittingly flash their pearly whites under the 
smile poster in Mrs. Viles-Bachman's 
psychology class. 

Clean Up 
Danielle Poletto quickly cleans up after a day in 
Mrs. Zeigler-Carneiro's art class. Everyone knows what 
happens if you don't leave your brushes spotless. 


Lady Armadillos 
Jill Krasnauskas. Kara O'Neil, and Lauren Miller pose in their 
Dowder-puff football uniforms. Although the game never went on, 
they sure had fun creating their outfits! 


Karate Kid 
Jay Roach practices his karate bow with 
Ed Gerety. a motivational speaker, who 
came as part of the community program. 

Yes. . .Picture time! 
Heather and Sam Kress along with Brian Delgrosso 
and Bethany Coleman enthusiastically take time out 
from their physics lecture to smile for the camera. 

Five Alive 
These five gals, Jessie Greene, Jennie Boylan, 
Megan MacMurray, Erica O'Connor, and 
Lauren Stone are mastering the history of art 
and loving every second. 

Computers, huh? Dave Miles turns in 
frustration and bewilderment towards the 
camera. His computer just won't do what he 
tells it to. 


The Academy 

Most Often Late 
Racing into school is a normal occur- 
rence for Tracey Cook and 
Reed Reynolds. 


You know you can always find a friend 
in Crystal Andrews or Eric Greene. 
Eric is there to give friendly advice 
and Crystal's radiant smile can 
brighten any day. 

Most Pessimistic 
The cup is half empty when chatting 
with Chris Dehart and Jess Halpin. 

You always have someone to com- 
plain to with them around. 

Anticipated for three years. . . 
they are finally herel 

The Senior Superlative 
process began at the con- 
clusion of our junior year. 
All seniors-to-be were 
given a form to nominate 
one girl and one guy from 
our class that they 
thought best fit each cat- 
egory. The process had 

Over the summer, votes 
were tallied and the top 
three nominees for each 
category were recorded. 

At the onset of senior 
year, our class voted from 
the top three nominees. 
The ballots were 
scanned. . .the winners 

After one month of an- 
ticipation and constant 
inquiries the Senior Su- 
perlative Supper was 
held on November 25 in 
the cafeteria where pizza 
and soda were served. 
The nominees were rec- 
ognized and the winners 
were announced. 

This was truly the first 
step in becoming seniors. 
Since freshman year we 
had watched other 
classes and waited. We 
never thought our 
chance would come, but 
it has. Good luck Class 
of '98 and congratula- 
tions to the winners! 


Most Fun 
"here's always a good time to be had when hangin' with Linda 
.abo and Max Mucciarone. Their light-hearted nature and wacky 
personalities make them the life of any party. 

Best Buddies 
Joe Gibeault and Chad Guay have been friends from 
the beginning. You know whenever you see Joe, 
Chad is not far behind. Both are known for their crazy 
antics. No one was surprised to see Joe give Chad a 
big wet one at the annual Senior Superlative Dinner. 

Most Class Spirit 
Whether its hat day, hippie day, or 
green and gold day, you can count on 
Julie MacPherson and Anush Patel 
to come decked out to the extreme. 

Class Partiers 
When there is a party to be attended you know 
the guest list will include Bob Fregeau and 
Maggie Henderson. These two are always out 
for a good time. 

Whenever you hear a commotion in 
the halls, cafeteria, or classroom, 
you know Jess Halpin and 
Ken Rooney aren't far behind. 
They have opinions on everything] 



/ think they are exciting. 

Our class is made up of 

They give us something to 

many different personali- 

look forward to. 

ties. Senior Superlatives 

-Vicki Tower 

give these personalities a 

chance to shine through. 

Senior Superlatives let us 

-Mary Dethavong 

remember what kind of 

people made up our class. 

Each Senior Superlative 

-Jen Carey 

represents a unique person 

in our class. 

Senior Superlatives capture 

-Sarah Clapp 

distinct characteristics of 

those in our class. 

Senior Superlatives appre- 

-Kara O'Neil 

ciate and commend people 

for their unique traits. 

In hven ty yea rs , when I look 

-Megan Lloyd 

hack I will remember all 

those who played a part in 

I think they are fun! 

my life. 

-Diana LaPointe 

-Mike Maloney 

What do Senior Superlatives 
mean to you ? 

Funniest Laugh 

Tell any joke and you know you'll get 
a laugh from Randy Calzaretta and 
Adriana Ouimet which, in turn, will 
make you smile. Their laughs are 
funnier than any joke one could tell. 

Best Buddies 

However bad things may be, 
Tracey Cook and Tara Breland 

know they always have a friend in 
one another. Together they know 
they can conquer any obstacle. 

Most Changed 

Judging from his picture, it is obvious 
' that Brett Martucci has changed since 
his elementary days and although 
Lauren Stone has drastically changed, 
her loveable nature hasn't. 

Best Smile 
The reigns of Chad Guay and 
Jenni Allen began five years ago in 
Junior High and this year they once 
again proved that no one can match 
their pearly whites. 

Class Clown 
Each school year as schedules are dis- 
tributed students can only hope to 
share a class with Maggie Henderson 
or Anush Patel. These two can make 
even the most boring class fun. 

Best Ail-Around 

It is fitting that these two seniors also share the title 
of Most Fun. Max Mucciarone and Linda Labo 
should have no problem making new friends when 
away at school as they have had no problem at K.P. 

Best Looking 
Dne glance at Sean Simmer and Sarah Clapp and you know 
vhat this title is all about. Not only are they good looking, but 
3ean drums up all sorts of attention and Sarah can keep her tennis 
)pponents in love. 

Best Dressed 

These two know how to shop, and 
boy do they wear it well. Megan Lloyd 
and Bryan Keane can shop with the 
best of them and their style shows it 

Most Athletic 

Whether dribbling a ball or throwing passes, these 
two never stop. Both John Darling and Kara O'Neil ' 
have been playing varsity since freshman year and 
will continue in college. 


Most Liberated 
Independent and confident, Jenine Khouri can 
take on any situation without the aid of a man. 
She knows how to get what she wants and she 
usually does. 

Teoman Korkmaz, Jen Varey, and 
Kim Callahan. Shhh!. . .enough said. 

Most Scatterbrained 
Strand Diana LaPointe and Randy Calzaretta on an island and 
see what would happen. While Diana would be working on the 
perfect tan, Randy would be herding the native, wild cows. 

44 Most Talkative 

Even the tape over their mouths could not 
keep Melanie Kellogg and Matt Gibson 
quiet for long. In a conversation with either 
of them you can never expect to get a word 

Most Predictable 

Don' t expect any drastic change in events when 
planning an evening with Kaitlin Seigenberg 
or Garrett Rose. Kaitlin's mind is always on 
track while Garrett's is on baseball. 

Best Personality 

These two lovable characters can 
warm anyone's heart. Chad Guay and 
Jennie Boylan are known for their 
caring hearts and clever senses of 

Class Couple 

Love blossomed for these two during 
their junior year. Reed Reynolds and 
Nicole Gravelle can always be found 
arms locked and happy. There's no 
end in sight for these two. 



Oops! These two can't seem to stay 
on their feet whether Tracey Lef ebvre 
is bumping into someone with her 
field hockey stick or John Verdeaux 
trips on the basketball court. 

Most Likely to Stay in the Area 
Paul Mullaney and Jessie Greene are 

true country folk. Just like their par- 
ents, these two see no big moves in the 
foreseeable future. 

Our time here has come 
to an end.... 


12 COUP Cl* 

Starting off as freshmen, 
we really did not know 
what to expect. Where do 
we begin? Fall came and 
went, with us, of course, 
avoiding the dreaded Se- 
nior Hallway at all costs. 
Yet the seniors did not let 
us hide forever. At Class 
Competition our white 
freshman attire was im- 
mediately doused with 
the green spray paint of 
the seniors. 

Well, we survived our 
freshman year and moved 
on to be wiser and more 
mature sophomores. ..or 
so we thought. With win- 
ter came the big Semi ex- 

citement. What to wear? 
Who to ask? Who was 
lucky enough to get a se- 
nior date? 

Our junior year was filled 
with work, work, work. 
This year is the most impor- 
tant year for college. Keep 
up your grades or you will 
be attending McD Univer- 
sity, was a common lec- 
ture at home. College 
searches began and the 
dreaded SAT's were 
taken. We survived with 
a few bumps and bruises. 

Senior year crept up faster 
than we thought. The end 
is near. ...It's been a long, 
strange journey!!!! 

Most Artistic 
Best Eyes Mike Spencer and Vicki Tower are well 

You can sink deep into these baby blues. known for their artistic abilities. As Vicky 
CarolyneGatelyandSeanSimmerhaveno follows in her mother's footsteps, Mike cre- 
problem captivating any audience. ates his own style. 

Most Likely To Succeed 
Watch out Wall Street! When these two hit the scene there is no 
telling what they can do. Cathleen Collins and Matt Kavanah 
have truly proved that anything is possible. 

46 Best Hair 

Identifying these two in a crowd is no prob- 
lem. Jen Whipple's curls can be seen miles 
away and Brett Martucci brags that his hair 
is the nappiest around. 

Most Unique 
Throughout high school John Paul Larue and 
Danielle Polletto have truly established them- 
selves as individuals, never lacking in cre- 

George Labonte and Crystal Andrews 

are cuter than any teddy bear you grew 
up with. Their warm smiles and baby 
faces could melt anyone's heart. 

Most Unchanged 
As long as anyone can remember, Amanda Topping 
and Dave Oliver have stayed the same. From the 
first day of grade school to senior year their looks 
and personalities have yet to be altered. 

Most Academic 

ou know you'll never see anything less than perfect when 
orking with Sarah Afarian or Matt Kavanah. They know 
)w to succeed and have done so throughout high school, no 
after what the subject. 

Most Chauvinistic 
Pride in the male gender is one aspect 
of Ryan Clutterbuck's personality 
that he is not shy about. Ryan never 
has a problem sharing his opinion on 
what a man can do. 

Most Optimistic 
It's all rainbows and sunshine for Kara O'Neil 
and Eric Greene who never sport a frown. When 
asked Kara's favorite saying she yelled, / said a 




< 9 ty ■ 


Jennie Boylan soaring on the 
swings at Riverside Park! 

Katrina Mintz and Liz Larson flying high! 

George Labonte is always ready 
to make us laugh! 


Eric Greene 

The first pregnant man! 

Lauren Miller and Beth McLacklan 

What pretty girls! 

Chair Monsters! 
Jeremy O'Hara and Calvin Swaim 

n Whipple and Kaitlin Seigenberg Ryan Clutterbuck „,j Mark Mitcham 
Sweet as apple pie! haven't changed a bit! 

Some of the survivors from Mr. Vecchio's sixth grade class. 
Wrentham Elementary 1992 

Land of the Lost 

It seems like just yesterday 

that we learned the alphabet 

with the letter people, 

we went out for recess 

after lunch, 

we combined our three towns 

at the junior high, 

and we experienced all 

the memorable events 

of our Wonder Years. 

As we grow older 

we must not forget 

the years of our lives 

that have molded us into 

who we are today. 

Josh Turcotte, Joe Gibeault, Chad Guay, and Tim Oldread 

having fun at Fenway. 

Jeremy O'Hara was the class flirt even when he was a kid! 
Hey, Lauren Hurley! Stop blushing! 

Staci Dooley and Adriana Ouimet 

How are those blue lollipops? 

The girls hanging with the monkeys at the zoo, 
shades and all! 

Jessie Greene and Keely Monahan 

at a birthday bash! 

Eighth Grade Trip to 

Jenni Allen and Mike Cameron 

What a cute couple! 

John Verdeaux and Jeremy O'Hara, best friends until the end! 

Everyone is at the end of the year lake party! 

Maggie Henderson, how graceful she is in her candy cane stripes! 


Vashington D.C. 

Bob Fregeau, Mike Cameron, and 



dressed to kill at the Semi-Formal 


w^ ~-\ 

Jflfclr^ "it w ^^t^ 

■■■-'wBB 1 "*** 

^^^^^^B^m ^E* *s 

wp - . ^ 


■■mm— ■ i r _l/%fc: ' ' 

E ^ 





Show... me... the PRESENTS! 
Heather Hayes' 11th birthday party 

Jenni Allen, Lauren Miller, Beth McLacklan, and Kara O'Neil 
tucked in and ready to go to bed! 

Santa's little helper, Dave Bluhm 

Jen Carey and Kim Hadfield with 
their favorite teacher, Mrs. Rush! 

Phil Nerboso, Max Mucciarone, and Rob DiMarrino 

The Three Homeboys 

Heather Kress, Tina Sullivan, and Samantha Kress 

Posing on the rocks at Stonybrook, '85 

Phil Nerboso and Mike Spencer 

with ex-Patriot Irving Fryar! 

Tara Breland and Kara O'Neil bundled up 
in Boston on New Year's Eve. 

Megan Lloyd is a little 
anxious to get going! 

Tara Martin and John Darling. 

No wonder John doesn't shave his head anymore! 

Megan MacMurray makes her birthday wish as Jill Krasnauskas, 
Jen Whipple, Adriana Ouimet, and Carolyne Gately cheer her on! 

June 1-8, 2018 


nit fc„ mill ita *"■ 




1 HI 


1:00 PM 
2:30 PM 

Program grid is on page 130 
June 1,2018 

Dateline — Discussion 

Terri Struzzieri, 
Dan Kelly and 
David Oliver get 

the first prime time 
interview with the 
famous actress 
Kimberly Hadfield 
who has just 
released her new 
movie directed by 
Nicholas Poirier. 
The movie co-stars 
Daniel Pennini, 
Tresa Andrade, and John Brown. 
They will also discuss the nation's 
top story, the divorce trial of 
business tycoon David Bluhm and Kara Antonellis. 

As the World Turns — Serial 

While Sarah Clapp and Katrina 

B*V Mintz finalize the purchase of 

SeaWorld, Dave 
^«£ Roach's cabin in 
^ the Colorado 
woods is discov- 
ered where he has 
been holding Kerilyn St. Amand, a rich 
woman who resides on the French Rivera, 
captive for three years. 

The Young and the Restless — Serial 

Joe Gibeault continues his 
search for a movie position that 
will gain him 
fame and fortune 
^^^ , while his dis- 
CC* I (J owned brother-in- 

-" 4 ^™ A law Phil Nerboso 

continues to write novels in his shack in 
Montana. Meanwhile, Brad Kazarian, with 
his millions of dollars and shiny new sports 

car, becomes 
the next hot 

prospect in town. Bethany 
Coleman, still trying new 
drugs to induce a growth 
spurt, finally realizes that all 
her efforts have gotten her nowhere. 

Wimzie's House — Children 

M*A*S*H— Comedy 

2:00 Kl General Hospital— Serial 

Jonathon Luke continues his at- 
tempts to open his own medical 
practice with adamant 
opposition from both 
Amber Follett, a 
therapist/horror story writer, and 
Joanne Thibault, a dentist to the 
world famous actresses Lisa 
Tibbetts and Heather Voght. 
Brian DelGrosso goes to court to 
answer charges by Jenn Leach who claims he 
injured her spine during a chiropractic exam. 

One Life to Live — Serial 

Three's Company — Comedy 

This week on 
Three's Company 
Diana LaPointe and 
Lauren Miller 

continue their search 
for meaningful 
employment. Diana 
as a psychologist 
(ironically, still sorting out her own life), and Lauren as an 
escort (still looking for the perfect man). They are sup- 
ported by entrepreneur Jill Krasnauskas who is happy to 
finance their lavish lifestyles in return for companionship 
and occasional advice. 

Toon Town Kids — Cartoon 

3:00 Friends — Comedy 

The three aspiring artists, Erica O'Connor, 
Vicki Tower, and Danielle Monroe finally 
secure a bank loan to open their own gallery 
but Ken Rooney, who is 

now begging for money on 
the local street corner due 
to his insufficient education 
from K.P., breaks in to steal valuable 
items when he finally discovers his 

passion for the 
arts. This awakening inspires 
Ken to open his own gallery 
down the street where he 
continues to paint for years to 

All in the Family — Comedy 


2:00 PM 
2:30 PM 

Program grid is on page 130 
June 1,2018 


Gilligan's Island — Comedy 
Captain Bubba Cameron's shrimping boat hits rocky 
waters when skipper John Darling is found below deck 
with cabin girl Rosie, instead of up in the crow's nest. 
Jay Roach tries to keep the ship from crashing, but is 

3 Cheers 


After the bar is purchased by 

I Robert Fregeau he must deal with 

the constant complaining of Greg 
Flanagan and Nicole Gravelle. 
Later on that evening a fight erupts 
when two newly divorced couples, 
Tony Georgio and Sharon 
Hostetler and David Fogg and 
Nicole Farwell, find each other at 
the bar with new partners. 

U ESPN Special 

This special on the unrecognized runners 
who lay the foundation for the European 
track circuit features Katie O'Connor and 
Kaitlin Seigenberg whose hard work and 
perserverance got it all started. 


Love Boat —Comedy 

Jen Perry and Brian Murphy, co-captains 
of the Love Boat, follow the examples of 
social director Alison Johnston and dance it 
up at the new nightclub featuring the beat of 
DJ Staci Dooley. 



NYPD Blue -Drama 

(Viewer discretion advised) 

Jen Carey and Liz 
Larson, New York City 
FBI are trying to crack 
■H the case of Heather 

■B,^^ Kress and Samantha 
WM ■ Kress who have 
W ^^& both been put in 
H .""""■ W- jail for assaulting 
one another. Meanwhile, the 
precinct mourns the loss of close 
friend George Labonte. 

Chicago Hope —Drama 
jf%. When Justine King, the hospital 

_ T| g physical therapist, fails at 
Lj^l helping her patient the 

^^H^H hospital's occupational 
therapist, Cathleen 
Collins, must be called in. 
Meanwhile, Anna Boulet, a well-known 
psychologist is trying to help Katie 
LaFrance, who just received her Nobel 
Prize in medicine, adjust to her new fame. 

King Pin —Movie 
Ryan Chartrand and Zak Davis, co-owners of the 
Eaglebrook Saloon run into a dilemma when they go to 
buy the former North Bowl from Danielle Poletto who 
has turned it into a Disco Bowl-A-Drome with her 
partner Nate Moore who is a successful, highly paid 
professional bowler. 

Seinfeld— Comedy 

This week the restaurant is 
purchased by Stephanie Dowling 
and Jen Whipple who make 
changes that bother Jerry and the 

lu The Grind —Dance 

This week the Grind highlights 
the new wave of belly dancing 
by interviewing Heather 
Stewart, Shannon Brock, 
Amy O'Connor, and Megan 
Lloyd who belly dance at night 

while maintaining a successful business 

during the day. 




The two world famous Spanish 
Deejays, Melanie Kellogg and Laura 

Feczko, combine their obsessive search 
for rock god Brian Hanssen. 


This week on the Jennie Boylan Show 
guests will include Tara Breland and 
Tracey Cook, who just entered the 
Guiness Book of World Records for 
being best friends for the longest time, 
Rob DiMartino, a famous skate- 
boarder, and Jenn Dickson, a tattoo 
1 designer for the rich and famous. 


2:00 PM 
2:30 PM 

Program grid is on page 130 
June 1,2018 

Night Court -Comedy 

This week Judge Robert Desper must 

decide what to do when 

his bailiff, April 

Costello, is caught with 

50 overdue parking 
tickets. Meanwhile Sarah Conley, the 
court's food shop owner, must deal with 
the constant annoyance of Jessica Green 
and Heather Hayes, two washed-out district attornies. 

Who's the Boss -Comedy 

Matt Gibson, who is afraid the house 
isn't clean enough for Jenine Khouri, 

must rush to finish his duties while 
dealing with his daughter Jennifer 
Meau as she goes out on her first date 
with Teoman Korkmaz. 

Dukes of Hazzard -Comedy/Adventure 
Brian Hagen and John Paul Larue, while driving The 
General Lee, try to help the town of Hazzard. Boss 
James Mahoney in the meantime, is working to stop 
them in their tracks. 

Saturday Night Live 

This week on Saturday Night Live, Douglas Mead tries 
a lame attempt at making fun of our newly elected 
president, Matt Schwarm. 

(The Brady Bunch 

This week the six kids, Michael Spencer 

(the oldest boy), John St. 

Francis (the middle), 

John Burow (the 

youngest ), Amanda 

Topping (the oldest girl), 
Erica Tangstrom (the middle), and 
Adriana Ouimet (the youngest) play a 
horrendous trick on Tina Sullivan, their live-in maid. 

I Murder She Wrote —Mystery 

This week Miss Carolyne Gately finds 

herself in another mysterious situation. 

Roberto Torres and 

Nicole Tsebetzis, two of 

her oldest and dearest 

friends, get caught in a 
sticky situation. RJ Slamin, Cabot 
Cove's sheriff, hauls them into jail under 
suspicion of theft from nearby Christo- 
pher Sullivan's jewelry store. However, the situation is 
resolved when Jessica St. Jean confesses to the crime. 

I'll Fly Away -Drama 

IJH^v^T- This week on I'll Fly Away, restauranteur 
John Verdeaux opens a new branch of 
his restaurant chain down south causing 
turmoil with local citizens including 
Brett Heffernan and Julie MacPherson. 
His establishment emits foul smells that 
are causing property values to go down. 

■am Around the World in Eighty Days 

Amy Moore, Amy Curwood, Alex 
Yeremenko and Tara Rukstalis 

continue their search for the 
greatest place on earth to live. 
Travel with them to all the exotic 
locations in the world. 

X-Files -Science Fiction 

This week on the X-Files, neurologist Mike 
Maloney is called in to investigate the bizarre 
behaviors of Josh Vrysen who 
has been living in the jungles of 
South America as the leader of 
an army of squirrel 
monkeys including friend 
Calvin Swaim, who was 
the first successful human 
to transformed into a 
monkey, while assassinating people 
for $10,000 a head (No women, no children) as an 
aeronautical engineer Sarah Afarian continues in her 
attempts to colonize Mars. 

Sports Center —Discussion 
Leila Kocen, new sportscaster for the Massachusetts 
area will be interviewing Garret Rose, a retired single 
A baseball player, turned major league coach. 

™ Beverly Hills 90210 -Drama 

This week Lauren Stone, the director of 

HBO-Real Life Stories, attempts to get the 

kids from West 

Beverly High to 
dish out the school down low, 
much to Mrs. Tesley's dismay 
while Maggie Henderson 
continues to live life as if she 

were Sharon Stone in Casino. Jeff Bryant, newcomer 
to Beverly Hills, and Jenni Allen finally go out on a 
date to the new five star restaurant on Rodeo Drive 
where Jenni discovers that the owner of the restaurant is 
none other than her first love Josh Turcotte. 



2:00 PM 
2:30 PM 

Program grid is on page 1 30 
June 1,2018 


Northern Exposure —Comedy 

Brett Martucci finally realizes his 

dream of building a house next to a 

lake surrounded by 

mountains in Maine 

where he will manage a 

bike and ski shop and 

continue his obsession 

with Phish while living next door to 

Sarah Pare who makes millions 

after purchasing Poland Springs. 

Green Acres -Comedy 

After twenty years of selling apples and cranberry sauce 
at half price to Conor McLaughlin, the manager of the 
frozen food department at the local Stop & Shop, 
Dan McGuire realizes that he can increase his 
profits by selling his products at actual retail value and 
add to his fortune. 

Indy 500 -Car Racing 

Jeremy O'Hara, France's famous rock 
climber and rally driver (on the week- 
ends), battles with Paul 
Mullaney, a previous 
Winston Cup winner, 
and Tim Oldread, who 
will be racing his 
brand new 2018 
Dodge Viper for 
the much coveted 

gold cup. Oldread recently bought his 
car from Phil Breitenbach, owner of 
Breitenbach Motors and famous stealth suburban racer. 
Mr. Breitenbach also wrote a best seller entitled The 
Great Gatsby, the Greatest Gatsby Ever Written after 
getting into a car accident with Olympic runner Peter 

Dangerous Minds -Drama 

^ The saga continues as Crystal Andrews 

and Matt Kavanah try to reform KP 

students when Linda 

Labo gets fired for 

teaching students that 
■ j f Rhode 

Island isn't a 
state and that Maine is a 
country. Also this week, two 
new teachers, Beth Goodblood 
and Tracey Lefebvre, will be 
introduced to their classes 


Sunset Beach -Drama 

Nate Saveriano, still mackin' it up on 
the coast of California, continues his 
quest to win the heart of 
i( ^-» Megan MacMurray, a 
well known movie actress, 
while Chad Guay contin- 
ues to live in his tent with 
a six pack of Jolt while 
competing in monopoly 
tournaments with his buddy Oscar. 

America —Special 

After marrying and having multiple children, 
Keely Monahan, Rebecca Terrio, Erica 
Tangstrom, and Michelle 

Cardin compete for the Mrs. 
America title while Keith 

La Valley adamantly protests 

that he should be allowed to 

enter into the contest as he 

sees himself as the ideal 

Mrs. America because of his 

dedication to taking care of 

his children while his wife works and for 

holding periodic tea parties with the dirty 


Aspen Extreme -Comedy 

This humorous comedy about two ski instructors, Matt 
Gibson and Matt Barron, and their hunt for chicks and 
the coolest ski slope will leave you in stiches. 

America's Most Wanted —Drama 

Detective Randy Calzaretta continues 
his search for missing teenagers includ- 
ing Kim Callahan, Jess 
Atkinson, Allicyn 
Baker, Ryan 
Clutterbuck and Chris 

Dehart who disappeared soon after their 

high school graduation. Also, two new 

sightings of Elvis are reported from 

Wampum Corner and the Norfolk Bandstand 

Mass Millions 


The lucky winners of tonight's Mass 
jackpot worth 5 billion dollars are Greg 
Croteau, Eddie Lyons, and Chris 
Allen. Their winnings should cover 
their transportation costs of getting to 
the new Lottery building located on 
Martha's Vineyard. 


2:00 PM 
2:30 PM 

Program grid is on page 130 
June 1,2018 

"■Gorillas in the Mist 

Millionaire Brian Tetreault funds an expedition to the 
rainforest headed by environmental activist Mary 
Dethavong. Mary arrives to find the remains of Reed 
Reynold's spaceship that he used in his failed attempt to 
fly to the moon. 

The Real World 

The New season begins 
tonight as seven strangers 
are picked to live in a house 
together and be videotaped. 
The seven guinea pigs 
include Michelle Hagen, a 
Mack truck driver who feels 
she needs to settle down, 
Sarah Wood, who has been 
living in England with her 
punk husband and their 42 
cats that she recently 
realized she was allergic to, 
Mike Chute, a four-time 
Olympic wrestler and co- 
owner of a Boston restau- 
rant, Saengdaow 
Isarakampot, a Thai business woman, Jen Varey, a 
wealthy owner of a race horse farm, Lauren Hurley, the 
owner and proprietor of the Bostonian Candy Factory 
which makes Chewy Sprees, Peeps, and caramel apple 
lollipops, and Patrick Mistier the family man of the 
group. This a a varied group, it should be interesting. 

ESPN Bloopers --Sports 

The manager of Manches- 
ter United, world renowned 
soccer team, Wayne 
Dunne, had 
a rude 
when Eric 
Greene, a 
cut team 
member, and 
his agent Anush Patel 
streaked across Old 
Tratford Stadium. 

Taxi --Comedy 

Chaos takes over the station this week when it is bought 
by Laura Coffey and Heather Wilson who plan to 
move it to Mexico. 

Grumpy Old Men —Comedy 

Tony Lorusso, Mark 
Mitcham, and Neil 
Woodworth grow old 
and fat toghether as 
next door neighbors 
and have decided that 
playing golf and 
smoking cigars is 
much more satisfying 
than going to work. They also continue to hold contests 
in the nearby school parking lot to see who can lay the 
best slabs. 

Flipper -Drama 

Beth McLacklan and Tara 
Martin continue their efforts to 
train and nurse sick dolphins 
and whales at Sea World, 
California while continuing 
their search for the sunken 

Saved By the Bell —Comedy 

This week on Saved by the Bell, the students decided to 
try their musical talents. Jen Holske and Katie Quick 
try their luck on a New York street corner playing the 
sax while new comer, Kyle Jackson, adjusts to his new 
setting as he strives to be like his idol Sean Simmer, a 
famous Boston Symphony Orchestra member. 

Entertainment Tonight 

Paramount films will be making the final three Star 
Wars movies starring the millionare Dave Miles as Luke 
Skywalker and Max Mucciarone as Darth Vador. The 
movies hope to premier on July 1, 2018. 

EHE.R. -Drama 

This week on E.R., pediatrician 
Dr. Bryan Keane considers 
leaving the hospital to become 
a psychiatrist after countless 
hours of working through Jess 
Halpin s problems of conquer- 
ing the universe. 

m Health Center 

Kara O'Neil, who is still making millions selling her 
secret energy potion, is faced with some tough competi- 
tion this week when Quinn Caya and Helen Koukiotis 

come out with a new potion that, they claim, will give 
people all over the world a new, optimistic outlook. 


Growing Pains 

Saved by the Bell 62 

Blossom 70 

Muppet Babies 78 


4$ '^eS 

A> c 

V^ v '. ^° .vv> 


x e<e> 


As we continue on this road, 

we finally understand the importance 

of our hard work and effort. 

We are at a point where we realize 

that the true friends we have made 

in the last three years are priceless. 

These are the people 

who laugh with us, 

wipe our tears when we cry and 

hold our hands when we fail. 

With these people 

and with the help of our peers, 

our last years at King Philip 

will be remembered always. 


Kristen Altfeter Laurel Anderson 

Matthew Arthurs Robert Ashman 

Saved by the 

Heather Astley Michael Bading Christine Barlow Michael Bassignani 

Andrea Batalon Cheryl Beals Stephanie Beaudoin Erik Beloff 


.\> SS 


George Bent 

Jay Bernardini Carla Bertoldi Margaux Bettencourt 

of^So'V - 



d Vtesv 




Po S( 



\N^^^ dt ° 




K eVe< "WV** 


**«■ :^r h ye r 

and h 

av e 





^ sc 


Joshua Bhatti Craig Blinten Jamie Bombardier Dana Bontemps Stephanie Bousquet Amy Breitenbach Heidi Bremilst 

■I ^HV. a 

Catherine Bright 

;nnifer Briselli Russell Buckley Andrew Burger Matthew Burt Todd Butler Corrine Byrne Jennifer Canelli Annemarie Cataldo 

4ary Caulfield Stephanie Cerrato Katelyn Chandler Andrew Chick Melissa Coleman Katie Concannon Amy Connolly Beth Conroy 

s MtU t 

a to^ dSC 


Patricia Cronin Ryan Crowell Paul Cummings Jason Cunnane Beth Curley Melissa Curley Keith Daley Mark Darling 

Marit Davies Joshua Davis Alyssa Delaiarro Ryan Denerley Karyn Dinand Nicholas Doire Andrew Drowne Melissa Dubois 

Matthew Dunfey Christine Durette Kimberly Dziurdz Elizabeth Edwards Caitlin Ehrlinger David Elliott Paul Elliott 

^^- v C*^ ■„* ^° te #*&'*% ace » 

of th eci9y - ■'.,„, 

Jtf e 






Daniel Gagne 

David Galvin 

Justin Gard Katelyn Gawthrope 

awrence Grant Michael Griffith Paul Gulesserian Tristan Haggerty 




If I knew as a freshman what I know now, I 
may have acted differently over the years.. 

- Justin Woessner 

I wouldn't have stressed so much. 

-Elizabeth Edwards 

To start over because now I'm ready for it. 

-Lynn Famolle 






t e&' 



**& \<£&° a*** 






* ^*st^%. 

>ei r 


<e *hi: 


s u r , 






I would love to be on the show, Inside the NFL, 
so that I could talk about the thing I love the 
most which is football, and I'd get paid for it. 

-Jay Bernardini 

Caroline in the City or The Princess Bride. I can 
really relate to the main female characters in 
both of these. 

-Melissa Medeiros 

The Simpsons. It is the greatest show ever made. 

-Phil MacNeil 

I'd be in The Crow with Brandon Lee because I 
admire his talents. 

-Ashling Lodola 







Posing in tank tops 

on a warm spring 


Alyssa Delaiarro 

and Karyn 


try to think 

about the April snow 



Danielle Howard 


Troy Howard Stephanie Ingraham Nadia Jackson 

Daniel Jacobson Anna Jaronski William Keighley 

Rachel Kelly 

Shannon Kelly 

Melanie King Michael Kolodziej Joseph Kowalski 

»u*i^ ,H * 



Joseph Krewko Michael Laliberte Rebecca Lamothe 

Nicole Larue 

3S Sra 

e *e cl l2«lEU 

°*. J-' ^ 

S°°c/ rp 

coo/ -°r co :^ (06£ 

tv e , 



David Lehan Theresa Lesnik Nina Levetin Stanley Lewicki Erika Litvin Ashling Lodola James Lorusso 

Joseph Lorusso 


Jamie Loveitt 

Briar Lyons Brandy Mackey Phil MacNeil Elissa Madden Jill Manchester Amy Martel 

Stacy Matz 

atthew McCabe Luke McCullough Caitlin McHale Michael McKay Stephen McKinney Melissa Medeiros Jennifer Miller 

William Montanaro 



«»/r r 


Darren O'Brien Bridie O'Loughlin Susan Oles 

Marek Oltarzewski Joshua Ouellette 

Sarah Pavidis Kelli-Ann Pender Anne Marie Pfeffer 

Nicole Pogorzalski Jessica Poisson 

1 -v «rf 

Helge Quickert 

Erica Savicki 

Lauren Polubinski Alex Preston 

Rebecca Remillard Holly Beth Renaud Katrina Rench 

Lisa Scarnecchia John Sebago 

I \ 

Laurie Shaw 

William Proctor 

Robyn Reynolds 

Dylan Provost David Purpura 

Allison Rice 

Casey Sias 

I* «* * i 
Elizabeth Silvi 

Melissa Putt 

Matthew Rose Julia Santabarbara 

Joshua Slobogan 

Brian Small 



limberly Smith Nicole Sotiropoulos Heather Sprout 

Trisha Stella Wayne Stokes 

Andrew Strauss 

Shem Stygar Thomas Sullivan 

Jnnea Tatupu Christopher Thomas Kari-Lyn Thomas Melissa Thomas Rebecca Tower 

Sarah Turi 

Sarah Tuveson 

Jason Veader 

lelia-Lyn Warchal Rachel Ward 

Lisa Watkins Jeanine Webber Rachael White 

Stephen White 

Victoria White 

Justin Woessner 

iyan Wolfrum Sanaa Yousif Kevin Zahner 

Other Members of the Class of 1999 

Casey Fiske Amy-Jean Macaskill 

Brendan Flatley Leann McCann 

Sean Franklin Jessica McCarthy 

Raymond Kempton Michael Morowitz 

Todd Lazarus Erin Nowak 

U P Party. 


„&&& „0^ atV nt\ft 



we ^ ceb r cms**** a ?a«* 


There are many new and great 
experiences this year. The respon- 
sibility that precedes senior year 
is fun. 

-Paul Ashman 

Only one year until we leave K.P. 
and go to college. 

-Kim Dziurdz 

Class officership because it gives 
you a new experience to lead 
your class. 

-Mike Bading 


We are now 

at the half-way point 

in our voyage, 

and have grown 


to King Philip. 

Over the next two years 

our lives will change 
and grow before our eyes, 

as we leap over 

the obstacles we encounter, 

and live our remaining years 

at King Philip 

to the fullest 

Aaron Afarian 

Safia Agane 

Jennifer Allen 

Kate Allen 


Leanne Andrade Katherine Andreozzi Nancy Antonellis Kathryn Atkinson 

■ MM 


Nicole Barrett 

Nicole Beal 

/ 1- 
Kristin Beck 

Grace Becker 


^°^ C -< 

tf* 1 *?^** v ^ t e» s 

Desiree Bliss 

Ryan Bone 

Aaron Bourke 

Joseph Bousquet 


X ai nst the 

tv a v 

Philip Bouvrette Cindi Brawley Kevin Breitenbach 


hris Cardarella Robert Carey Kristopher Carlson 

John Chrisidis Maria Chrisidis 

Jessica Church 

Melissa Clark 

t i 

Jillian Coates 

ebecca Cochrane Jonathan Coliflores Lindsey Conroy Cole Constantineau Joshua Cooney Michael Costello Kellie Cronin Rhianne Crowley 

Sean Crowley 

Brian Daigle Michael Darcy Benjamin Davis Kylee Day 

Kristine Delano Edward Demone Kevin Didick 


ef t>£l' eJ <t£ rr o 


Vvaxv ( 






s tto 



Robert Doane Craig Domko 

Kxisti Dorr 

Scott Dowling 

Tricia Dunne 

Nicole Evans 

Kelly Fagan 

Chris Fahey 

Kathryn Farren Amy Fennessy 

Kristy Flaherty 

Erin Flynn Elisabeth Gaetani Christina Gagas Anthony Garlett 




Frank Garofalo 


Kristen Hall 

Leanne Gay 

Sarah Gentry 

Robert Gibeault 

Jaron Goldstein Diana Hadfield Jarrod Hagen Mark Hagen 

Lauren Hall 

Brian Hamlin 

Despina Hamos Paul Hasenfus Carissa Hassell Hilary Hayes 

Scott Herlin 


*" Men ? ll y WarZ 





Todd Hester 

Katherine Holt Kristen Hooker John Houlihan 

Cristen Hurley Tiffany Jacobson Richard Johnson Margaret Jordan 

lichelle Kade 

Anthony Kalalas Nick Katapodis Kathryn Kavanah 

Sarah Keen 

Jesse Keene 

Bradford Kellogg 

Mark Kenney 


Field trips because they give you a break 
from learning. 

- Aaron Bourke 

The time you spend with friends at sports 
games because they are fun times that you 
will remember forever. 

-Allison Lodge 

I almost get to graduate and go on to 
college. Friends & memories. 

-Katie Farren 

a A V<^ a 

,^ot^ a V)es^ a !: n v^ e ^ 

WsV eat ' 





e s/o 




v er 


e a 

n 0fes 


st ud< 


Vyk **ps-' ! 


You can't discover new oceans until you have 
the courage to lose sight of the shore. 

-Krystal Buckley 

Tomorrow is another day. Even if you had a bad 
day today you can always have a better day 

-Kelly Shaughnessy 

Can I go to the nurse? I want to leave school. 

-Jay Santopietro 

^ vt 1 


John King Michael Kiser Wendy Krasnauskas Andrew Lake 

■■Hi _---_______ __ 

Melissa Lanteigne 

Patrick Laverty Jodi Lazarus 

Matthew Mackey Stephen Macropoulos Elizabeth Magner Stephanie Manoloulis 

pi »*ofl h *«8h n 



r THE 8EST„ 

to s W he 'r f ri nes sy 


h e*s ierto «o Seness 

Pat Mattson Kerry McDermott Amy McGuire Meghan McHale Jesse McKenzie Daniel Mead 

Eric Meixner 

Timothy Mele 





Jenna Menfi Katie Merchant 

Ryan Miles 

Allison Milld 

Sean Moore Courtney Murphy Jaclyn Murphy 

Kara Murphy 

.auren Murphy Tiffany Murphy 

Brian Muse 

Jessica Nash 

Ian Nichols Jeremy Nickerson Rebecca Noyes 

Tara Nyborn 

'arlo Pagliarini Christopher Pantazi Thorn Partridge 

David Pavidis Kristen Pedro 

John Pepin 

Dominic Perrelli Carol Pham-Do 





' sA '«a (s 



f* 4fe 


Chris Plummer 


Edward Poles Matthew Poletto Christina Policastro 

John Polillio 

Jon Pond 

Seth Provost Laurier Pungitore 



Pauline Putnam Andrea Rasicot William Raymond Jillian Roache 

Anne Robbins Kristina Robbins Jeremy Rocha 

Ryan Roode 

Wendy Rukstalis Thomas Rumley David Ryan 

Lisa Sabadini Jaber Samrout Jason Santopietro Tabitha Schuder Melissa Sharron 

Kelly Shaughnessy Ian Shaw 

Ryan Shea 

Allison Sherrick Briana Short Christopher Sims Amy Smith 

Nicole Souza 



•^52%;S '"•''•"'is;; 

^eacTO a cafe c °**tin e r> J"* ar „ 




Michael Stoddard Charles Stone Ryan Straw 

Dante Susinetti Lydia Thumm 

£*< f*: 


Michael Toledo 


Scott Tooker 

Karyn Varey 

Andee Verna 

Jeffrey Viola 

hristopher Wagner Kelly Walsh Kelly Wardner Matthew Webber Penny Welch 

Other Members of the Class of 2000 

Joshua Cooper 

Melissa Hanlon 

David Lodge 

Jennifer MacKenzie 

Jeffrey Perry 

Carina Petrie 

Jessica Wieners Michelle Wood 


I would want to spend my time 

with Jim Carey because I believe 

he is one of the funniest people in 

the world. 

-Scott Tooker 

Bruce Willis. He's the man . 


Matt Dillon. He's a cool guy. 

-Tricia Dunne 




We enter King Philip 

as a new class 

full of new faces 

and new ideas. 

Some of us boldly 

leave our footprints 

while others just dip our toes 

into this new pond. 

Over the next three years 

we will create memories 

never to be forgotten 

and acquire friendships 

always to be remembered. 

Muppet Babies 

Brian Allaire 

Scott Amidon 

Emily Andreozzi Andrea Annese 

Krista Anthony Jonathan Baker 

Joanna Balzer 

Maude Beaudry 

Kristen Beaver 

Cory Beers 

Susan Barb 

Treasurer <-* 

pia c e t n 

*to~ to 

e to cat » 


Melissa Bell 


Jason Bellavance Gregory Beloff Jeremy Bentley Lauren Bettencourt Janice Bishop Jonathan Bluhm Bryan Bocock Linda Boulden 

Eric Boulter 

Rosanne Boyle James Brady Heather Bronsdon Jennifer Brown Justin Brown Jennifer Bryant Elizabeth Burger 

Sarah Burke 

Kayla Burt Matthew Callahan Jennifer Capachin Michael Carter Dean Casbarra Margaret Casey Chase Catlow 

Jennifer Chillemi Andrea Chruney Holly Ciavattone Michael Clinton Sarah Connolly 

Erin Conroy 

Frank Cook 

Joseph Cook 

e 'th Ayr Tl MPr\*. ^"" 

Ce to „„ 

Katherine Cove Kimberly Cox Andrew Croteau Meaghan Curley Christopher Darling Derek Darling Joseph Davis Chris Delgros; 

Jillian Dinunzio Lisa Domenica Kevin Donovan Brian Downing Christine Duffey Lindsay Dumont Lauren Durette Sameer El-Fa 


m i m A 

Michael Ferrara Rebekah Fisher 

Kyle Fiske Jayme Fitzgibbon Elizabeth Flannery Lindsey Flige 

Christine Flynn Lauren Flynn Stefanie Flynn Catherine Foley Stephen Foulis Jennifer Friedman Eddy Gately Jonathan Genov 

u, w*^ 6 ' 


eBut do n :; u '■■'■' 

'o uh 

>w* e 

*<? f H 

r e«, £ 


Emily Ghosh 

Laurie Giampa 

Robin Giampa 

Brian Gibeault 

atherine Grich Stephanie Griffin Whitney Griffin Matthew Griffith 

Brian Gulino Michael Gunnison 

Thomas Hall Brendan Halpin 


s e 




My first thoughts were, Where do I go? and 
Who is going to stop me from getting there? 

- Brian Allaire 

My first thought was that the upper 
classmen were going to be really mean, but 
they're not. 

-Maggie Casey 

I was really excited and looking forward to 
it because everyone was saying that high 
school is the best time of your life. And they 
weren't lying! 

-Laura Kraby 

Matt Griffith asks your opinion on the 8th 
grade class trip. 



] P- 



"* &£>' 




The biggest adjustment was that the junior 
high was a square and the high school is a 
bigger square with many more halls. 

-Heather Bronsdon 

The biggest adjustment changing from junior 
high to high school is that you are not around 
the friends that you were with everyday of 
junior high. Many people go different ways. 

-Emily Ghosh 

The biggest adjustment was going from the 
oldest to the youngest. 

Classes are harder. 

-Frank Cook 

■Greg King 

Stefanie Hayes 

j \y t At i ty J 

Kevin Healey Terita Heath-Wlaz Jarrod Hebert 

Lydia Helliwell Michelle Henderson Izabela Hoagland Christine Holme 


Emily Holt 

Andrew Howard Courtney Howard Micah Jackson 


a t^ e 



tetv >^ oe K ? • W ' stages * 

\\» s 

a *>s !,£??<> to^'kok too 

] n? 

Ce «- O r 






Cristin Kehrmeyer Michael Kenny Christian Keyes 

Erica Kim Gregory King Elizabeth Kinney Christina Knowles Daniel Kolodziej 

loanne Koukiotis 

Laura Kraby Michael Kraby Jennifer Krewko Johanna Krouk Heather Lanagan Nicole LaPointe Kirsten Larrabee 

lethany Lavalley 

Brian Leary 

Matthew Lupfer Andrea Lyons Rebecca MacDonald Rachael McKenzie Chris Mahoney John Majewski 


Scott Maloney 

Holly Manigan Rachael Marcotte James Marks 

Kate Martin 

Drew Martucci Michael McCabe Joseph McCormack 

re C^^eeiS^V*- 
•S r «\oV ce ' „ T tcA lvv t w\» st ' 

fef Z 


ln 8B ee ?**) 

lss * g; 






mam f^» — — ■ I 

Michael McCullough Eric McDonald Evan McGrath Melinda McGrath Jennifer McKay Meghan McKenna Melissa McLacklan Brian McLellan 

^^ mmma ^ m mmmmaam ^ m ^bhhi ■HBfflnMHI ■■MHH1 ■■■^H M^^B^^H 

Chris McNamara Andrea Mencarini Keith Monahan Jennifer Moore Loni Morganelli Stephanie Morris Jessica Morse Judith Mullaney 

■mmh ■mm »■*■ jh ■■■ ■hhm mhhm 


Robert Murawski Colleen Murphy Jessica Nelson Jayme Nickerson Shannon Ober Brian O'Connell Kaitlyn O'Connell Kevin O'Loughlir 



' itl 

Reade Patteson Marianne Pellegrino Rebecca Pelrine Jed Perry 

Mathew Pieroway Ryan Pinsoneault Matthew Plante Julie Poirier 




« ro -^? : ^S^^ ei 


re % 




f* Fh 



^" ^e 

; \ves 

ff axv! 

llJi I 

Dustin Polt 

James Prentice Katharine Prevost Jennifer Pulsone 

Nicholas Ray Christopher Rice Michael Rieger William Robertson 


Crystal Rogers Darby-Lee Rose Derek Rose 

Jennifer Ryan 

^r ' ^ 

I I 

vlatthew Sanchez Lisa Santucci Jennifer Sebago Justin Setter 


^at ch 




No, it was not hard to find all my classes 
because a great person (a junior) was kind 
enough to befriend me and show me around 
the day before. 

-Jayme Fitzgibbon 

Was it hard? I was lost for a week! The worst 
time was when I got lost in the senior hall the 
second day of school! 

-Christina Knowles 

It was hard to find all of my classes on the 
first day because I had no clue where I was 

-Kim Cox 

\Ntf^ , *ett»* a 

eett^ s J\o^ eda 


h a 


'8 fu n 



1 1 

\ J 

Rebecca Sevy 

Nathan Shaw 

Steven Shaw 

Allison Shook 

Benjamin Sias 

Chris Smith 

Kelly Sprout 

Rebecca Stanley 

Melissa Steverman Erin Strauss 

James Suchy 

Robert Sullivan Magan Swanson Mosiula Tatupu Sarah Teague Matthew Tierney 

Cheryl Tripp Marissa Tuohy Robert Ulrich 

BH ■ 


Kristen Verdeaux Kimberly Vita Scott Wardner Steven Wason Danielle White 

Other Members of the Class of 2001 

Erin Wilensky Lauren Woessner Justin Wolfrum 

George Yousif 

Brianna Hooley 
Jeremy Jackson 
Erik Kennedy 
George Kleczka 
Christopher Lawn 
Robert Leonard 

Daniel Nyman 

Diana Rego 

Derrick Root 

Stephen Terpstra 

Thomas Tracy 

Matthew Walker 

Michael Walsh 

86 o n i v 

$A> otv *!tW t£ 


\etv \_ p u ^ Vs 


C\e aT 




Bond-He gets all of the luck. 

-Mike Clinton 

Belle in Beauty and the Beast, because 

it's such a wonderful, classic story of 

looking beneath someone's skin. 

-Becky Pelrine 

If I could play a role in a movie, it 
would be Titanic because it is a com- 
pelling story and I'd get to work with 
Leonardo DiCaprio! 

-Holly Manigan 

Mary Katherine Gallagher: Catholic 
School Girl on Saturday Night Live. 

-Meghan McKenna 

Short Years. P " **h 




Wide World of Sports 

Spring Captains 9 

Summer Games 92 

World' s Series 94 

American Gladiators 96 

Thirty Something 98 

Different Strokes 100 

Night Court 102 

Fall Captains 104 

Designing Women 106 

Bionic Women 108 

Concentration 110 

Coach 112 

Step By Step 114 

Route 66 116 

The Masters 118 

Golden Girls 120 

Winter Captains 122 

Inside Stuff 124 

Hoop Cit\T 12 

Flipper ./. 12 

Royal Ramble I/O 

Road Runinej^r^V. /32 

Speed Ra/er /l34 

The Mlgfity Ducks / 13 6 

Sweet/ galley High. . . /. .13 8 

iv°^e^ ,e^ 

c,e^\ ^ 







Jennifer Boylan and Kim Hadfield are the girls responsible for leading 
the softball team to its victories. They will be supporting the team 
through all their wins or losses. 


Craig Blinten, Andrew Drowne, and Aaron Bourke. These boys are 

definitely up for the task of playing tennis. 


Daniel Pennini, Peter Pollard, and 

Max Mucciarone. These are three 

guys who are great at this sport 

and perfect for the responsibility of 

being captains. They go the extra 



Sarah Clapp and 

Caitlin Ehrlinger are willing to 

take on the responsibilty of 

supporting the team through its 

good times and bad. 


Teammates Jennie Boylan and Kim Hadfield 
congratulate Patty Cronin after pitching a great 
game. Patty pitched 55 innings for the Warriors 
this season, fanning 37 and walking 7. Patty also 
made the 1997 All Hockomock Softball Team. 

One hundred percent 
of her attention is 
focused forward as 
Becki Tower sprints 
for first. 



Summer Games 

The 1997 Girls' Softball Team 
had a very successful season 
under the direction of 
Coach Hartley. With an 
overall record of 13-7, the 
team advanced to the MFAA 
State Tournament. After a 
win over Barnstable, King 
Philip went on to play 
Taunton. Despite the 4-3 
loss, a great effort was put 
forth by all of the girls. The 

King Philip softball program 
is working towards excel- 
lence and striving for the 
best in the seasons to come. 
Being a young team, the 
future looks bright with 
returning seniors 
Jennie Boylan and 
Kim Hadfield and junior 
Patty Cronin. Their efforts 
and the team's confidence 
will be a great asset to their 
success in the 1998 season. 


Back Row: Meghan McHale, Amy Smith, Kara Murphey, Jillian Coates, 

Katherine Andreozzi, Andrea Rasicot, Coach Cosentino 

Middle Row: Kristen Hooker, Jennifer Allen, Rhianne Crowley, 

Kylee Day, Amy McGuire, Tina Gagas, Allison Lodge 

Front Row: Diana Hadfield, Kellie Cronin, Carissa Hassell, 

Christina Policastro, Leanne Gay 

Hockomock All Star, Jennie Boylan, 
prepares to knock one out of the park. 
Jennie batted 500 with 3 home runs 
and 5 other extra base hits. 

This nice catch by Kim Hadf ield ends 
the inning. Kim was a consistent 
player at first base throughout the 


Back Row: Mgr. Elizabeth Edwards, 

Casey Sias, Cheryl Beals, 

Melissa Coleman, Beth Conroy, 

Margaux Bettencourt, 

Erinne Nelson, Coach Carneiro. 

Middle Row: Leanne Gay, 

Christina Policastro, Jen Crisafi, 

Allison Rice, Diana Hadfield, 

Kellie Cronin. 

Front Row: Jamie Bombardier, 

Kelly Wardner, Holly Renaud, 

Laurie Shaw, Stephanie Bousquet 

What a Season! 

Us Them 


20 5 


7 8 


7 4 


6 1 

Oliver Ames 

6 2 




1 4 

N. Attleboro 

9 2 


7 1 


6 5 


5 7 




1 3 

Oliver Ames 




N. Attleboro 

1 2 

7 5 




13 2 

20 2 


18 3 


3 4 

1 Wins 



Back Row: Coach Hartley, Sarah Pavidis, Kim Hadfield, Becki Tower, Patty Cronin, Melissa Putt, Kelly Wardner 
Front Row: Becca Lamothe, Jen Carey, Kerry McEvoy, Rebecca Nelson, Christina Renaud, Jennifer Boylan, 
Carolyn Gately 


HERE IT COMES: After fielding the 
ball at third base, Mike Cameron 
throws it in to first for an out. 

Showing a true game face, 
Mike Griffith fires the ball in to 
first base to end the inning. Mike's 
fielding ability, along with his 
powerful batting, proved too much 
for many teams his junior year. 


Back row: Coach Moran, 

Dave Purpura, Shaun Foster, 

Michael Costello, Josh Cooney, 

Jim Lorusso, Mark Darling, 

Paul Elliott 

Front row: Jim Demone, 

Paul Hasenfus, Jason Cunnane, 

Luke McCullough, Bill Montanaro, 

Josh Cooper 



Back Row: Coach Plympton, Mike Cameron, Dave Elliott, Alan Foster, Kurt Belof f, Brett Hef f ernan, Garrett Rose 
Front Row: Jay Malcolm, Tom Lavertu, John Darling, Michael Brady, Pat Leary, Mike Griffith, Tom Lyons, 
Geno Orsogna 























Bshp. Feehan 



Oliver Ames 





N. Attleboro 














Oliver Ames 









N. Attleboro 





Bshp. Feehan 






In practice before a game, junior 

catcher David Elliott awaits a throw 

into home plate. David's skills 

continued to improve as the season 


Right before the game, the team 
prepares for battle. They all were 
ready to play a fierce game. 



i ack row: Coach Breen, Joseph Bousquet, Pete Lown, 
lark Kenney, Chuck Stone, Ryan Straw, Sean Moore 
ront row: Matt Mackey, Matt Webber, Chris Sims, Jesse Keene, 
eremy Nickerson, Cole Constantineau 

World Series 

The King Philip Baseball 
team finished the 1997 
season with an overall record 
of 7-13. The team worked 
very hard throughout the 
season, showing their 
competitiveness in every 
game. Senior starting pitcher 
Pat Leary, along with 
pitchers Geno Orsogna, 
Brett Heffernan, and 
Mike Griffith contributed to 
the valiant efforts of the 

team. Senior Alan Foster also 
contributed greatly to KP's 
success and was named 
Hockomock All Star. The 
team says good-bye to its 
other senior players 
Kurt Beloff, Tom Lavertu, 
Tom Lyons, and 
Mike Brady, while those 
who continue to play look 
forward to the 1998 season as 
being even more successful 
than the last. 




Back Row: Coach Fink-McAlice, Justine King, Linnea Tatupu, Deana Aulisio, Amy Hartshorn, 

Leanne Giusti, Sarah Conley, Tina Sullivan, Alyssa Delaiarro, Kelly Shaughnessy, Kate Allen, 

Nicole Wagner, Vicki Tower, Kara O'Neil, Tracey Lefebvre, Allison Milld, Grace Becker, 

Amy Breitenbach, Rachel Kelly, Coach Bremer, Coach Tatupu 

Middle Row: Adrianna Ouimet, Rachel Ward, Lauren Hurley, Rachael White, Erika Litvin, Anne Correia, 

Caitlin McHale, Melissa Medeiros, Lindsey Hannon, Erin Nowack, Kara Neviackas, Kim Smith, Meg Jordan, 

Kristen Hurley, Hilary Hayes 

Front Row: Jacinda Funk, Sarah Afarian, Kaitlin Seigenberg, Kim Lenox, Kristen Neviackas, 

Catherine O'Connor, Lindsey Widak, Carla Bertoldi, Cathy Bright 



O. A. 102 


Sharon 92 


Mansfield 107 


N. Attleboro 60 


Canton 109 


Stoughton 114 


Franklin 80 


Foxborough 51 


Third Place in 

Dual Meet 



The gang is all psyched and ready 

to compete in their events at the 

State Class C Meet. 

Kaitlin Seigenberg went on to do 

well on the 4x1 team while 

Kristin Neviackas and 

Katie O'Connor placed fourth on 

the 4x8 team. Also doing well were 

Lauren Hurley in the 400m, 

Sarah Afarian in the triple jump, 

and Cathleen Collins in the 400m. 

In the 400m, Kara O'Neil maintains 
a strong lead ahead of her oppo- 
nents. She had a great season, 
contributing many points to her 


A warm-up lap is taken by 
Katie O'Connor in order to stretch 
her muscles before a race. All of 
Katie's long hours of hard work 
finally paid off as she placed many 
times in the 400m and 4x8 races. 

I the State Class C 
jet, King Philip 

nages to do well, 
i n Lenox placed 

n in the 300m 

dies. Grace Becker 
well in the 4x1, 

1 Jen Fontan placed, 

veil as many others. 

1 i?i '''<r*iw* 

The Girls' Spring Track 
Team finished with a record of 
6-2, their losses coming from 
Foxboro and North Attleboro. 

The girls had strong season 
performances from juniors 
Kaitlin Seigenberg, 
Kara O'Neil, Katie O'Connor, 
Sarah Afarian, and 
Lauren Hurley. With the gradu- 
ation of key seniors such as 
Kim Lenox, Kristen Neviackas, 
and Taryn Kenney, 
Coach Bremer is expecting the 
underclassmen to step up. 
Among the promising talent 

are Linnea Tatupu, 
Erin Nowack, Allison Milld, 
Grace Becker, and 
Kristin Hurley. 

The girls have had superb 
success in the Hockomock 
League in the past few 
seasons, Dual Meet and 
League Meet Champions in 
1994 and 1996 and League 
Meet Champs in 1995. All the 
while, they have had a great 
time demolishing the opposi- 
tion. With the depth the 
Warriors possess, they should 
continue to be a team to beat. 


Girls ' Spring Track 

| M |.,w ; '• 


A struggle for her personal best 
leaves Vicki Tower with high 
hopes. She remained KP's third 
thrower in shot put, also competing 
in javelin and discus. 

The lead is sustained by 
Leanne Giusti over the last hurdle 
in the 100m hurdles. She completed 
the season trying her hardest and 
pulling ahead of her opponents. 



In the mile race, Paul Ashman 

keeps an edge on his Oliver Ames 

opponent. As a determined runner 

for KI\ he ran the one and two mile 



As a one and two mile runner, 
Aaron Afarian does wonders for the 
team! In the majority of the meets, 
he ran varsity and performed well. 

Boys' Spring Track 



The boys finished the 
season with a record of 6-2, 
suffering defeats from North 
Attleboro and Sharon. The 
team had a strong list of 
individuals that they could 
be sure to count on, 
including Peter Pollard, 
Jeremy O'Hara, 
Max Mucciarone, 
Mike Maloney, Josh Davis, 
Aaron Afarian, and 
Paul Ashman. With the 
graduation of Dan Delaiarro, 
Kevin McCollough, 

Todd Hession, Nick Nolan, 
and Shaun O'Neil, 
Coach Boucher continues to 
encourage his team to strive 
to become the best they can 

The boys were declared 
the League Champions 
during the winter season, 
and continued to display the 
determination required to be 
a top team in the league. 
Coaches Boucher and 
Kramer are looking forward 
to another successful season. 


Completely extended, Jeremy O'Hara stretches for a few extra inches. 
Although the long jump was not Jeremy's primary event, he placed numeroi 
times throughout the season. 

As Jeremy O'Hara launches the jav- 
elin, he hopes to continue to place in 
every dual meet. He ended up plac- 
ing sixth in the League, with a per- 
sonal best of 172' 8.5". 

To prepare for his one mile race, 
Phil MacNeil warms up around the 
track. He is an example of a true 
athlete who always tries, no matter 
what the circumstance is. 

Two of the KP coaches, Coaches 
Kramer and Boucher, try to rework 
the line up so that the boys will win. 
All of their work and contributions 
resulted in a winning track season 
for the boys. 

ii «ijm rtnr** 

Make a 




Us Them 
Stoughton 91 45 

Foxboro 82 


Franklin 97 


Sharon 57 


Oliver Ames 92 


N. Attleboro 52 


Canton 125 


Mansfield 78 



Back Row: Mike Duffy, Mike Maloney, Sean Hanrahan, Brian Hanssen, Matt Gibson, Max Mucciarone, 

Jeremy O'Hara, Dan Delaiarro, Andy Burger, Josh Brock, Chris Wagner, Ryan Shea, Amy Breitenbach, 

Coach Boucher. 

Middle Row: Dan Griffin, Kevin McCullough, Josh Davis, Jon Pond, Stephen Macropoulos, Aaron Afarian, 

Eric Meixner, Todd Hester, Andy Strauss, Paul Ashman, Carlo Pagliarini, Sean Callahan, Brian Daigle. 

Front Row: Ian Shaw, Dave Morris, Mike Chute, Todd Hession, Nick Nolan, Shaun O'Neil, Pete Pollard, 

Phil MacNeil, Reid Farmer, Jeff Perry. 


The King Philip Girls' Tennis Team ended the season with a 
4-12 record. All the girls worked hard throughout the whole 
season, and now the team looks forward to improving upon 
their overall record. The 1997 captains were 
Gina Bencivenga and Jessica Mele. The 1998 captains are 
Sarah Clapp and Caitlin Ehrlinger. Although the team lost 
many seniors, it still has team members like Liz Larson, 
Briana Short, Kerry McDermott, Caitlin Ehrlinger, 
Beth Curley, Courtney Murphy and Mary Dethavong . 

1997 Award Winners 

Unsung Hero: Courtney Shook 

MVP: Gina Bencivenga 

Most Improved: Sarah Clapp 

Newcomer of the Year: Courtney Murphy 

JV Player of the year: Beth Curley 

Girls 7 Tennis 


Even in the middle of a game, Mary Dethavong manages to keep a smile c 

her face. Her game continued to improve as the season progressed. 

> * ♦ r \ 1 

. « • *■ 




Racing back, Liz Larson anticipates 
the ball. Liz showed great leadership 
qualities her junior year. 


With arms extended, Sarah Clapp 
returns the ball. She was a key 
factor in every match that season. 


A series of warm up swings was 
customary for Courtney Murphy. 
Although Courtney was only a 
freshman, she was a tremendous 
help to the team. 


Awaiting the ball, Liz Larson is ready 

and waiting to drive it back. Liz's 

forehand was one of her strongest 



After hitting the ball, Beth Curley 

struggles to stay on her feet. Beth 

constantly put 100% effort into every 


1 Mt *'■ 1 


■ ■■^ ■:■%: 


.' ." ; , : : ; 

' t 1 ' i-i-t-l I 1 I 1 1 j J 


Us Them 


3 5 


4 2 

N. Attleboro 

1 3 


2 4 

Oliver Ames 

3 5 


1 3 


4 2 


1 3 


4 6 


1 3 

N. Attleboro 

2 4 


4 6 

Oliver Ames 

3 1 


1 3 


5 3 


2 4 




Back Row: Beth Curley, Liz Larson, Briana Short, Kerry McDermott, Caitlin Ehrlinger, Courtney Murphy, 

Coach Goldberg 

Front Row: Courtney Shook, Amy Sparks, Gina Bencivenga, Jess Mele, Kim Ferreira, Sarah Clapp 


Junior Wayne Dunne refuses to 
show the competition any mercy. 
Wayne's tenacity is marked by his 
intimidating posture. 

Freshman Aaron Bourke shows 
tenacity as he gets ready to unleash 
a devastating forehand. With talent 
like his, the boys look forward to 
many good years. 

1 ^^51^ 

Boys' Tennis 

Night Court 

The Boys' Tennis Team 
began its rebuilding process 
in 1996, and found out how 
bright the future truly is. 
Coach Tassinari, in his first 
year, had a young, competi- 
tive team, who had a strong 
work ethic and enthusiasm 
which carried them to a 4th 
place finish in the 
Hockomock League. 
Captains Jason Krouk and 
Keith Peterson, along with 
freshman sensation 
102 Aaron Bourke, were solid at 

all three singles spots, while 
Craig Blinten, 
Andrew Drowne, 
Bill Keighley, David Bluhm, 
and Jim Cassidy performed 
well in the doubles positions. 
Led by next year's captains 
Craig Blinten, 
Aaron Bourke, and 
Andrew Drowne, 
Coach Tassinari is expecting 
the team to compete seri- 
ously for a 1997 Hockomock 
League Championship, 
although they will still be in 
a rebuilding process. 

Prior to the opening serve, junior 
Dave Bluhm munches on a few 
potato chips. These carbohydrates 
helped play a role in the outcome of 
the match. 


Wearing his wind pants on a chil 
afternoon, Andrew Drowne pulve 
izes the ball. Andy will continue 
help the Warriors achieve a winnir 
season next year. 


An easy bounce for Andrew Drowne 
is returned with a forehand. Despite 
the pressure of the game, Andy con- 
tinues to keep his composure during 
the crucial part of his match. 


Prior to the start of a match, 
Tim Mele stares down his oppo- 
nent. Tim proved too much to 
handle through the majority of the 

After a match, Coach Tassinari 
analyzes Dave Bluhm's playing 
style. These personalized meetings 
were essential for keeping a strong 
bond between the coach and his 

Next Year! 

Us Them 

Canton 5 

Stoughton 3 2 

^^L ' M 

Oliver Ames 5 

^^^^ ' M 

N. Attleboro 5 

Mansfield 5 


Foxboro 5 

Franklin 4 1 

Sharon 5 

Canton 5 

Stoughton 4 1 

Oliver Ames 1 4 

N. Attleboro 2 3 

Mansfield 2 3 

Foxboro 3 2 

Franklin 5 

Sharon 5 


Back row: Coach Tassinari, David Lehan, Jimmy Cassidy, Jeff Richards, Wayne Dunne, Andrew Drowne 

Front row: Aaron Bourke, Josh Bhatti, Jason Krouk, Bill Keighley, Dave Bluhm, Craig Blinten 




The Football Team had a better 
season this year, than they have had 
in a long time. Part of their great 
season is due to the outstanding 
leadership of their captains, 
Ryan Denerley, Mike Cameron, 
John Darling, and Josh Turcotte. 
The football team really worked 
hard to accomplish much of their 

The Girls' Cross Country Team he 
an incredible season, winning the 
Hockomock. Their captains 
inspired their team to work hard ; 
gaining the necessary endurance i 
running distance. Seniors 
Katie O'Connor and 
Beth McLacklan and juniors 
Marit Davies, and Cathy Bright 
helped keep their team united. 


Tony Lorusso, Brett Heffernan, 
and Andy Chick are the captains of 
104 our prestigious golf team. To 
become better skilled at their 
techniques they have practiced 
everyday after school at the 
Franklin Country Club. 

You can always find these boys 
running around town after school. 
Peter Pollard and Mike Maloney are 
truly dedicated to the sport of 
running. The rest of the boys on 
cross are just as determined and it 
shows from their great season. 


Soccer players are known for their extreme 
devotion and agressive behaviors. They love 
planning team activities to get psyched for the 
game. At the head of these activities this year 
were Sarah Afarian, Lauren Hurley, and 
Jenni Boylan. These captains were always there 
to help out their teammates, either with moral 
support or actual physical support. 


Even in the coldest weather these girls are 
smiling pretty and cheering for their football 
team. They have tremendous enthusiam and 
spirit. The fall pep rally was a big success, thanks 
to Lauren Miller, Carolyne Gately and the rest 
of the cheerleaders. 


These three guys, Craig Blinten, 

Dave Miles and Eric Greene will be 

remembered as great captains for 
this year's soccer team. With fancy 
footwork and lots of stamina the 
soccer team impressed us all with 
their season. 


Each of the three field hockey 

captains brings her own unique 

talents to the team. 

Maggie Henderson, 

Julie MacPherson, and 

Jessie Greene gave much time and 

effort to support and excite their 



This year's field hockey sea- 
son was definitely a building year, 
having only three starters remain- 
ing from last year. The girls 
steadily got better, day by day, 
game by game, eventually tying 
many games. Most of the last 
matches were one goal losses. 

Several players were injured 
this season, making way for sev- 
eral new starting sophomores. The 
younger players on the team 
steadily improved on their skills. 
The future looks great for the 
team because of the experience of 
the young players, as well as the 
winning record of the Junior Var- 
sity and Freshman Teams. 

1997 Captains: Jessie Greene, 

Julie MacPherson, 
Maggie Henderson 
MVP: Becki Tower 
Unsung Hero: Jen Carey 
Hockomock Allstars: 

Becki Tower, Sarah Pavidis 

1998 Captains: 

Becki Tower, Kara Neviackas 


Back row: Shannon Ober, Laura Kraby, Darby-Lee Rose, 

Christine Holmes, Stephanie Gilbert, Joanna Balzer, Jessica Nelson, 

Emily Andreozzi, Kristin Kehrmeyer 

Front row: Erin Strauss, Kaitlyn O'Connell, Judy Mullaney, 

Jennifer Ryan, Stephanie Morris, Erin Conroy, Meredith Jones 

Field Hockey 


With a swift burst of energy, 
' Sarah Pavidis outraces her 
opponent to the ball. Pavidis will 
continue to be a key player for the 
team next year. 


Despite the loss to Mansfield, 
varsity goalie Courtney Howard is 
congratulated by teammates 
Sarah Pavidis and Jessie Greene. 

C 11 




Ready to Win 















N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 



















N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 






Back row: Lindsay Hannon, Becki Tower, Kaitlin Seigenberg, Kelly Walsh, Sarah Pavidis, Linda Labo, 

Coach Tower 

Middle row: Kelly Fagan, Courtney Howard, Joanne Thibault, Maggie Henderson, Jen Carey, Amy O'Connor, 

Allison Lodge, Diana Hadfield 

Front row: Courtney Murphy, Cathleen Collins, Jessie Greene, Tracy Lefebvre, Jenni Allen, Kara Neviackas, 

Allison Rice 


Back row: Jen Allen, Beth Curley, 

Rhianne Crowley, Krystal Buckley, 

Grace Becker, Kerry McDermott, 

Amy Smith, Kristina Robbins, 

Kelly Shaughnessy, Kylee Day, 

Becky Cochrane, Jillian Roache 

Middle row: Katrina Rench, 

Sally Converse, Casey Sias, 

Anne Marie Pfeffer, 

Dana Bontemps, Mary Caulfield, 

Rachael White 

Front row: Lauren Hall, 

Kellie Cronin, Erin Flynn, 

Kristy Flaherty 


The ball streaks to its destination after 
Vicki Tower makes her shot. Her 
strength was a dominating factor in 
every game. 



Don't stand in the way when 
Jen Carey is coming through. 
Defense was the specialty of this 
senior throughout the season. 




Back Row: Kelly Pender, Caitlin McHale, Hillary Hayes, Nadia Jackson, Beth Conroy, Meghan McHale, 

Patty Cronin, Erin Nowak, Melissa Curley, Rebecca Lamothe 

Middle Row: Kelly Wardner, Laurie Shaw, Lydia Helliwell, Kristen Hurley, Heather Astley, 

Elizabeth Kenny Boylan, Andrea Lyons 

Front Row: Lauren Hurley, Jenny Boylan, Sarah Afarian 

$m «* » 


% I \a 
















Mt. St. Charles 4 

N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 




















Celebrating another goal scored, 
King Philip's sideline cheers their 
team on to victory. These girls 
played with true spirit and pride in 
every game. 

After gaining control of the ball, 
Nadia Jackson fires it up the field. 
Nadia's defensive abilities were 
greatly appreciated by the team. 


Sprinting after the ball, senior 
captain Sarah Afarian is in control 
of the field. Sarah was a real threat 
to the other team as the striker. 


ick Row: Coach Miller, Tricia Dunne, Johanna Krouk, Crystal Rogers, 

ssica Morse, Kate Allen, Karyn Dinand, Kaela Goldstein, 

ndsay Dumont, Katie Andreozzi, Lisa Santucci 

iddle Row: Emily Ghosh, Caitlin Ehrlinger, Anne Correia, Meg Jordan, 

izabeth Burger, Chrissy Flynn, Kate Farren, Vicky Ferrara 

ont Row: Rosanne Boyle, Emily Holt, Rebecca MacDonald, 

nnifer Pulsone, Rachael MacKenzie, Katie Prevost 

The Girls' Varsity Soccer Team 
made history by winning the 
first Hockomock Champion- 
ship in Girls' Soccer. The team 
was led by Senior Tri-Captains 
Sarah Af arian, Jenny Boylan, 
and Lauren Hurley. KP had 
the highest scoring offense in 
the league, pouring in 89 goals 
past their opponents' goal- 
keepers. The defense, midfield, 
and goalkeepers controlled the 

majority of play and allowed 
only 1 1 goals in - the lowest in 
the Hockomock. KP has be- 
come one of the premier pro- 
grams in the state. The seniors 
will be dearly missed, but with 
only 3 spots to fill on the ros- 
ter, 1998 looks like it could be 
another great year for the girls. 
Congratulations on an out- 
standing season and good luck 
in the future. 

Hockomock Player of the Year- Patty Cronin - Scoring Champ Runner-up 

Hockomock Goalie of the Year - Beth Conroy 

All Hockomock Selection - Sarah Afarian 

All Hockomock Selection - Erin Nowak - Scoring Champ 

Bionic Women 

Girls' Soccer 

Displaying fancy ball handling, 
Lauren Hurley fakes out her 
opponent and takes a shot on net. 
Lauren showed her leadership both 
on and off the field. 

With a powerful strike, 
Patty Cronin places the ball in the ' 
corner of the net. She is All 
Hockomock in all of her three sports 
(softball, soccer, and basketball). 


Showing true determination, 
Jeremy O'Hara makes a geat diving 
save. It was moves like this that 
ensured success for this team. 


In spite of all the Foxboro players 
that surround him, senior captain 
Dave Miles manages to make a 
great header. Dave controlled the 
field as center half-back. 

Boys' Soccer 

The 1997 Boys' Varsity Soccer 
Team, under the direction of 
second year Coach Tassinari, 
fell within one point of 
repeating as Hockomock 
League Champions. After a 
history-making 1996 seaon, 
which saw the KP Boys' 
Soccer Team capture the first 
League Championship in the 
school's history, KP came 
back with another one of its 
finest seasons finishing 12-2- 
2. This veteran team had 
several seniors, many who 
t never played a varsity game 
until this year. Although 
losing several key seniors to 
raduation, suffering several 

key injuries, and not being 
expected to compete again 
for a championship, KP was 
still able to put togather 
another remarkable season. 
Captain Eric Greene was the 
Hockomock, League Scoring 
Champion, as well asa 
League All-Star. Junior 
David Elliott, Captain 
David Miles, and goalkeeper 
Jeremy O'Hara also repre- 
sented KP on the League's 
1997 All-Star Team. Overall 
KP scored 41 goals while 
only allowing 10, and once 
again qualified for the MIAA 
State Tournament (ranked 
8th in the South Region). 


Back row: David Ryan, Thorn Partridge, Jaron Goldstein, Mark Kenne; 

Andrew Burger, Helge Quickert, Jon Pond, Ben Davis, Shem Stygar, 

John Pepin 

Front row: Sean Cahalane, Andrew Drowne, Mark Hagen, Ian Shaw, 

Tim Mele 

Concentrating only on the ball, 
Eric Greene takes a powerful shot 
at the Foxboro goal. Moves like this 
made it impossible for teams like 
Foxboro to win. 

WE'RE #1 

Showing who's the best in the 

League, KP is ready to win another 

game. The King Philip team played 

every game with the hearts of 


Back row: Jaime Marks, 
Matt Sanchez, Keith Monahan, 
Justin Setter, Coach Agoros 
Middle row: Brian Bocock, 
Chris Rice, Mike Ferrara, 
Ryan Pinsoneault, Josh Gould, 
Jon Bluhm, Frank Cook 
Front row: Anthony Fenny, 
Mike Reiger, Matt Lupfer, 
Matt Griffith, Kevin Healey 

2nd ^ ^ League 
















Mt. St. Charles 

N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 




















N. Attleboro 


Olvier Ames 






Plymouth S. 



12 4 
Wins Ties 



Back row: Coach Tassinari, Brian Tetreault, Scott Tooker, Josh Davis, Josh Bhatti, Jeremy O'Hara, Max Mucciarone, 

Stephen Macropoulos, David Elliot, Paul Elliot 

Middle row: Greg Croteau, Brian DelGrosso, Mike Griffith, Wayne Dunne, George Labonte, Scott Dowling, 

David Bluhm, Chris Sims 

Front row: Mike Chute, Eric Greene, Craig Blinten, David Miles, Garrett Rose, Keith Healey 


During the Homecoming game, 
King Philip players form a huddle 
to discuss their next play. Home- 
coming was played in extremely 
poor weather which turned the 
competition into a running game. 


Prior to the snap, senior quarterback 
John Darling gives the final 
instructions to his teammates. John 
had the ability to launch the ball 
while maintaining accuracy. 

Junior Dave Purpura takes a 
glimpse at the opposition. Dave has 
shown dramatic improvement the 
past few years and has become a top 
player for KP. 

.'TV- J>>.^T Ik. 



Back Row: Coach Landers , Josh Cooney, Mike Costello, Paul Lapierre, Josh Brock, Nick Katapodis, Mike Toledo, Coach Brock, Coach Lacasse 

Fourth Row: Eddie Poles, Jesse Keene, Pete Lown, Brian Hamlin, Lewis Calzaretta, Chris Wagner, Chuck Stone, Matt Webber 

Third Row: Mike Duffey, Wayne Stokes, Shaun Foster, Jason Cunnane, Troy Howard, Mark Darling, Jim Cray, Tim Moore 

Second Row: Coach Reardon, Chris Thomas, Jay Bernardini, Luke McCullough, Dave Purpura, Darren O'Brien, Ryan Denerley, Matt McCabe, 

Larry Grant 

First Row: Coach Finase, Ken Rooney, Mike Cameron, John Darling, Mark Mitcham, Josh Turcotte, Jay Roache, Ryan Clutterbuck, Brad Kazarian, 

Coach Tatupu 

High Hopes 

















N. Attleboro 








Oliver Ames 



Whittier V.T. 41 










; Row: Matt Tierney, Jarrod Hebert, Mike Walsh, Lofa Tatupu 

d Row: Mgr. Mike Bading, Steve Wason, George Yousif, Chris McNamara 

e McCullough, Scott Amidon, Andy Howard, Chris Mahoney 

nd Row: James Brady, Cliff Basset, Derek Rose, Brian McLellan, 

n Gulino, Jason Bellavance, Matt Callahan, Bill Robertson 

* Row: Coach Reardon, Chris Darling, Kyle Fiske, Eric McDonald, 

Genovese, Andy Croteau, Steve Shaw, Matt Pieroway 

With no other option available, 
John Darling makes a rush toward 
the end zone. The team provided 
him with plenty of room to 
maneuver in this play. 

After sacking Canton's quarterback, 
senior Mike Cameron takes a short 
break. Speaking of his teammates, 
Mike said, We worked well together 
and had a good season. 



The 1997 King Philip War- 
riors won four of ten games, 
a feat which brought back 
pride and renewed hope for 
a brighter future ahead. 
John Darling, a senior 
quarterback and captain 
remarked, Even with the loss 
of many seniors, the team will 
continue to improve. 
Mike Cameron and 
Josh Turcotte led a young 
and improving Warrior team 
to victories over Somerset, 
Bellingham, Canton and 
Whittier Tech. A win on 

Thanksgiving would have 
given the magnificent seven 
seniors, who also include 
Jason Roach, Ken Rooney, 
Mark Mitcham and 
Ryan Clutterbuck a great 
send off. But that was not to 
be. Despite the one point loss 
to Franklin, the crowd 
applauded these seniors for 
their hard work, commit- 
ment and leadership. The 
King Philip coaching staff 
would also like to thank each 
of these young men and wish U3 
them all success. 


Back Row: Coach Kramer, Melissa McLacklan, Allison Milld, Christina Knowles, Jayme Fitzgibbon, 

Coach Boucher 

Middle Row: Danielle White, Melanie King, Julie Santabarbara, Kim Smith 

Front Row: Cathy Bright, Marit Davies, Katie O'Connor, Beth McLacklan 
















Oliver Ames 












N. Attleboro 






K.P. girls Katie O'Conner, 

Allison Milld, and Kim Smith get 

ready to kick butt. These three had 
no problem running the competition 
into the ground. 


While in mid stride, Cathy Bright 
focuses forward. She displayed great 
leadership her junior year. 

In yet another meet, Kim Smith and 
Melissa McLacklan, prove too 
tough for the competition. These 
two exchanged positions through- 
out the season while greatly 
assisting the team. 



Even after establishing her position, 

Allison Milld continues to push the 

pace. Allison was constantly a top 

runner that the girls could depend 



After a fast start, Jayme Fitzgibbon 
rounds a sharp corner. As a 
freshman, she proved she will be an 
asset to the team in future years. 


-ior to the start of the tri-meet, Cathy Bright, Marit Davies, 

atie O'Conner, and Beth McLacklan pose for a picture. These four 

•.ptains led the girls' team to a tie for the girls' championship. 

Girls 7 Cross Country 

Step By Step 

The Girls' Cross Country 
team had a strong season 
under Coaches Boucher and 
Kramer. They finished the 
season in a three way tie for 
first with a record of 7-1, 
their only loss coming at the 
hands of Oliver Ames. 

Seniors Katie O'Connor 
and Beth McLacklan alter- 
nated running positions 
throughout the season. 
Junior Kim Smith, sopho- 
more Allison Milld, and 

freshman Melissa McLacklan 

were all great contributors to 
the team throughout the 
season. In the upcoming 
year, freshman 
Jayme Fitzgibbon will 
continue to improve and 
greatly assist the Warriors. 

Next season, the Warriors 
will continue to be the team 
to beat. A successful team is 
inevitable and another 
championship is just around 
the corner. 


Before going out to destroy the 
competition once again, seniors 
Tim Oldread, Mike Maloney, 
Dan Pennini, Phil Breitenbach, and 
Anush Patel pose for a final picture. 



The team encircles each other before 
the championship meet. Team unity 
was a part of every meet. 


Awaiting the gun, 

Tim Oldread shows the tenacity 

that will lead him to victory. He was 

the undisputed J.V. league champ. 

*k_ \A 





Back Row: Coach Kramer, Paul Ashman, Phil Breitenbach, Anush Patel, Mike Maloney, George Bent, 

Tim Oldread, Dan Pennini, Coach Boucher 

Middle Row: Will Raymond, Jeff Perry, Andy Strauss, Brian Daigle, Greg King, Todd Hester, Aaron Afarian 

Front Row: Eric Meixner, Kevin Breitenbach, Phil MacNeil, Shaun Callahan, Carlo Pagliarini, Brendan Halpin 


Us Them 

Mansfield 16 


Stoughton 16 


Canton 17 


Oliver Ames 34 


Foxboro 28 


Stoughton 15 


Franklin 16 


N. Attleboro 18 


Sharon 22 


7 1 
Wins Loss 

vf ter a grueling race, Shaun Callahan 
rosses the finish line. Shaun showed 
reat improvement during his sopho- 
iore year and will be a great asset to 
ext year's team. 

As a freshman, Brendan Halpin 
added more depth to the X-C team. 
In the upcoming years, he will 
surely be a star. 


K.P. constantly worked as a team. 
Here, Peter Pollard seems to be 
enjoying the company of his 
teammates, Mike Maloney and 
Paul Ashman. 


The last few strides are some of the 
toughest. Anush Patel, a member of 
the team since freshman year, 
shows the pain. 

Boys' Cross Country 

Route 66 

The King Philip Boys' 
Cross Country team enjoyed 
great success this season. 
Their only loss was to rival 
Oliver Ames. 

At the end of every race 
the team had a strong pack of 
finishers, runners like 
Peter Pollard, Dan Pennini, 
Aaron Afarian, Paul Ashman, 
Mike Maloney, and 
Will Raymond. Despite the 
one loss in the season, the 

boys were still considered 
one of the top teams in the 

With the graduation of 
many top runners, Coaches 
Boucher and Kramer are 
expecting the underclassmen 
to pick up their level of 
running. They expect to 
continue to be a top con- 
tender for the League Title. 
Congratulations on a fine 
season and Let the tradition 



Nice and easy, Scott Wardner puts 
the ball into the hole. Scott im- 
proved tremendously throughout 
the season. 


With a powerful swing, 
Anthony Lorusso takes a couple of 
practices. Anthony always managed 
to get the ball on the foreway. 


The Masters 

The 1997 King Philip Golf 
Team under Coach Cosentino 
finished the season with a 
record of 0-15-1. Captains of 
the team included Tony Lorusso 
and Andy Chick. They 
displayed the leadership 
necessary to help run a team. 

With the graduation of 
Anthony Lorusso and 
Brett Heffernan, 
Coach Cosentino will again 
look to Andy in a leadership 
role. He will also be expecting 
Justin Guard, Jeff Viola, 

Stan Lewicki, and 

Frank Garofalo to step up. 

The team improved their 
depth with the addition of 
Mike Kenney, Chris Smith, 
and Scott Wardner, all coming 
out for the team as freshmen. 

The team consists of young, 
undeveloped talent which will 
continue to improve as the 
years go by. Coach Cosentino 
is looking forward to develop- 
ing these talents in the next few 


Studying the hole carefully, Stan Lewicki prepares to hit the ball in and score 

a birdie. Stan's ability in putting was greatly appreciated by the team. 


Next Year?... 

Us Tl 




N. Attleboro 











Oliver Ames 







N. Attleboro 









Oliver Ames 




After hitting the ball into a second 
pit, Stan Lewicki tries to get back 
onto the green. Stan was an 
important asset to the team. 


With a strong swing, 

Andy Chick launches the ball onto 

the fairway. Andy was a key team 

player this year. 


Totally focused on the ball, 

Jeff Viola successfully gets another 

birdie. Jeff proved to be a true 

leader of the team. 


Using his pitching wedge, Michael Kenney nicely hits the ball for an eagle. 

Mike displayed the talent he possesses throughout this, his freshman year. 


Tie Losses 


Back Row: Kristen Hall, 

Melissa Steverman, 

Rachael Marcotte 

Front Row: Jennifer Moore, 

Kimberly Cox, Kate Martin 



Back Row: Coach Buchanio, Victoria White, Heather Hayes, Megan Lloyd, Julie Poirier, Becky Stanley 
Middle Row: Brandy Mackey, Anna Boulet, Jennifer Leach, Teri Struzzieri, Marianne Pellegrino 
Front Row: Michelle Cardin, Carolyn Gately, Lauren Miller, Elizabeth Goodblood 

Awaiting the Homecoming 
King and Queen, Julie Poirier 
and Marianne Pellegrino give 
a cheer. The welcome was 
greatly appreciated. 


)uring the Homecoming game against the Stoughton Knights, 
ennifer Leach and Becky Stanley cheer the football team on from the 
ideline. Whether it was sunshine or rain, these girls gave it their all. 


This year's captains are 

Carolyne Gately and 

Lauren Miller. Throughout the 

season, they showed true leadership 

qualities as well as great smiles. 


In the middle of one of their tough 
practices, the girls take a short break 
to relax. The hard work at practices 
paid off during the games as they 
performed their cheers flawlessly. 

Fall Cheerleading 

Golden Girls 

During the 1997 season, the 
King Philip Fall Cheerleading 
Squad showed much spirit as 
they cheered on the football 
team. Under the guidance and 
direction of Coach Buchanio, 
the girls had a fun, yet chal- 
lenging season. The squad was 
faced with several problems at 

the beginning of the year. 
Many of the girls were either 
sick or injured. Despite these 
problems, they never lost their 
passion or pride. Their enthu- 
siasm was clearly seen as they 
cheered the team on from the 
sidelines no matter what the 
conditions were. 




Hockey is a rough sport, but these 
three guys do not seem to mind. 
Dave Purpura, Keith LaValley, and 
Dave Lehan were the ice hockey 
captains this year. Practicing at 5 in 
the morning is no easy task, but 
these determined guys made sure 
their teammates arrived on time. 
This dedication paid off, and the 
hockey team had a great season. 


Gymnasts need to be committed, 
and hardworking, not to mention 
flexible. Adriana Ouimet and 
Justine King are the two flexible 
captains of gymnastics. They were, 
however, not flexible about hard- 
work. They know practice is a must 
to be a good gymnast. 


Lauren Hurley, Sarah Afarian, 
Katie O'Connor, 
Kaitlin Seigenberg exhibited 
i amazing school spirit and 
leadership qualities, throughout 
their four years at KP. 

Point guard John Darling and center 
John Verdeaux made a great team 
on and off the court this year. They 
make up for their differences in 
height by their similiar attitudes 
towards the game. 


-•-.<:'-:. T 



1 ' 





These four boys may look goofy now, but they 

really can run. This year Eric Greene, 

Max Mucciarone, Dave Miles, and Peter Pollard 

led the Boys' Track Team through a great season. 
These guys know what it means to work and 
practice hard. For this reason, they are not only 
respected for their determination, but also for 
their great attitudes. 


These guys continually practice to stay in the 
physical condition required by this demanding 
sport. Michael Chute and David Fogg are this 
year's Senior Captains. Mike states, Hard work 
will bring the team to where they want to be. 


may have some ups and downs, but King Philip's Winter Cheerleaders 
ave too much spirit to care about the downs. Beth Goodblood and 
racey Lefebvre are the captains this winter. Go! Team! Go! 


This year's captains, Kara O'Neil, Kim Hadfield, and Shannon Brock, 

brought their team together in order to have a fantastic season. 



For the first time in King 
Philip history, the Girls' 
Basketball Team won the 
Hockomock League Champi- 
onship! With a record of 
16-2 in the league, the girls 
displayed determination and 
hard work all season. 

The team started off the 
year with a record of 8-0. The 
Boston Globe ranked the 
girls' team 5th in the Top 20 
teams in Eastern Massachu- 
setts. Over Christmas 
vacation, the team won the 
Norton Tournament, with 
Kara O'Neil earning MVP 
honors and Kim Hadfield 
and Patty Cronin being 
chosen for the All-Tourna- 

ment team. 

Sarah Pavidis continued 
to improve throughout the 
season, and Shannon Brock 
remained consistent and 
played an important role all 
year. Becki Tower had some 
really big games for the team 
and Beth Conroy worked 
hard on the boards. This was 
Kelly Wardner's first year on 
varsity, but she helped the 
team in many ways. 

Everyone on the King 
Philip Girls' Basketball Team 
contributed a great deal. The 
team also qualified for the 
State Tournament for the 4th 
consecutive year! Good luck 


Front Row: Joanna Balzaar, Desiree Bliss, Lindsey Conroy, Kara Murphy, 

and Kylee Day. 

Back Row: Hilary Hayes, Kelly Fagan, Megan McHale, and Kelly Walsh. 

Inside Stuff 

Girls' Basketball 


Kim Hadfield, tri-captain, takes a 
' shot from the right corner. This 
shot is considered one of the hardest 
in basketball, but she makes it 

SPLIT 'EM #23 

Patty Cronin takes flight as she 
drives to the basket for a lay-up. 
Patty is the starting point guard for 
the Girls' Basketball Team. 

Shannon Brock is one of the senior 
tri-captains. She plays the guard 
position and uses her good court 
sense to take the ball to the basket 
when necessary. 


Back Row: Kara Neviackas, Nadia Jackson, Sarah Pavidis, Becki Tower, Beth Conroy, 

Patty Cronin, Coach Schmidt 

Front Row: Elissa Madden, Captain Shannon Brock, Captain Kara O'Neil, Captain Kim Hadf ield, 

Kelly Wardner 


Kara O'Neil soars to the basket as she 
powerfully blows by her defender. 
She is a senior tri-captain and has 
been a key player and leader on the 
varsity team since her freshman year. 


Back Row: Andrea Lyons, 

Jessica Nelson, 

Rebecca MacDonald, 

Kaela Goldstein, Katy Cove, 

Courtney Howard, Katy Prevost, 

Mr. Kummer 

Front Row: Whitney Griffin, 

Lydia Helliwell, Nicki LaPointe, 

Stephanie Griffen, Merideth Jones 

Sarah Pavidis plays center on the 
team, but she is only 5'7"! To make 
up for her disadvantage in height she 
uses her incredible strength to intimi- 
date her opponents and control the 



With strength and determination, 

junior Matt McCabe goes up for the 

shot. Matt is known for his 

aggressive nature especially when 


Freshman Mike McCabe maintains 
control of the ball, while shielding 
his man from the ball. Mike is a 
starter and has shown a lot of 
potential. It is certain he will be an 
important player for the team over 
the next three years. 

Coach Ruggiero gives his team 
instructions, constructive criticism, 
and inspiration during a time out. 
This is valuable time for psyching 
up a tired team. 



Back Row: Coach Geno, Coach Daniels , Mark Kenney, Matt McCabe, Erik Beloff, Luke McCullough, 

Greg Beloff, Coach Ruggiero 

Front Row: Brian Hamlin, Mike Costa, John Verdeaux, John Darling, Mike McCabe 

Junior Luke McMullough fends off 
two defensive players to make a drive 
to the basket. He is a versatile player, 
being able to play the one, two and 
three spot. 


3ack Row: Coach Peckham, Mike McCullough, Derek Rose, Mike Rieger, 

Vlatt Pieroway 

7 ront Row: Mosiula Tatupu, Brian McClellan, Chris Darling, Keith 

VIonahan, Jaron Goldstein 

Captain John Verdeaux goes up 
strongly, after he outmaneuvers his 
man. As a four year starter, he has 
gained much experience and has 
developed into an excellent player. 

As captain and point guard, 
John Darling brings the ball down 
while directing the offense. He 
showed great leadership and shared 
his determination with the team. 

Boys Basketball 

Hang Time 

The Boys' Basketball record for this 
season does not tell the whole story. 
This year the team was young and 
somewhat inexperienced, but what 
they lacked in experience they made 
up for in effort and commitment. As 
reported by captain John Verdeaux, 
Everyone took pride in the team and put 
forth a positive attitude. 

John Darling and Verdeaux made 
great role models and leaders. They 
treated all the players as friends, as 
well as teammates. The two captains 
not only improved their team, but 
they also worked hard to improve 
themselves. Over the past four years, 
Verdeaux has become a much 
stronger and more knowledgeable 
player. This year he led the team in 
scoring and in rebounds. Point 
guard Darling led the team in assists. 
During each game he played his heart 
out and was a real inspiration when it 
came to being mentally tough and 
prepared for the game. 

The juniors on the team were 
important contributors. 

Luke McCullough played tough 
defense, which kept K.P. in the 
games. He also lead the team in free 
throw percentages. Erik Beloff came 
off an eleven game suspension to help 
the team in scoring and in rebound- 
ing. Matt McCabe transferred to K.P. 
just this year. His determination 
enabled him to get the job done in 
every game he played. 

There were also three sophomores 
on the team, who made outstanding 
contributions. Mike Costello, was a 
good inside presence in the paint and 
knew how to run the floor. 
Brian Hamlin also had a strong 
presence throughout the games. He 
was a very strong and aggressive 
rebounder. Mark Kenney has made 
great strides from last year. Through- 
out the whole season he was able to 
make key shots. 

Freshman, Mike McCabe, 
immediately took a varsity starting 
position. He is an excellent shooter 
and should have a great impact on the 
team in years to come. 



Back Row: Holly Ciavattone, Alyssa Delaiarro, Adriana Ouimet, Jen Monty, Anne Marie Pfeffer, 

Coach Simpson 

Middle Row: Jen Krewko, Rhianne Crowley, Tara Nyborn, Rachael Marcotte, Julie Poirer, Rachel Kelley, 

Coach Buffy 

Front Row: Lauren Woessner, Jesse Morse, Kristin Kehrmeyer, Kate Martin, Amy Smith 

Working hard, Lauren Woessner 
manages to keep her balance atop 
the high beam. Perfecting every 
move is essential in each competi- 


Captains Alyssa Delaiarro, 
Adriana Ouimet, and 
Anne Marie Pfeffer are great role 
models, teammates, and motivators. 
They work strenuously with the 
team nightly to plan their routines. 

Junior Rachel Kelley stretches back- 
ward in an attempt to complete her 
back walkover on the high beam. This, 
among many other elements, is what 
boosts the team's score. 

Sophomore Rhianne Crowley 

shows her flexibility on the floor. 
Rhianne is among the many 
gymnasts who can bend the way 
most of us can only dream of. 


n Monty, Adriana Ouimet, Amy Smith, Lauren Woessner, Kate Martin, 
I lyssa Delaiarro, Jessie Morse, Tara Nyborn, Jen Krewko, 
i me Marie Pfef fer, and Rachel Kelley pile on top of each other prior to a 
i eet. 

w ~ 

^^^^■K^ ■ "* 

1 ^Hr *^^^^ 


'!»' '•*' 


* ** ^ | 


A V 

HK" " 


I. *A 






%> ' 



j w mjj^fmm 







The girls gymnastics team 
again enjoyed a successful 
season under Coach Buffy. 
The team's captains, juniors 
Alyssa Delaiarro and 
Anne Marie Pfeffer, along 
with senior Adriana Ouimet, 
provided the encouragement 
and support necessary for 

The high beam, floor 
exercise, vault, and uneven 
bars all provided challenges 
which were met with enthu- 

siasm by each member of 
the team. 

Other members of the 
team were Holly Ciavattone, 
Jen Krewko, Jesse Morse, 
and Rachel Kelley. Each one 
of these members will be 
back again next year to 
watch the team prosper. 

The team had immense 
depth and will continue to 
show improvement in 
upcoming years. 




Freshmen Kristen Kehrmeyer and 
Rachel Marcotte pose creatively for 
the camera. This is one of the few 
times the hard working team gets to 
take a break. 

The uneven bars is one of the tough- ^9 
est events in gymnastics. It requires r 
strength, endurance, and excellent 
hand-eye coordination as Jen Monty 
clearly demonstrates here. 

Co-Captain sophomore 
Matt Poletto attempts to force his 
opponent to his back. Matt has 
proved to be an excellent tactition. 
He always is able to nail his moves. 

Senior Captain Mike Chute clutches 
his opponent to avoid being taken 
down. Mike was incredibly quick 
off the whistle and constantly took 
advantage with his fire feet. 


Royal Rumble 


The 1998 King Philip Wrestling Team 
consisted of a mere nine indidviduals. 
As a result, they were forced to 
forfeit many weight classes. But the 
tenacity they displayed went 
unmatched. Each punishing practice 
proved worthwhile. 

The 103 pound freshman Ben Sias 
immediately took a varsity spot. 
Matt Sanchez continued to improve 
throughout the season in the 189 
pound class. Jed Perry also proved 
an asset to the team claiming the 215 
class. Late in the season the team 
was fortunate enough to gain 
Mike Walsh. These four freshmen 
are the future of the team and will 
help the team prosper. 

The sophomore class is represented 
by three veterans, Bob Carey, 
Nick Katapodis, and Matt Poletto. 
Bob and Nick alternated the 152 class 
while Matt claimed the 160 class. The 
trio had an impressive win column 

and countered it with few losses. 

Senior Mike Chute continued to take 
advantage of his explosive hips to 
power past the opposition. After the 
graduation of Mike, the Chutes will 
continue to remain a part of the 
program with Mike's younger 
sibling, Richie. Richie has taken an 
active part in the sport for the past 
two years and will surely take a 
varsity spot next year. 

Senior rookie Mike Maloney made 
his debut this season. Mike switched 
sports this winter and immediately 
claimed the 171 class. 

The coaching staff was superb. 
Coach Lasky's experience went 
unmatched. The team was very 
fortunate to be exposed to new and 
challenging moves on a daily basis. 
Rocky Lovely, a former K.P. 
standout also assisted Lasky in the 
coaching corner. 

Yes, the King Philip wrestlers are buff. Matt Poletto, Mike Maloney, 
Mike Walsh, Bob Carey, and Mike Chute strut their stuff. Even wrestlers 
need to goof off after a grueling session of practice. 

Mike Maloney gives his opponent 
no place to go, but down. Mike 
placed fourth his first year at the 
Hockomock Championship because 
of his commitment to the team. 

Freshman Ben Sias finishes his take 
down, for two points, with a strong 
thrust. Ben continued to improve as 
the season progressed and will 
certainly be an asset to the team in 
the future. 

After breaking his opponent down, 
Bob Carey successfully attempts to 
run a pipe wrench. Bob has truly 
been an inspiration. His refusal to 
lose is a very admirable trait. 

I fl 

WLW' '■■::::■. ■■■■■ '^flj ^L-W^ ' ^T* ^ *uBS 

B fl 

i J Bk. .jM fl fl 


■fl A\W 

A l< Jabi 

■fl fli fl 

J, 1 ' . :ffa. Mm ' «L 
Mr ' Mv I- 

flW m Ifl ' ' 

fll B fl 

j^fl ^^B ' fl ^B fl ■ 


flWflB flflflflM 

Am\mk\\ W AmwM 1 

Newcomer, Jed Perry, receives a 
helping hand after an especially 
tough match. Jed is in a very tough 
weight class and has demonstrated 
the potential needed to be success- 


Back row: Coach Lasky, Matt Sanchez, Matt Poletto, Mike Maloney, Mike Walsh, 

Assistant Coach Lovely, Manager Katrina Rench 

Front row: Bob Carey, Jed Perry, Nick Katapodis, Ben Sias, Mike Chute 


The King Philip Girls' Indoor 
Track team once again had an 
extremely successful season. 
Led by Coaches Boucher, 
Kramer, and Sorrento, the girls 
ran, jumped, and threw their 
way towards their fourth 
consecutive Hockomock League 

The Seniors Captains on the team, 
Sarah Afarian, Lauren Hurley, 
Kaitlin Seigenberg, and 
Katie O'Connor, and senior 
teammates Cathleen Collins, 
Sarah Conley, Vicki Tower, 
and Justine King have never 
lost an indoor track meet. 
Conley, Tower, and King were 
part of the shot put team that 
swept that event in the team's 
most important meet of the 

season against Franklin. Collins 
was the team's top hurdler this 
year, and Seigenberg once again 
shone in the sprinting events by 
winning the 50 meter and 300 
meter races numerous times. 
O'Connor, Hurley, and Afarian 
were three of the team's top 
distance runners as they cruised 
to many victories in the 600 m., 
1000 m. and the 4 by 400 m. races. 
The team finished its tri-meet 
season with a 7-0-1 record 
(including a tie with Franklin) 
and share a Hockomock League 
Championship with Franklin. 
Throughout the entire season 
the team worked extremely 
hard to achieve their victories, 
and certainly there will be many 
more in the years to come. 

Road Runner 

Girls' Winter Track 


After the girls claimed the Hockomock title for the fourth consecutive yea 
they celebrate on the return home. They have worked long and hard to achie\ 
many personal and team goals . The seniors can now graduate with a record ( 
31-0-4.... Congratulations. 



9* \ am 

iMbW^MMM F mytfi 


Freshman Melissa McLacklan and 
' sophomore Allison Milld start to 
pull away from the competition. 
These underclassmen will continue 
to ensure the success of the team. 

Senior Katie O'Connor has been 
outmatching her competitors since 
her freshman year. Her strong will 
and determination have seen her 
accomplish numerous goals. 


Freshman Elizabeth Burger, after a 

big stride, leaps over the hurdle. Liz 

showed improvement throughout 

the season and will continue to be 

an asset to the team in upcoming 



Back Row: Mgr. Amy Breitenbach, Coach Boucher, Liz Edwards, Heather Astley, Ann Correia, Cathy Bright, 

Kim Smith, Erika Litvin, Rachel MacKenzie, Micah Jackson, Heather Bronsdon, Emily Holt, 

Elizabeth Kinney, Melissa McLacklan, Coach Kramer, Coach Sorrento 

Third Row: April Barker, Lauren Hall, Melissa Putt, Tina Gagas, Lindsay Hannon, Elizabeth Burger, 

Liz Johnson, Liz Flannery, Roseanne Boyle, Stephanie Hayes, Lisa Santucci, Allison Shook, Kate Andreozzi 

Second Row: Rachel White, Kerry McDermott, Allison Milld, Mary Caulfield, Kelly Shaughnessy, 

Kristen Hurley, Grace Becker, Kate Allen, Kristen Hooker, Erin Flynn, Jen Ryan, Beth Curley 

Front Row: Ericka Kim, Justine King, Vicki Tower, Kaitlin Seigenberg, Lauren Hurley, Sarah Afarian, 

Katie O'Connor, Cathleen Collins, Sarah Conley, Stephanie Gilbert 

Freshman Stephanie Gilbert, with 
arms extended, leaps over the high 
ump bar. Stephanie proved that she 
had what it took to take a varsity 
spot her first year. 

1-2-3 HEAVE 

The eight pound shotput goes for a 
ride after being released by senior 
Sarah Conley. Sarah spent many 
hours training in the weight room to 
prepare herself for each competition. 


Seniors Sarah Afarian and 
Lauren Hurley pick up the pace in 
the last lap to combine for the 1-2 
finish. These two have been 
members of the K.P. dynasty since 
their freshman year. 


Notice how frustrated the 
Mansfield runner looks, and how 
confident our runner, Peter Pollard, 
looks. Peter has excelled not only in 
the league, but in the state, as well. 


Senior Brian Murphy propels the 
twelve pound shotput forward. In 
his hands, shot put looks like an easy 
event. Brian is one of King Philip's 
best throwers. 


More than just a pretty boy, 

Jonathan Pond, goes up and over 

the high bar. Jon is a sophomore, 

who has a promising future on the 



tSl, n a w Itq ^g 




Back Row: Amy Breitenbach, Coach Boucher, Andy Croteau, Chris Wagner, Mike Toledo, Eric Meixner, 

Brian Murphy, Jeremy O'Hara, Todd Hester, Dave Ryan, Carlo Pagliarini, Coach Kramer, Coach Sorrento 

Third Row: Mark Hagen, Jon Pond, Chris Sims, Andy Strauss, Dave Willis, Helge Quickert, 

Paul Hasenfus, Josh Davis, Ryan Clutterbuck, Brian Daigle 

Second Row: Kevin Breitenbach, Greg Croteau, Brendan Halpin, Andy Burger, Jeff Perry, Frank Cook, 

Will Raymond, Aaron Afarian, Sean Cahalane, Scott Tooker 

Front Row: Matt Gibson, Eric Greene, Max Mucciarone, Pete Pollard, Dan Pennini, Alex Yeremenko, 

Phil MacNeil 

Freshman, Andrew Croteau, is 

practicing his starts right before his 
race. With determination like this, 
Andy is sure to be a great runner . 


With ease and skill, senior Max Mucciarone clears the high jump. Max has 
seen an important member of the track team for four years, serving this 
/ear as one of the four captains of the team. 

This senior trackie, Eric Greene, is 
running hard in order to beat his 
opponents. Eric has done really well 
this season in both the 600 and 1000 
meter races. 

Ryan Clutterbuck races to the finish 
with great speed to beat the school 
record in the 50 meter dash. In such 
as short race there's no time to make 
a mistake and recover to win. 

Boys 7 Winter Track 

Speed Racer 

The Boys' Indoor Track 
Team again captured the 
Hockomock title with a 
league record of 8-0. The 
team's captains consisted of 
four veterans, Max Mucciarone, 
Peter Pollard, Dan Pennini, 
and Eric Greene. 

Coaches Boucher and 
Kramer again took control 
this season as the coaches of 
the sprinting and distance 
teams. Coach Sorrento 
continued to improve the 
muscle mass of his throwers 
as the weight coach. 
The team's large size went 

unmatched throughout the 
league and most of the state. 
Other seniors included 
Greg Croteau, Matt Gibson, 
Brian Murphy, Jeremy O'Hara, 
Ryan Clutterbuck, and 
Alex Yeremenko. 

The depth of the team was 
immense. Chris Wagner 
provided the team with an 
extra boost, as did 
Paul Hasenfus, Josh Davis, 
Andy Croteau, and 
Aaron Afarian. With depth 
like this, the continued 
success of the team is 



Back Row: Coach MacDonald, Coach Killean, Andy Chick, Derek Darling, Tom Converse, Chuck Stone, 
Eric Boulter, Jarrod Hagen, Michael Laliberte, Brian Muse, Jim Demone, Matt Mackey, Coach Piotti 
Front Row: Michael Kraby, Nick Ray, Chris Delgrosso, Keith La Valley, David Lehan, David Purpura, 
Scott Wardner, Jamie Marks 

Gaining control of the puck, 
sophomore talent, Jarrod Hagen 
clears the puck up the ice to his 
awaiting wing. Jarrod was honore 
by making the Sophomore Easten 
All-Star Team along with fellow 
teammate Jim Demone. 


Demonstrating his great skating 
abilities, Jamie Marks races by the 
Mansfield defense. In only his 
freshman year, Jamie plays an 
important role in the Warriors' 

Captain Keith (Moose) LaValley 

heads after the puck in hopes of 
scoring another goal for the 
Warriors. As the only senior on this 
young team, Keith demonstrates 
clearly how he can be a true leader. 


Assistant Captain David Purpura is 

determined to get control of the 

puck. Dave's defensive abilities 

were greatly appreciated by the 



' )avid Lehan demonstrates his great goal-tending skills as he stops another 

uck from going into the net. David is a team leader and the Second 
' issistant Captain of the Warrior team. 


Led by the captain and only 
senior, Keith La Valley, the 
Warriors had a very solid 
rebuilding season. Their 
year began with KP's historic 
first-ever victory in the 
Bellingham tournament 
beating them 7 to 3. Tying a 
well-respected team such as 
Canton gave them a boost to 
start the second half of their 
season. Assistant Captain 
David Lehan, KP's starting 

goalie, played solidly all year 
with help from hard-hitting, 
all star defenseman 
Jarrod Hagen. They were 
able to keep KP in every 
game. The Warrriors' future 
looks very bright with such 
young talented players as 
sophomores Jim Demone 
and Brian Muse and fresh- 
men Jamie Marks and 
Eric Boulter. 

Mighty Ducks 



Sophomore Brian Muse is a deadly 

threat to the other team in his center 

position. The Warriors' future looks 

bright with players like Brian on the 



Before the start of the game, the 
Warriors gather around their goal to ' 
get pumped for their match against 

The girls do a routine during the 
Winter Pep Rally. They demon- 
strated mounts and lifts. But when 
Beth Goodblood was thrown 
skyward the crowd cheered. 

Brandy Mackey and Vicki White 

give a loud cheer for the boys. 
These two girls have been cheering 
for three years and really know how 
to get the crowd going. 

Winter Cheerleading 

Sweet Valley High 


The 1998 Winter 
Cheerleading season has 
been awesome. With 17 girls 
on the team, this squad has 
been the largest K.P. has had 
in a while. It is also one of 
the most talented squads. 
They have been able to 
successfully execute many 
cheers, mounts, and a great 
half time dance. 

The cheerleaders also put 
on a great winter pep rally in 
January. The team demon- 
strated some of their skills by 
t performing dance routines 
before the entire school. 

The two captains, 
Beth Goodblood and 
Tracey Lefebvre and the 
other seniors, 
Diana LaPointe, 
Heather Kress, and 
Samantha Kress have led the 
way helping the new mem- 
bers learn their cheers. 

Coach Carneiro wants to 
wish the best of luck to the 
seniors in college next year 
and offers congratulations to 
all of the 1998 Winter 
Cheerleading Squad on an 
excellent season. 


These cheerleaders have always been good at intimidating the other team. 

This year's squad has been the largest KP has seen in a long time. The 

squad adds noise and enthusiasm during all of the boys' home basketball 



The center core of the Cheerleading 

Squad is made up of these five girls. 

These seniors were the strength and 

stability of the cheerleaders this 



This group of girls stuck together no 
matter what. They always kept the 
crowd cheering and never let the 
Boys' Basketball Team give up. 


The underclassmen take a break on 
the bleachers while warming up for 
the Winter Pep Rally. With only five 
seniors on the team, most of the work 
rests on the shoulders of the juniors, 
sophomores, and freshmen. 

nior Captains Tracey Lefebvre 
,d Beth Goodblood led their 
uad of cheerleaders through a 
rrific season. 


Back Row: Coach Carneiro, Anne Robbins, Holly Renaud, Kim Cox, Nicole Evans, Brandy Mackey, 

Andrea Smith, Becky Stanley, Coach Mackey 

Middle Row: Samantha Kress, Heather Kress, Tracey Lefebvre, Beth Goodblood, Diana LaPointe 

Front Row: Kristen Hall, Briar Lyons, Vicki White, Jennifer Friedman 


The Facts of Life 

The Bold and the Beautiful ... 142 

Fantasy Island 144 

Baywatch 146 

Double Dare 148 

Home Matters 150 

Smart Guy 152 

Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. 154 

Northern Exposure 156 

The Real World 158 

Salute Your Shorts 160 

The Grind 162 

Men at Work 164 



*- c V* 




The Semi is a night when King 
Philip students break out and show 
everyone what they're made of. 
Stan Lewicki and Kelly Pender 
were no exception. 

bottom) Girls are not the only ones 
who care about looking nice for the 
camera. Mark Mitcham, Jay Roach, 
Mike Cameron, and Dave Purpura 
showed just how charming they 
could be. 
ROCK ON! (bdow) 
Sophomores Kara Neviackas, 
Patty Cronin, Erin Nowak, and 
Rebecca Lamothe danced their 
hearts out. 


Lindsey Conroy, Kristy Flaherty, 

Heather Astley and 

Brandy Mackey were the royalty of 

the night. 


The Bold 

and the 


1997 Semi-formal 

This year's Semi-formal 
was held at Demetri's 


was a memorable night 

for all who attended. 

The theme was 
J Will Remember Yon 


King Philip students 


from beginning to end. 

The stunning court was 

made up of Freshmen 

Lindsey Conroy and 

Kristy Flaherty and 


Heather Astley and 

Brandy Mackey. 

The queen of the 

evening was 
Alyssa Delaiarro. 

Girls never forget to strut their stuff. 
Lauren Miller and Heather Stewart 
took the time to show the camera a 
little leg. 

FRIENDLY FACES (diagonally right) 

Kerry McDermott, 

Kelly Shaughnessy, and 
Kristen Hurley step off the dance 
floor to show their smiles. 


Lauren Polubinski and Laurel Anderson pose with anticipation. 

Sophomores Melissa Curley, 
Rebecca Lamothe, Andrea Flynn, 
Dana Bontemps, Erin Kettell, 
Kelly Pender, Allison Rice, 
Jamie Loveitt, Melanie King, and 
Holly Renaud. 


Andrea Flynn and Julie Santabarbara 

take a break from dancing to pose for 
the camera. 


The camera gets a shot at Freshmen 

Meg Jordan, Beth Gaetani, 

Courtney Murphy, 

Kelly Shaughnessy, and 

Allison Milld. 

This night is no exception for the boys 
to show the camera their tough side. 
Dave Lehan and Jon Coliflores 
sported an attitude for the camera. 


The Semi-formal is definitely a time 

to dance the night away. 

Ashling Lodola and Kevin Pelrine 

show off their skills. 


Kurt Beloff, Kara O'Neil, guest, 
Jen Boylan, Brian Hanssen, 
Kim Lenox, Shaun O'Neil, 
Jenny Burns, Patty Kuta, guest, 
Laurel Menfi, and 
Kevin McCullough. 


Heather Kress and Brian Keane pause 

a moment to have their pictures taken. 

The prom is the perfect way to end the 
seniors' four years at King Philip. 
Laurel Menf i and Kevin McCullough 
smile for the camera and capture an- 
other wonderful memory. 


Not everyone can dance all night. 
Stephen Macropoulos and 
Sarah Afarian take a little break. 


w? »^ 

w***^ m. i 

^^rilPNftl ft <• 


W^% J ^B ft^. 

^MM ^Hr ^VSI^ft 

^B ^^4 

1 •-'S ^M 

ft ■ 

w I 



^..^ H[ 


It is tradition that the king and queen share a dance. 

Kim Lenox and 

Shaun O'Neil steal the floor in their royal dance. 


These guys sure know how to dress 

up. Chad Guay and Joe Gibeault 

show their style and their smiles. 


Vicki Tower and Jen Perry hug with 
the excitement of the evening. They 
let the camera know how much fun 
the event really was. 

John Verdeaux takes a break from the 
dance floor to let Cathleen Collins 
and Jen Carey steal a snapshot. 


Boys will be boys! Randy Calzaretta 
showed everyone that the lap wasn't 
the only place for a napkin. 


Prom night is the night when boys 

and girls come together to show 

everyone how they look. 

Dave Bluhm and Allison Rice 

made a very cute couple. 


1997 Prom 

The 1997 Prom 

was held at the 

Mansfield Holiday Inn. 

As expected, 

it was an elegant 

evening filled with fun. 

The theme of the Prom 

was We've Got Tonight. 

The court included 


Kara O'Neil and 

Jennie Boylan, and 


Patty Kuta and 

Laurel Menfi. 

The king and queen, 

Shaun O'Neil and 

Kim Lenox, 

ruled over all. 

As KP students danced 

all evening, 

they promised 

to remember this night 


JST THE BOYS: The Prom is the best time to catch all the guys wearing ties. 
eith LaValley and Ken Rooney take a moment away from the ladies to make 
permanent memory. 



Poolside is by far one of the best 
places to spend a hot day. 
Amy O'Connor, Shannon Brock, 
Jenni Allen, Tracey Lefebvre, 
Beth Goodblood, Megan Lloyd, 
and Diana LaPointe spent the day 
meeting in the poo 


You can never go wrong with an 

end-of-summer pizza party. 

Lisa Scarnecchia and 

Colleen Nolan had their last piece 

of pizza before returning to KP. 


Katrina Mintz and Sarah Clapp 

take hold of a pipe and strike a 


Stefanie and Chrissy Flynn give 

Josh Davis a quick hug for a 



Girls never fail to designate one day 
as a beach day. Sarah Clapp, 
Tina Sullivan, Keely Monahan, 
and Jessie Greene take some time 
to bask in the sun. 


Just another one of those times 
when boys get a little bit too into 
the dress-up game. Jon Bluhm, 
Steve Shaw, and Kyle Fiske let 
their crazy personalities show. 

Future male dancer? Chris Darling 
puts on the appropriate wardrobe 
before showing the skills nobody 
knew he had. 


For two months 

we enjoy the absence 

of bells, homework, 

and the busy chatter 

of the halls. 

We bask in 

the warm sun and 

keep busy with 

vacations, friends, 

and summer jobs. 

The final days 

of August come 

far too quickly, 

as we say good-bye 

to our nameless days 

and prepare for 

the school year. 

Summer Fun 


Mary Caulfield and 

Lindsay Hannon take a break from 

the field and say hi to the camera. 


Erin Nowak takes a rest before 

hitting the field again. Double 

sessions made for a very long day 

especially during the last week of 



The field hockey team gathers 
together on the last day of camp to 
accept awards and prepare for the 
season ahead. 

Once again the seniors 

prevailed over the 


at Class Competition. 

Decked out in all green, 

the seniors dominated 

the exciting night. 

All four grades 
competed in events 

such as 

the 3-legged race, 

crab race, volleyball, 

and sack race. 

In second place, 

far behind the 

Green Machine 

were the sophomores, 

freshmen, and juniors. 

Regardless of the 
outcome, a good time 

was had by all. 

Double Dare 

Class Competition 


The freshmen class traditionally 

paint themselves in white in an 

attempt to outrun the upperclass- 



Mike Marks is all alone as he 

crawls to victory in the crab race. 



Sophomores Melissa Medeiros, 

Caitlin McHale, and 

Caitlin Ehrlinger give a smile for 

their class. 


Jill Krasnaukas, Megan Lloyd, and 
Lauren Miller show the camera 
their stunning smiles. 





Troy Howard, Kevin Didick, 

Erik Beloff, Stan Lewicki, and 

Paul Hasenfus were dressed to 


WE'RE #1! 

Seniors Jess Masci, Jenn Tuohy, 
and Beth McMorrow celebrate the 
victory by the class of 1997. Green 
was the color of the night. 





Rhianne Crowley showed the 
crowd her limbo skills when she 
surpassed all the other contestants. 

The strength of the senior class was 
too much for any other team to handle. 
As always, the seniors proved to be 
the strongest as they defeated the other 
grades in the tug-o-war to take home 
the prestigious title of 1 997 Class Com- 


Amy O'Connor and Eddie Lyons 

prove that the piggyback race is not 
as easy as it looks. 

Every year the junior class decks 
out in red clothing and face paint. 
This year's class was no exception. 


Voted upon by their classmates, the 
court members were Jay Roach, 
Kara O'Neil, Beth McLacklan, 
John Darling. The king and queen 
were Chad Guay and Jessie Greene. 


Quarterback John Darling gets ready 
to throw a pass on the muddy fields of 
King Philip. 


Junior class president Holly Renaud 
proudly receives the Class Spirit 
trophy from Dr. Ferris on behalf of 
the her class. 

GO K.P.! (right) 
Student Council president 
Maggie Henderson shows her K.P. 
spirit by dressing up in an old 
cheerleading uniform for the pep- 


Senior Dave Roache is dressed in 

green and gold to show his spirit 

and support at the Homecoming 


The freshman girls try to help their 
class in the float competition. They 
learned by watching the upperclass- 
men build theirs. 

^" . .. ■ . p m f% 

\ J 


\ i 

B.M.O.C. (Big Man on Campus) 
Captain Mike Cameron takes some 
time to reflect upon the last play. 


Senior class advisor Mrs. Carneiro 
displays her school spirit. She must 
really love this school, to show her 
face wearing that! 


Sarah Afarian and 

Cathleen Collins take a break from 

cheering during the rally to smile 

for the camera. 


Heather Stewart and 

Julie MacPherson pretend to be 

arch enemies for the rally to get the 

KP crowd psyched. 

Home Matters 

The students of K.P. 

let their spirit shine 

brightest during the 

week of 


The gym was covered 

with decorations while 

students poured in for 

the pep-rally. The 

juniors claimed victory 

for the second year, 

with the highest 

number of participants. 

Even though the 

scoreboard was in 

Stoughton's favor, the 

valiant efforts of the 

Warriors showed 



Smart Guy 

NHS Induction 

Being inducted into the 
National Honor Society 
is quite an accomplish- 
ment. In order to 
achieve this honor one 
must excel in such ar- 
eas as academics, com- 
munity service, leader- 
ship, and character. 
After being selected to 
join the Society, the 
members must be in- 
ducted. The Induction 
took place on Novem- 
ber 19, 1997. After the 
ceremony, a reception 
was held for the induct- 
ees and their guests in 
the cafeteria. 


Tim Oldread recites his lines 
like a pro. The audience learned 
what the expectations of Honor 
Society membership are. 

NHS Vice President 
Cathleen Collins lights the 
ceremonial candles as part of 
the tradition of the NHS 
Induction. Each candle stands 
for a different quality of 


Dr. Ferris opens the night with a 

congratulatory speech and a short 


Mike Griffith is congratulated 
by Dr. Ferris for his acceptance 
by NHS. It's not an easy task to 
live up to the requirements of this 
honor organization. 


Inductees repeat their oath to cap 
off the ceremonial part of the 
evening. From this point they are 
full members of NHS. 

Mr. Houde displays the fine 
public speaking skills that he 
had taught to many of the 
inductees as sophomores. 

Amy Martel's father shows the 
pride that he has in her accom- 

Marit Davies and Mom prepare 
to enjoy some of the refresh- 
ments at the reception. 

Erinne Nelson shows off the gifts 
she received for her induction. 

Just one more 

King Philip's NHS Officers and 
Principal Dr. Ferris pose for just 
one last picture. 


Charlie Brown's 



The Thanksgiving Day 

game is a time for King 

Philip students and alumni 

to enjoy an exciting 

football game while talking 

of old high school 

memories. The Warriors 

fought a tough battle 

throughout the entire 

game. The score board 

was proof of the 
effort put forth by our 
men. The final score, 
King Philip 6, Franklin 7, 
was the closest margin 
the Warriors have seen 
in a long time. 


Laurie Shaw and Mike Laliberte 

are off to the game in just a few 
moments. What would Thanksgiv- 
ing be without the traditional KP- 
Franklin rivalry? 

Wayne Dunne stares down the 
camera while taking a break from 
the game. 


Kelli Pender and Allison Rice 

show their KP spirit with game shirts 
and pom-poms. 


Thanks to our strong defense, 
John Darling has time before throw- 
ing another perfect pass. 


The Junior Girls gather together in 
an attempt to stay warm while 
cheering on their men. Thanksgiv- 
ing '97 was one of the coldest. 


Beth McLacklan, Jennie Boylan, and 
Kim Hadfield pose for their last 
Thanksgiving memory as seniors. 

Jonathan Bluhm and Allison Rice 

enjoy their time together. 

Quarterback John Darling fakes a 
hand off to Ryan Clutterbuck in the 

Warriors' fight for victory. 


Old friends Bridie O'Loughlin and 
Dana Bontemps take a break from 
the crowd before the game begins. 
They were still smiling at the end 
even though KP lost. 

Sean Simmer and Andrea Flynn 

give each other a holiday hug in the 
bitter cold. It beats hot chocolate for 

warming power. 



The Sugar Rats: Laurie Shaw, 

Allison Rice, and Kelli Pender, 

stumble out the door anticipating an 
exciting day on the slopes. 

Jay Roache wishes Joe Lorusso 
good luck as he sets out for a long, 
hard day of skiing. These two were 
the life of the mountain. 


Prepared for a day on the cold trails 
of Sugarloaf, Andrea Lyons and 
Jess Nelson get all bundled up. It's 
better to be overly warm than to be 
freezing on the slopes. 


DIAL 10-321 

Junior Andy Drowne gives the girls 
a quick call to make sure that 
everything is running smoothly. 
What a man! 


The party was in room 2537 

Saturday night after everyone came 

in from skiing. They don't look as 

tired as they do after a day of 



The six hour bus rides to and from 
Sugarloaf were a blast. They were 
full of laughter and high-spirits. 

Jon Coliflores takes a nap after a 
long day of skiing. He was 
probably dreaming of tomorrow's 
fresh snow. 


Brett Martucci receives a warm 

welcome from Rebecca Lamothe 

upon his arrival at Sugarloaf. It's on 
trips like this that friendships are 

Josh Bhatti bundles up for the cold 
weather as he hits the slopes. That 
smile certainly means that he was 
anticipating the killer snow. 


Jim Lorusso gets mad air and pulls a 

sick daffy. Dude, he was totally 



On January 16, members 

of the Ski Club met in the 

vacant high school 

parking lot, and set out 

on their six hour bus ride 

to Sugarloaf, Maine. 

Because there had just been 

a snowstorm the 

day before, the trails were 

covered in fresh new 

snow, the perfect 

ingredient for a super 

weekend of skiing and 

snowboarding. After a 

long day of being out on the 

mountain, everyone went 

back to their rooms and 

crashed. It was a good 

thing that Monday was a 

holiday because after such 

a tiring weekend, no one 

could have gotten 

up for school. 




The seniors tried, but they couldn't 
beat the juniors. They had the spirit 
on Hat Day. 


Kim Hadfield and Jennie Boylan 

get pumped to see a play. Field trips 
always prove to be a great time. 


Amy Moore, Tracey Lefebvre, 

Keely Monahan, and 

Tina Sullivan await their meal at 

Senior Supper. Later they learned 

who had won superlatives. 


There are many events at 

K.P. that are often 
overlooked by the student 
body as being important. 

But it's the everyday 
events, with a few special 
events thrown in, that 
make up a year. During 
the year the students 
travel on many field trips. 
They honor our adminis- 
trators on National 
Principal's Day. And they 
wait at home anxiously as 
their parents meet with 
teachers twice a year. 
While the students at K.P. 
may be overwhelmed by 

all of their obligations, 

they still find time to have 

fun in whatever they are 

doing. Our most sincere 

thanks are sent out to all 

of the people who have 

helped to liven up our 

school and community. 


Elizabeth Edwards gives a surprised 
expression in physics. She was appar- 
ently unaware that the camera was 
pointed at her. 


Students take part in the SADD 

White Out. Matt Kavanaugh and 

Melissa Belle have white faces to 

symbolize lives lost to drunk 


Josh Bhatti helps a mom find the 
next class at Parents' Night. Student 
Council was a great help that 
night directing people. 


Organizing their ideas for their next 

expedition to the elementary schools, 

the KP peer leaders have their monthly 



The parents of the yearbook staff 

learned it's not so easy to produce this 



The juniors show their excitement 
after winning the Spirit Week 
competitions. They hope to carry 
on their winning tradition next year 
as seniors. 


Dr. Ferris and Mr. Fitzsimmons reap q 
the benefits of Principal's Day. Be- 
cause it only comes once a year, they 
are sure to make it the best. 


The Girls' Soccer Team knew they 

were up for an award winning 

season with the effort they put out 

at camp. 100% was just not good 


On and off the field the girls 
develop an unbreakable bond with 
one another. Rebecca Lamothe and 
Nadia Jackson share this bond. 

i£* *i 3 


• -' > 





Camp is a special time for all teams. 
There are bonds and new friends to 
be made at every session. This 
feeling of kinship can then blossom 
into a winning season. 


Laurie Shaw and Kelly Pender 

spend their free time laughing and 
telling jokes at soccer camp. It's a 
perfect way to unwind after a day of 

Goalie Josh Bhatti prepares for the 
shot against him at goalie camp. 
Like the field players he worked on 
skills that will aid him in defending 
the net 


Soccer Captains Lauren Hurley and 
Sarah Af arian set the tone this season 
from the very beginning. The team 
was to have fun while winning cham- 


In order to improve the 1998 Chief- 
tain, these ladies attended yearbook 
camp at Bryant College. Liz Larson, 
Beth Curley, and Sarah Clapp came 
away with tons of ideas. 




Camp for King Philip 

students is a time to be 

with friends, practice 

the techniques your 

team or group is there 

for, and to have fun. 

The most popular 

camps attended were 

Field Hockey, Soccer, 

Yearbook, and 

Student Council. 

Student Council members attend an- 
nual seminars on how to improve their 
school and get more student involve- 
ment. It really looks more like a pic- 

Soccer stars Paul and Dave Elliott, 
along with Stephen Macropolous 
are supposed to be watching the 
instructor. Are the cheerleaders 
practicing on the next field, Paul? 

Editor of the yearbook, 
Katrina Mintz, gets in some 
practice learning how to climb the 
walls at yearbook camp. But it was 
a skill she didn't need to use too 
often this year. 



Singled Out is a 

competition that has 

been held for two 

years now at King 

Philip. This year on 

February 1 1 , the guys 

and girls from all 

grades competed to 

find the dates of their 

dreams. The dating 

pool contestants had a 

chance to win a date 

with seniors 

Joe Gibeault and 

Heather Stewart, or 

juniors Stan Lewicki 

and Nadia Jackson. 

It looks like this popular game is 
here to stay. The turnout was just as 
good this year as it was last year. 


Josh Vrysen's job was to get the 
audience laughing. How could he 
miss with his famous dancing skills? 


Nadia Jackson struts her stuff across 
the stage while trying to find the per- 
fect man. With such high standards it 
was a tough contest for all of the men. 

Once again Maggie Henderson got 
herself all decked out for her role of 
host, Jenny McCarthy. All the way to 
the shoes, Maggie looked great. 


Senior Joe Gibeault narrows down 
his choice of dates by asking personal 
questions. He makes an attempt to 
meet his dream girl. 

Each of these freshmen girls is 
hoping to be the one selected for a 
dream date. If smiles could win, 
then they'd all be going. Good luck! 


Stan Lewicki sits in the chair while 
narrowing down his options. Being 
such a fun guy, he broke many hearts 
with his eliminations. 


Heather Stewart spiced up the con- 
test for the boys in her leopard pants 
and high heels. Everyone was out to 
win her heart. 


Freshman Jonathan Bluhm does his 

best to get the crowd pumped 

throughout the night. Dressed as a 

woman, Jonathan is out to please the 



One of the backstage guests makes a 

surprise appearance to psyche up the 

audience. This anonymous gorilla was 

a definite crowd pleaser, but he still .. ,, 

didn't get chosen. 


Men At 

As in most high 
schools, the common 
place to meet friends 
is the mall. But for 
King Philip students 
it's hard work. The 
Wrentham Village 
Outlet offers many 
opportunities for 
making a little extra 
money while spend- 
ing quality time with 
friends. Some of the 
most popular stores 
where students may 
be found are The Gap, 
Vans, Ralph Lauren 
Polo, and Fila. 

Katrina Mintz works hard 
sorting clothes at the GAP 
Outlet each week. 

Sarah Pavidis checks out the 
numerous customers at Hanes, 
Bali, Playtex. 


Jay Roach and Shawn Foster 

hang around in the fitting room at 
Ralph Lauren Polo. 


Bridie O'Laughlin happily greets 

anxious shoppers at The Gap 



Vans' partners Stan Lewicki and 
Justin Guard take a moment to 
model some of the merchandise. 


Dana Bontemps, Josh Bhatti, and 
Dave Bluhm are hard at work at 
the Bass Outlet. 


Tressa Andrade finds the chance 
to live out her dream of being a 
princess while working at Claire's. 


Lisa Tibbetts and Anush Patel 

pose for the camera with their 
cuddly teddy bears. 

Ryan Clutterbuck stops folding 
for a moment to give the camera 
one of his classic smiles. 



Mike Maloney displays one of 

the many creations by Signs By 


Happy Days 

Ghost Writer 168 

In Living Color 170 

Money line 172 

Entertainment Tonight 174 

Chicago Hope 17 6 

Newsweek 178 

Different Strokes 180 

The Cutting Edge 18 

Days of Our Lives 1 

Head of the Class 188 

Guiding Light 190 

Reading Rainbow 192 

You Can't Do That on Television. 194 

Ski Patrol 196 

KP Span 198 

11 O'clock News Team y^O 

Kids Incorporated J.201 

College Bowl ./ .202 

Law and Or d^r / . . 2 3 

The Oscars./ /. . .204 

The Golden /Globe Awards. .../... .206 





Sarah Clapp and Katrina Mintz are 

having fun in yearbook class. The 
class consists of seniors, juniors and 
one sophomore. 

Jen Carey has time to take her eyes 
off the computer screen for this 
picture. The yearbook staff has 
spent an endless amount of time in 
the computer lab. 



Back Row: Jen Carey, 

Mike Maloney, Jaron Goldstein, 

Jamie Bombardier, Vicki Tower, 

Rebecca Lamothe, Miss Coutu. 

Middle Row: Tara Martin, 

Mary Dethavong, Jill Krasnauskas, 

Laurie Shaw, Andrea Flynn, 

Sarah Clapp. 

Front Row: Kara O'Neil, 

Sarah Pavidis, Katrina Mintz, 

Heather Stewart, Beth Curley, 

Liz Larson. 


Beth Curley has no time to look up. The yearbook 

staff is kept on their toes trying to make deadlines. 


Our Josten's representative Arnie Lohmann teaches 
the class various ways to improve the yearbook. 
He has helped us make it through our deadlines 
over the years. 

Chieftain Advisor 
Miss Coutu 


Andrea Flynn looks confused. The 
yearbook staff is used to taking 
pictures of others, not of them- 

Sarah Clapp, Beth Curley, and 
Liz Larson are just sitting around. 
This summer, they went to 
yearbook camp to help improve the 



Our high school yearbook, the 
Chieftain, is put together by a 
class of students who want to 
make this year's yearbook the 
best ever. By working on the 
Chieftain, we have learned 
much about modern publishing. 
Through the use of computers, 
and through the help of our 
advisor Miss Coutu, the Chief- 
tain has appeared before our 

Liz Larson and Vicki Tower have a 
chance to smile for the camera. Pho- 
tographer Heather Stewart has taken 
numerous pictures for the Chieftain. 

Computer operator Sarah Pavidis is 
stuck behind a computer all day. The 
yearbook requires much typing, and 
the staff, along with Miss Coutu, must 
do all the typing on their own. 

In Living Color 

Art Club 


Art Club Advisor: 
Ms. Parrott 

The Art Club is a new club started by 
Ms. Parrott. Members are inspired and 
encouraged to express their opinions 
through their artwork. They are talented at 
drawing, painting and sculpting. They also 
have a close affiliation with Sachem, our 
literary magazine. The club is sure to have 
many more talented artists in the years to 
come. Here are some samples of their 
ingenious artwork. 


Lydia Thumm, Mike McKay, Julie MacPherson, 
Dan Jacobson, Ms. Parrott, Nina Levetin, 
Wendy Krasnauskas, Jen Perry, Briana Short, 
Nicole Souza 


Although the pumpkin is still bare, 

Jen Perry is thinking of a way to 

decorate it. Members have come up 

with clever ways to portray their 



)-4 V' 

During their meetings, Art Club 
members have a chance to chow 
down. They need brain food for 
their creative minds. 

Even though the Art Club is 
dominated by girls, Mike McKay 
and Dan Jacobson still manage to 
be a part of the club. In a few years, 
many more will want to join. 

Julie MacPherson scrutinizes her 
drawing. She wants to make sure 
that it will look just right. 




Chad Guay and Joe Gibeault find 
time to take a break and pose for 
this picture. Members of DECA 
were able to enjoy the sights of 
Universal Studios in Hollywood 
during their competition. 


Back row: Rob Fregeau, 

Chad Guay, Conor McLaughlin. 

Middle row: Mr. Guillemette, 

Sharon Hostetler, Jenine Khouri, 

Nicole Tsebetzis, Rob DiMartino, 

Mike Spencer. 

Front row: Nate Saveriano, 

Joe Gibeault, Philip Nerboso. 

WE'RE #1 

Senior Rob DiMartino holds up a banner stating 
that DECA is indeed #1. Like other seniors, Rob 
has been in DECA for the past 2 years. 



c a1 


DECA comes away from competi- 
tions winning first places, second 
places and third places. This DECA 
chapter is known around the 
country for its excellence. 


Jenine Khouri and 

Nicole Tsebetzis have a great time 

working together. Members have 

made friendships that will always 


Money line 


DECA Advisor: Mr. Guillemette 

Showing his DECA pride, 
Chad Guay is all smiles. DECA 
should be proud of all their 

DECA, an organization that has 
chapters throughout the nation, is an 
association of marketing students. By 
attending class twice a day, students 
are able to spend a tremendous amount 
of time preparing for competitions 
dealing with marketing, distribution, 
merchandising, and management. 
Members work at our school store and 
they go to competitions as far away as 
Toronto and California. 


Front Row: Jamie Bombardier, Vicki Ferrara, Rachael White, Holly Renaud. 

Middle Row: Mr. Guillemette, Amy Connolly, Bridie O'Loughlin, Joyce English, 

Linnea Tatupu, Ryan Crowell, Lynn Famolle, Lisa Scarnecchia. 

Back Row: Cheryl Beals, Mike Bading, Mike Laliberte, Keith Daley, Paul Cummings, 

Darren O'Brien, Mark Oltarzewski, Dave Galvin, Melissa Thomas. 


Mike Spencer and Phil Nerboso 

are working up a sweat doing 
nothing. They deserved this time 
off from all the hard work that 
they've put in all year. 


Junior DECA girls Lynn Famolle, 
Lisa Scarnecchia, Jamie Bombardier, 
Cheryl Beals, and Holly Renaud get 

along just fine. They still have one 173 
more year together. 



Senior Nate Saveriano puts heart 
and soul into his part. He was 
practicing to make sure that all 
would go well. 


During tryouts, Melanie Kellogg 
and Amy Curwood recite their 
lines. It's easy when you have the 
lines written down in front of you. 
But it's a lot of memorizing before 
the big night. 

'■ g *W •"■ 1 ■:' H^K^H 


1 ''*'." 1 - f*5P."» 

It < 3 

■ M 

■ 1 

1 lij|Imf< 

. -c-V„'..: 

■ m 


During the play, 
Tim Mele and 
Rob DiMartino 

interact well. They 
were a great hit with 
the audience. 



Back row: Nina Levetin, Colleen Murphy, Rebecca Pelrine, 

Keith Daley, Nick Doire, Jess Atkinson, Dan Jacobson, 

Linnea Tatupu, Paul Cummings, Stephanie Ingraham, 

Vicki Ferrara, Safia Agane , Mike Bading 

Second row: Marit Davies, Brian Small, Liz Edwards, 

Theresa Lesnik, Amelia Warchal, Tina Gagas, Jen Pulsone, Brian 

O'Connell, Tabitha Schuder, Despina Hamos, 

Rob DiMartino, Joe Gibeault 

Front row: Melissa Gray, Stephanie Hayes, Liz Larson, Jen Perry, 

Julie MacPherson, Laura Feczko, Melanie Kellogg, 

Amy Curwood, Meghan McMurray, Amy O'Connor, 

Bob Fregeau, Lauren Miller 

The members of the King Philip Drama Club work together to create a 
worthwhile production that is enjoyed by many. In January, they 
performed four, one act plays. The variety of people involved added to 
the effect of the production, making every play interesting and unique. 
Each participant contributed his individual qualities and the applause of 
the audience at the conclusion of each play was proof of that. 

The Drama Club 

Entertainment Tonight 

Mr. Ferreira is the 

advisor to the Drama 
Club. Although he has 
been teaching here for 
only two years, he has 
quickly become 
involved in the 
school's activities. 


Is she Despina Hamos or Billy? 
Despina was getting ready in the 
practice room before it was her turn 
to appear in front of the audience. 


Shannon Ober pulls 
herself together for the 
production. This doll 
performed in The 
Magic Shop and 
showed the school that 
she had much to offer 
for the future years. 

The people that make up the tech 
crew include Adam Gawthrope, 
Jess Atkinson, Dan Jacobson, and 
Erin Wilensky. They are the magic 
behind the scenes that allows each 
play to run smoothly. 


Melissa Steverman tries her best to 
act the part for tryouts. All eyes 
were on her to see how well she 
performed under pressure. 

The tech crew puts the finishing touches on 
Chris Long's costume. Thanks to the crew, the 
costumes and props were in order. 


Chicago Hope 

Leo Club 

Although the club is only 3 years old, the Leo Club has made many contribu- 
tions to the community. They are a community service organization with a 
very close affiliation with the Lion 's Club. They strive to make our 
communinity a better place and their work has not gone unnoticed. They are 
advised by Dr. Ferris, Mr. Fitzsimmons, and Mr. White. 


Back Row: Paul Gulessarian, Katherine Holt, 

Melissa Lanteigne, Jillian Coates, Liz Larson, 

Amy Martel, Jane Mullaney, Jillian Roache, 

Sarah Afarian, Erin Flynn, Nicole Sotiropoulos, 

Beth Curley, Chris Allen 

Middle Row: Nicole LaRue, Vicki Ferrara, 

Annie Cataldo, Erin Conroy, Jen Monty, 

Sarah Tuveson, Lindsay Hannon, Mary Caulfield, 

Danielle White, Beth Conroy 

Front Row: George Bent, Mike Duffey, Todd Butler, 

Jen Crisafi, Heather Voght, Julie McPherson, 

Amy Curwood, Cathleen Collins, Jen Carey, 

Anne Correia, Mary Dethavong, Rachael White 


Dr. Ferris became one of the new 

advisors after the departure of 

Dr. Davis. His interest and concern for 

the club is part of the reason the club 

has been successful in a short time. 

In November, a few members went 
to the AIDS Rock the Block Dance-a- 
Thon. They had to raise $75 to get 
into the club, but it was well worth it 
since the money goes toward AIDS. 


The Leo Club Board of Directors 
take on many responsibilties in 
order for the club to run well. The 
board members are Rachael White, 
Briana Short, Heather Voght, 
Mary Dethavong, Anne Correia, 
Beth Curley, and Cathleen Collins. 

Todd Butler and George Bent hold 
up the official Leo Club banner. 
During installation night, members 
received certificates and pins and 
ate lots of food. 

Mike Maloney, who is in charge of 
the coat drive, appears pleased with 
student efforts. The coats go to 
needy families in the area. 

The Leo Club often takes the train 
into Boston, to help the charities 
there. They have gone to the AIDS 
Rock the Block Dance-a-Thon and to 
the City Year Serve-a-Thon. 

Jillian Roache and 
Melissa Lanteigne are about to be 
inducted into the club. The club had 
over 35 new members, who have 
brought with them much enthusi- 
asm and energy. 



Jen Monty sells Eat to Feed tickets 

to a good patron. Proceeds from the 

ticket sales go to the local food 


Members of the Leo Club are 
helping transport books to the 
Norfolk Library. There were many 
boxes of books to carry, but within a 
couple of hours, the job was done. 




Members of the Metacomet staff display their writing skills in the 
newspaper produced by King Philip students who are members of 
the Journalism class and club. Events that occur at K.P. are 
recorded in it. It is then later read by many since the paper is 
distributed by the Sun Chronicle . Not only is it entertaining, but 
it also alerts people to what is going on at their school, and what is 
happening with their peers. 

Mrs. Roache has been 
an advisor for the 
Metacomet for the past 
two years. She brings 
years of professional 
experience and 
enthusiasm to her 


Back row: Nadia Jackson, 

Amy Martel, Andy Drowne, 

Mike Bading 

Front row: Melissa Gray, 

Linnea Tatupu, Erika Litvin, 

Nina Levetin 


Senior Peter Pollard flips through a newspaper 
to get an idea of what to write about. He was a 
member of the journalism classs that helped 
produce the newpaper. 

mm vB 


m J: I *W« 

' J^L I ft w '• ^^m 

\£\ l& Afi I 1 

[ 1 jj K .. . m 

|A j* ^B ^k 

^H 3F 

[ nj 

_ J X 

l^ A , 

' ^^^^^ , / m iyK#^^^^^B# 


m . w 


Before the finished product, this is 
what the newspaper looks like. The 
layout of the articles has to be 
decided before it can be put to bed. 

Amy Martel tries to write an 
interesting article for the school to 
read about. Although it seems like 
nothing ever happens at K.P., 
there's plenty to write about. 


The Mm U < )M ' 3 
Nun c ;iii lie I •»»* iu,i ■" 

TrihutV I" "m SVllioi < :»r»«:»"» s 

lit I>:^ ,s 



40th < las?* !«' « Iraduatt* 


Once everything is done, this is 
what the Metacomet looks like. The 
newspaper contains entertaining 
articles that appeal to all age 

Members Melissa Gray, 
Nadia Jackson, Amy Martel, 
Jen Gagas, and Jon Coliflores find 
time for a little break. Few people 
realize how much has to be done to 
make the newspaper look this good. 


Nadia Jackson types her article on the computer. Members had to do a lot 
of writing, typing, photographing and formatting in order to get the 
newspaper out. 

An excerpt from the article 
Snow Days by Nadia Jackson 

...Retrieving distant memory in your head, 
you turn to the window, hoping to see the 
snow you remember accumulating the night 
before. Overjoyed, you rush to the window 
and desperately search for the mounds that 
will keep you from putting on school 
clothes and getting on the bus. As you rip 
the curtains from the window, a sigh of 
relief overcomes you. Your eyes glisten to 
the scent of a winter wonderland. Just to 
confirm this wonderful sight, you turn on 
the TV and scan desperately to find King 
Philip on the screen. You turn to Channel 
Five, and Norton High flashes on the 
screen. You turn to Channel Four, then to 
Channel Ten, and keep going, desperately 
searching for the name. Finally, Channel 
Five flashes up Ipswich, and the anticipa- 
tion escalates. Channel Five cuts to a 
commercial . Channel Four flashes J 
schools. Then K schools. King Philip does 
not appear. As the joy of a snow day is 
ripped out of the fantasy world and thrust 
into reality, a feeling of despair over- 
comes you . 

Will King Philip ever have a snow day? 



This poster of the Diversity Club 
hangs outside of Ms. Bremer's 
room. By promoting tolerance and 
understanding, the club hopes to 
spread its message throughout the 
entire school. 


Finally, after lots of hard work, 

Andrea Rasicot and Jess Wieners put 

the final touches on their poster. 

Their poster was one of many that the 

club members made to promote 



Back Row: Katie Andreozzi, Mike Kiser, 

Andrea Rasicot, Jess Wieners, Ms. Bremer, 

Liz Edwards, Liz Magner, Chris Lawn, 

Lauren Polubinski, Mr. Sumner 

Sitting: Brian Small, Linnea Tatupu, Jen Miller 

After sketching a quick drawing, 
Brian Small displays his creation. 
Brian has ben an active member of 
the Diversity Club since his 
freshmen year. 

A relatively new club, the Diversity Club prides itself on being 
different. Every week, members hold discussions about their 
opinions on life. They also attend conferences to find out more 
about recognizing people's differences. It is a club comprised of 
open-minded individuals who hope to see our school become more 
tolerant of every student. 

Diversity Club 

Different Strokes 


King Philip's U.S. 
History teacher, 
Ms. Bremer, has been 
the advisor of the club 
since it originated. She 
has provided much of 
the spirit and 
enthusiasm necessary 
to keep the club going 



Mrs. Raymond is 
known as a substitute 
teacher, but she is also 
the ice skating club's 
advisor. Her love and 
knowledge of skating 
have made members 
want to accomplish 
more in the sport. 

The Cutting Edge 

Ice Skating Club 

In only its second year, the Ice Skating Club has already 
made its mark in our school. Members have competed in 
skating competitions and actually came away with med- 
als. These skaters are serious about the sport and spend a 
tremendous amount of time practicing. We are sure that 
their love for skating will never diminish. 

It is a proud moment for 
Nancy Antonellis. Wearing her 
medal and carrying beautiful 
flowers, she is sure to want to win 
more honors. 


Standing: Lindsay Fliger, Nancy Antonellis, 
Kara Antonellis, Michelle Hagen, Kim Callahan 
Kneeling: Kate Sullivan, Jessica Rodeo, 
Natalie Stokes, Kate Kellogg 


After years of practicing, 

Kara Antonellis is able to perform a 

spin during a competition. Kara is 

now benefitting from all this time 

invested with excellent skating. 

William Raymond and partner 
Alicia Diduca perform a flawless 
death spiral. William is an 
accomplished skater, competing in 
both singles and pairs. ^g-^ 

Days of Our Lives 

Back row: Josh Clark, Theresa Lesnik, Katie Quick, Chris Eagan, Jaimie Jordan, Jess Wieners, Liz Magner, Morgan Bent, Matt Sielof 
Keri St. Amand, Justin Woessner, Margaux Bettencourt, Jess Church, Lauren Woessner, Roy Fletcher, Dan Kolodziej, Brian O'Connel 
Matt Jillson.Third row: Jon Baker, John Majewski, Vito Giacalone, Chris Bailey, Steve Foulis, Bill Bauser, Steve Dako, Joe Cool 
Calvin Swaim, Josh Vrysen, Chris Pantazi, Jack Foulis, Megan Swanson, Sarah Gentry, Kara Murphy, Penny Welch, Sarah Cronir 
Second Row: Mr. Tileston, Ben Tileston, Chris Holland, Ben Greene, Lou Allard, Neil Larivee, Jim Foulis, Marguerite Keye: 
Matt Gilbert, Sean Simmer, Cory Beers, Nick Perrelli, Jess Terrio, Ross Piette, Kyle Jackson, Laurel Anderson, Wendy Rukstali; 
Gilles Oulette, Ed Devlin, Josh Wollof f, Dana Atwood. First Row: Kristen Verdeaux, Jen Chillemi, Nicole Sotiropoulis, Christine Alber 
Alison Johnston, Tara Rukstalis, Andrea Batalon, Amelia-Lyn Warchal, Danielle Munroe, Jenn Holske, Allicyn Baker, Jenn Dicksoi 
Stephanie Ingraham, Jodi Lazarus, Lauren Mulcahy, Cheryl Tripp, Kayla Burt, Christina Policastro, Susan Barb. 



r. Tileston has been in 
large of band for many 
■ars. Under his 
adership, the band has 
on many awards and 

hris Plummer, Janice Bishop, 
hristian Keyes, Adam Ewer, Josh Geller, 
[ike Kolodziej, Kevin Zahner, 
athy Doane, Rebekah Fisher, Katie Baker, 
llian DiNunzio, Mike Moore, Brian Cook, 
leg McKenna, Martin, Hughes, 
halynn Simmer, Jess Atkinson, 
ebecca Terrio, Katie Atkinson, 

Reaching for the Heights 

The King Philip Marching Band, known for its success, is now 
expected to win every time it competes. We, the members, have 
earned a sense of expectation from our peers and our commu- 
nity. We strive for excellence year after year, and we seem to 
reach new heights within each season. But we have all heard at 
some point that winning isn't everything. The question is Do we 
believe that? We, of course, agree with the statement, while at the 
same time thinking that nobody could possibly beat us. We're King 
Philip. This past season our challenge was taken to the next level. 
Our staff decided to move our Division III band up to Division 
IV in the New England Circuit, NESBA. Some of us began to 
question whether or not we could ever dominate over those 
great bands. The challenge was presented and we rose to meet 
it. And so the first weekend of November, just a week after 
winning our eleventh consecutive gold at state finals, we marched 
onto the field at Tufts University, and we slopped through the 
mud to become the only band in NESBA to win in every division 
and win eight years in a row. But we weren't quite done yet. We 
continued to practice, and towards the end of the week, we set 
out for New Jersey. After an early morning call and a long 
rehearsal, we were rained out again. Given the option to stay 
and move up two divisions, or to come back the next week, we 
decided to stay. So instead of performing that night, we relaxed. 
The next day we rose early again to rehearse, but not for too long. 
After rehearsal we set out for Broadway to see Les Miserables . The 
show was amazing, but after we got back on the buses it was time 
to start focusing. And so we started the journey to Giant's 
Stadium for the performance of a lifetime. We entered the 
stadium, ready to take on the challenge of going up against 
bands of up to 125 members, while we had only 83. We didn't 
know if we would win and for once we really didn't care. We 
played our show and although there were mistakes, it was so 
exhilarating that they all seemed minor. The judges placed us 
fourth out of five bands in Group V Open in the U.S. Scholastic 
Band Association, with the notation that we had the best percus- 
sion. We all knew that we had won despite the decision of the 
judges. So now, when we hear that winning isn't everything, we 
can truly believe it. 

— Keri St. Amand 

MICA Division III Champions; 11th consecutive year obtained 5 stars in all captions 

NESBA Division IV Champions; 8th consecutive year, 133 

special captions for Best Percussion and Best Music. 

CMBC U.S. Scholastic Division V Open, Fourth Place, 
special caption for Best Percussion. 


Back Row: Jessica Church, 

Allicyn Baker, Lindsay Conroy, 

Elizabeth Magner, Roy Fletcher, 

Justin Woessner, George Bent, 

Kyle Jackson, Melissa Bell, 

Rebecca Fisher, Jenny Capachin 

Middle Row: Sean Simmer, 

Calvin Swaim, Matt Gilbert, 

Josh Vrysen, Chris Plummer, 

Keri St. Amand, Kathryn Quick, 

Jennifer Holske, Linda Boulden, 

Lauren Woessner, Jennifer Chillemi, 

Jillian Dinunzio 

Front Row: Robert Gibeault, 

Jack Foulis, Jon Baker, 

Bryan O'Connell, Theresa Lesnik, 

Margeaux Bettencourt, 

Allison Johnston, Nicole Sotiropoulis, 

Sarah Gentry, Kara Murphy, 

Megan Swanson 

Justin Woessner practices his tuba in the hot sun 
at band camp this summer in Maine. Band 
members do not stop practicing once the school 
year ends. 


The horn line practices their routine before their 
competition at Giant's Stadium, New Jersey. 
Their dedication was rewarded once they 
reached center stage at Giant's Stadium. 


Back row: Rebecca Terrio, 
Kyle Jackson, Jennifer Holske 
Front row: Justin Woessner, 
Theresa Lesnik, Keri St. Amand, 
Kathryn Quick. 

Sean Simmer, Josh Vrysen and the 
gang find a few minutes to 
themselves during their trip to 
New Jersey. Since it's their last year 
in band, they try to squeeze in as 
much fun as possible. 


Shalynn Simmer, Wendy Rukstalis 
and Meg McKenna put on their 
shades and chill out at the band's 
end-of-the-season party. They had 
loads of fun sharing memories of 
being in band. 


Back Row: Brian O'Connell, 

Roy Fletcher, Dan Kolodziej, 

Christian Keyes. 

Second Row: Linda Boulden, 

Ashling Lodola, Ryan Denerley, 

George Bent, Morgan Bent, 

Liz Magner, Chris Plummer. 

First row: Kevin Zahner, 

Justin Woessner, Vito Giazalone, 

Katie Quick, Jessica Wieners, 

Jessica Church, Sarah Gentry. 

* ■ 

w ft" i 



P* ■ -^ ' ** a 


l/^ \ «df| 


Tara Rukstalis and Allison Johnston practice their 

dance routine with great essence. These long 

hours of practice paid off during many of their 


Back row: Joe Cook, Steve Dakko, 
Kyle Jackson, Keith Foster, 
Brian Cook, Jesse McKenzie, 
John King, Chris Pantazzi 
Second row: Kevin Zahner, 
Bill Bauser, Mike Kolodziej, 
Calvin Swaim, Sean Simmer, 
Josh Vrysen, Dominic Perrelli, 
Andee Verna, Jack Foulis 
First row: Matt Gilbert, 
Jillian Dinunzio, Cory Beers, 
Jim Foulis, Jessica Terrio, 
Marguerite Keyes, 
Stephanie Gilbert, 
Meghan McKenna, 
Wendy Rukstalis 

Nicole Sotiropoulis leads the 
piccolo line during practice on the 
football field. They were preparing l 
for their upcoming competition. 


The front line of the Jazz Ensemble 

smiles during a brief pause at their 

competition. They did a wonderful 

job and should be proud of their 


Nicole Sotiropoulis, 
Kristen Verdeaux, and 
Jennifer Chillemi pose for a quick 
shot. They are waiting to be placed 
in their position for the marching 
band group photo at the MICA 



Back Row: John King, 

Colleen Murphy, Nina Levetin, 

Diana Rego, Despina Hamos, 

Cathryn Foley, Emily Ghosh, 

Anne Marie Pfeffer. 

Third Row: Stephanie Hayes, 

Marissa Tuohy, Rebecca Pelrine, 

Jen Crisafi, Katie Quick, 

Keri St. Amand, 

Roy Fletcher, Nick Doire, 

Katelyn Gawthrope, Meredith Jones. 

Second Row: Liz Larson, 

Danielle Munroe, Jodi Lazarus, 

Allyson Johnston, 

Elizabeth Edwards, Andrea Batalon, 

Kara Murphy, Andee Verna, 

Christine Durrette, Jen Freedman, 

Melanie King. 

Front Row: Rebecca Terrio, 

Mary Dethavong, Julie MacPherson, 

Jennifer Perry, Wendy Rukstalis, 

Margeaux Bettencourt, Lisa Tibbetts, 

Sean Simmer, Brian Small, 

Meghan McKenna, Linnea Tatupu. 

Jack Foulis and Chris Pantazi practice their quad 
routine at KPHS. They are preparing for their 
upcoming competition. 


The singers listen intently as Mr. Tileston directs 
his chorus class. Chorus is the place to be if you 
would like show off your vocal chords. 


Sean Simmer's face shows his 
intensity when playing on the 
timpany drums in the pit during 
rehearsal. Anyone who has heard 
him play will tell you he's the best. 


Back Row: Jodi Lazarus, 

Andrea Batalon, Stephanie Ingraham, 

Amelia-Lyn Warchal, 

Katie Atkinson. 

Front row: Allicyn Baker, 

Rebecca Terrio, Danielle Munroe, 

Allison Johnston, Jessica Atkinson. 







* 4 



5 M 
m m ' ■ m 




At band camp this summer, Matt Gilbert struts 

his stuff on skit night. That night we realized that 

he had great acting skills, as well as musical 


Left to Right: Darby Rose, 
Shalynn Simmer, Jodi Lazarus, 
Katie Atkinson, Loni Morganelli, 
Tara Rukstalis, Lauren Mulcahy, 
Jessica Atkinson, Marci Wieners, 
Rebecca Terrio, Danielle Munroe, 
Amelia Warchal, Christine Albert, 
Jennifer Holske, Stephanie Ingraham, 
Zoe Lodola 


Allison Johnston and Keri St Amand 

cuddle together and show their 
pearly whites at the band end-of- 
the-season gathering. Great 
friendships can come out of all 
those hours in band together. 



Head of the Class 

National Honor Society 

It is considered an honor for juniors and seniors to be nominated 
for the King Philip National Honor Society. A student must 
maintain a 3.3 GPA, do community service, and attend club 
meetings. It takes a lot of hard work to be in the National Honor 


Back row: Sharon Hostetler, Chris Allen, 
Jess Atkinson, Calvin Swaim, Matt Kavanah, 
Cathleen Collins, Katie LaFrance, Justine King. 
Middle row: Kara Antonellis, Jess Halpin, 
Lauren Miller, Tim Oldread, Jen Holske, 
Bryan Keane, Lauren Hurley, Diana LaPointe. 
Front row: Tina Sullivan, Jenni Allen, 
Danielle Monroe, Kaitlin Seigenberg, 
Carolyne Gately, Jill Krasnauskas, Tara Martin, 
Beth McLacklan, Sarah Afarian, 
Katie O'Connor, Laura Feczko. 


Mrs. Hamilton is the 

advisor for NHS. She 
supervises all the 
events and is one of 
the main reasons for 
the continued success 
of the club. 


On this particular day, senior 
Bryan Keane serves as a media 
aide. Delivering televisions to and 
from the media center is one of the 
duties reserved for NHS members. 


Going to all classrooms, 

Justine King and Kara Antonellis 

do their recycling rounds. Every 

Tuesday, NHS members take time 

after school to collect papers to 


Senior Jeremy O'Hara tutors 
Kara O'Neil and Jill Krasnauskas. 

The NHS always helped one 
another with academic projects 
throughout the year. 

Andrew Strauss gets a congratula- 
tory hug from his father. All 
dressed up, he was recently 
inducted to NHS. 


Marit Davies and Cathy Bright 

smile over being new members of 
NHS. In the coming year, the 
juniors will take over the club. 

Good friends Jenny Boylan, 
Jennie Allen, Lauren Miller, 
Kara O'Neil, Jill Krasnaukas, and 
Diana Lapointe show their 
happiness at being members of such 
a prestigious organization. 


Junior Rebecca Lamothe sells 

fellow classmate Andrea Flynn 

some candy. NHS has fund rasisers 

every year in order to raise money 

for scholarships for the graduating 


The Board members of NHS, 
Jeremy O'Hara, Cathleen Collins, 
Garrett Rose, Katie LaFrance, and 
Tim Oldread stand proudly at the 
NHS induction ceremony. They 
made speeches characterizing the 
values of the club. 



Guiding Light 

Peer Leadership 

The Peer Leadership pro- 
gram is comprised of stu- 
dents who vow to be 
drug-free and alcohol- 
free. They carry their 
message to elementary 
schools and to the junior 
high by showing them 
that they can have fun 
while being drug-free. 
They visit schools, attend 
conferences and hold lock- 
ins to tell kids that it's all 
right to say NO. 

Peer Leadership Advisor: Mrs. Smith 

A group of peer leaders put their heads 
together after an exhausting day. The 
peer leaders must find ways to tell 
kids to say "NO" to drugs. 

- M Wkj, . n^L— _ J ^RJfl M . _JWM Hat —* ^k 

J Tm A i 

Man Hh ■ J 


Back Row: Sam Kress, 

Heather Kress, Mike Maloney, 

Jessica Halpin, Matt Gibson, 

Linda Labo, Jessica Greene, 

Tina Sullivan. 

Front Row: Julie MacPherson. 

Amy Smith, Anne Marie Pfeffer, 
Marissa Tuohy, Casey Sias, 
Jenna Menfi. 

Peer leaders are ready to tackle the problems 
confronting today's youth. The Peer Leadership 
Program has been in our school for many years. 


Karin Hoist, Jen Crisafi, 

Amy Breitenbach, and Beth Curley 

are excited to help kids make the 
right choices. They were some of 
many leaders to go on a field trip 
learning to teach students about the 
dangers of drugs. 


Back Row: Tina Gagas, 

Krystal Buckley. 

Middle Row: Kelly Shaughnessy, 

Grace Becker, Allison Lodge, 

Nancy Antonellis. 

Front Row: Allison Milld, 

Kerry McDermott. 




Kelly Shaughnessy isn't too sure if she wants her 

picture to be taken. She, along with other peer 

leaders, have made a great contribution to the 



Back Row: Beth Curley, 

Jen Crisafi, Steve McKinney, 

Karin Hoist, Liz Edwards, 

Mary Caulfield, Lindsay Hannon, 

Sarah Tuveson 

Front Row: Erika Litvin, 

Heidi Bremilst, Racheal White, 

Heather Astley, 

Anne Marie Cataldo 

Brendan Halpin is one of two 
freshmen to be in Peer Leadership. 
The other freshman who is not 
shown is Scott Maloney. 


Reading Rainbow 


Sachem , King Philip's literary magazine, is a vehicle for the club's members 
to express their thoughts on paper, either through writing or drawing. The 
talent that these students possess is acknowledged in their magazine. Below 
are some samples of their writings and drawings. 


Back Row: Nina Levetin, Stephanie Ingraham, 

Jen Holske, Jesse McKenzie, P.J. Cummings, 

Katelyn Gawthrope, Jess Atkinson, Matt Burt, 

Conor McLaughlin, Andee Verna, 

Becky Pelrine, Keith Daley, Erin Wilensky, 

Mrs. Villiard 

Middle Row: Mike McKay, Dan Jacobson, 

Quinn Caya, Allicyn Baker, Marit Davies, 

Liz Edwards, Julie MacPherson, 

Linnea Tatupu, Lauren Flynn 

Front Row: Danielle Monroe, Ashling Lodola, 

Amelia Warchal, Heidi Bremilst, Nick Doire, 

Lauren Polubinski, Jen Miller, Brian Small, 

Jen Briselli, Theresa Lesnick 

Mrs. Villiard is the lovely lady who 
commands the growing minds of 
our school's writers and artists. Her 
double major in biology and English 
allows her not only to be a great 
biology teacher, but also the advisor 
of Sachem. 

Danielle Munroe and Nick Doire 
recite a poem to the crowd. Last 
year's cabaret was very popular and 
the crowd seemed to have enjoyed 
it very much. 



As I sit here 
listening to the things 
I know will never help me, 
I wander off 
into my mind and 

my boat away. 

If life is but a dream... 
let me wake up. 



Sweet Qirl 

Words drip past like honey dew molasses, 

down my chin and settle 
in shallow basins under my fingernails. 

Sweetness coats and sweetness attracts 

flies with rotting wings 
to make their home in a sugary mind. 

-Lauren ^oluSinski 


Does anyone know what Dan McGuire and Conor McLaughlin are doing? They are 
letting their creativity flow through their hands, and obviously having a great time as 
members of Sachem. 

The Sachem quilt is the pride and 
joy of the club. The product of 
months of hard work and dedica- 
tion, the quilt was completed last 
year and will serve as a legacy to 
the club. 

Brian Small is standing in front of 
Sachem discussing the agenda for 
the day. He has contributed both 
artwork and writing samples that 
go into the literary magazine. 


You Can't Do That On Television 


SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) works to prevent people from drink- 
ing and driving. These students are dedicated to making the school more 
aware of the dangers of drunk driving. They have organized events such as 
White Out Day. They have also attended conferences and walks such as the 
Walk of Tears in order to find out more about how to make the public aware 
of the consequences of drunk driving. 

I \ 


Top Row: Julie McPherson, Chrissy Duffy, 

Mike Kiser, Amy Martel, Sarah Tuveson, 

Iza Hoagland, Mrs. Viles-Bachman 

Middle Row: Michelle Henderson, 

Heather Hayes, Kathryn Kavanah, 

Lauren Murphy, Amy Curwood, 

Laura Feczko, Heather Voght, 

Tina Sullivan, Margaret Casey 

Front Row: Michelle Hagen, Jess Halpin, 

Liz Larson, Bryan Keane, Matt Kavanah, 

Melanie Kellogg, Mary Dethavong, 

Michelle Cardin, Beth Curley 

Mrs. Viles-Bachman has been an 
advisor for SADD for quite a while. 
Her help and guidance have made 
SADD an enjoyable club to join. 


President Jess Halpin has an 

enthusiastic attitude about running 
the club. She encourages other 
members to help people to stop 
drinking and driving. 

-" ■ 


'. ■ t ■ 




•'" a 8 '' SB 

i i • 

v^^^*— -***' 




Co-President Matt Kavanah sets an 
example for others. He has been a 
member of SADD for the past four 
years and deserves to be co- 


During a meeting, Heather Hayes, 
Liz Larson and Laura Feczko share 
a laugh. Members love to be a part 
of SADD. 

Mike Kiser and Andrea Rasicot 

collaborate in making SADD more 
cheerful. Although many people 
have died from drunk driving, 
SADD wants to see that more 
people do not. 

o^ TD %. 







SADD wants to remind all of us that 
during the holiday season, we 
should not be drinking and driving. 
During a time of celebration, people 
sometimes forget what they are 
doing and they do not realize the 
consequences of their actions. 


Chrissy Duffy and Sarah Tuveson 

help decorate the display case 
promoting SADD. Each year, every 
club gets a chance to decorate the 
display case. 


Melanie Kellogg and Liz Edwards 

attend the Walk of Tears. It is an 
annual walk that commemorates 
each person who has died at the 
hands of a drunk driver. 



Bob Fregeau, Bill Keighley, 

Dave Bluhm, Josh Bhatti, 

Andy Drowne, and Craig Blinten 

are thinking about the slopes. They 
had three days to tear up the 


Becca Lamothe, Laurie Shaw, 

Kelli Pender, and Allison Rice are 

waiting to pick up their lift tickets. 
They were happy that they had a 
chance to go on the trip. 




Back row: Laurie Shaw, Drew Martucci, 

Jon Bluhm, Craig Blinten, Mrs. Tower, 

Vicki Tower, Bill Newton, Bill Proctor, 

Melanie King, Dave Bluhm, Kelli Pender 

Middle row: Mark Darling, Josh Bhatti, 

Bill Keighley, Crystal Buckley, Elizabeth Edwards, 

Tina Gagas, Anne Marie Pf effer, Sarah Tuveson, 

Becki Tower, Jay Roach, Rebecca Lamothe 

Front row: Andy Drowne, Lauren Miller, 

Jarrod Hagen, Bob Fregeau, Sean Simmer, 

Amy O'Connor, Carolyne Gately, Colleen Nolan, 

Casey Fiske, Jon Colif lores, Josh Davis. 

Stan Lewicki gets comfortable for 
the ride up to Sugarloaf. The ride 
was five and a half hours long. 

The Ski Club is open to students who love to ski. Every year, 
members take a few trips to ski resorts. This past January, they 
went to Sugarloaf USA in Maine. Since Maine had received a lot 
of snowfall due to a recent snowstorm, a good time was had by all. 


Ski Club 

Ski Patrol 

Mrs. Tower may be an 

art teacher, but she 
sure knows how to ski. 
She is one of the two 
advisors in charge of 
the Ski club. 


Ski club members feel safe having 
the school nurse as one of their 
advisors. Mrs. Sullivan frequently 
attends ski trips. 


The mountain awaits the KP clan. 

Everyone better make way for these 


Before showing their skills down 
the mountain, Mr. and Mrs. Tower 
stop to pose for the camera. They 
wanted to show everyone that they 
can compete with the best. 


Jenni Allen, Colleen Nolan, 

Lauren Miller, Stan Lewicki and 

Jon Coliflores bundle up. They 

were getting ready to ride the 


On the bus ride to Sugarloaf, 
Liz Edwards, Chris Simms, 
Jillian Roache, and Ryan Straw are 

huddling together to keep warm. It 
looked like they were having a good 


Dan Kelly, Mark Darling, 

Bill Newton and Jim Lorusso try to 

endure the low temperature of the 
mountain. It seemed that they were 
ready to sit in front of a warm fire. 197 


There is always a reward for a hard 
day's work. Student Council mem- 
bers relax during their lunch break. 

Though it was a great day, everyone 
is ready to go home. Josh Bhatti, 
Jamie Marks, Meg Jordan, 
Jenni Allen, Dana Bontemps, and 
Lauren Miller get ready to depart. 

The seniors always keep things 
moving and hold everyone together 
when things get a little messy. 
Amy O'Connor, Anush Patel, 
Jenni Allen, Tara Martin (on the 
top), Mike Maloney, 
Maggie Henderson, Lauren Miller, 
and Kara O'Neil (on the bottom) 
display their leadership. 

Every year Student Council 
sponsors a pie throwing booth at 
the Homecoming Fair. Tara Martin 
and Amy O'Connor show the 
aftermath of the event. 



Student Council does have a lot of fun despite the 

many hours of hard work. Lauren Miller, 

Jenni Allen, and Amy O'Connor show some smiles. 






Even though members of Student 
Council work as one, they never 
forget about their classmates. 
Kelly Wardner, 
Christina Policastro, 
Rhianne Crowley, Meg Jordan, 
Kelly Fagan, and Briana Short 
show their Student Council 
sophomore spirit. 

Conference days are always lots of 
fun and are very productive. 
Student Council took a break from 
school to organize their thoughts 
and ideas, and to plan projects for 
the year. 


Student Council 

King Philip's Student Council is composed of a 
group of hard working, dedicated students from 
each of the four grades. The Student Council runs 
many events throughout the year. Some of these 
events include the Homecoming Dance and Fair, 
Singled Out, and Star Day. Not only do Council 
members work to benefit fellow members, but 
they also help their community. Members 
participate in putting together Thanksgiving Day 
baskets for families in the area. The Council 
proudly sends representatives to both regional 
and state conferences. Without the leadership of 
president Maggie Henderson and advisor 
Mrs. Barnes, many of the Council's events would 
not be such successes. They dedicate much time 
and effort to the activities run by the Council, 
with the help of other executive board members 
like Jenni Allen, Lauren Miller, Amy O'Connor, 
and Josh Bhatti. 

This is the juniors' last year as the 
Council underclassmen. 
Dana Bontemps, Josh Bhatti, 
Craig Blinten, Patty Cronin, 
Caitlin McHale, Andrea Flynn, 
Becky Tower, and Carla Bertoldi 
stick together. 


Kelly Wardner, Andrea Lyons, 

Tara Martin, Anush Patel, 

Briana Short, and 

Christina Policastro take an 

outdoor break in the middle of the 

long day of hard work. 


Dana Bontemps, Amy O'Connor, 
Kara O'Neil 

Front row: Christina Policastro, 
Courtney Howard 

Mike Maloney is one of two people 
in the SAC. Craig Blinten was 
unable to be in the picture. 

nihl m 

The Regional Advisory Council of King Philip 
meets with other council members from across 
the state. These students meet to discuss 
leadership roles within their community. This 
year they have created a web page so they can 
display their accomplishments over the infor- 
mation highway. The Student Advisory 
Council attends the School Council meetings 
and meets with Dr. Ferris. This committee is 
the students' liaison to the faculty and School 

Regional Advisory Council 
Student Advisory Council 



Dan Pennini, Peter Pollard, Jeremy O'Hara, and Sharon Hostetler do the announce- 
ments every morning. These announcements are done very enthusiastically and with 
much energy. 

Every morning the students of King Philip awake to the voices oj 
WKPHS. The students who take part in WKPHS greet their pee 
with announcements of sports activities, school programs, and 
upcoming events. Because of WKPHS' zeal and energy, King 
Philip students are able to start their day with a smile. 


11 O'Clock News Team 

Kid's Incorporated 

Media Aides, Peer Mediation 

The media aide helps the Media Center by bringing equipment 
around the school. She brings all the hardware and software 
needed to each individual classroom. Peer Mediation is a group of 
students who gather to resolve conflicts and disputes in the school. 
They are trained to deal with any kind of conflict in order to 
maintain peace in the school. 

The only media aide in our school is 
Tina Gagas. Every morning she 
delivers materials and machinery to 
teachers around the school. 


Back row: Mrs. Viles-Bachman, Ms. Hamilton, 

Maggie Casey, Brianna Short, Jaron Goldstein, 

Desiree Bliss, Mike Maloney, Marit Davies, 

Lisa Scarnecchia, Tom Sullivan, Stefanie Flynn, 

Mrs. Pfeffer, Mr. Wu 

Middle row: Courtney Howard, Melissa Gray, 

Wendy Rukstalis, Ed Gately, Liz Larson 

Front row: Julie McPherson, Nick Doire 

Veteran peer mediators 
Carolyne Gately and 
Diana LaPointe attend a workshop 
to learn how to deal with people's 
problems. Peer mediators must 
learn different ways to help solve 
conflicts in the school. 

Back row: Tim Mele, Josh Bhatti, 
Sean Simmer, Nick Doire 
Front row: Diana LaPointe, 
Julie McPherson, Hilary Hayes, 
Carolyne Gately, Colleen Nolan, 
Mrs. Viles-Bachman 


Although new to the school, 
freshman Steve Kalliavas is already 
trying to figure out the Academic 
Decathalon, by getting an idea of 
the kind of questions that he will 
have to answer. 

Sophomore Roy Fletcher looks 
intently at the booklet of questions 
for the Academic Decathlon. He 
was looking for the best ways to 
tackle the problems. 

(I VI y x 

u »? M-pp.&jrt 


Standing: Ms. Strekouras, Mr. Fischer, 
Greg Beloff, Paul Gulessarian, Steve Kalliavas, 
Erika Litvin, Andrew Burger, Jen Monty, 
Theresa Lesnick, Heidi Bremilst, Mrs Roache, 
Mrs. Erickson 

Kneeling: Paul Ashman, Chris Allen, 
Mike Chute, Heather Astley 

He has been a major contributor to 
the Academic Decathalon team. 
Being prepared for competitions 
means knowing formulas and 
Chris Allen most certainly realizes 
this, and so studies them. 


Our school's Academic Decathalon has enjoyed success 
throughout the years. This year has been no different. 
Members competed with other schools by answering 
questions on a variety of topics. It is not surprising to 
see members actually studying for these competitions. It 
is not only a very educational experience, but can also be 
fun for those who are participating. 

Academic Decathalon 

College Bowl 

Mrs. Erickson is 

equally talented in 
math and history. This 
range of talent makes 
her a very appropriate 
advisor to the 
Academic Decathlon. 

Law and Order 

Gym Leaders 

Gym leaders are dedicated to motivating the underclass- 
men during their physical education classes. They interact 
with underclassmen by leading warm-ups and participat- 
ing in class activities. They are friendly and approachable 
people who act as role models. The students in these gym 
classes are lucky to have older kids to look up to. Besides, 
they make the class more fun. 

Preparing to show the gym students 
how racquetball is played, gym 
leader John Darling gets ready to 
show off his skills. The members of 
this class are in for one challenging 


Back row: Dave Fogg, Stephanie Ingraham, 

Casey Sias, Erinne Nelson, Tracey Lefebvre, 

John Darling, Vicki White, Colleen Nolan, 

Rachel Kelly, Stephanie Cerrato, Karin Hoist, 

Beth Conroy 

Front row: Pat Mistier, Garrett Rose, 

Paul Elliott, Mike Chute, Dave Bluhm, 

Sarah Pavidis, Dave Elliott, Rebecca Lamothe 


Junior Dave Elliot has just won the 
all scholastic gym championship in 
flag football played during his class. 
Dave was a tremendous asset to the 
teaching staff this past year. 

Determined to prevail, gym leader 
Mike Maloney (known as Buffy to 
his students), defends his table 
against Kari-Lynn Thomas. Mike 
has been a physical education 
intern for two years. 




Those chosen to represent K.P. at 
Girls' State were Cathleen Collins 
Sarah Afarian and Jennie Boylan 
who was unable to be in the picture. 


The representatives at Boys' State were 
Jeremy O'Hara, Dave Miles, 
Chad Guay, Matt Gibson, and 
Chris Allen. 

Being invited to participate in 
Boys' State and Girls' State is 
an honor because the student 
must be nominated by the 
faculty and then be selected by 
the American Legion. The boys 
participated in a five day session 
at Stonehill College while the 
girls stayed at Mount Holyoke 
College. While there, the stu- 
dents gained knowledge of the 

Girls' State, Boys' State 


The Hugh O 'Brian Youth 
Leadership Award is a great 
honor, for only one sopho- 
more receives this honor. This 
student is elected by the 
senior and junior who had 
previously won the award. 
This person attends a HOBY 
Leadership Seminar to realize 
her leadership potential. 



As a HOBY recipient, 

Krystal Buckley is glad that she will 

be attending the HOBY Leadership 

Seminar. She was elected by 

previous HOBY winners in our 




During lunch, Theresa Lesnick does 
not even have time to eat. She had 
to do her homework to keep up her 
good grades. 

Mary Dethavong is working hard at 
the computer. It may seem like 
good grades come to her easily, but 
in reality she has to work very hard. 


Andy Strauss proudly displays the 

King Philip Key. The key enabled him 

to go to school-sponsored events for 


Left to Right: Erika Litvin, Andy Strauss, 
Theresa Lesnick, Mary Dethavong, 
Sarah Afarian 

To be a member of the Key Club, a student must earn straight 
A's for 6 terms. This year, there have been only 5 hard work- 
ing students who have earned the key. The King Philip Key 
allows these students to attend school-sponsored events for 
free. They have worked diligently to earn the key and because 
of their accomplishments they deserve to have these privileges. 

Key Club 



The Golden Globe Awards 

Students of the Month 

For many years, students of outstanding character and 
achievement were not routinely recognized for their ac- 
complishments unless they were also academically suc- 
cessful students or athletes. These awards remedy that 
problem. Students of the month are nominated by faculty 
members who have observed extraordinary effort in class 
or in outside activities. This program is a way of encour- 
aging students to excel in all areas of their lives. 

Ed Lyons, Maria Chrisidis, 
Allison Rice, Tracey Cook, 
James Marks and Jonathan Luke. 


Foreign exchange student Alex Yeremenko 

shows that he has adjusted very well to K.P 

was nominated by his psychology teacher, 

Mrs. Bachman, and by his French teacher, 

Mr. Lanciaux, for his outstanding academic work. 


Cathleen Collins, Nicole Souza, 
Andrea Flynn and 

Alexandr Yeremenko. Missing from 
the picture is Melissa Gray. 

Back row: Saengdow Isarakampot, 
Nadia Jackson, Jessica Atkinson. 
Front row: Lauren Hall and 
Elizabeth Larson. Missing from 
this picture are Jamie Bombardier 
and Holly Manigan. 

Because he created the unity symbol for KP, 
Eddie Lyons was nominated for student of the 
month. This year the school has started work- 
shops to improve community building. Ed's 
artistic ability enabled him to create a symbol 
that all of KP could recognize as a sign of 

1 ©-© fk 



of** ( 

V - Jt - J 

Elizabeth Larson was nominated 
because she opened her heart and 
her home to foreign exchange 
student, Saengdow Isarakampot. 
This act of generosity was greatly 
appreciated by Saengdow and her 
family, and Liz was recognized for it. 


Jamie Bombardier sure knows her 

history. For her achievements in 

Mr. Ferreira's class she was 

nominated for student of the 


S+udien-T of +Ke Mon+K 








































Jessica Atkinson intently draws a picture during class. For her efforts, she 

was nominated by her art teacher, Mrs. Parrott. 


Who's the Boss 

Perfect Strangers 210 

School House Rock 212 

Chronicle 214 

Mr. Wizard 216 

Quantum Leap 218 

The Outer Limits 220 

Masterpiece Theater. . . .222 

Nine to Five 224 

Reading Rainbow 22 5 

Back to the Future 22 5 

One Day at a Time 22 6 

Showtime 228 

Silver Spoons 229 

Sledge Hammer 229 


* e 

vo c \v^ \.° «o^ 




N e 


Perfect Strangers 







4 1 



^B ^^| ^^L V 




The Million Dollar Man 
Mr. Thomas Reis 

Interim Superintendent 

Mr. William McAlduff, Jr. 



Charles in Charge 
Dr. Charles H. Ferris, Jr. 

I grew up in Fall River through the eighth 
grade, and from ninth grade on, in Upton. 

My commute to school is 25 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Upton and Harwich. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Dear John 
Mr. John G. Fitzsimmons 

I grew up in Darien, CT. 

My commute to school is 25 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in NH and MA. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Mrs. Moresi 

Executive Assistant to the 

Miss Lessard 

Principal's Secretary 

Mrs. Upham 

Financial Secretary 

Mrs. Macrae 

Financial Secretary 

Ms. Chamberland 

Special Needs Secretary 

Mrs. Berry 

Main Office Secretary 


Mrs. Antonellis 

Main Office Secretary 

School House Rock 

Mr. Houde 

I grew up in North Attleboro. 

My commute to school is 15 minutes 

In the 80' s I lived in 

North Attleboro. 

I don't have a favorite decade. 

Mrs. Barnes 

I grew up in Southbridge, MA. 

My commute to school is 25 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Holliston. 

My favorite decade was the 70's 

because I traveled all over the US 

and lived in the Orient for a year. 

Miss Ryan 

I grew up in Sacramento, CA and 

Wellesley, MA. 

My commute to school is 45 minutes 

My favorite decade is always the 



Mr. Ahern 

I grew up in Somerville. 
My commute to school is 50 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Somerville. 
My favorite decade is the present. 

Mrs. Huckle 

I grew up in Walpole. 
My commute to school is 15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Walpole. 
I think the present decade is exciting. 

Mr. Besaw 

I grew up in Walpole. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes 

In the 80's I lived in Foxboro. 

My favorite decade is the 90's. 

Ms. Tirpak 

I grew up in East Durham, NY. 

My commute to school is 30 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in East Durham 

and Albany, NY. 
My favorite decade was the 80's. 

Miss Southworth 

I grew up in Brockton, MA. 

My commute to school is 35 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in MA. 

Ms. Greenhow 

I grew up in Westwood, MA. 

My commute to school is 40 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in MA. 

My favorite decade is the 90's! 

Mrs. Roache 

I grew up in Hull, MA. 

My commute to school is 30 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Canton. 

My favorite decade was the 50's, early 60's. 

Life was simpler, not as complex and fast paced as the 

time since the mid 60's. 

What do you like best 
about working at K.P.? 

Working with the Student Council on projects to promote 
school spirit and having a successful event like "Singled Out.' 

-Mrs. Barnes 

I like the school spirit. 

-Mrs. Roache 

The interaction with the students is what I like best. 

-Miss Ryan 

I like the wit of the K.P. students. 

-Ms. Greenhow 

I like the kids best. 

I like the students. 

-Miss Southworth 

-Mr. Houde 

I enjoy the general friendliness. 

-Mrs. Huckle 

My students and my colleagues are what I like best. 

-Mr. Ahern 

There is a truly dedicated faculty and decent students. 

-Mr. Besaw 

I enjoy working with the students to help them reach their 

-Mrs. Tirpak 




Mr. Breen 

I grew up in Norwood, MA 

My commute to school is 25 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in CT and 


The 90's have been pretty good to 

me so far. 

Ms. Bremer 
I grew up in Indiana and Norwood. 
My commute to school is 10 minutes. 
In the 80's I lived in South Walpole 
and Foxborough. 
My favorite decade was the 60's 
because I went to college, served in 
the Peace Corps, and got my job at KP. 

Miss Coutu 

I grew up in Dorchester, MA. 

My commute to school is 20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Sharon. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 


Mrs. Erickson 

I grew up in Sharon and Lexington, MA; Warm Springs, 

GA; Greenville, SC; Annapolis and Chevy Chase, MD; 

Memphis, TN; and Italy. 

My commute to school is 20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in the same place I do now. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Mr. Ferreira 

I grew up in Newport, RI. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Newport, RI, London, and Ontario 

My favorite decade that I have lived through is the 70'i 

and that I would like to have lived through is the 20's. 

Mr. Finase 

[ grew up in Medfield and Norfolk. 

v4y commute to school is 5 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in N. Attleboro. 

My favorite decade is the 90's. 

Mr. Simarrian 

I grew up in Franklin, MA. 

My commute to school is 5 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Franklin, MA. 

My favorite decade was the 50's. 

Mrs. Harrington 

I grew up in Attleboro, MA. 

My commute to school is 15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Attleboro, MA. 

My favorite decade was the 80's! 

Mrs. Viles-Bachman 

I grew up in Norwood, MA. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Walpole. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

What was your favorite televison 
program as a child? 

In my early childhood my favorite show was 
Howdy Doody. In my teen years it was American 

-Mrs. Viles- Bachman 

My favorite show was The Muppet Show. 

-Mr. Ferreira 

My favorite show was Bonanza. 

Ms. Coutu 

My favorite show was The Little House on the 

-Ms. Harrington 

My favorite show was Batman. 

-Mr. Finase 

My favorite shows were I Love Lucy, Omnibus, 
and Ed Sullivan. 

-Ms. Bremer 

My favorite show was Happy Days. 

-Mr. Breen 

My favorite show was Father Knows Best. 

-Mrs. Erickson 

My favorite shows were Howdy Doody, Cheyenne, 
Have Gun Will Travel, and Gunsmoke. 

-Mr. Simarrian 


King Philip History Day this year fell on November 5. 


Mrs. Casper 

I grew up in Massachusetts. 

My commute to school is 35 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Massachusetts. 

My favorite decade is the 90's. 

Mr. Cormier 

I grew up in Rutland, MA. 
My commute to school is an 8 minute walk. 
In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 
My favorite decade was the 50's because I was young and v 


Mr. Ligor 

I grew up in Worcester, MA. 

My commute to school is 30 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Milford, MA. 

My favorite decade was the 60's . 

Mr. Schmidt 

I grew up in North Attleboro. 

My commute to school is 12 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in North Attleboro. 

My favorite decade was the 60's 

because the music was awesome. 

Mr. Fischer 

I grew up in Bellevue, WA. 

My commute to school is 45 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Bellevue, WA, Hamden, CT, 

at Yale and Cornell. 
I have high expectations for the decades ahead. 

Mrs. Knight 

I grew up in Providence, RI. 

My commute to school is 35-40 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Providence and Smithfield, RI. 

My favorite decade was the 80's 

because I completed my degrees, came to work at K.P., 

married and built a home with my husband. 

What do you do 
during the summer? 

Spend time with my husband, 
children, and family (play, 
vacation and gardening). 

-Mrs. Knight 

Teach at a private summer 
program, and travel. 

-Mr. Fischer 

R&R, rest and recreation. 

-Mrs. Casper 

I travel and go to museums 
and concerts. 

-Mrs. Villiard 

Play a lot of GOLF on Cape 

-Mr. Ligor 

Mrs. Villiard 

I grew up in East Providence. 

My commute to school is 15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Franklin. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Mr. Lazzara 

I grew up in Norwood. 217 

My commute to school is 5 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 
My favorite decade is the next decade. 

a d 


Quantum Leap 

Mr. Webb 

I grew up in Boston. 

My commute to school is 

20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in N. Attleboro. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Mrs. Shirley 

I grew up in Westport, MA. 

My commute to school is 7 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Foxboro and 


My favorite decade is NOW! 

Mr. Kummer 

I grew up in North Attleboro. 

My commute to school is 6 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in North 


My favorite decade was the 70's. 


Mrs. Neubauer 

I grew up in Cleveland, OH. 

My commute to school is 

20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Medway. 

My favorite decade was the 80's. 

Mr. Kramer 

I grew up in Wrentham. 
My commute to school is 15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

My favorite decade will be 2001- 
2010. It will be full of opportunities. 

Mr. Wu 

My commute to school is 

720 seconds. 

In the 80's I lived in Franklin, MA. 

Miss Szczepaniak 

I grew up in MA. 

My commute to school is 25 minutes, 

23 if I don't hit too many red lights. 

In the 80's I lived in MA. 

My favorite decade? I love them all — 

past, present, and future! 

Mrs. Barrett 

I grew up in Boston. 

My commute to school seems like minutes! 

In the 80's I lived in Canton and Wrentham. 

My favorite decade is NOW! Ask me again in ten years. 

Miss Strekouras 

I grew up in Providence, RI. 

My commute to school is 30-35 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Providence. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Do you have any special talents or 
unique traits? 

I am currently learning to play the piano. 

-Mr. Kummer 

I like to bake. 
I like to sew. 

-Mrs. Shirley 

Mrs. Neubauer 

I am fluent in the Greek (modern, of course) 

-Mrs. Strekouras 

Yes, I have special talents and unique traits. 

-Mrs. Barrett 

I can sum up all the integers between 1 and 
1000 in my head. 

-Mr. Wu 


Mrs. Chilson 

I grew up in Attleboro, MA. 

My commute to school is 15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived nearby. 

My favorite decade is the 90's. 

Ms. Figueiredo 

I grew up in Lobito, Angola. 

My commute to school is 45 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in RI, CA, France, Austria, 

and Portugal. 


Mrs. Hamilton 

I grew up in Plainville. 

My commute to school is 35 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Plainville. 

My favorite decade was the 70's. 

Mr. Lanciaux 

I grew up in Central Falls, RI and 

on a dairy farm in Lincoln, RI. 

My commute to school is 25 minutes, 15 on a good day. 

My favorite decade was the 60's 

when Rock & Roll was first introduced. 

Mrs. Zuercher 

I grew up in Providence, RI. 

My commute to school is 30-35 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Rhode Island. 

My favorite decade was the 70's. I was a student and 

life was easier. I just did not know it back then. 

Mrs. McCourt 

I grew up in Newton, MA. 

My commute to school is 30 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Randolph, MA. 

Mrs. Mannering 

I grew up in Boston. 

My commute to school is 2 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

What do you like best 
about working at K.P.? 

The administrative support to develop as a 
professional and the students who have been great 
to work with. 

-Mr. Lanciaux 

There's never a dull moment! 

My students! 

-Mrs. Zuercher 

-Mrs. McCourt 

The staff, students, and the warm collegial atmo- 

-Mrs. Chilson 

I love my students. 

The students. 

-Mrs. Hamilton 

-Mrs. Mannering 


Master Piece Theater 


Mrs. Carneiro 

I grew up in Sharon. 

My commute to school is 6 1 /2 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Fairhaven, Wellfleet, and Sharon. 

My favorite century was the 1800's, the Impressionist Period. 

Mrs. Cress 

I grew up in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia. 

My commute to school is 15-20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Canada, Iowa, and Wrentham. 

I like the 80's for nostalgia and the 90's for happiness. 


Mrs. Parrott 

I grew up on a Seneca Indian reservation in New York 

My commute to school is 15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Salamanca, NY. 

The 70's were my favorite decade, I as a kid, a very 

happy kid. I just enjoyed life without a care. 

Mrs. Tower 

I grew up in Foxboro, MA. 

My commute to school is 3 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

I've loved all of the decades. 

Mr. Riley 

I grew up in South Weymouth, MA. 

My commute to school is 35 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Needham, MA. 

My favorite decade was the 50's. 

Mr. Tileston 

I grew up in Weymouth. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived all over. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Mr. Sumner 

I grew up in North Attleboro. 

My commute to school is 20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Attleboro Falls. 

My favorite decade was the 50's — especially the cars. 

I still have a 50's car, a 1951 MGTD. 

What was your favorite t.v. show 
as a child? 

The Wonderful World of Disney 

Mr. Tileston 

There are so many! The Three Stooges, 
Bewitched, Laverne & Shirley, The Flintstones, 
just to name a few. 

-Mrs. Parrott 

Laugh In. When I was in the second grade, at the 
end of Ozzie and Harriet, I used to kiss the t.v. when 
Ricky Nelson sang. 

-Mrs. Tower 

Charley's Angels and Bewitched. 

-Mrs. Cress 

Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. 

Howdy Doody, Milton Berle. 
Brady Bunch. 

-Mr. Riley 

-Mr. Sumner 
-Mrs. Carneiro 


Nine to Five 

Mrs. Campos 

I grew up in Bellingham, MA. 

My commute to school is 20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Bellingham. 

My favorite decade was the 80's. 

Mrs. Dombkowski 

I grew up in Cumberland, RI. 

My commute to school is 25 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Cumberland. 

My favorite decade was the 80's. 

Mr. Guillemette 

I grew up in Woonsocket, RI. 

My commute to school is 41 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in N. Providence. 

My favorite decade was the 60's. 

Mr. Lavallee 

I grew up in Cumberland, RI. 
224 My commute to school is 20 minutes. 
In the 80's I lived in Cumberland. 
My favorite decade was the 80s. 

Mrs. Raymond 

I grew up in Wrentham (KP Grad!). 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

Mrs. Stankiewicz 

I grew up in Foxboro. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Mansfield. 

Mrs. Carr 

I grew up in Walpole, MA. 

My commute to school is 2 miles. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

My favorite decade was the 70's. 

My children were small. 

Who was your most 
personality of the 80's? 

Probably Harrison Ford. He was a 
hero to his audience in film (Indi- 
ana Jones movies). He had a lot of 
excitement in his life and he had 

- Mr. Guillemette 

Pope John Paul II. 

- Mr. Lavallee 

Steve Wozniak, who helped to start 
Apple Computer and then went on 
to form a music company. 
-Mr. Runeman 

Mr. Hosford 

I grew up in Franklin, MA. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Franklin. 

My favorite decade is the 90s. 

Back to the Future 

Mr. Runeman 

I grew up in Illinois and 

Weslaco, TX. 

My commute to school is 30 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Natick. 

I always try to live in the now, so 

this, the 90's, is my favorite decade. 

About three years from now, my 

answer will change. 


Kerry McDermott and 

Christina Robbins type away at the 

computers in the Media Center. 

Mrs. Landry 

I grew up in Henderson 

Harbor, NY. 
My commute to school is 

20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Natick. 

My favorite decade was 

the 80's. I was married 

and all of my children 

were born during that 


One Day at a Time 

Mrs. Winslow 

I grew up in Franklin, MA. 
My commute to school is 

10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in the 

Boston area, Wrentham, 

and Attleboro. 

I guess I liked all the 


Mrs. Cooper 

I grew up in Easton, MA. 
My commute to school is 

15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in the 

same house as I live in 


My favorite decade is the 


Mrs. Tower 

I grew up in Acton, MA. 
My commute to school is 

20 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in North 


My favorite decade was 

the 70's. 


Mr. Bergquist 

I grew up in IL, CA, and 


My commute to school is 

10-15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in 


My favorite decade was the 


■"*■ ^.jl 


Mrs. Buchanio 

I grew up in Franklin. 
My commute to school is 10 


In the 80's I lived in Franklin. 

My favorite decade was the 

70's. I was in high school and 

college and everything was 


Mrs. Hughes 

I grew up in Medfield. 
My commute to school is 20 


In the 80's I lived in Boston 

and Morocco. 

Ms. Meuser 

I grew up in RI and VT. 

My commute to school is 25 


In the 80's I lived in 


My favorite decade is the 


Mrs. Pavao 

I grew up in Connecticut, 
ly commute to school is 15 minutes. 
In the 80's I lived in CT and RI. 
My favorite decade was the 70's. 

Mrs. Lake 

I grew up in Bourne, MA. 
My commute to school is 

12 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in North 

\ttleboro, Plainville, and Charlton. 

My favorite decade was the late 

80's-early 90's. 

Ms. Turco 

I grew up in Franklin. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Franklin. 

There is no time like the present! 

Mrs. Houde 

I grew up in Hudson, MA. 

My commute to school is 10-15 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in North Attleboro. 

My favorite decade was the 50's. 

Who was your most 

memorable personality 

of the 80's? 

My favorite personality was Super- 
man. When my boys were toddlers 
they would tie towels at their necks 
and pretend to fly around the house 
when the movie soundtrack played. 
-Mrs. Landry 

My favorite personality was J.R. 
Ewing on Dallas. 

-Mrs. Winslow 

My favorite personality was Krista 

-Mrs. Cooper 

Can we have a list to choose from? 
-Mrs. Tower 

My favorite personality was 
Davey Jones of the Monkeys. 
-Mrs. Buchanio 

My favorite personality was 

Bob L' Homme- High School Cross 

Country Coach. 

-Mr. Norton 

Mr. Norton 

I grew up in Wrentham. 

My commute to school is 2 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

My favorite decade is the 90's. 


Work in Progres 

Mr. Keleher 

I grew up in Canton. 

My commute to school is 30 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Easton, the 

home of the Oliver Ames Tigers. 

My favorite decade was the 70' s. 

I was younger then. 

Mr. Doherty 

I grew up in Taunton. 

My commute to school is 25 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Easton. 

My favorite decade is the 90's. 

Mrs. Sullivan 

I grew up in Foxboro. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

My favorite decade was the 50's. 

Mr. Young 

I grew up in Boston. 
My commute to school is 10 minutes. 
228 In the 80's I lived in North 


My favorite decade is 

the present one. 

What do you do during 
the summer? 

I do household projects and go 
hiking in the White Mountains. 
-Mr. Keleher 

I go on a bicycle trip for a 
week, hike, play golf, and take 
a professional developmental 

-Mr. Doherty 

I play golf, go to the beach, 
read, and do home projects. 
-Mrs. Sullivan 

I relax. 

-Mr. Young 

Mrs. Crehan 

Guidance Secretary 

;roup of junior and senior students gather around Ed Gerety in enthusiastic 
ponse to his motivational assembly. Mr. Gerety was the second speaker in a 
ies of assemblies. 

■. Ferris and Ms. Winslow take a picture with Ed Gerety. Gerety spoke to 
> students about motivating themselves to improve their relationships 
th others and to succeed in the world. 

Celebrating and Building Community is a year-long 
venture designed and developed by the students, faculty and 
administration of King Philip Regional High School for the 
academic school year 1997-98. The intention is to initiate an 
action-spirit program that will celebrate and build a sense of 
community for all students, families and faculty of the King 
Philip Region. In addition to attending six motivational 
assemblies, students have designed buttons and calendars to 
be used around the school and community. 


;ss Mele and Kristy Martin speak to Mr. Keleher after giving their speeches 
> the upper classmen. The Alumni Assembly took place in early January. 

Shaun Fitzgerald, Tara Crawford, Jess Mele, Leia Davies, Jane Correia, 
and Paige McCollum take part in the Alumni Speaker Symposium. 
The students look forward to this each year. 

Show Time 

Mr. Boucher 

I grew up in Norfolk and 


My commute to school is 35 minutes. 

In the 80' s I lived in Norfolk and 

My favorite decade was the 80's. 

Mrs. Pfeffer 

I grew up in Norwood, MA. 

My commute to school is 5 minutes. 

My favorite decade was the 80's. 

Mr. Carneiro 

I grew up in Portugal. 

My commute to school is 

6.5- 8 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Milford. 



Mrs. Smith 

I grew up in Poland, OH. 

My commute to school is 10 minutes. 

In the 80's I lived in Wrentham. 

My favorite decade was the 60' s. 

Mr. Calzaretta 

What do you do during 
the summer? 

I like to relax, read, and 
play golf. 

-Mrs. Smith 

I like to relax and play golf. 
-Mrs. Pfeffer 

I help out with track and 
field camps and work at the 

-Mr. Boucher 

I work in construction and 
at camps. 

-Mr. Carneiro 

"afeteria Staff: Rhonda Cavossa, Gay Atteridge, Carol Troiano, 
)ebbie Langevin, Beth Impey, Trudy Cappuccino, Donna Swan. 

This is just an example of one of the 
many lunches the cafeteria makes 
during the week. 

Sledge Hammer 

Mr. Courtney Mr. Fenton Mr. Gallagher 

These are some of the men who spend their days and nights cleaning up the messes we make. 
They are responsible for keeping King Philip clean, warm, and looking great! 


The Wonder Years 

Ahem, Richard 

Barnes, Jo-Ann 

Barrett, Debra 

Besaw, Steven 

Breen, Mark 

Bremer, Janna 

Campos, Debra 

Casper, Margaret 

Chilson, Linda 

Cooper, Helen 

Coutu, June 

Cress, Shannon 

Doherty, Robert 

Dombkowski, Nancy 

Ferreira, Joseph 

Fischer, Edward 

Garand, Christina 

Guillemette, Robert 

Harrington, Jill 

Hosford, William 

Houde, Dianne 

Houde, Robert 

Huckle, Jacqueline 

Hughes, Judith 

Keleher, Daniel 



Hallmark Hall of Fame 

Kramer, Scott 
Lanciaux, Paul 
Lavallee, Dennis 
Lessard, Pauline 
Ligor, Thomas 

Mannering, Nancy 
McCourt, Joanne 
Neubauer, Jean 
Parrott, Jodi 
Pfeffer, Kathy 

Raymond, Marie 
Riley, Paul 
Shirley, Joan 
Simarrian, Wayne 
Smith, Bonnie 

Stankiewicz, Carol 
Strekouras, Ethel 
Sullivan, Peg 
Sumner, David 
Szczepaniak, Gene 

« *g 

Tirpak, Sandy 
Tower, Nancy 
Viles-Bachman, P. 
Villiard, Elizabeth 
Winslow, Sally 


The Price Is Right 

Ads , Baby Ads 236 

Index 269 





Congratulations Class of 1998 

127 South St., Wrentham, Massachusetts • 508-384-8400 

931 Main St., Walpole, Massachusetts • 508-668-3800 
54 Central St., Foxboro, Massachusetts • 508-543-5300 


Doug Mead 

Congratulations, Doug. 

We knew you could do it! 

With a bright future 

ahead, know that you 

have all of our love and 

support behind you. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, 

Dan and Dustin 

Elizabeth Larson 


Congratulations on all of your 
accomplishments!! We are so 
proud of the wonderful person 
you've become. We wish you a 
lifetime of happiness and suc- 
cess. May all your dreams 
come true! We love you! 
Mom, Dad and Becky 

Eddie Lyons 

You're one of a kind, Eddie. 

We're very proud of you. 

Good luck in college. 


Mom and Dad 

Cmgtamatwiti Scmwu! 

C<mf6#s*ti of 

Professional Photography 

1 062 Taunton Avenue Rt. 44 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771 

(508) 336-4777 

Yowc Yeatboolo 







Staci M. Dooley 

You've been a great daughter and 
sister, and we are all extremely proud 
of you. Good luck in whatever you 
do, and we love you always. 
God bless you, 
Dad, Mom, and Tami 

Nicky's Restaurant 

460 Franklin Street 

Wrentham, Ma 


Good Luck 

Tara Martin 


Telephone: 384-8283 


Family Restaurant 
Take Out Available 


Follow your dreams! Let your heart 
lead the way. If you bring to the world 
all the joy you have given us, then the 
world will be as blessed as we have 

We are so very proud of who you are! 

We love you 

Mom, Dad & Josh 

Danielle Munroe 

All that you are 
All that you hope to be 
Is in your capable hands 
Stay true to yourself 
Be happy and forever 
Keep smiling 

Jim Mahoney 

Congratulations, Jim. 

You're one terrific kid and 

whatever you may do 

in the future, 

you will be great at it. 


Mom & Dad 

Lisa & Chris 







All Our Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Eddie Lyons 

I'm going to miss you next year, 
Thanks for the rides! 




The School Committee 

wishes each member 

of the 

Class of 1998 

Health, Happiness, and Continued Success 

Standing left to right: Pamela Linehan, Keith Billian, Tom Reis, William H. McAlduff, Jr., Kenneth Patton 

Sitting left to right: Andrea Tooker, Sam Williams, George Cronin, Jane Morris 

Missing from the picture: John Spinney, Karen Cobb 

Donald E. Fisher, D.D.S. 

Jo-Anne Castellone, D.M.D. 

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 

14 Common Street 

Wrentham • MA • 02093 

"We Cater to Cowards'* 




813 Main Street, Millis, MA 02054 

John W. Burow 



We are so proud of you. Best wishes for your future. 

Keep up the good work! 


Ma & Dad 

Walpole Co-operative Bank 

982 Main Street 

Walpole, MA 02081 

(508) 668-1080 
In the Community, For the Community 

llouA hrnntmuyrv va/nh wnai, I H ' I 


Class of 1998 

Jill Krasnauskas 

Love Always, 

Adriana E. Ouimet 

"Now I see the secret of making the best 
persons. It is to grow up in the open air 
and to eat and sleep with the earth." 
Walt Whitman 

You are our beautiful daughter 


best person. 

Your Proud and Loving Parents! 

Call: 528-0731 


- A Full Service Oil Company - 
Heating & Plumbing 

• Complete Heating Installations 

• 24 Hour Burner Services 

• Automatic Fuel Delivery 

Brett Heff ernan 

George Cronin 

5 George St. 
Norfolk. MA 02056 



You have been the 

biggest joy in our lives. 

We are very proud of you. 

We love you. 

Mom, Joe, and Grant 

Michael Anthony Chute 

Michael Anthony Chute, 

Eagle Scout 

We are very proud of you. 

Continue to chase your dreams. 

We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad and Richard 

Max Mucciarone 


We are so very proud of you 


all you stand for. 

Go for it. 

We know you will do well! 


Dad, Mom & Vicky 

Chad Guay 

Gotta love that face! 
We are so blessed to have you as our 
son. You are a thoughtful, caring, and 
responsible person, and we are filled 
with pride! Your qualities will take you 
far in life. Always be true to yourself. 
With Love and Congratulations, 
Mom and Dad 
P.S. Go for your dreams! 



You are as good 

as anyone else 

and better than most. 

Thanks, John, for being 

such a good brother 

to all of us and a great son. 


Dad, Mom, 

Mark, Chris & Luke 



699-71 87 

Tracey Cook 









f c 










Our beautiful baby girl has grown into a lovely, young 
woman, both inside and out. We're very proud of you. Good 
luck in college next year, honey, and go for your dreams. 

We Love You! 
Mom, Dad, Katie, Jen, and Nana 

Kimberly Hadfield 


You have taught me 
so much and next 
year you will be 
greatly missed. You 
are a beautiful 
person inside and out 
and wherever life 
brings you remember 

Life isn 't a destina- 
tion — it's a journey. 
We all come upon 
unexpected curves, 
and turning points, 
mountain tops and 
Everything that happens to us shapes who we are becoming, 
And in the adventure of each day we discover the best in 

Good luck and thanks for being there! I love you. 

Your sister, Diana 

George C. Labonte 


You made it! We are proud of the person you have 
become. As you continue to amaze us, we hope this is not 
the field of Criminal Justice you major in. 

Congratulations and best of luck! 

Mom, Dad, Chrissie, Becca, Craig, Gram, and Becki 

Matthew Kavanah 

"And he will fly like an eagle... " 


We are so very proud of you. 

You 're the coolest!! 

Keep soaring. 

God Bless and Keep You 

Peace and Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, and Kate 

Richard LaRue 

Good Job #1 

On to the next level. 
Power up! 

Dad, Nicole, 
Jeff& Colette 










WED TO SAT 1 1 :0O TO 5:00 
SUN 12:00 TO 5:00 

featuring specialties from Russia, 'Europe, and USA 

Lunch • 'Dinner • Chef's TaSle 

International Dinner-Dance Club 

Bistro • War • 'Banquets 

Tel: (English) 508-698-6849 • (Russian) 508-698-1727 

Bethany Coleman 


All the dreams we wished for you, 

Are all the things you are. 

You were once our little girl, 

And now our shining star. 

Follow Your Dreams! 

Mom, Dad & Jason 

Brian Murphy 



on all your accomplishments. 

We are proud of you. 


Mom, Dad 

Sean & Kara 



PHONE 384-7788 

Katie LaFrance 

'Pumpkin " 

We are so proud of you 

and your accomplishments. 

Live your dreams and be happy. 

We Love You, 

Mom and Dad 

(and the "Gipper") 

Kimberly Hadfield 


You can now go on to achieve your dreams. Let no one deter you 
from them. Be honest and true to yourself. Let your inner beauty 
shine. Give much to your family, friends and community and you 
will reap many rewards. Set your goals high and work hard to 
achieve them. You have made us very proud of you and because of 
who you are, we will always care, love and cherish you forever. We 
thank you for being who you are and congratulate you for what you 
have accomplished. 

Your Family 

Lisa Tibbetts 


I am very proud of you 


all your accomplishments. 

Keep hitting those 

high notes!! 



Johnny's Barber Shop 

218 Park Street 

North Attleboro, Ma. 02760 

(rear of the building) 

(508) 699-4978 


Kara Antonellis 

Dear Kara, 

We have always been so proud 

of you — your determined spirit 

and kind heart. Continue to 

believe in yourself because we 

will always believe in you. 

Lots of love, 

Mom and Dad 

Res (506) 222-7642 



(508) 695-5091 


Jason Roach 


We are very proud of you and your 
accomplishments. May your life be filled with 
the happiness and success you deserve. 

Mom and Dad 

Michelle Cardin 


Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. 

We are very proud of you. 

Best of luck and happiness 

with your future plans. 

We Love You! 
Mom and Dad 



Class of "9$" 




Rt. 1A Norfolk, MA 02056 


Class of '98 

Keely Monahan 

Dear Keely, 

May Happiness be your success, 

and Love your wealth. 

You have brought us both. 

We love you, 

Mum and Dad 

Victoria Tower 

Dear Vicki, 

Thank you so much for all the ways you've 
given me love, helped me, and guided me 
through life. Your caring and thoughtful 
heart has brought happiness to all those 
around you and has giver\ me the inspiration 
to follow in your footsteps. The best of luck in 
college.. I love you Vicki and will truly miss 

Sincerely, your sister, 

Matthew (Matt) Gilbert 

Congratulations Matt! 
We know you will be a great 
success building your future as 
you were building with blocks! 
Mom, Dad and Stephanie 

Tina Sullivan 

What a Class! 


Class of 1998 



We are very proud of you, of who you are, 

and all that you have done. 

You mean so much to us. 

We love you, 

Mom & Dad 

Flower Studio, Ltd* 

387 N. Washington Street, Rte. 1 
North Attleboro, MA 02760 

Sarah Conley 




We are very proud of you. 

Continue to work hard and pursue your dreams. 

The possibilities are endless. 

We Love You! 

Mom, Dad and Megan 

Terri Struzzieri 


No one can predict to what 
heights you can soar. Even 
you will not know until you 
spread your wings. 

We Love You! 

Mom and Dad 



Good Luck 

to the 

Class of 1998! 


Heather S. Wilson 

Jessica Halpin 

Roses are red 

Violets are blue, 

You are our Bug 

And We Love You! 

Congratulations Bug! 


Mommie, Joel, Cory and Nand 

Brian DelGrosso 


We're very proud of you 

and your achievements. 

Love Always, 

Mom & 


Two roads diverged 

in a wood. 
And I... I chose the 

one less traveled. 
And that has made 

all the difference. 


We are very proud of you for all of your successes, 

and for accomplishing them 

entirely on your own terms. 

Go out and change the world. 

Mom, Brendan, and Julie 

Jennifer Carey 


Your first year with us was a constant struggle. 

The next nine years, you were fun to snuggle. 

These last seven years you've been a gift from heaven. 

Through all the years your giving way 

has made you a joy for us with every day. 

We're proud of you! 


Dad, Mom, Bobby and Jimmy 

Sarah Pare 


Our pride, our joy, our love and the sunshine of our lives. 



Mom, Dad and Laura 

Tim Oldread 

Daniel Pennini 


Congratulations on all your accomplishments. We 
have always been so proud of you. You have been 
such a joy and shining star in our lives. Follow your 
dreams always. 

We love you with all our hearts, 
Mom & Dad 


Life is like a cross country race. Tiring practices, hard work, 
obstacles to overcome. The camaraderie of teammates, the spirit 
of competition, the exhilaration of achieving a personal best. 
Setting a goal, the participation, being happy with yourself. 
We're proud of you and your accomplishments. They are some 
of our "most memorable moments." Lace them up. On your 
mark, get set. ..Look out, Buster, the best is yet to come! 

Mom, Dad, Joe & Mike 

Neil Wood worth 


Congratulations! ! 

You have given 

all of us 

many special moments. 

Keep your 

positive attitude, 


keep reaching for 

your dreams. 

We love you! 


Mom, Dad, & Nikki 

Katie Quick 

Dear Katie, 

You have always set your standards 
very high, and expected nothing less 
than the best you could give. Your 
schedules have been painful to watch, 
but filled us with admiration. You are 
a sweetie, and we all love you very 
much, and pray your choices will 
bring you happiness and fulfillment . 
You will always be my "Baby-cake." 

Mom and Dad 

Cathleen Collins 

Cathleen — 
"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty 

of their dreams." 

We are so proud of all 

you have accomplished so far. 

May all your dreams come true. 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad, 

Megan, Michael, and Helen 

Michelle Cardin 


Congratulations on all 

you have accomplished. 

We wish you a future filled 

with every happiness and 


May all your dreams come 

true for you, 

today and always. 


Gam & Pop 

Heather Voght 


We are so proud of you! 

May you have continued 

success and happiness 



Mom and Dad 

Tracey Lefebvre 


You have become a beautiful, 

caring person. 

We wish for you to be all that you can be. 

Good luck in college. We'll miss you. 


Dad, Mom & Chloe 

Lauren Miller 


We're so proud 
of the unique and beautiful person 

you've become. 

If we could scrunch you back down, 

we would and turn back the clock, 

but that's not possible, 

so go and follow your dreams. 

fust remember we love you very much 

and home is never far away. 

Mom, Dad and Chris 

Tracey Lef ebvre 


Good luck next year. 

I'll miss you. 



Sharon Hostetler 

You have filled our lives 

» ' 

with joy. We are so proud 

(* 1 

of you. Keep smiling and 

always follow your dreams. 

We love you and we will 

always be here for you. 


Mom, Tony, 

Alicia and Michael 

Maggie Henderson 

Teoman Korkmaz 

Maggie — 

We're very proud of who you are. 

We've always enjoyed your 

energy, enthusiasm and grit! 

and are looking forward 

to the next chapter. 

Go for it,Mannie! 

Love you for always 

M,D,E&B ' 

Congratulations Teo 

on your success 

We are so proud of you. 
Reach out to your future with 
a bright smile and happiness! 

We love you 
Mom, Dad and Filiz 

Anna Boulet 

Ana — Mi Preciosita 

Vaya con Dios! 

Abrazos y besitos — 


Lauren Hurley 


Congratulations! We are so proud of you!! 

You've paid your dues and now it's time 

To go to college and end this rhyme 

So here's to you and all the fun you've had 

We're still amazed that you're a grad! 

A graduate we did hear, you've ended high 

school's final year! 
We wish you luck and much success. Good luck at college. 
Do your best. 

Mom, Dad, Andrea, and Kristen 

Erica Tangstrom 


You are the light in the window on a snowy night, ocean breeze on a hot summer's day, 

...a perfect blue sky. 
You are the sunshine poking through the clouds, 

...the first snow crocus in March. 
You are a wonder... a comfort... a joy. 
You are our gift. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Lauren & Rob 

Leila Kocen 

Heather Hayes 


We are proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, and Billy 

To my "Big"sister, 

Together we survived midnight ghosts, flying teapots, pulled teeth, 
setting the stove on fire, family vacations, sharing a room and the Hepatitis B shot. 
I couldn't have done it without you. 


To Heather, 

You are a great sister. You helped me get through the worst times. I 
will miss you when you are at school and look forward to seeing you when you 
come back. 


To Heather, 

I'll miss you and your grouchiness, and your stupid comments like, "I 
hate the country." Thanks for the advice and for letting me use your clothes. 
Thanks for being a great oldest sister. 


Brett Martucci 


We thank you for all the joy and pride 
you have given us throughout your life. 

You are so loved by us. 


as you begin this exciting new chapter in your life. 

We are behind you all the way. 


Mom, Dad, Drew & Kelsie 

Anthony Lorusso 

Go for it, 



Mom & Dad 

Chw19*>4* • GkrttfoAyA* • GtyutwcAf 

Megan Lloyd 


Make the most of 

your college years. 

They go by fast! 

1 miss you... 

Wliose clothes are we 

going to borrow behind 

each other's backs? 

Love, Katie 


Classes in 

jazz, Tap, Ballet, 

Gymnastics and Baton 


Keith LaValley 


You are so special! We believe in 
you and that you will be successful 
at whatever you choose to do in life. 
Continue to let that bright light 
inside of you shine wherever you go. 
Mom, Dad 
Beth, Craig & Michelle 

Diana LaPointe 


Congratulations. You have 
always followed your 
dreams. I am so proud of 
who you have become and 
what you have accom- 
plished. Keep reaching for 
the stars and always follow 
your dreams. I'll always be here for you, my shining star. 



Sarah Af arian 


You have given us more joy than 
we could have ever hoped. Were 
so proud of you. 

Love Mom, Dad & Aaron 

Jason Roach 




Good Luck in College. 

Matt Schwann 


You have been a joy as a son since you were born. 

From Delaware to Australia to Massachusetts, 

you have always added fun and excitement to our lives. 

Continue to follow your dreams. 

Congratulations, love & success 

to a special young man — 

Mom, Dad & Gram 

Jen Perry 



We Love You. 

Grandma Perry 


Dick Ball 

John Paul St. Francis 

Congratulations on a job well done!! 
May all your dreams come true!! 

Shoot for the moon!! 

We're proud of you and love you! 

Mom and Dad 


A History of Service 







Equal Housing Lender Member FDtC 



MON, TUES, >NEO 8:30-4:30 MON.-WH). 9:00-3:00 

THUR 8:30-7:00 THUR 9:00-7:00 

FW 8:30-4:30 FW 9:00 - 3:00 

SAT 8:30-12:00 SAT 9^)0-12:00 


Sean Thomas Simmer 

Dear Sean, 

Thank you, for always being so happy, kind, and 
funny. You have discovered your interests and 
developed your skills! This is where you enter the 
race, assume responsibility and strive for success. 

We are proud of you and happy for you! 

Love, Dad, Mom & Shalyn 

Eric Greene 

Eric — 

You set your "goals" high and you achieved 
them all. We are proud of the obstacles you 
have overcome. Good luck in college — we 
know you will be successful in whatever you 
want to do. 

Mom & Dad 

Jen Perry 


We are so proud of all your 

accomplishmen ts . 

You have been a joy to us. 

We hope your future 

is full of happiness 

and smiles. 

Mom & Dad 

Heather Hayes 

Dear Heather, 

We want to let you know how very 
proud of you we are and how much we 
love you. You have brought us much 
happiness and joy. We know you will 
always succeed at whatever you choose 
to do. You are very special! Remember 
we will always be there for you. 
Mom & Dad 

Jenni Allen 

Congratulations Jen! 

Only you can make 

your dreams come true. 

Keep smiling and the 

world will be yours! 


Mom and Dad 

Diana La Pointe 

You have been such a joy to us 

since you were born! 

We wish only the very best in life 

for you and success in all your 

future endeavors. 

We love you, 
Nana and Bampa 

Garrett Rose 

You've had four years 

of hard work and 

dedication, which 

deserves nothing less 

than our heartfelt 



Dad, Mom & 


Tara Rukstalis 


You will always be our sunshine. 
You have brought us joy and love through your first 18 years. 

You have grown to be such a beautiful person 

who always brought us great pride through all your talents. 

Best wishes for a wonderful future. 

All our love, 

Dad & Mom 

Megan Lloyd 

.■■'■ m : ;;;T : j*%i 


We are so proud of you. 

You have become such a loving and caring person. 

You have brought such joy and happiness to our lives. 

We hope this will be the beginning of a 

successful and happy college experience. 

Just remember that we will always be here for you. 


Mom & Dad 

Kyle Jackson 


Your hard work and 
determination paid off. 

We are very proud 

of the fine young man 

you turned into! 


Mom & Dad 

Zachary Davis 

Jen Carey 

Linda Labo 

Cathleen Collins 

The big brother we could all depend on. 

Good luck in the future. 

Ben, Tim, and Greg 

You guys have been the best! Thanks for everything you 
have done for me. All the support and time you guys took 
to listen meant so much to me. Congratulations and best 
luck in the future. All of you are going to be missed. 
Remember to always keep in touch. 

Sarah Marie Clapp 

Wherever you go in life, 

our love goes with you. 

We are very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Kristin, Gretchen, John, 

Connor, Brendan, & Nan 

Laura Coffey 

Never give up on what you really 
want to do. The person with the big 
dreams is more powerful than one 
with all the facts. Remember that 
wherever life takes you, whatever 
dreams you follow, we will always 
love you! 

Mom, Dad, and Lisa 

&J ~ ~ 

^n» \ 



^mtilWDL. ^ 



'Sfr^.v •; 

Jennifer Boylan 


Be happy, honey! 

Great blessings will come 

out of the difficulties 

you have endured. 

You are a wonderful person 

with many gifts, 

and I am very proud of you! 

I love you! 


Keith La Valley 

Tara Rukstalis 


You've made us very proud 

since the day you were born. 

We wish you all the luck in the world 

in whatever you choose to do. 

Love always, 

Gram & Pop 

Thank you for being 

the best sister 

anyone could have. 

Good luck at college. 


Wendy, Priscilla & 


John David Brown 

My son, 

Forever unique 

and terrific. 



John David Brown 

To my little brother: 

Remember when life 

was so simple. 



Jessica Atkinson 


Congratulations on all your accomplishments. 

You've made us very proud. 

College life will bring challenges 

and many good times — Enjoy them! 

We sure will miss you while you're away. 

We Love You 

Mom & Dad 

David Bluhm 

Congratulations — you are on your way I We wish for 
you all the best in life. Use that "strong will" of yours 
to persevere and achieve your dreams. You have 
strength, intelligence and a kind heart — and with 
these we know that you can be all that you want to be. 
Always remember that we love you 
and that we are here for you. 
Mom, Dad, Jonathon & Alex 

Ryan Chartrand 

We are very proud of you! 

Follow your dreams — 

You are the only one who can 

make them happen. 

Remember that we are always 

here for you. 

Mom and Dad 

Michelle Cardin 

Victoria Tower 

Dearest Vicki, 

The purest delight in your heart as a baby 

still shines in your eyes as an adult! 

You are still holding a paint brush, 

soon to be heading to college as an art major. 

And beautiful Victoria, 

thank you for being such a perfect young lady, 

an excellent student, a successful artist and athlete, 

and a gentle observer of the beautiful things in life! 

But most of all, for always being there as a daughter, 

a friend, and a loving woman 

who exudes respect and responsibility. 


Mom, Dad, Becki, Tammi, Oscar, Tanner, Angel & the fish 


You're the greatest sister. 

I enjoy playing music with you. 

I wish you the best of luck and 

hope you achieve all your dreams. 

I love you! 

Your Brother, 


Zachary Davis 

May your life be filled with laughter, 

may you accomplish all you set out to do, 

and may you always remember how much 

we love you. 


Mom and Dad 

Joseph Gibeault 

Joseph Daniel, 

From the moment you arrived, 
We saw the heavens anew, 
Heard music in celestial chords, 
'Twas love and laughter; and joy 
Others may only guess at. 
It has remained so ever after. 

All Our Love — 
Mom & Dad 

Lisa Tibbetts 


To my little sister — 
Live always with big 
hopes, big dreams 
and big joys. 
Love always, 

% . 

■;<<■ - 


■ y. ■ ; a- 

• . 



* .»* 


»* - 

* /•' 


V * • 

'• m 


'■Sit .. ' 

y \. 



,' • ■■ . J, n -ti -■■_ 

■■ w.-vt.-s .;■;••- ,- 

* i 

1 Man Mar Drive 




* f50S; 699-2532 


t — 

- • 


Anna M. Boulet 

Dear Anna, 

What a wonderful young lady 

you have become. 

We are so proud of you! 

All you have to do 

is believe in yourself, 

and the whole world 

could be yours! 

Mom & Dad 

Matt Gibson 



We are very proud of you. 

Keep up the good work and 

follow your dreams. 

Mom, Dad & Chris 

Amy Moore 


We're so very, very proud of you. 



Dad, Mom, 

Erin & Mike 

Justine E. King 



We Love You 

Dad, Mom & Andrea 

Jess Atkinson 

I'm gonna miss having my big sister around next year. 

Where will I get all my sisterly advice from? 

And who will I laugh with, 

instead of doing my homework? 

I love you. You've been great. 

Ta petite soeur, 

Alice (Katie) 

Jessica Greene 



Time sure does fly. 

It seems like just yesterday 

you couldn't pronounce my name. 

I wish you nothing but the best 

in college and life. 

You deserve it! 

Buddy (Zack) 

Kyle Jackson 

Best of luck in college 

next year! 
Little brother Shane 

Josh Vrysen 

The world is before you, and you 

need not take it or leave it as it 

was when you came in.... dream 

deep and reach high, for stars lie 

hidden in your soul. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Chris and Erin 

(the flying monkeys and 

the 12 whooping llamas) 

Diana LaPointe 

Diana - 

Congratulations! You are the best big 
sister I could ever have, and my best 
friend. We have gone through the good 
and bad times together and our 
friendship and love have only grown 
stronger. I will always love you and be 
there for you. Good luck in whatever 
you choose to do. 
Love always, 

Your little sister, 

Jennifer Whipple 

Always be "special," 
always be true to yourself, 

and always know 

how very proud I am of you! 

The world is waiting for you. 

I wish you joy and success 

on your journey! 




Jeremy O'Hara 

As you play the game of life, 

weigh your options, 

go with your heart, 

and you'll always be right. 

Good luck, Otto. We love you! 

Scooby Dooby Do! 

Mom, Dad, 
Courtney & Brittney 

May all your dreams come true. 

Kara O'Neil 


We're very proud of all your athletic and academic accomplishments 
but the greatest joy has been ivatching you plan and ivork to make 
your dreams come true. You have become a classy young lady and 
we know you are going to have a lot of success at the next level and 
beyond. We will miss these times, you are our last, but the memo- 
ries will be forever. 

Love, Mom & Dad 
Good Luck #25 

Randy (Piona) Calzaretta 


We are all so proud - 

You have always been 

such happiness. 


The Family 

Garrett Rose 

" A smile happens in 

a flash, but the 

memory of it can last 

a lifetime!" 

Your cousins 
Ashley and Darby-Lee 

Melanie Kellogg 

Lisa Tibbetts 

You had big dreams, 

even as a child. 

Never lose your vision. 

We know you will go far. 


Mom and Dad 

Michael Maloney 

In seventeen years you have managed to 
earn the respect of your elders, the love of 
children, and the admiration of your peers. 
Your success is already apparent and your 
opportunities are endless. As you go 
through life, never forget that our love, our 
pride, and our friendship are with you 
always and never lose that drive and 
determination that is so much a part of you. 
Mom and Dad 


To our little doll — You have filled our hearts with 
Love, Laughter and Song! We are so proud of who 
you are and look forward to the person we know you 
will become. Squigga. We Love You!! 

Mom & Dad XOXO 

Megan MacMurray 

To Megan, Our Rising Star 

Wherever you land, 

we know you'll give it your all — 

just don't forget to write 

when you get there! 

We're very proud. 

We all love you. 

Mom, Dad, Jen, Kim & Rob 

Elizabeth McLacklan 

We are proud 

of everything 

you have done. 

Maintain your spirit 

and keep those legs moving — 

you have many dreams 

to chase. 


Mom, Dad & Lissa 

Dave Miles 

We are so proud of you! 
All our love, 
Mom & Dad 

Ryan, Brett, Marianne 
Melissa & Car a 

Jessica Greene 


Congratulations, Sweet Pea! 
We're so very proud of you and 
all your accomplishments. 
You're a constant source of pride 
for us and we thank you for that. 
Follow your heart and you'll be 

Love, Mum & Dad & Willie 

Jen Perry 


Thank you for all the memories! 

Love you, 

Mom & Dad 

Total Image 

Unisex Hair Salon 

3 Manmar Drive 

Ptainville, MA 

(508) 695-5543 

Tues, Thurs, Fri 9-8 
Wed 12-8 
Sat 8-4 


We hope everything you wish for comes true. 

Grandma & Grandpa (Pollock) 

Kaitlin Seigenberg 


There is no greater joy for a parent than to share 

in a child's growth and accomplishments. 

You have brought us unlimited joy. 


Mom, Dad, Alexandra & Emily 

David Fogg 


Congratulations! As always, we are so 
proud of you. Keep on reaching for what 
you really want. You can achieve 
anything. You're the best son anyone 
could ask for. We love you, David, and 
will always be there for you. Keep up the 
hard work. The best is yet to come. 
Mom, Dad, Megan 

Michael Cameron 

Congratulations, Mike — 

Things may have not always 

been easy, 

but you never gave up. 

We're so proud of you! 

We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, 

Jeremy & Brian 

The King Philip 

Teachers' Association, 

representing Teachers, Secretaries, 

Aides, and Custodians, 

applauds the members 

of the Class of '98 
for their achievements. 

We wish you all 
success and happiness. 

Bryan Keane 


Congratulations on your 
accomplishments! You've been 
my inspiration. Continue to 
succeed and enjoy life. I'm so 
proud of you. 

Love you so much, 

Jennifer Allen 


baby "bro"\ 

You make me proud... 

Good luck with everything 

in the future! 

Love, Jaime 

Calvin Swaim 

You're on your way now, Cal. 

But don't worry. 

Since Mr. Music in 1994, 

you've always known 

your strengths. 


Mom & Dad 

m -1 





; ' 


Keely Monahan 


Auntie Keely! 

We Love You! 

Chloe & Madeline Andrews 

Greg Croteau 



Your future awaits you. 

Always do your best and 

follow your dreams. 

We are proud of you, always. 


Mom, Dad, & Andy 





The Class of 1998 

Cooks Hall Ice Cream 


Abril, Amy 16 

Afarian, Aaron 70, 98, 99, 116, 

117,134, 135 
Afarian, Sarah 16,47,57,90, 

96,97, 105, 108, 109, 122, 

132, 133, 144, 151, 176, 188, 

204, 256 
Agane, Safia 70,71,174 
Agoros, Coach 1 1 1 
Ahem, Mr. 212, 213,232 
Albert, Christine 182, 187 
Allaire, Brian 78, 81 
Allard, Lou 182 
Allen, Christopher 7, 16, 

58, 176, 188,204 
Allen, Jennifer 70,74,92, 107 
Allen, Jennifer L. 8,16,42,51, 

52,57, 107, 146, 188, 189, 

197, 198, 199,258,268 
Allen, Kate 70, 76, 96, 109, 133 
Altfeter, Kristen 62 
Amidon, Scott 78, 113 
Anderson, Laurel 62, 142, 182 
Andrade, Leanne 70 
Andrade, Tresa Lynn 16, 55, 

Andrea, Chruney 79 




16, 55, 

70,75, 181, 

Andreozzi, Emily 78, 106 
Andreozzi, Katherine 70, 92, 

109, 133, 180 
Andrews, Crystal 2, 8, 16, 

40, 47, 58 
Annese, Andrea 
Anthony, Krista 
Antonellis, Kara 

181,188, 246 
Antonellis, Mrs. 
Antonellis, Nancy 

Arthurs, Matt 62 
Ashman, Paul 62, 69, 98, 99, 

Astley, Heather 62, 108, 133, 

142, 191 
Atkinson, Jess 10, 16, 58, 70, 

174, 175, 182, 187, 188, 

Atkinson, Kate 10, 70 
Atteridge, Gay 231 
Atwood, Dana 182 
Aulisio, Deana 96 


Bachman, Mrs. 201,206 
Bading, Mike 62,69,113, 

173, 174, 178 
Bailey, Chris 182 
Baker, Allicyn 16,58,182, 

184, 187, 192 

(508) 528-5837 


Wain Street Tiazdwaze & SuppCy 
ot VlozjoCk, One. 



NORFOLK, MA 02056 

Baker, Katie 1 82 
Balzer, Joanna 78, 106 
Barb, Susan 78, 182 
Barker, April 78,133 
Barlow, Christine 62 
Barnes, Mrs. 199,212,213, 

Barrett, Mrs. 219,232 
Barrett, Nicole 70 
Barron, Jason 78 
Barron, Matthew 5, 17, 58 
Basset, Cliff 78,113 
Bassignani, Mike 62 
Batalon, Andrea 62, 182, 186, 

Bauser, Bill 182,185 

Beal, Nicole 70 
Beals, Cheryl 62, 93, 173 
Beaton, Jennifer 78 
Beaudoin, Stephanie 62 
Beaudry, Maude 78 
Beaver, Kristen 78 
Beck, Kristin 70 
Becker, Grace 70, 77, 96, 

97, 107, 133, 191 
Beers, Cory 78, 182, 185 
Beigbeder, Jess 17 
Bell, Melissa 78,158,184 
Bellavance, Jason 79,113 
Beloff, Erik 62,126,127, 

Beloff, Gregory 79,126 

Beloff, Kurt 94, 95, 144 
Bencivenga, Gina 100, 101 
Bent, George 62, 116, 176, 

184, 185 
Bent, Morgan 182, 185 
Bentley, Jeremy 79 
Bergquist, Mr. 226 
Bernardini, Jay 62,66,112 
Berry, Mrs. 211,277 
Bertoldi, Carla 62, 63, 

96, 199 
Besaw, Mr. 212, 213, 232 
Bettencourt, Lauren 79, 84 
Bettencourt, Margaux 62, 

93, 182, 184, 186 
Bhatti,Josh 63,103,111, 

157, 159, 160, 165, 196, 

198, 199,201 
Billian, Keith 239 
Bishop, Janice 79, 182 
Blair, Heather 72 
Blinten, Craig 63, 90, 102, 

103, 105, 111, 196, 199, 

Bliss, Desiree 70, 201 
Bluhm, David 2, 17, 52, 55, 

102, 103, 111, 145, 165, 

Bluhm, Jon 79,81,83,111, 

147, 155, 163, 196 
Bocock, Bryan 79, 1 1 1 
Bombardier, Jamie 62, 93, 

168, 173,206, 207,276 
Bone, Ryan 70 
Bontemps, Dana 62, 107, 

143, 155, 165, 198, 199, 

Boucher, Coach 86, 98, 99, 
114, 115,116,117,132, 
133, 134, 135,230 
Boulden, Linda 79, 184,185 
Boulet, Anna 17, 56, 120, 

254, 263 
Boulter, Eric 79, 136, 137 
Bourke, Aaron 70, 73, 90, 

102, 103 
Bousquet, Joseph 70, 95 
Bousquet, Stephanie 63, 93 
Bouvrette, Philip 71 
Boylan, Jennifer 8, 11, 17, 
39, 45, 48, 54, 56, 90, 
92,93, 105, 108, 109, 

144, 145, 155, 158, 159, 

Boyle, Rosanne 79, 84, 

109, 133 
Brady, James 79, 113 
Brady, Michael 94, 95 
Brawley, Cindi 71 
Breen, Mr. 95,214, 215, 

Breitenbach, Amy 63, 96, 

99, 133, 134, 191 
Breitenbach, Kevin 71, 116, 


Breitenbach, Phil 4, 6, 17, 

58, 116 
Breland.Tara 17,42,53,56 
Bremer, Ms. 96,97,180,214, 

Bremilst, Heidi 63,191,192 
Bright, Cathy 63, 96, 104, 114, 

Briselli, Jen 63,192 
Brock, Coach 112 
Brock, Joshua 71 , 75, 99, 

Brock, Shannon 5, 17,56, 

123, 124, 125, 146 
Bronsdon, Heather 79, 82, 

Brown, Jennifer 79 
Brown, John 6, 17, 55, 260 
Brown, Justin 79 
Bryant, Jeff 18, 57 
Bryant, Jennifer 79 
Buchanio, Mrs. 120, 121, 226, 

Buckley, Krystal 70, 71 , 74, 

75, 107, 191, 196,204 
Buckley, Russell 63 
Buffy, Coach 128, 129 
Burger, Andrew 63, 99, 1 1 0, 

Burger, Elizabeth 79, 87, 109, 

Burke, Sarah 79, 133 
Burns, Jenny 144 
Burow, John 18, 57, 240 
Burt, Kayla 79, 182 
Burt, Matt 63,192 
Butler, Todd 63,176 
Byrne, Corrine 63 

Cahalane, Sean 71, 110, 134 
Callahan, Kim 18,44,58, 181 
Callahan, Matt 70,79,113 
Callahan, Shaun 71,99, 116, 

Calzaretta, Joe 230 
Calzaretta, Lewis 71,112 
Calzaretta, Randy 37, 42, 44, 

58, 145,265 
Cameron, Mike 18,38,51, 

52,56,91,94, 104, 112, 

113, 142, 151,267 
Campos, Mrs. 224, 232 
Canelli, Jennifer 63 
Capachin, Jennifer 79,184 
Cappuccino, Trudy 231 
Cardarella, Chris 71 
Cardin, Michelle 18, 38, 53, 

58, 120,194,246,252, 

Carey, Jen 5, 8, 18, 42, 52, 

56,93, 106, 107, 145, 

168, 176,250,259,277 
Carey, Robert 71,130,131 

Carlson, Kristopher 71 
Carneiro, Cody 6 
Carneiro, Mr. 4, 6, 230 
Carneiro, Mrs. 4,15,38,93, 

138, 139, 151,222, 223, 

Carr, Mrs. 225 
Carter, Michael 79 
Casbarra, Dean 79 
Casey, Margaret 79, 81, 194, 

Casey, Patty 84 
Casper, Mrs. 216, 217, 232 
Cassidy, Jim 102, 103 
Cataldo, Annie 63, 176, 191 
Catlow, Chase 79 
Caulfield, Mary 63,107,133, 

147, 176, 191 
Cavossa, Rhonda 231 
Caya, Quinn 59, 192 
Cerrato, Stephanie 63 
Chamberland, Ms. 211 
Chandler, Katelyn 63 
Chartrand, Ryan 6,18,56, 

Chick, Andy 63,104,118, 

Chillemi, Jennifer 79, 182, 

184, 186 
Chilson, Mrs. 220, 221,232 
Chrisidis, John 71 
Chrisidis, Maria 71, 206 
Chruney, Andrea 79 
Church, Jessica 71, 182, 

184, 185 
Chute, Michael 18, 59, 99, 

123, 130, 131,241 
Ciavattone, Holly 79,128,129 
Clapp, Sarah 19,42,43,55, 

91, 100, 101, 146, 160, 

168, 169,260,277 
Clark, Josh 182 
Clark, Melissa 71 
Clinton, Michael 79, 87 
Clutterbuck, Ryan 11, 19, 47, 

49,58,112, 113, 134, 

135, 155, 165 
Coates, Jillian 71, 92, 176 
Cobb, Karen 239 
Cochrane, Becky 71, 74, 107 
Coffey, Laura 9, 19, 59, 260 
Coleman, Bethany 8, 19, 39, 

48, 55, 244 
Coleman, Melissa 63, 93 
Coliflores, Jonathan 71, 

143, 157, 179, 196, 197 
Collins, Cathleen 4, 8, 19, 46, 

56,96, 107, 132, 133, 

145, 151, 152, 176, 188, 

Concannon, Katie 63 
Conley, Sarah 9, 19, 57, 96, 

132, 133,249 
Connolly, Amy 63,173 

Connolly, Sarah 79,132,133 
Conroy, Beth 63, 93, 108, 

109, 124, 176 
Conroy, Courtney 63 
Conroy, Erin 79, 106, 176 
Conroy, Lindsay 71, 77, 142, 

Constantineau, Cole 71, 95 
Converse, Sally 13, 63,69, 

Converse, Tom 13, 63, 136 
Cook, Brian 63, 182, 185 
Cook, Frank 79,82,111,134 
Cook, Joseph 79,182,185 
Cook, Tracey 19, 40, 42, 56, 

206, 242 
Cooney, Joshua 71,94, 112 
Cooper, Josh 94 
Cooper, Mrs. 226, 227, 232 
Cormier, Mr. 216 
Correia, Anne 63,96,109, 

133, 176 
Correia, Jane 229 
Cosentino, Coach 92, 118 
Costa, Mike 126 
Costello, April 19, 57 
Costello, Michael 71,94, 112 
Courtney, Mr. 231 

Coutu, Miss 168, 169,214, 

Cove, Katherine 80,125 
Cox, Kim 80, 85, 120, 139 
Cox, Kristen 63 
Crawford, Tara 229 
Cray, Jim 63, 69, 1 1 2 
Crehan, Mrs. 228 
Cress, Mrs. 222, 223, 232 
Crisafi, Jen 63,67,93,176, 

186, 191 
Cronin, George 239 
Cronin, Kellie 71,92,93,107 
Cronin, Patty 64, 92, 93, 108, 

109, 124, 125, 142, 199 
Cronin, Sarah 182 
Croteau, Andrew 80, 1 1 3, 

134, 135 

Croteau, Greg 6, 20,58, 111 

134, 135,268 
Crowell, Ryan 64, 173 
Crowley, Rhianne 71, 92, 

107, 128, 149, 199 
Crowley, Sean 71 
Cummings, Paul 64, 173, 174, 

184, 192 
Cunnane, Jason 64, 69, 94, 

Curley, Beth 54,68,77,100, 

101, 107, 133, 160, 168, 

169, 176, 191, 194,276 
Curley, Meghan 80 
Curley, Melissa 64,108,143 
Curwood, Amy 5, 9, 20, 57, 

174, 176, 194 

Daigle, Brian 34,71,99, 116, 

Dakko, Steve 182,185 
Daley, Keith 64, 173, 174, 

Daniels, Coach 126 
Darcy, Michael 71 
Darling, Christopher 10,80, 

113, 127,147 
Darling, Derek 80, 136 
Darling, John 4,10,20,43, 

52,53,56,94, 104, 112, 

113, 122, 126, 127, 150, 

154, 155,242 
Darling, Mark 1 0, 64, 94, 1 1 2, 

196, 197 
Davies, Leia 229 
Davies, Marit 64,104,114, 

115, 153, 174, 189, 192 
Davis, Benjamin 71 , 110 
Davis, Joseph 80 
Davis, Josh 64, 98, 99, 1 1 1 , 

134, 135, 146, 196 
Davis, Zachary 20, 56, 259, 

Day, Kylee 71, 92, 107 
Dehart, Chris 20, 40, 58 
Delaiarro, Alyssa 64, 66, 

96, 128, 129, 142 
Delaiarro, Dan 98, 99 
Delano, Kristine 71 
DelGrosso, Brian 5, 20, 39, 

55, 111, 249 
DelGrosso, Chris 80,136 
Demone, Jim 71, 72, 94, 

130, 137 
Denerley, Ryan 64, 104, 112, 

Desper, Robert 20, 57 
Dethavong, Mary 2, 20, 42, 

59, 100, 168, 176, 186, 

Devlin, Ed 182 
Dickson, Jenn 21, 182 
Didick, Kevin 71, 148 
Diduca, Alicia 181 
DiMartino, Rob 37, 52, 56, 

167, 172, 174 
Dinand, Karyn 64, 66, 109 
DiNunzio, Jillian 80,182,184, 

Doane, Cathy 182 
Doane, Robert 72 
Doherty, Mr. 228, 232 
Doire, Nick 64,174,186,192, 

Dombkowski, Mrs. 224, 232 
Domenica, Lisa 80 
Domko, Craig 72 
Donovan, Kevin 80 
Dooley, Staci 21, 50,56,238 
Dorr, Kristi 72 
Dowling, Scott 72, 111 

Dowling, Stephanie 9, 10, 21, 

Downing, Brian 78, 80 
Drowne, Andrew 64, 90, 102, 

103, 110, 156, 178, 196 
Dubois, Melissa 64 
Duffey, Christine 80, 194, 195 
Duffey, Mike 12, 99, 176 
Dumont, Lindsay 80, 109 
Dunfey, Matthew 64 
Dunne, Tricia 72, 73, 77, 87, 

Dunne, Wayne 6, 21, 59, 

102,103, 111, 154 
Durette, Lauren 80 
Durrette, Christine 64, 186 
Dziurdz, Kimberly 64, 69 

Eagan, Chris 182 
Edwards, Liz 64,93,133, 

174, 180, 186, 188, 191, 

192, 195, 196, 197 
Ehrlinger, Caitlin 64,91,100, 

101, 109, 148 
El-Far, Sameer 80 
Ellerbe, Kristen 277 
Elliott, Dave 12,64, 94, 95, 

Elliott, Paul 12, 64,66,94, 111, 

English, Joyce 64, 173 
Erickson, Mrs. 214, 215 
Evans, Nicole 72, 139 
Ewer, Adam 182 

Fagan, Kelly 70, 72, 107, 199 
Fahey, Chris 72 
Famolle, Lynn 64, 173 
Farmer, Reid 99 
Farren, Kate 72,73,109 
Farwell, Nicole 21, 56 
Feczko, Laura 21, 56, 174, 

188, 194 
Feeney, Anthony 80, 1 1 1 
Feeney, Kerry 80 
Fennessy, Amy 72, 74 
Ferrara, Michael 80, 85, 1 1 1 
Ferrara, Vicki 64, 109, 173, 

174, 176 
Ferreira, Kim 101 
Ferreira, Mr. 174, 207, 214, 

Ferris, Dr. 152,153,159,176, 

Figueiredo, Ms. 220 
Finase, Mr. 112,215 
Finase, Tim 64 
Fink-McAlice, Coach 96 
Fiore, Andrew 64 
Fischer, Mr. 217,232 
Fisher, Rebekah 80, 182, 


Fiske, Casey 69,196 
Fiske, Kyle 80, 86, 113, 147 
Fitzgerald, Shaun 229 
Fitzgibbon, Jayme 80, 85, 

Fitzsimmons, Mr. 159, 176, 

Flaherty, Kristy 72,77,107, 

Flanagan, Greg 37, 56 
Flannery, Elizabeth 80, 84, 133 
Flatley, Brendan 69 
Fletcher, Roy 72,182,184, 

185, 186 
Fliger, Lindsay 80, 181 
Flynn, Andrea 64, 143, 155, 

168, 169, 189, 199,206, 

Flynn, Christine 12,78,80,83, 

84,87, 109, 146 
Flynn, Erin 72, 107, 176 
Flynn, Lauren 80, 192 
Flynn, Stefanie 12, 78, 80, 87, 

Fogg, David 21, 56, 123,267 
Foley, Catherine 80, 186 
Follett, Amber 21, 55 
Fontan, Jen 97 
Foster, Alan 94, 95 
Foster, Keith 185 
Foster, Shaun 64, 94, 112, 

Foulis, Jack 182,184,185, 

Foulis, Jim 182,185 
Foulis, Stephen 80,182 
Franklin, Sean 69 
Fregeau, Bob 22, 41 , 52, 56, 

172, 174, 196 
Freidman, Jennifer 80, 83, 

139, 186 
Funk, Jacinda 96 

Gaetani, Beth 72, 143 

Gagas, Jen 64, 179 

Gagas, Tina 72, 76, 92, 133, 

174, 191, 196 
Gagne, Daniel 65 
Gallagher, Mr. 231 
Galvin, Dave 65, 173 
Garand, Mrs. 232 
Gard, Justin 65 
Garlett, Anthony 72 
Garofalo, Frank 72, 118 
Gately, Carolyne 22, 46, 53, 

57,93,105, 120, 121, 

188, 196,201 
Gately, Eddy 80, 84, 201 
Gawth rope, Adam 175 
Gawthrope, Katelyn 65, 186, 

Gay, Leanne 72, 92, 93 

Geller, Josh 182 
Genovese, Jon 80, 113 
Gentry, Sarah 72,182, 

184, 185 
Geofferoy, Gary 277 
Geofferoy, Joe 277 
Georgio, Anthony 37, 56 
Gerety, Ed 229 
Ghosh, Emily 81, 82, 109, 

Giacalone, Vito 182, 185 
Giampa, Laurie 81 
Giampa, Robin 81 
Gibeault, Brian 81 
Gibeault, Joe 3,6,11,22, 

41,54,55, 145, 162, 

167, 172, 174,262 
Gibeault, Robert 72, 184 
Gibson, Matt 22, 44, 57, 

58,99, 134, 135, 190, 

204, 263 
Gilbert, Matt 22,182,184, 

185, 187,248 
Gilbert, Stephanie 79,81, 

106, 133, 185 
Giusti, Leanne 96, 97 
Goldberg, Coach 101 
Goldstein, Jaron 72, 110, 

Goldstein, Kaela 81,109, 

Goodblood, Beth 22, 58, 

120, 123, 138, 139, 146 
Gould, Josh 81,111 
Grant, Larry 65,112 
Gravelle, Nicole 22, 45, 56 
Gray, Melissa 81,83,84, 

174, 178, 179,201,206 
Greene, Ben 182 
Greene, Eric 2, 6, 7, 22, 40, 

47,48,59, 105, 110, 

111, 123, 134, 135,257 
Greene, Jessica 3, 8, 23, 

39,45,50,57, 105, 

106, 107, 146, 150, 

Greenhow, Ms. 213 
Grich, Katherine 81 
Griffin, Dan 99 
Griffin, Stephanie 12, 81, 

Griffin, Whitney 12,81,125 
Griffith, Matt 79, 81, 111 
Griffith, Mike 65, 94, 95, 

Guard, Justin 118, 164 
Guay, Chad 3,6,11,23, 

41,42,45,49,58, 145, 

150, 167, 172, 173, 

204, 242 
Guillemette, Mr. 172,173, 

224, 225, 232 
Gulessarian, Paul 65, 176, 

Gulino, Brian 81, 87, 11 

Gunnison, Michael 81 

Hadfield, Diana 71,72,92, 

93, 107 
Hadfield, Kim 23, 52, 55, 90, 

92,93, 123, 124, 155, 

243, 245 
Hagen, Brian 23, 57 
Hagen, Jarrod 70, 72, 136, 

Hagen, Mark 72, 110, 134 
Hagen, Michelle 23, 59, 

181, 194 
Haggerty, Tristan 65 
Hall, Kristen 12,72, 120, 

Hall, Lauren 12,72,107, 

Hall, Thomas 81 
Halloway, Jason 65 
Halpin, Brendan 81,116, 

117, 134, 191 
Halpin, Jess 8,23,40,41, 

59, 188, 190, 194,249, 

Hamilton, Mrs. 188, 201, 

220, 221 
Hamlin, Brian 72,112,126, 

Hamos, Despina 72, 73, 

174, 175, 186 
Hanlon, Melissa 77 
Hannon, Lindsay 63, 65, 

96, 107, 147, 176, 191 
Hanrahan, Sean 99 
Hansen, Jaclyn 65 
Hanssen, Brian 99, 144 
Harrington, Mrs. 215,232, 

276, 277 
Harris, Greg 65 
Hartley, Coach 92, 93 
Hartshorn, Amy 96 
Harwood, Jason 65 
Hasenfus, Paul 72, 94, 

134, 135, 148 
Hassell, Carissa 72, 92 
Hayes, Heather 23, 38, 50, 

52,53,57, 120, 194, 

254, 258 
Hayes, Hilary 70, 72, 96, 

108, 124,201 
Hayes, Stephanie 82, 133, 

174, 186 
Healey, Keith 65, 1 1 1 
Healey, Kevin 82, 111 
Heath-WIaz, Terita 82 
Hebert, Jarrod 82, 113 
Hebert, Jeff 65 
Heffernan, Brett 23, 57, 94, 

95, 104, 118,241 
Helliwell, Lydia 82,108, 


Henderson, Maggie 3, 24, 41, 

43,51,57, 105, 106, 107, 

150, 162, 198, 199,253 
Henderson, Michelle 82, 194 
Herlin, Scott 70, 72 
Hession, Todd 98, 99 
Hester, Todd 73, 99, 116 
Hoagland, Izabela 82,194 
Holland, Chris 182 
Holmes, Christine 78, 82, 106 
Holske, Jen 24,59, 182, 184, 

187, 188, 192 
Hoist, Karin 65,67,191,203 
Holt, Emily 82,84,109,133, 

Holt, Katherine 73, 176 
Hooker, Kristen 72, 73, 92, 

Hooley, Brianna 86 
Hosford, Mr. 225, 232 
Hostetler, Sharon 8, 24, 56, 

172, 188,200,253 
Houde, Mr. 153, 212, 213, 

Houde, Mrs. 227, 232 
Houlihan, John 73 
Howard, Andrew 82, 84, 1 1 3 
Howard, Courtney 82, 106, 

107, 125,200,201 
Howard, Danielle 65 
Howard, Troy 66, 112, 148 
Huckle, Mrs. 212, 213,232 
Hughes, Martin 182 
Hughes, Mrs. 226, 232 
Hunter, Siobhan 167 
Hurley, Kristen 1 1 , 73, 96, 97, 

108, 133142 

Hurley, Lauren 24, 59, 90, 96, 
97, 105, 108, 109, 122, 
132, 133, 160, 188,254 


Impey, Beth 231 

Ingraham, Stephanie 66, 174, 

182, 184, 187, 192,203 
Isarakamphot, Saengdaow 

37, 59, 206, 207 

Jackson, Jeremy 86 
Jackson, Kyle 24, 59, 182, 

184, 185,259,264 
Jackson, Micah 82, 87, 133 
Jackson, Nadia 66, 108, 125, 

160, 162, 178, 179 
Jacobson, Dan 66, 170, 171, 

174, 192 
Jacobson, Tiffany 73 
Jaronski, Anna 66 
Jillson, Matt 182 
Johnson, Erin 82 
Johnson, Liz 133 
Johnson, Richard 73 

Johnston, Alison 9, 24, 56, 
182, 184, 185, 186, 187 

Johnston, Sarah 82 

Jones, Meredith 79, 82, 106, 
125, 186 

Jordan, Jaimie 182 

Jordan, Meg 73,96,109, 
143, 198, 199 


Kade, Michelle 73 
Kalalas, Anthony 73 
Kalliavas, Steven 82, 202 
Katapodis, Nick 73,112,130, 

Kavanah, Kathryn 73, 194 
Kavanah, Matt 4, 24, 46, 47, 

58, 158, 188, 194,243 
Kazarian, Brad 2, 24, 55, 1 1 2 
Keane, Bryan 2, 25, 43, 59, 

144, 188, 194,268 
Keen, Sarah 73 
Keene, Jesse 73,95,112 
Keeney, Elizabeth 84 
Kehrmeyer, Kristin 78, 83, 

106, 128, 129 
Keighley, Bill 66, 102, 103, 196 
Keleher, Mr. 228, 229, 232 
Kelley, Dan 25,55,197 
Kellogg, Bradford 73 
Kellogg, Kate 181 
Kellogg, Melanie 4, 25, 44, 
56, 174, 194, 195, 265 
Kelly, Rachel 66,96,128, 

Kelly, Shannon 66 
Kempton, Raymond 69 
Kennedy, Erik 86 
Kenney, Mark 72, 73, 95, 

110, 126 
Kenney, Taryn 97 
Kenny, Mike 83,118,119 
Kettell, Erin 143 
Keyes, Christian 83, 182, 185 
Keyes, Marguerite 182, 185 
Khouri, Jenine 3, 9, 25, 44, 

57, 172 
Kiernan, Joyce 83 
Killean, Coach 136 
Kim, Erica 83, 133 
King, Gregory 82,83,116 
King, John 74,185,186 
King, Justine 25, 56, 96, 

122, 132, 133, 188,263 
King, Melanie 66, 114, 143, 

186, 196 
Kinney, Elizabeth 33, 83, 84, 

108, 133 
Kiser, Mike 71,74, 180, 194, 

Kleczka, George 86 
Knight, Mrs. 217 
Knowles, Christina 83, 85, 114 

Kocen, Leila 37, 54, 57, 

Kolodziejz, Daniel 83, 182, 

Kolodziejz, Mike 66, 182, 1 5 
Korkmaz, Teoman 25, 44, 

57, 253 
Koukiotis, Helen 25, 59 
Koukiotis, Joanne 83 
Kowalski, Joseph 66 
Kraby, Laura 81, 83, 106 
Kraby, Michael 83, 136 
Kramer, Coach 98, 99, 114, 

116, 132, 133, 134, 135 

Krasnauskas, Jill 2,8,11,1, 

25,39,53, 54, 55, 148 

149, 168, 188, 189,241 

Krasnauskas, Wendy 71, 

74, 170 
Kress, Heather 3, 8, 26, 

39, 52, 56, 138, 139, 

144, 190 
Kress, Samantha 8, 13, 

26,39,52, 56, 138, 

139, 190 
Krewko, Jen 83, 128, 129 
Krewko, Joseph 66 
Krouk, Jason 102, 103 
Krouk, Johanna 83, 109 
Kummer, Mr. 125, 218, 219 
Kuta, Patty 144, 145 

Labo, Linda 4, 8, 26, 41, 

43, 58, 107, 190, 25( 
Labonte, George 26, 47, 48, 

56, 1 1 1 , 243 
Lacasse, Coach 112 
LaFrance, Katie 26, 56, 188, 

Lake, Andrew 74 
Lake, Mrs. 227 
Laliberte, Michael 66, 136, 

154, 173 
Lamothe, Rebecca 65, 66, 

93, 108, 142, 143, 157, 

160, 168, 189, 196,203 

Lanagan, Heather 83 
Lanciaux, Mr. 206, 220, 221 

Landers, Coach 112 
Landry, Mrs. 209, 226, 22^ 
Langevin, Debbie 231 
Lanteigne, Melissa 74, 176 

Lapierre, Paul 74, 112 
LaPointe, Diana 8,15,26,' 

44,55, 138, 139, 146, 

188, 189,201,255,258 

LaPointe, Nicole 83,125 

arivee, Neil 182 
arrabee, Kirsten 83 
arson, Elizabeth 8, 26, 48, 

56, 100, 101, 160, 168, 

169, 174, 176, 186, 194, 

aRue, John Paul 26, 46, 57, 

aRue, Nicole 65, 66, 176 
asky, Coach 130,131 
avallee, Mr. 224, 225, 233 
avalley, Bethany 83 
aValley, Keith 7,27,58,122, 

137, 136,255, 145,260 
avertu, Tom 94, 95 
averty, Patrick 74 
awn, Chris 86,180 
azarus, Jodi 74,182,186, 

azarus, Todd 69 
3ach, Jennifer 27,55,120, 

3ary, Brian 83 
sary, Pat 94, 95 
efebvre, Tracey 4, 27, 45, 58, 

96, 107, 123, 138, 139, 

5han, David 66, 103, 122, 

136, 137, 143 
snox, Kim 96, 97, 144, 145 
! sonard, Robert 86 
jsnik, Theresa 66, 174, 182, 

184, 192,202,205 

I jssard, Miss 211,233,277 
1 5vetin, Nina 67, 170, 174, 

178, 186, 192 
I jwicki, Stan 67, 118, 119, 

142, 148, 162, 163, 164, 

196, 197 
I gor, Mr. 216, 217,233 
I ndsay Hannon 133 
I nehan, Pamela 239 
Itvin, Erika 64,67,96, 133, 

178, 191,202,205 
I oyd, Megan 27, 42, 43, 53, 

56, 120, 146, 148,255, 

xlge, Allison 73, 74, 76, 92, 

107, 191 
odge, David 77 
Ddola, Ashling 66, 67, 143, 

185, 192 
Ddola, Zoe 187 
ohman,Arnie 168,277 

, omasney, John 74 

ong, Chris 175 

orditch, Vincent 74 

Drusso, Anthony 27, 59, 

j Drusso, Jim 67, 94, 1 57, 1 97 
i Drusso, Joe 67, 68, 156 
! oveitt, Jamie 67, 143 
jDvely, Rocky 130, 131 

own, Pete 74,95,112 

Luke, Jonathon 27, 55, 206 
Lupfer, Matthew 83, 1 1 1 
Lyons, Andrea 83, 108, 125, 

156, 199 
Lyons, Briar 67, 139 
Lyons, Ed 2,27,58,149,206, 

207, 236, 238 
Lyons, Tom 94, 95 


Macaskill, Amy-Jean 69 
MacDonald, Coach 136 
MacDonald, Rebecca 83, 

109, 125 
MacKenzie, Jennifer 77 
MacKenzie, Rachael 83, 109, 

Mackey, Brandy 67, 120, 138, 

139, 142 
Mackey, Coach 139 
Mackey, Matt 74, 95, 136 
MacMurray, Megan 2, 27, 

39, 53, 58, 266 
MacNeil, Phil 66,67,99, 116, 

MacPherson, Julie 5, 9, 28, 

41,57, 105, 106, 141, 

151, 170, 171, 174, 176, 

186, 190, 192, 194 
Macrae, Mrs. 211 
Macropoulos, Stephen 74, 99, 

Madden, Elissa 62, 67, 125 
Magner, Elizabeth 74, 180, 

182, 184, 185 
Mahoney, Chris 83, 113 
Mahoney, James 28, 57, 238 
Majewski, John 83, 182 
Malcolm, Jay 94 
Maloney, Michael 10, 28, 42, 

57,98,99, 104, 116, 117, 

130, 131, 165, 168, 177, 

190, 198,200,201,203, 

265, 266, 276 
Maloney, Scott 10, 83, 191 
Manchester, Jill 67 
Manigan, Holly 79, 83, 206 
Mannering, Mrs. 221, 233 
Manoloulis, Stephanie 74 
Marcotte, Rachael 83, 

120, 128, 129 
Marks, James 83, 111, 136, 

Marks, Mike 148 
Martel, Amy 67,68, 153, 176, 

178, 179, 194 
Martin, Kate 83, 120, 128, 129 
Martin, Kristy 229 
Martin, Tara 3, 28, 53, 

54, 59, 168, 188, 

198, 199, 238,276 
Martucci, Brett 2, 28, 42, 46, 

58, 157,255 
Martucci, Drew 83, 84, 196 

Masci, Jess 149 
Mattson, Patrick 75 
Matz, Stacy 66, 67 
McAlduff, Mr. William, Jr. 

McCabe, Matt 67, 112, 126 
McCabe, Michael 83, 87, 126, 

McCann, Leann 69 
McCarthy, Jessica 69 
McCollum, Paige 229 
McCormack, Joseph 83 
McCourt, Mrs. 221,233 
McCullough, Kevin 83, 84, 

98,99, 144 
McCullough, Luke 62, 67, 69, 

94, 112, 126, 127 
McCullough, Michael 83, 84, 

McDermott, Kerry 72, 75, 

100, 101, 107, 133, 142, 

McDonald, Eric 84, 113 
McEvoy, Kerry 93 
McGrath, Evan 84 
McGrath, Melinda 84 
McGuire, Amy 75, 92 
McGuire, Dan 28, 58, 193 
McHale, Caitlin 62, 67, 96, 

108, 148, 199 
McHale, Meghan 72, 75, 92, 

108, 124 
McKay, Jennifer 78, 84 
McKay, Mike 67, 170, 171, 

McKenna, Meghan 84, 

87, 182, 185, 186 
McKenzie, Jennifer 73 
McKenzie, Jesse 75, 185, 192 
McKenzie, Rachael 83 
McKinney, Steve 67, 191 
McLacklan, Elizabeth 15, 28, 

48,52,59, 104, 114, 115, 

132, 150, 155, 188,266 
McLacklan, Melissa 84, 

114, 115, 133 
McLaughlin, Conor 28, 58, 

172, 192, 193 
McLellan, Brian 82, 84, 1 1 3, 

McMorrow, Beth 149 
McMurray, Meghan 53, 174 
McNamara, Chris 84, 113 
Mead, Dan 75 
Mead, Douglas 2, 29, 

57, 236 
Meau, Jennifer 29, 57 
Medeiros, Melissa 66, 67, 96, 

Meixner, Eric 75,99, 116 
Mele, Jess 100, 101, 201, 

Mele, Tim 75,103,110,174 
Mencarini, Andrea 84 

Menfi, Jenna 75, 190 
Menfi, Laurel 144, 145 
Merchant, Katie 75 
Meuser, Ms. 226 
Miles, David 2, 6, 7, 11, 

29,39,59, 105, 110, 

111, 123,204,266 
Miles, Ryan 11,75 
Milld, Allison 75,96,97, 114, 

115, 132, 133, 143, 191 
Miller, Coach 109 
Miller, Jen 67, 180, 192 
Miller, Lauren 29, 39, 48, 52, 

55, 105, 120, 121, 142, 

148, 174, 188, 189, 196, 

197, 198, 199,253 
Mintz, Katrina 29, 48, 55, 

146, 161, 164, 168,277 
Mistier, Patrick 6, 29, 59, 

Mitcham, Mark 29, 38, 49, 

Monahan, Keely 9, 29, 

50, 58, 146, 158,248, 

Monahan, Keith 79, 84, 1 1 1 , 

Montanaro, Bill 67, 94 
Monty, Jen 67, 128, 129, 

176, 177,202 
Moore, Amy 3, 8, 30, 

57, 158,263 
Moore, Jennifer 84, 120 
Moore, Mike 182 
Moore, Nathan 30, 56 
Moore, Sean 75, 95 
Moore, Tim 67, 112 
Moran, Coach 94 
Moresi, Mrs. 211,277 
Morganelli, Loni 84, 187 
Morowitz, Michael 69 
Morris, Dave 99 
Morris, Jane 239 
Morris, Stephanie 84, 106 
Morse, Jessica 84, 109, 

128, 129 
Mucciarone, Max 2, 6, 

30, 41, 43,48,52,59, 

92,98,99, 111, 123, 

134, 135,242 
Mulcahy, Lauren 182, 187 
Mullaney, Jane 67, 68, 176 
Mullaney, Judy 84, 85, 106 
Mullaney, Paul 30, 45, 58 
Munroe, Danielle 5, 30, 

55, 182, 186, 187, 188, 

Murawski, Robert 84 
Murphey, Kara 92 
Murphy, Brian 30, 56, 134, 

Murphy, Colleen 84,174, 

Murphy, Courtney 70, 72, 

75, 100, 101, 107, 143 

Murphy, Jaclyn 13, 75 
Murphy, Kara 75, 92, 124, 

182, 184, 186 
Murphy, Lauren 13, 70, 75, 

Murphy, Tiffany 75 
Murray, Ross 86 
Muse, Brian 75, 136, 137 


Nagle, Peter 67 
Nash, Jessica 75 
Nelson, Erinne 67, 93, 

Nelson, Jessica 84, 106, 

125, 156 
Nelson, Rebecca 93 
Nerboso, Philip 3, 6, 30 

52, 53, 55, 172, 173 
Neubauer, Mrs. 218, 219, 

Neviackas, Kara 63, 67, 

96, 106, 107, 125, 142 
Neviackas, Kristen 96, 97 
Newton, Bill 67, 196, 197 
Nichols, Ian 75 
Nickerson, Jayme 84 
Nickerson, Jeremy 75, 95 
Nolan, Colleen 67, 146, 

196, 197,201,203 
Nolan, Nick 98, 99 
Norton, Mr. 227 
Nowak, Erin 65, 69, 96, 97, 

108, 109, 142, 147 
Noyes, Rebecca 75 
Nyborn, Tara 75, 128, 129 
Nyman, Daniel 86 

Ober, Shannon 84, 106, 

O'Brien, Darren 68, 112, 

O'Connell, Brian 84, 174, 

182, 184, 185 
O'Connell, Kaitlyn 84, 85, 

O'Connor, Amy 13, 30, 

56,107, 146, 149,174, 

196, 198, 199,200 
O'Connor, Catherine 13, 

31,56,90, 96,97, 

104, 114, 115,122, 

132, 133, 188 
O'Connor, Erica 31, 39, 55 
O'Hara, Jeremy 3, 6, 31, 


98, 99, 110,111,134, 

135, 188, 189,200, 

204, 264 
Oldread, Tim 2, 31, 49, 

58, 116, 152, 188, 


Oles, Susan 68 

Oliver, David 47, 55 

O'Loughlin, Bridie 62, 68, 155, 
164, 173 

O'Loughlin, Kevin 84 

Oltarzewski, Mark 68, 173 

O'Neil, Kara 31, 39, 42,43, 
47, 48, 52, 53, 59, 90, 
96,97, 123, 124, 125, 
144, 145, 150, 188, 189, 

O'Neil, Shaun 98, 99, 144, 

Orsogna, Geno 94, 95 

Ouellette, Joshua 68 

Ouimet, Adriana 9, 31, 38, 
42, 50, 53, 57, 96, 
122, 128, 129,241 

Oulette, Gilles 182 

Pagliarini, Carlo 73, 75, 99, 

Pantazi, Chris 75, 182, 185, 

Pare, Sarah 31, 58, 250 
Parrott, Ms. 38, 170, 207, 222, 

223, 233 
Partridge, Thorn 75,110 
Patel, Anush2, 7, 31, 41, 
43, 59, 116, 117, 165, 

198, 199 
Patterson, Reade 84 
Patton, Kenneth 239 
Pavao, Mrs. 227 
Pavidis, David 75 
Pavidis, Sarah 63, 68, 93, 106, 

107, 124, 125, 164, 169, 

203, 276 
Peckam, Coach 126, 127 
Pedro, Kristen 75 
Pellegrino, Marianne 84, 120 
Pelrine, Kevin 143 
Pelrine, Rebecca 84, 87, 174, 

186, 192 
Pender, Kelly 68, 108, 142, 

143, 154, 156, 160, 196 
Pennini, Dan 2, 4, 6, 7, 32, 

53,55,91,116,117, 134, 

Pepin, John 75, 110 
Perrelli, Dominic 75, 185 
Perrelli, Nick 182 
Perry, Jed 84, 131 
Perry, Jeff 77,99, 116, 134 
Perry, Jennifer 9, 32, 56, 145, 

170, 174, 186,256,258, 

266, 267 
Peterson, Keith 102 
Petrie, Carina 77 
Pfeffer, Anne Marie 68, 69, 

107, 128, 129, 186, 190, 

Pfeffer, Mrs. 201,230,233 

Pham-Do, Carol 75 
Pieroway, Mathew 84, 113, 127 
Piette, Ross 182 
Pinsoneault, Ryan 84, 111 
Piotti, Coach 136 
Plante, Matthew 84 
Plummer, Chris 76, 182, 184, 

Plympton, Coach 94 
Pogorzolski, Nicole 68 
Poirier, Julie 84, 120, 128 
Poirier, Nicholas 32, 55 
Poisson, Jessica 68 
Poles, Eddie 76,112 
Poletto, Danielle 5, 10, 32, 38, 

Poletto, Matt 10, 76, 130, 131 
Policastro, Christina 76, 92, 

93, 182, 199,200 
Polillio, John 76 
Pollard, Peter 2, 32, 58, 91, 

98,99, 104, 117, 123, 134, 

135, 178,200 
Polt, Dustin 85 
Polubinski, Lauren 68, 142, 

180, 192, 193 
Pond, Jon 70, 76, 99, 110, 

Prentice, James 85 
Preston, Alex 68 
Prevost, Katherine 85, 109, 

Proctor, Bill 68, 196 
Provost, Dylan 68 
Provost, Seth 76 
Pulsone, Jennifer 85, 109, 174 
Pungitore, Laurier 76 
Purpura, Dave 62, 68, 94, 112, 

122, 136, 142 
Putnam, Pauline 76 
Putt, Melissa 68,93,133 


Quick, Kathryn 9, 32, 50, 59, 
182, 184, 185, 186,252 
Quickert, Helge 68,110 

Rasicot, Andrea 71 , 76, 92, 

180, 195 
Ray, Nicholas 85, 136 
Raymond, Mrs. 1 81 , 224, 233 
Raymond, William 76,116, 

117, 134, 181 
Reardon, Coach 112,113 
Rego, Diana 86, 186 
Reiger, Mike 1 1 1 
Reis, Mr. Thomas 210, 239 
Reitinger, Rustin 32 
Remillard, Rebecca 68 
Renaud, Christina 93 
Renaud, Holly 62, 68, 93, 139, 

143, 150, 173 
Rench, Katrina 68, 107, 131 

Reynolds, Reed 32, 40, 45, 5 

Reynolds, Robyn 68 

Rice, Allison 63, 68, 93, 107, 

143, 145, 154, 155, 156, 

Rice, Christopher 85, 111 
Richards, Jeff 103 
Rieger, Michael 85,127 
Riley, Mr. 223, 233 
Roach, Jason 7, 15, 33, 39,5 


164, 196,246,256 
Roache, Dave 33, 55,150 
Roache, Jillian 76, 107, 176, 

177, 197 
Roache, Mrs. 178, 202, 213 
Robbins, Anne 76, 139 
Robbins, Kristina 61, 72, 76, 

Robertson, William 85,113 
Rocha, Jeremy 76 
Rodeo, Jessica 181 
Rogers, Crystal 85,109 
Roode, Ryan 76 
Rooney, Kenneth 5, 7, 33, 4 

Root, Derrick 86 
Rose, Darby-Lee 80, 85, 10( 

Rose, Derek 85, 113, 127 
Rose, Garrett 6, 33, 44, 57, 9^ 

Rose, Matthew 68 
Ruggiero, Coach 126, 127 
Rukstalis, Tara 10, 33, 57, 183 

185, 187,259,260 
Rukstalis, Wendy 10, 76, 182 

185, 186,201 
Rumley, Thomas 76 
Runeman, Mr. 225 
Ryan, David 76, 110, 134 
Ryan, Jennifer 85, 106, 133 
Ryan, Miss 212, 213 

Sabadini, Lisa 76 
Samrat, Jaber 76 
Sanchez, Matt 85, 111, 130, 

Santabarbara, Julie 68,114, 

Santopietro, Jay 74, 76 
Santucci, Lisa 85, 109, 133 
Saveriano, Nathan 3, 6, 33, 

58, 167, 172, 174 
Savicki, Erica 68 
Scarnecchia, Lisa 68, 146, 

Schmidt, Mr. 216 
Schuder, Tabitha 76, 174 
Schwarm, Matthew 5, 33, 51 

Sebago, Jennifer 85 
Sebago, John 68 

Seigenberg, Kaitlin 33, 44, 49, 

56,96,97, 107, 122, 132, 

133, 188,267 
Setter, Justin 85, 1 1 1 
Sevy, Rebecca 86 
Sharron, Melissa 73, 76 
' Bhaughnessy, Kelly 74, 76, 96, 

107, 133, 142, 143, 191 
Shaw, Ian 75,76,99, 110 
; Shaw, Laurie 68, 93, 108, 154, 

156, 160, 168, 196,229, 

Shaw, Nathan 86 
Shaw, Steven 81,86, 113, 147 
Shea, Ryan 76, 99 
Sherrick, Allison 76 
Shirley, Mrs. 218,219,233 
Shook, Allison 86,133 
Shook, Courtney 100, 101 
Short, Briana76, 100, 101, 

170, 176, 199,201 
Sias, Benjamin 86, 130, 131 
Sias, Casey 66, 68, 93, 107, 

Sieloff, Matt 182 
Silvi, Elizabeth 68 
Simarrian, Mr. 215, 233 
Simmer, Sean 34, 43, 46, 59, 

155, 182, 184, 185, 186, 

187, 196,201,257 
Simmer, Shalynn 182, 185, 187 
Simpson, Coach 128 
Sims, Chris 76,95, 111, 134, 

Slamin, R.J. 34, 38, 57 
Slobogan, Joshua 68 
Small, Brian 64, 68, 174, 180, 

186, 192, 193 
Smith, Amy 76,77,92, 107, 

128, 129, 190 
Smith, Andrea 139 
Smith, Chris 86, 118 
Smith, Kim 69,96, 114, 115, 

Smith, Mrs. 190,230,233 
Sorrento, Coach 132, 133, 134, 

Sotiropoulis, Nicole 67, 69, 

176, 182, 184, 185, 186 
Southworth, Miss 213 
Souza, Nicole 76, 170, 206 
Sparks, Amy 101 
Spencer, Michael 3, 6, 34, 46, 

53,57, 167, 172, 173 
Spinney, John 239 
Sprout, Heather 69 
Sprout, Kelly 86 
St. Amand, Kerilyn 9, 34, 55, 

182, 183, 184,186, 187 
St. Francis, John Paul 57, 256 
St. Jean, Jessica 34, 57 
Stankiewicz, Mrs. 224, 233 
Stanley, Rebecca 86, 120, 121, 


Stella, Trisha 69 
Steverman, Melissa 86, 120, 

Stewart, Heather 9, 34, 56, 

141,142, 151, 162, 163, 

168, 169,277 
Stoddard, Micheal 77 
Stokes, Natalie 181 
Stokes, Wayne 69, 112 
Stone, Chuck 77, 95, 112, 136 
Stone, Lauren 34, 39, 42, 50, 

Strauss, Andrew 69, 99, 116, 

134, 189,205 
Strauss, Erin 86, 106 
Straw, Ryan 72, 77, 95, 197 
Strekouras, Miss 202, 219, 

Struzzieri, Therese 35, 55, 120, 

Stygar, Shem 69, 110 
Suchy, James 86 
Sullivan, Christina 35, 38, 52, 

57,96, 146, 158, 188, 

190, 194,248 
Sullivan, Christopher 37, 57 
Sullivan, Kate 181 
Sullivan, Mrs. 197,228,233 
Sullivan, Robert 86 
Sullivan, Tom 68, 69, 201 
Sumner, Mr. 180, 223, 233 
Susinetti, Dante 77 
Swaim, Calvin 7, 35, 48, 57, 

182, 184, 185, 188,268 
Swan, Donna 231 
Swanson, Megan 86, 182, 184 
Szczepaniak, Miss 219, 233 

Tangstrom, Erica 35, 57, 58, 

Tassinari, Coach 102,103, 

Tatupu, Coach 96, 112 
Tatupu, Linnea 69, 96, 97, 

173, 174, 178, 180, 186, 

Tatupu, Lofa 84,86,87, 113, 

Teague, Sarah 86 
Terpstra, Stephen 86 
Terrio, Jessica 182, 185 
Terrio, Rebecca 35, 58, 182, 

184, 186, 187 
Tetreault, Brian 35, 59, 1 1 1 
Thibault, Joanne 8, 35, 55, 107 
Thomas, Chris 12, 68, 69, 1 12 
Thomas, Kerri-Lyn 12, 69, 203 
Thomas, Melissa 69, 173 
Thumm, Lydia 73, 77, 170 
Tibbetts, Lisa 9, 35, 55,165, 

Tierney, Matt 86, 1 1 3 
Tileston, Ben 182 

Tileston, Mr. 182, 183, 186, 223 
Tirpak, Mrs. 213, 233 
Todd Hester 134 
Toledo, Mike 77, 112, 134 
Tooker, Andrea 239 
Tooker, Scott 77, 87, 1 1 1 , 1 34 
Topping, Amanda 36, 47, 57 
Torres, Roberto, Jr. 37, 57 
Tower, Becki 1 1 , 63, 69, 92, 93, 

106, 107, 124, 196, 199 
Tower, Mrs. D 226, 227 
Tower, Mrs. N. 107, 196, 197, 

222, 223, 233 
Tower, Victoria 1 1 , 36, 42, 46, 

50,55,96,97, 107, 132, 

133, 145, 169, 196,248, 

Tracy, Thomas 86 

Tripp, Cheryl 86, 182 

Troiano, Carol 231 

Tsebetzis, Nicole 3, 36, 57, 172 

Tuohy, Jenn 149 

Tuohy, Marissa 80, 86, 186, 

Turco, Ms. 227 
Turcotte, Josh 36, 49, 50, 57, 

Turi, Sarah 67, 69 
Tuveson, Sarah 69, 176, 191, 

194, 195, 196 


Ulrich, Robert 86 
Upham, Mrs. 211 


Varey, Jennifer L. 36, 44, 59 
Varey, Karyn 77 
Veader, Jason 69 
Verdeaux, John 3, 5, 6, 7, 

36, 45,51,57, 122, 126, 

127, 145 
Verdeaux, Kristen 86, 87, 182, 

Verna, Andee 77, 185, 186, 

Viles-Bachman, Mrs. 38, 194, 

Villiard, Mrs. 192,209,217, 

Viola, Jeff 77, 118, 119 
Vita, Kimberly 86 
Voght, Heather 36, 55, 176, 

Vrysen, Josh 36, 50, 57, 162, 

182, 184, 185,264 

Wagner, Chris 75, 77, 99, 1 1 2, 

134, 135, 136 
Wagner, Nicole 96 
Walker, Matthew 86 
Walsh, Kelly 77, 107, 124 

Walsh, Michael 86, 113, 

130, 131 
Warchal, Amelia-Lyn 69, 

174, 182, 187, 192 
Ward, Rachel 69, 96 
Wardner, Kelly 70, 72, 74, 

77,93, 108, 124, 125, 

Wardner, Scott 86, 118, 

Wason, Steven 86, 113 
Watkins, Lisa 69 
Webb, Mr. 218, 219 
Webber, Jeanine 69 
Webber, Matt 77,95, 112 
Welch, Penny 77, 182 
Whipple, Jennifer 37, 46, 

49, 53, 56, 264 
White, Danielle 86, 114, 

White, Rachael 69, 96, 

107, 133, 173, 176, 

White, Stephen 69 
White, Victoria 120, 138, 

White., Mr. 176 
Widak, Lindsey 96 
Wieners, Jessica 77, 180, 

182, 185 
Wieners, Marci 187 
Wilensky, Erin 86, 175, 192 
Williams, Sam 239 
Willus, Dave 134 
Wilson, Heather 9, 37, 59, 

Winslow, Mrs. 226, 227, 

229, 233 
Woessner, Justin 69,182, 

184, 185 
Woessner, Lauren 82, 86, 

128, 129, 182, 184 
Wolfrum, Justin 86 
Wolfrum, Ryan 69 
Wolloff, Josh 182 
Wood, Michelle 77 
Wood, Sarah 37, 59 
Woodworth, Neil 37, 59, 

Wu, Mr. 201,218,219 

Yeremenko, Alexander 5, 
37,57, 134, 135,206 
Young, Mr. 228 
Yousif, George 86, 113 
Yousif, Sanaa 69 

Zahner, Kevin 69, 182, 

Zuercher, Mrs. 221 

Owner's Instructions 

Please! To get the best results from your new yearbook 
read these instruction page carefully. 


Congratulations on Your New Purchase 

Your new yearbook features an all solid state chassis which is designed to give you many years of enjoyment. It was 
thoroughly tested and adjusted at the factory for best performance. In order for you to take full advantage of your new 
yearbook, please read and follow the installation and operating instructions supplied with this product. 


The power for this yearbook was provided by Jaime Bombardier and Liz Larson. A yearbook is produced with 
creativity, hard work, but also money. It was these two members of the class who took in all the money for our 
expensive work. Jamie sold and organized the ads. She had to call and visit businesses in order to get them to 
buy space. She is also responsible for the letters to your parents announcing the sale of baby ads. She had to 
keep a record of the ads, organize them, and make sure that each and every one was put into the book. Liz was 
in charge of selling the yearbooks and of keeping track of all the monies. You saw her signs and heard her 
announcements telling you that this was, indeed, the last sale of the year. What you didn't see was her 
counting money, entering names into our database, and passing the money along to Mrs. Harrington. 


When you think cable, you probably think of ESPN. We have our own sports cable station (section) and our 
own sports reporters, Mike Maloney and Jaron Goldstein. They oversaw the picture taking of all the sports 
teams, both candid shots and team pictures. Then they had to take the pictures to find the most representative 
shots. These they cropped and put into the layout they picked in September. They had to write captions that fit 
the pictures and satisfied their teacher. In addition, they had to squint for long hours trying to identify each 
team member or find somebody who could. Then they wrote up stories chronicling what happened to the 
teams during the season, and guessing what was going to happen to the teams that weren't finished by our mid 
February last deadline. 


What really does happen during a typical school year? That was the job of two people who really had their 
hands on the pulse of K.P. Laurie Shaw and Rebecca Lamothe organized this section, deciding which were the 
events that called for coverage. They had to make sure that picture taking was scheduled, either by our 
professionals, or by our semi-professionals (the members of the class who would be at the event.) This turned 
out to be a difficult job, because some of the events that they were going to cover, which were listed in their 
table of contents did not take place before our last deadline. At the last minute we found out that Singled Out 
would be held two days before February vacation. The name of the page had already been changed. Also it 
meant that they had to take pictures and run to the 1 hour photo shop that night, pick up the pictures before 
school, and produce the layout before they left for vacation. It was close. One other problem they encountered 
was that few students take pictures or are willing to share them. Laurie will tell you how creative she had to 
get around November. 


On Screen Programming: Our production was created entirely on computer. In order to do that, you must 
have a responsible computer operator. Ours was Sarah Pavidis. Sarah was responsible for formatting the entire 
senior portrait section. That 's a painstaking job, since no one would be happy if his or her name was mis- 
spelled, or the information was inaccurate. She also was responsible for the index. She learned how to index 
names using computer commands. This is a much more efficient method of working than doing it by hand. 
And speaking of hands, Sarah's flew over the keyboard. She also has an eagle eye for proofreading, finding 
errors,which many other had already missed. 

Last Channel Viewed Button: Don't forget those underclassmen, last channel viewed, but not forgotten. 
Beth Curley was again in charge of this section. This year Beth tried a feature on the computer that was 
supposed to make it easier to produce pages of little pictures. She'll tell you that there was nothing easy about 
it. If you moved a name over one space, half the name might disappear and every other first name and last 
name ended up with the wrong person. This happened frequently after one of our sports people offered to help 
type in freshmen names. It took a long time finding hidden names before we straightened that problem out. 
Beth also spent afternoon after afternoon in room 221 helping out any way she could. It can get lonely every 
afternoon, especially around 3:15, but not when Beth is around. 

Color Button: Color is the most expensive part of any yearbook. Therefore, it is reserved for the senior section. 
And one important consideration is that there can be no mistakes in these 48 pages. That's why Tara Martin 
and Jill Krasnauskas were so perfect for this job. They pestered seniors for their profiles and information about 
their pictures. Even though our initial request for this information came in the Spring of 1997, they were still 
begging for information in December. They didn't want to have to put blank spaces under pictures, but there's 
a point where the yearbook manufacturer tells you to give up. You can't fight them. But as soon as that battle 
was over, they started in on the Prophecy, which is unique this year. Then they went right to work on the Will. 
And don't forget that it was Jill and Tara who pushed for the Senior Supper, arranged for the Senior Superla- 
tive voting, made the certificates, and then worked with the photographer to get the perfect scenes for the 

r *1 

Brightness: What brightens many students' days is membership in a club or organization here at K.P. 
Mary Dethavong was able to tell that story in page after page of photos, perfectly executed layouts, and error free 
information. Mary is a perfectionist and had difficulty at the beginning using a new computer, Macintosh, and a very 
complicated program, Pagemaker 6.0. Where some students could get by with work that was done a little haphaz- 
ardly, Mary took great pride in being correct, and so she wasn't happy with her first month of electronic publishing. 
But as she gained expertise, her work blossomed and we came to expect work so well done that it need not be checked 
closely before being sent to the publisher. Mary listened to and heeded all the warnings about 1 pica spacing. And so 
the student who started hesitantly, became the master of layout. Keep in mind that Mary was in charge of 21 2- page 
layouts, a section larger than we had ever produced before. Although she received willing help from others in the 
class, it still was her headache to coordinate and get done. 

The Picture: What's a yearbook without pictures? A history book!!! Pictures do make all the difference. This year we 
had a master photographer on our staff, Heather Stewart. Heather listened intently as section editors explained what 
they needed — yesterday! She didn't get alrmed, or stressed, or angry. She just snapped away. You can't really 
separate her pictures from those done by Chestnut Hill. That's how good her eye is. If the photographer missed a 
teacher, no problem. Heather could get it. If an event was coming up that was on our schedule, again, Heather would 
go. And even more helpful, she would take the film she shot to a processor and bring back the finished pictures, with 
very little fanfare. The only sad note, is that she was behind the camera so often, we really didn't get good shots of her. 

Closed Captioning: By law there must be closed captioning available for deaf tv viewers. Someone has to write these 
video captions, and someone had to write for our yearbook. Andrea Flynn took the assignments presented to her by 
the section editors and developed beautifully written, flowing articles that carried the emotions of a senior class about 
to set out on the trip of their lifetimes as well as the pride of the sports teams that ended up winners in a competitive 
league. She always captured the essence of the event and spun it into a story that will be retold and reread over and 

On Timer Button: No one wanted to take on the the faculty section. The class had heard stories about how forgetful/ 
difficult/or demanding the school staff can be. Notices have to be sent out at least twice, sometimes three times before 
any action happens. And sometimes a personal visit is necessary before we get back the question sheet we need. What 
makes it even harder is that the faculty editors have to be firm with the very people who are their teachers and 
administrators. It's uncharted area for many students. But, thanks to Vicki Tower and Andrea Flynn the job got done, 
well done. They were persistent with just the right touch of humor. They were also sensitive to the fact that some staff 
members might appreciate a reshoot on their pictures. When they could, they arranged for the professional photogra- 
pher to take the picture. When that became impossible, they took the pictures themselves. The adults of the school 
should appreciate the pages this team turned out. 

On Screen Display: Our Special Section is new this year. Jen Carey, Kara O'Neil, and Sarah Clapp took up the 
challenge of creating a new section for our yearbook. Those color pages at the very beginning of the book — Siblings, 
Friends, Twins, Class Couples, Boys, and Girls — are meant to make a statement about who we are. They also came up 
with the idea of the Captains' Pages. The unusual poses you see these captains in came from them. This team of three 
came up with the ideas, the pictures, and the layouts. And what is new to us this year, will probably become a 
cherished part of the Chieftain tradition in the future. 

Picture in a Picture: Televisions! Vicki Tower sees them in her sleep now. She has drawn well over 100 television 
people for this edition of the yearbook. We weren't sure that it would be possible for anyone to dress up that many 
tv's and have them holding that much sports equipment without running out of ideas. And the work involved! Could 
anyone spend that much time drawing without risking carpal tunnel syndrome? Our questions were answered with 
cartoon after cartooon, all different and all done with a smile. Vicki's art talent is incredible, her work ethic is awe 
inspiring, but it was her attitude, her smile, and her comments like Whatever and a shrug of the shoulders when 
problems arose or Sweet! when the proofs came back perfect that buoyed everybody's spirits in the dark days of 
winter. Vicki was the heart and soul of this year's yearbook. 

Troubleshooting: Katrina Mintz, Editor in Chief. What is Katrina responsible for? In short, the whole book. In the 
Spring of 1997 Katrina fell in love with the idea of The Wonder Years. She went on and on about what a phenomenal 
theme it would be for the '98 yearbook. Although I wasn't convinced that it was a "noble" enough theme, I figured 
that the '98 class should make that decision. Katrina convinced them and the rest is history. So if you think the idea of 
tv's is cute, thank her. But also thank her for being the driving force that kept everyone on their toes. Katrina looks 
sweet and unassuming, but she can be a tiger when someone is dragging her feet and not making her deadlines. She 
even got to the point of shutting off the candy supply until the productivity rate went up. She kept track of every page 
sent in and charted our progress. When I had to be out, Katrina took charge. No sub was needed. This was a very fine 
yearbook staff, but Katrina made them even better. 

The Cost of Coverage: This year the Assistant Advisor was Mrs. Harrington, or Miss Proulx, as some insist on calling 
her. Mrs. Harrington was in charge of the money — sales money, ad money, bills. She was our check to make sure that 
all the books balanced, and they did. She made herself accessible at all times, so that no one had to carry cash around. 
She offered encouragement when deadlines were looming. But most of all, she gave us sanity. When money starts to 
fly around, especially on the day seniors get their yearbooks, it's good to have someone around who can slow down 
the process and make us accountable. Mrs. Harrington was just what this year's advisor needed and hoped for. And 
she would make us very happy if she named the baby, Chieftain. 

Warranty: If a yearbook could be produced entirely in the classroom, then this manual would be done. However, 
other people need to be a part of the equation if we're going to have success. Arnie Lohman is our Josten's representa- 
tive. He answers all the advisor's dumb questions and intercedes when a problem with the plant comes up. He is the 
best. Kristin Ellerbe is a friendly and knowledgeable voice on the phone. She works and lives in North Carolina but is 
our representative at the plant where the book is manufactured. Closer to home, Joe Geofferoy, his son Gary, and the 
whole staff of Chestnut Hill are our professional photographers. They do the large group pictures, our senior 
superlatives, teacher pictures, athletic action shots, and the senior portraits. They couln't be more easy to work with or 
friendlier people. Here at home, I would be remiss if I didn't mention our administrators, especially Dr. Ferris and 
Mr. Fitzsimmons. They allow this yearbook to be produced by a class, and not as an after-school extra activity. They 
also allow us to bend the rules when we have film that has to be picked up at the local drugstore, or we need to call 
students out of class, or we need to assemble the senior class out on the football field for a picture. The secretaries of 
the school, especially Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Antonellis, Miss Lessard, and Mrs. Moresi have been so helpful fielding 
phone calls, helping with the mail, arranging for picture taking, keeping the student activities books, and even 
providing mailing tape. We also want to thank Mrs. Carneiro, senior class advisor, who was a joy to work with. 
Finally, my thanks goes to the staff who put up with our constant requests to remove students from class for picture 
taking, the students who lent us their cherished pictures, Mr. Fenton who had to clean the room everyday, and 
everyone who encouraged us along the way. 

This warranty does not cover damage due to fire, flood and/or other acts of God; misuse, incorrect line volatge, improper installation, improperor unauthorized repairs etc., etc., etc. 


Agence France-Presse 



1 1438.3 

'&. A 15-day school strike in Ontario, 
Canada, affects 2.1 million 
students. Late in October, 
128,000 teachers walk out to 
protest a controversial bill that 
would alter educational funding 
and centralize government 
control of education. 

Governments and businesses 
worldwide race to remedy the 
"Year 2000" problem. Unless 
key computer systems are 
reprogrammed to recognize dates 
in the new century the world faces 
the threat of catastrophic failure 
in critical areas like banking, air 
safety, public utilities and defense. 

Asian economic turmoil triggers 
global unrest. In October, Hong 
Kong's stock market crashes. Asian 
countries receive billions in bailout 
dollars from the International 
Monetary Fund. 

>K) Hong Kong reverts to China at 12:01 a.m., July 1, 
after 156 years of British colonial rule. China says 
Hong Kong will continue its Western way of life 
and free-market economy. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

> ■; Montserrat, once called 
"the Emerald Isle of the 
Caribbean," is devastated 
by ongoing eruptions 
from a volcano that had 
been dormant for 400 
years. Two-thirds of the 
populace evacuates. 

Powerful earthquakes in central 
Italy kill 1 1 people and damage 
art treasures, including centuries-old 
frescoes by Italian Renaissance 
painters, in the Basilica of St. Francis 
of Assisi. 


Savino, Sipa 

l The remains of Ernesto "Che" 
Guevara, martyred Marxist 
revolutionary, are laid to rest in 
Cuba in October, 30 years after 
his execution in Bolivia, where his 
bones recently had been found. 

After 32 years of autocratic rule, 
President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire 
is deposed in May 1997 and later dies 
in exile. His successor, Laurent 
Kabila, changes Zaire's name to 
Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Change sweeps Great Britain as 
Labor Party leader Tony Blair's 
landslide election in May 1997 
ousts the Conservatives and makes 
Blair, at 44, Britain's youngest 
prime minister in 185 years. 

Hurricane Pauline slams into 
Mexico's Pacific coast in October, 
causing flash floods, landslides 
and at least 200 fatalities. 
The resort city of Acapulco is 
heavily damaged. 

Halloween fever seizes France. 
At the base of the Eiffel Tower 
in Paris 8,000 pumpkins are 
displayed, and French children 
participate in an American-style 
Halloween celebration. 

President Jiang Zemin of China meets for summit talks with 
President Bill Clinton in October, the first visit in 12 years of 
a Chinese leader to the U.S. During his stay, demonstrators 
protest China's treatment of Tibet. 

Diana, Princess of Wales, one of 
the world's most famous and 
admired women, dies at 36 in a 
violent car crash in Paris on 
August 31. 

One of the most poignant images of Diana's funeral: her young sons 
following her coffin into Westminster Abbey. 

Crisis flares again in Iraq in 
late 1997 as Saddam Hussein 
protests U.N. sanctions 
and blocks inspection of 
suspected Iraqi weapon sites. 

Floods, drought and 

in North Korea 
create a severe famine. As many 
as a million North Koreans die 
of starvation. 

Pope John Paul II visits Communist 
Cuba in January 1998, the first 
time a pope has done so. During 
his five-day visit the pope 
celebrates public masses and 
meets privately with President 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

In June, shortly before Diana's death, an auction 
of 79 of her evening gowns raises $3.26 million 
for AIDS and cancer charities. Top price paid for 
a single gown: $222,500. 

Brooks Kraft. Sygm 

On July 23 suspected murderer 
Andrew Cunanan, 27, commits suicide 
in Miami Beach. Cunanan was the 
prime suspect in a cross-country killing 
spree that left five dead, including 
fashion designer Gianni Versace. 

Once-mighty Apple Computer is 
close to failure when arch-rival 
Bill Gates of Microsoft "rescues" 
it with a $150 million bail-out in 
August. The event opens a new 
era of cooperation between 
formerly fierce competitors. 

In April 1997, floods ravage the entire Red River 
Valley between Minnesota and the Dakotas. 
Ninety percent of downtown Grand Forks, North 
Dakota, is under water. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

I Americans join 
"Stop the Violence" 
campaigns nationwide 
in an attempt to generate 
awareness of and solutions 
to the problem of violence 
in America. 

Jonathan Elderfield, Gamma/Liaison 

Joe Camel is snuffed out as the 
Federal Trade Commission bans 
tobacco advertising aimed at minors 
and institutes sweeping tobacco 
advertising restrictions. 


AP/Wide World 




LA 7 


■ 95 057 1 



British nanny Louise Woodward, 19, 
is convicted in Massachusetts of 
murdering a child in her care. 
The judge later reduces the charge 
to involuntary manslaughter and 
releases her. 

Timothy McVeigh is convicted of 
murder and conspiracy in June for 
the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred 
P. Murrah Federal Building in 
Oklahoma City. McVeigh is later 
sentenced to death. 

Theodore Kaczynski admits he is 
the Unabomber responsible for 
killing 3 people and injuring 29 
others in an 18-year bombing 
campaign. His January 1998 guilty 
plea spares Kaczynski the death 
penalty but condemns him to 
life in prison with no possibility 
of release. 

UPS workers take to the picket 
lines in an August strike lasting 
15 days. The eventual settlement 
is seen as a major labor victory. 

First Lt. Kelly Flinn accepts a general 
discharge from the Air Force, avoiding 
court-martial for lying about an affair 
and disobeying orders. Flinn had been 
the first and only female B-52 pilot in 
the service. 

Arthur Harvey, The Miami Herald 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

A rare urban tornado prowls 
through Miami on May 12, 
uprooting trees, shattering 
windows and snapping 
power lines. Fortunately, 
the storm inflicts only 
minor injuries. 

Attorney General Janet Reno refuses to name an independent 
prosecutor to investigate Clinton administration fundraising, causing 
friction with FBI Director Louis Freeh. 

Bobbi McCaughey, Carlisle, Iowa, 
gives birth November 19 to seven 
babies, the U.S.'s first living 
septuplets. McCaughey and 
her husband Kenny now have 
eight children. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

©Richard Ellis, Sygma 

Terry Nichols is found guilty of 
conspiracy and manslaughter in 
the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. 
Nichols is spared a federal death 
sentence in January 1998, but still 
faces Oklahoma state charges. 

UFO enthusiasts 
gather in Roswell, 
New Mexico, to 
celebrate the 50th 
anniversary of the 
alleged UFO crash 
there in July 1947. 

4fc At the Internet/Online Summit 
in December, Vice President 
Al Gore announces government 
initiatives to protect young Internet 
users from online pornography. 


Fast-food giant Burger King is forced to stop serving burgers 
when supplier Hudson Foods recalls 25 million pounds of 
hamburger suspected of contamination with E. coli bacteria. 
It is the biggest beef recall in U.S. history. 

The all-male Promise Keepers 
movement inspires praise and 
controversy for its message of 
spiritual revival and personal 
responsibility for men. In October, 
the group holds a giant rally in 
Washington, D.C. 

Once-secret tape recordings of 
former presidents Kennedy and 
Nixon are released publicly. The 
tapes provide an unvarnished, and 
sometimes unflattering, glimpse 
into the two presidents' actions and 
conversations in the White House. 

On October 25, at least 300,000 
African-American women gather in 
Philadelphia for the Million Woman 
March. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela 
is one of the speakers. I 


AP/Widp World 

Viewers worldwide see the first-ever 
high-resolution color pictures of 
Mars when the Pathfinder spacecraft 
lands July 4. The lander and its rover, 
Sojourner, collect and transmit 
extraordinary data for three months. 

Russia's aging Mir space station 
collides with an unmanned supply 
vehicle in June and is seriously 
damaged. This is only one in a 
series of crises casting doubt on 
the viability of the station. 

For $8.36 million, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural 
History buys "Sue," the most complete Tyrannosaurus 
rex fossil yet discovered. The sale occurs October 4 
at Sotheby's in New York. 


I In September, CAT scans 
of petrified dinosaur eggs 
found in China reveal a 
dinosaur embryo. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

Scottish scientists in February 1997 
announce the world's first cloning of 
an adult mammal. The sheep, named 
Dolly, fuels controversy over possible 
misuse of the technology. 


Research produces medical break- 
throughs, including a genetically 
engineered "bullet" molecule being 
tested to fight cancer and new 
drugs to control or prevent 
Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis 
and congestive heart failure. 

The popular diet regimen fen-phen is 
pulled off the market in September. 
The combination of fenfluramine and 
phentermine is shown to cause heart 
valve disorders, as is the diet drug 
Redux, also recalled. 

Fuel cells that convert a fuel's 
energy directly into electricity are 
being developed for use in cars, 
making possible an efficient, 
low-emission car of the future. 

The first prescription pill for 
male-pattern baldness is 
approved by the Food and Drug 
Administration in December. 
The drug Propecia is made by 
Merck and Company. 

Aided by the Hubble Space 
Telescope, astronomers discover the 
Pistol Star — the brightest star yet 
observed in the Milky Way. The Pistol 
Star is 25,000 light years from Earth. 

APAVide World 

Comet Hale-Bopp 
captures imaginations 
worldwide as it streaks past 
Earth for the first time in 
4,200 years— or, since 2203 
B.C. Hale-Bopp next returns 
in 4397. 

.y. On October 13, the British jet car Thrust SSC becomes the first vehicle 
to break the sound barrier on land, traveling 766.6 miles per hour in the 
Nevada desert. 

^1/ riiflE 

El Nino stirs up global weather 
patterns. Caused by warmer-than- 
normal water temperatures in the 
equatorial Pacific, the '97 El Nino 
is blamed for storms and weather 
problems worldwide. 

In December, 159 nations 
gather in Kyoto, Japan, and 
negotiate a climate treaty 
to combat global warming by 
reducing greenhouse gases. 

The Food and Drug 
approves a dental laser 
for treating cavities. 
Unlike traditional 
dental drills, the laser 
in most cases causes 
virtually no discomfort. 

Premier User Systems, Inc. 




Protesters unsuccessfully attempt 
to prevent the October launch of 
NASA's Cassini spacecraft to 
Saturn, fearing an accident could 
shower the Earth with the rocket's 
radioactive plutonium. 

' Riven, the 
computer adventure 
game sequel to Myst, 
proves to be just as 
popular and even 
more sophisticated 
visually than its 

Hong Kong authorities in 
December order the slaughter of 
more than a million chickens in an 
effort to halt the spread of a bird 
flu virus that killed six people. 

The space shuttle Columbia 
releases the errant Spartan 
satellite in November. U.S. 
astronaut Winston Scott and 
Takao Doi, the first Japanese 
astronaut to do a space walk, 
retrieve the satellite for return 
to Earth. 

French oceanographer and 
award-winning filmmaker Jacques 
Cousteaudiesin.Juneat87. His work 
gained renown through the popular 
television series 
"The Undersea World 
of Jacques Cousteau.' 


Teen People, a savvy monthly magazine 
for and about teenagers, premieres in 
February 1998. 

Fashion advertising and clothing trends inspire the 
popularity of the color orange, which replaces neon 
green as the fad color of the year. 

In October, a cyberfashion show at the M.l.T. Media Lab Wearable 
Symposium features fashions with built-in computer devices and 
electronic hardware. M.l.T. students designed the high-tech fashions. 

i Princess Diana tribute merchandise 
abounds, including a double CD 
set and a new Beanie Baby named 
Princess, a royal purple bear 
adorned with a rose. Profits 
benefit the Diana, Princess of Wales 
Memorial Fund. 

teve Granite, Retna 

Fashion looks to the Far East. The 
stick-on bindi, a tiny decorative 
accent worn in the middle of the 
forehead, is popularized by Gwen 
Stefani, lead singer of the band 
No Doubt. 


This year's look in 
cosmetics is glimmering, 
sparkling and colorful. 
Riding this wave, 
cosmetics giant Christian 
Dior introduces Mascara 
Flash, temporary hair 
color in a variety of 
outrageous tints. 

Platform shoes, a fashion statement 
during the disco 70s, make a style 
comeback in a big way in 1997, 
inspiring even platform sneakers. 


Nike introduces a new "I Can" 
advertising campaign on New 
Year's Day. The company does not 
plan to abandon its "Just Do H" 
slogan, introduced in 1985, which 
will continue to appear on T-shirts 
and posters. 

Diet Scent Patches are introduced 
in June by Slimline, a British 
company. Designed to help people 
diet successfully, the small arm 
stickers produce an unpleasant 
odor to discourage the wearer 
from eating sweets. 

"Two Fat Ladies" becomes the Food 
Network's hottest new cooking show 
in the U.S., attracting fans with its 
unconventional British stars, two 
overweight, middle-aged women. 

General Motors 

The Chevrolet Corvette 
is named Motor Trend 
magazine's 1998 Car of 
the Year. 

Softer Hairstyle ^^ 

Smaller Chest 

Larger Waist 
Smaller Hips 

A new $50 bill featuring a larger, off-center portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant is 
unveiled in October. Design details make the bill more difficult to forge. 

Mattel introduces Share a Smile 
Becky in May 1997. Seated in a 
bright pink wheelchair, the doll is 
marketed as a friend to the 
traditional Barbie. 

After nearly 40 years, 
Mattel's Barbie doll 
takes on a more realistic 
face and body shape 
than the Barbie of the 
'60s. The new doll will 
begin to appear in 
stores in early 1998. 


Mehndi, intricate 
designs painted on the 
body with henna dye, 
is a popular expression 
of the fashion trend 
toward Eastern themes 
and patterns. 

i Digital "pets" are a 1997 toy craze. These 
virtual critters keep their owners busy by 
beeping when they need care or feeding. 
If ignored, they "die." 


Popular board games 
appear on CD-ROM in 
ever-growing numbers, 
including interactive 
favorites Monopoly, 
Scrabble, Sorry, Risk 
and Boggle. 

As many as 700 school districts 
n a tionwide teach "emotional 
intelligence," aiming to develop 
I children's values and people ! 
as well as their minds. 

Beepers are a status symbol and i 
■estyte must-have for many < 

after-school activities. More than 
i million beepers are carried 
i the U.S., an estimated 25 
of them by people I 
ages of 12 and 24. In i 
b ee pers are forbidden 
i disruptive . 

.> ABC's gritty police drama "NYPD Blue" remains one of the most 
popular one-hour dramas on television in 1997, capturing four 
Emmy Awards. 

V The Lost World, Steven 

Spielberg's Jurassic Park sequel, 
breaks summer box-office 
records everywhere. It earns 
$229 million in the U.S. 

AP/Wide World 

A Comedian Chris Farley dies at 33 of a drug overdose 
on December 18. He starred in NBC's "Saturday 
Night Live" and movies including Tommy Boy and 
Beverly Hills Ninja. 

Columbia/Mandalay from the Kobal Collection 

Universal Studios, Inc., from Shooting Star 

Jerry Seinfeld, creator 
and star of the NBC hit 
"Seinfeld," announces 
in December that the 1997- 
1998 season is the show's 
last. The final episode airs 
in May, ending the popular 
show's nine-year run. 


Horror films draw teenagers to the 
box office. I Know What You Did Last 
Summer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt 
and Sarah Michelle Cellar, is one of 
the year's biggest attractions. 

Gino Mifsud. Shooting Star 

A Fox network launches "King of 
the Hill," an animated show that 
focuses on the lives of a propane 
dealer from Texas and his family. 
The show goes on to become a 
smash hit. 

Scream 2, the chilling hit sequel to 
Scream, is a wildly successful mix 
of carnage and comedy starring 
Neve Campbell, Jerry O'Connell, 
Tori Spelling, Jada Pinkett and a host 
of other stars. 

In its second season, the WB's 
campy sitcom "Buffy the Vampire 
Slayer" blossoms into a huge 
favorite with many viewers. 

Jenny McCarthy stars in a new 
fall NBC comedy "Jenny" that, 
in January 1998, goes into hiatus 
only a few months into its first 
season. McCarthy had been an 
MTV personality before moving to 
the network. 

Critically acclaimed Amistad, 
directed by Steven Spielberg, tells 
the story of an 1839 slave ship mutiny. 
The film culminates years of effort by 
producer Debbie Allen to bring the 
story to life. 

CBS Entertainment from Shooting Star 

APAVide World 

Religion is a common theme 
on eight fall-season network 
TV shows inspired by the 
success of CBS's "Touched 
by an Angel" starring Roma 
Downey, Delia Reese and 
John Dye. New programs 
include ABC's "Nothing 
Sacred" and "Teen Angel." 

Titanic is a huge critical and box-office success. The movie event of the 
year, this $200 million picture is the most costly in history. After 45 days 
in the theaters, Titanic had earned $308 million. 

Star Wars captures a new generation of fans when 
George Lucas re-releases the film trilogy 20 years 
after the first film was shown, in Washington, D.C., 
the National Air and Space Museum mounts a huge 
exhibition of now-historic Star Wars artifacts. 

Michael Flatley's pulsating 
show "Lord of the Dance" 
fuels the extraordinary 
popularity of Irish dance. 
The show tours 15 cities in 
the U.S. through October. 

In the fall, Fox debuts 
"Ally McBeal," a 
comedy/drama starring 
Calista Flockhart as a 
young Boston attorney. 
The show captures a 
Golden Globe Award 
in January 1998 for best 
series/musical or comedy. 

Matt Damon stars as an attorney 
in The Rainmaker, a movie based 
on the John Grisham novel. 
Damon's successes also include 
the film Good WillHuntine. 

The Wonderful World of Disney 
presents its adaptation of 
"Rodgers & HammersteiiTs 
Cinderella" on ABC, starring 
Brandy as Cinderella and Whitney 
Houston as the Fairy Godmother. 

Summer blockbuster 
Men in Black grosses 
more than $500 million 
worldwide to become 
1997's biggest hit. 
The sci-fi comedy stars 
Smith and Tommy 
Lee Jones. 

Tomorrow Never Dies , starring 
Pierce Brosnan as 007, is a 
holiday box-office hit and 
confirms the enduring popularity 
of James Bond movies. 

The 1997 season premiere 
episode of "ER" is broadcast 
live and draws 42.7 million 
viewers for NBC, including 
those who watch it on a 
giant screen in Times Square. 


Chumbawamba's hit single 
"Tubthumping" brings long-awaited 
success to this British band. 
The song becomes popular at 
pro sports events, kicking off 
games for several teams. 


«% II II 

pB^Hra wM 

1 ITT 

Rap artist the Notorious B.I.G. is killed in a 
March 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. 
He is posthumously awarded MTVs 1997 Best Rap 
Video Award for "Hypnotize" and is named Spin 
magazine's Artist of the Year. 

V. Fiona Apple, 20, one of rock's 
female superstars, is named 
MTVs Best New Artist in a Video. 
Her single "Criminal" soars to 
the top of the charts. 

OTim Mosenfelder, Corbis 

With their hit single 
"MMMBop," three young 
brothers from Tulsa 
become one of the 
biggest breakthrough 
acts of 1997as the 
band Hanson. 

Blakesberg. Retna 

Lilith Fair, an all-female summer rock 
concert, draws large crowds on its 
37-stop tour. Canadian singer-songwriter 
Sarah McLachlan masterminds the festival 
and releases a hit album, Surfacing. 


Drummer Hi Ben? leaves R.LM. 
after 17 years with the popular 
rock group. R.LM. plans to 
as a trio. 

1 G. enters the Guinness Book 
of World Records for holding the 
longest musical not e — 45 minutes, 
47 seconds— on his saxophone. 

Country music superstar 
Garth Brooks releases Sevens, 
his first album in two years. 
The album sells 800,000 copies 
the first week. 

Walk This Way: The Autobiography 
ofAerosmith chronicles the long 
career of the band notorious for its 
excesses in the '70s and '80s. The 
group's new album Nine Lives is 
nominated for a 1998 Grammy . 

Smash Mouth popularizes a genre 
of alternative rock known as neo-ska 
with its hit single "Walkin' on the Sun" 
and debut album Fush Yu Mang. 

Ron Davis, Shooting Star 

©Tun Mosenfe Icier, Corbis 

British pop phenomenon, 
the Spice Girls, makes 
millions with mega-hits 
such as "Wannabe" and sells 
14 million albums and 
10 million singles. 

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys engineers the second Tibetan 
Freedom Concert, held in June in New York, offering 27 music acts 
and a free-Tibet political message. 

Third Eye Blind, after several 
years in San Francisco's 
underground music scene, 
goes big time in 1997. Their 
song "Semi-Charmed Life" is 
listed as the top-selling 
modern rock single for 1997 
in Billboard magazine. 

©Steve Jennings, Cort 

The album No Way Out by Puff 
Daddy & the Family goes 
multiplatinum. Puffy's single 
"I'll Be Missing You," an elegy 
to his friend the Notorious B.I.G., 
also tops the charts. 

Sixteen-year-old R&B 
phenomJonny Lang 
opens for the Rolling 
Stones' fall tour and 
spends 16 weeks at 
No. 1 on Billboard's 
blues chart with his 
album Lie to Me. 

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, superstar 
producer songwriter singer, receives more 1998 
Grammy nominations than any other artist, including 
one for his album The Day. Edmonds and wife 
Traceyalso produce the film Soul Food in 1997. 

Metallica releases a seventh album, 
Re-Load, that confirms its position 
as the premier heavy-metal band in 
the music world. 

Radiohead is Spin magazine's Band 
of the Year. Critics praise 
Radiohead's album OK Computer, 
variously described as haunting, 
revolting, inscrutable, stunning 
and gorgeous. The album receives 
a 1998 Grammy nomination for 
Rock/Pop Album of the Year. 

At 15, country music sensation 
LeAnn Rimes sells more than 12.5 
million recordings in the U.S. in 
1997 and is named Billboard Music 
Awards Artist of the Year. Her single 
"How Do I Live" is one of the year's 


APWifle World 

In July, 16-year-old Swiss tennis star 
Martina Hingis becomes the youngest 
Wimbledon champion since 1887. 
Hingis wins three of the four 1997 
Grand Slam events. 

Quarterback John Elway leads 
the Denver Broncos to a 31-24 
victory over the Green Bay 
Packers in Super Bowl XXXII in 
San Diego, January 25, 1998. It is 
Elway's first Super Bowl win in 
four appearances. 

The Florida Marlins are baseball's 1997 World Series 
champs and the first team ever to win the Series 
without winning its league pennant. The Marlins 
defeat the Cleveland Indians in seven games. 

AP/Wide World 

I Tiger Woods, 21, becomes 
the youngest golfer ever to 
win the Masters Tournament. 
His 18-under-par score sets 
a Masters record. Woods 
wins 3 other tournaments 
and sets a PGA Tour earnings 
record of $2.1 million for 
the season. 

APAVide World 

Mike Tyson bites off part of Evander 
Holyfield's ear and is disqualified in 
the WBA Heavyweight rematch in June 
1997. Tyson is fined nearly $3 million 
and his boxing license is revoked. 


Pittsburgh Penguins' Mario 
Lemieux retires in April 1997 after 
a spectacular comeback from 
Hodgkin's disease and injury. 
Lemieux is elected to the Hockey 
Hall of Fame in September. 

In April 1997, the premier issue of 
Sports Illustrated Women hits 
the newsstands. The magazine 
reflects the explosive growth of 
female participation in sports. 

Swedish golfing phenomenon 
Annika Sorenstam, 26, tops the 
LPGA earnings list in 1997 with a 
record $1,236,789. 

Professional sports salaries keep 
skyrocketing, (hie of the most 
publicized of 1997 is Kevin 
Garnett's $126 million contract to 
play basketball for the Minnesota 

Charles Woodson, Michigan's versatile 
junior cornerback, becomes the first 
primarily defensive player to win the 
Heisman Trophy, awarded in December. 

©Craig Jones, AJlsport 

Jeff Gordon, at 26, wins the 
1997 NASCAR Winston Cup, his 
second Winston Cup point title 
in three years. Gordon's 1997 
points total 4,710. 

Scott Cunningham, NBA/Allsport 

Nagano, Japan, hosts the 1998 
Winter Olympic Games during 
February. Three new medal 
sports make their Olympic debut: 
curling, snowboarding and 
women's ice hockey. 

The Chicago Bulls 
beat the Utah Jazz 
in June 1997 for 
their fifth NBA 
championship in 
seven years. Michael 
Jordan is chosen 
Finals MVP a record 
fifth time. 

When the college football 
season ends, two teams 
share the national 
championship. Michigan (12-0) 
is named No. 1 by the sports 
writers' poll, and Nebraska 
(13-0) by the coaches' poll. 

©Doug Densinger, Ailsport 

Detroit Red Wings captain 
Steve Yzerman powers his 
team to the 1997 Stanley 
Cup championship, its first 
in 42 years, by sweeping 
the Philadelphia Flyers in 
four games. 

In its debut season, the 
WNBA exceeds all league 
expectations for success. 
The Houston Comets' 
championship win «* 
over the New 
York Liberty caps 
the 1997 season. 

Women officiate in an all-mate 
professional sports league for 
the first time. The pioneers, 
Dee Kaitter and Violet Palmer, 
are referees in the NBA. 

Mark McGwire, of the St Louis 
Cardinals, slams 52 homers in 
1996 and 58 in 1997. McGwire 
becomes only the second player in 
baseball history with back-to-back, 
50-home-run seasons, the other 
being Babe Ruth. 

Dean Smith, winningest coach in 
college basketball history, retires in 
October after 36 seasons at North 
Carolina. Sports Illustrated names 
him 1997 Sportsman of the Year. 

Shooting Star 

Miss Illinois, Katherine Shindle, is 
crowned Miss America 1998. For the 
first time in its 77-year history the 
pageant allows contestants to wear 
two-piece swimsuits in competition. 

Beloved actor Jimmy Stewart dies in July at ! 
Stewart's enduring nice-guy popularity is 
exemplified by It 's a Wonderful Life, his 1946 
movie that is now an American cultural icon. 

Chelsea Clinton begins her 
freshman year at Stanford 
University in Palo Alto, California. 
Despite security measures, she 
reportedly will lead as normal a 
college life as possible. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

For the first time, a computer 
beats a world chess champion 
when IBM's Deep Blue beats 
Russian Garry Kasparov in a 
six-game match in May 1997. 

J.T. MacMillan, San Diei<o Union -Tribune 

Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa of Calcutta 
dies September 5 at the age of 87. Revered 
for a lifetime of helping the poorest of the 
poor, her many honors include the 1979 Nobel 
Peace Prize. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

Former leader of the Soviet Union 
Mikhail Gorbachev film i TV 
commercial for Pbza Hut He 
reportedly earns $1 million for 
the appearance, money he plans 
i use to benefit his Gorbachev 

to use to be 

Singer John Denver dies in October 
at 53 when the experimental 
plane he is pNoting crashes into 

■JTfclA -JfiB, 





SB 1 

Success 1 


American Jody Williams and the 
International Campaign to Ban Land 
Mines are awarded the 1997 Nobel 
Peace Prize in October. The U.S. and 
China refuse to sign an international 
treaty that would ban land mines. 

Ted Turner, vice chairman of the 
Time Warner media empire, pledges 
$1 billion to United Nations programs. 
It is the largest single gift in 
philanthropic history. 

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, 
appears in ads as a spokesperson 
for Weight Watchers International. 
She is the former wife of England's 
Prince Andrew. 








! "' 


;NG PHii 

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tui ; ■ **;, 

^ .